Wake Up Australia

Thursday, 09 June 2011 19:59 Brian A.Donnelly

Today I am inviting both the Muslim community and the Australian public to seek answers to a number of critical social problems.

What does it mean to be an Australian today ?

Underlying this question is the need to safeguard our open handed efforts to embrace Multi-Culturalism against being hijacked by Extremist Groups who seek to subvert our Australian way of life.

We can no longer afford to simply ignore the growing menace which Radical Islam presents to our democratic, Western Society. Especially here in Australia – while we have the time to build this protection.

Bad things happen when good people do nothing.

All around the World we are now witnessing scenes of unbelievable unrest and violence being carried out in the name of ALLAH.

This attack is not being sent from abroad but being perpetrated by people from within.

As we shake our heads in dismay at these disturbing developments in the UK; France; Netherlands; Scandinavia etc, etc…….we see entire communities and Cities in these Countries (where benevolent, Christian peoples have opened their doors and offered refuge to Muslims) now being stabbed in the back and brutalised by their guests – these Radical Islamists.

Already here in Australia, we have felt the early tremors of violence from these same Muslim Extremists as they gather unruly mobs to force their wishes onto their host Country – Australia.

Australians understand hardship and suffering. Most of us, myself included, are 4th; 5th or 6th generation Australians.

When our parents and forebears first came to this Land they endured privations and suffered much for little personal gain. Over the years this collective effort to improve ourselves and our Country has produced a Land that now offers promise to many.

We have also been forced to go to War to defend what we have fought so long and hard to achieve and many of us still carry that bitter legacy.

During our recent History as a free Nation we have been generous in inviting many other peoples from many other Nations to join us and help in our goal to grow and protect our cherished ‘Australian Way of Life’.

This invitation is open to all people regardless of Race ; Colour or Creed.

All we do ask, and reasonably expect, is that our New Australians should respect our Culture; our History; our Values and Moral Standards.

If they cannot do this then there is no place for them in Australia.

Let us stand up today and tell these Extremist thugs that we will not allow our cherished way of life – our fundamental beliefs and our Judeo/Christian heritage to be snatched away from us.