Say NO to Burqas - News Update

Sunday, 15 May 2011 20:11 Dan Zaremba Confronting Islam - Infidel Resistance

As soon as the article in The Australian about Cigdem Aydemir’s intent to withdraw the charges against Sergio Redegalli hit the news, Sergio’s Newtown mural was vandalized again.

Here is what Sergio had to say about the incident in his e-mail to me:

The day after the Weekend Australian article, the Mural was vandalised for the 53rd time.

As you can see the vandalism is going one step closer to showing their hatred to free expression as well as Israel.

Now, let me explain here the tactics used by the Islamists and their leftie minions.

In most cases they use our legal system to intimidate people who do not wish to be drawn into costly legal battles even though, from the legal point of view, they have done nothing wrong (apart from expressing their views or simply telling the public the truth about Islam).

Unfortunately our legal system allows Islamists to gain the support of various public bodies (e.g. the Human Rights Commission etc) as well as to exploit our Legal Aid system free of charge to harass people who try to exercise their right to free expression.

If possible they also try to use physical violence in order to intimidate those whose views they don’t like as well as to gain the attention of the media.

Islamists in this particular case playact the role of a very hurt and “racially vilified” victim while the neo-Marxist lot try to act as the outraged and righteous Australian “public”.

Fortunately in this particular case they have to deal with Sergio and he simply cannot be intimidated.

While Cigdem Aydemir tried to bluff her way “legally” into forcing Sergio to get rid of the mural, (which he created to share his views on the symbol of Islamic slavery, oppression and cultural apartheid – the burqa), Islamist allies (the local neo-Marxist feral brigade) tried to physically force Sergio to abandon his mural protest .

Nothing worked too well for them.

Firstly, Sergio did not shy away from the legal challenge, especially after David Fulton Rofe QC offered Sergio his services (he contacted 2GB Allan Jones to get in touch with Sergio) for very much reduced rates.

Secondly, although the tactics of physical violence, vandalising of the mural, death treats etc, did attract media attention, the resulting publicity was not in favour of the feral Marxists at all. In fact they were being perceived by the broad Australian public for what they are – thugs.

In the light of the above the local “revolutionaries” decided to let the mural be for a while as they thought Sergio would abandon his protest because of the legal “challenge” launched by the Islamist (acting as a ‘hurt’ Muslim innocent victim ) Cigdem Aydemir.

The legal advice given to Sergio was that it would be advantageous for the cause if the case ended up in highest possible court because of its constitutional and social implications.

At this stage Cigdem Aydemir, seeing that Sergio could not be intimidated, decided to withdraw her legal challenge under the condition that she would not have to pay for Sergio’s considerable legal expenses.

Of course letting things just go now, would mean that the perpetrator can get away without any penalty or consequences and this is why Sergio wants Ms Aydemir to pay for her frivolous behaviour with cash. Sergio went to considerable trouble to defend his right to free speech.

This is why the neo-Marxist feral brigade started vandalizing the mural again.