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Monday, 02 May 2011 17:55 Geoff Dickson Confronting Islam - Infidel Resistance

It is encouraging to see people like Sheik YerMami motivated to take a bus from Cairns to Canberra to sign people up for a new political party. There is a rising swell of feeling that Australians need to take action to stop the Islamization of Australia. Q Society has recently launched chapters in Melbourne on 24th March, Sydney on 26th April and Brisbane on 28th April. We have been encouraged by the strength of feeling and the will to change the situation. Many Australians are now seeing the erosion of our culture and values and the emerging apartheid practices of Islam with separate toilets and washrooms, separate prayer rooms, segregated swimming areas in public pools and beaches, the forced introduction of Halal food into our supply chain, removing personal choice, and the erosion of academic integrity in our education system.

In this article we will explain how you can help and become involved in stopping the Islamization of Australia and specifically in opposing the forced introduction of Halal food into our supermarkets and butchers, and the degradation of our education system. 

About Q Society

The Q Society of Australia is both vessel and umbrella for a group of dedicated individuals, either formal members or supporters. The Society is incorporated as not-for-profit association in Victoria, but members and supporters hail from all over the Australian Nation. While we come from many ethnic backgrounds, and may follow different religions, we are first and foremost unhyphenated Australians. Australians, who believe in the equality of men and women, a fair go for everyone and a civil and democratic society based on classical European foundations.

Our members insist the bedrock of this society must remain Judaeo-Christian in ethics and values on which our mainly Anglo-Saxon and European forefathers have built the Australian Nation. We acknowledge the indigenous people of this continent and surrounding islands and appreciate their long relationship with this land, which we now all share as Australians under one law and one flag. And we equally appreciate the valuable contribution from those who came from non-European countries to embrace and share Australian values.

HALAL Food Campaign

There is a disturbing trend happening in Australia within our food supply chain where ritually slaughtered meat for Islam dominates our food outlets. Even though there are only about 2% of our population following Islam, the following statistics have been made available by the Australian Meat Industry Council or AMIC.

  1. Goat meet 100%
  2. Lamb 85%
  3. Chicken 65%
  4. Beef about 50%.

Australia is a world leader in meat exports and the Middle East is a significant customer, so abattoirs need an export component to be commercially viable. The Catch 22 for an abattoir is that Islam Certification bodies will only award an Export Certification if the whole killing floor is dedicated to Halal slaughter.

This results in higher meat costs and discriminatory labour practices as only Muslim slaughtermen can be employed because of the requirement to recite a prayer to Allah over the animal as its throat is cut.

In France it has been established that the Muslim Brotherhood controls about 60% of the Halal food outlets and hence some of the 7 billion dollar industry goes to funding Jihad.

Q Society has identified these issues:

  1. No choice as meat is not labelled in our Supermarkets and butchers
  2. Higher meat prices because of the Halal certification costs
  3. Discriminatory labour practices where only Muslims can be employed
  4. Possibility that part of profits goes to Islamic terrorist organizations.

Watch this video about Halal food in France.

Do you have relevant information on a local abattoir, supermarket, butcher, restaurant or fast food outlet?

If you would like to help or can provide information, please contact Q Society using this address.

HALAL Food Campaign contact - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

SOS or Save Our Schools Campaign

The second campaign that Q Society has embarked on is to stop the Islamization of our schools where Islam is reaching out to the hearts and minds of our future citizens by using Dawah and rewriting history.

Q Society has discovered a disturbing trend in our primary and secondary schools where academic integrity has been abandoned and our children may be subject to gross distortions of the truth.

In particular, concerns include:

  1. Rewriting of history to paint a positive image only of Islam and slander Christianity
  2. Promoting Islam in all subjects, including mathematics, English and Science where it has no place in a secular school system
  3. Halal food is creeping into school canteens and tuckshops, sometimes removing pork and bacon products giving other children no choice
  4. Exempting children from participation in school activities like swimming and sport because of religious reasons
  5. Exempting children from wearing school uniforms and allowing hijabs
  6. Objecting to Christian symbols and holidays such as Easter and demanding observance of Islamic holidays such as Ramadan.

If you have seen any of these things or know of others, please tell us at this address:

SOS Campaign contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Can you help?

Q Society believes in “upholding Australian values” and sees the Halal food and SOS as serious campaigns to stop the erosion of these values. Q Society now has established chapters in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and will be establishing chapters in Adelaide and Perth in the coming months.

If you feel strongly about these issues and wish to support Q Society or provide information to help us, please use the links below:

Halal Food Campaign -  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

SOS or Save Our Schools Campaign - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Or contact us at www.qsociety.org.au

Thank You.

Geoff Dickson
Q Society of Australia inc