Celebrating Love in the lands of Hate

Tuesday, 26 April 2011 14:14 Dave Clark Confronting Islam - Infidel Resistance

Sujit Das' recent article on the "Islam virus" referred to the hope that science and the Internet bring as a force for exposing Islam's lies. We also have the simple power of human decency and compassion as displayed at the Easter Sunday Mass I attended in Dubai this year. Before I go on, let me make a couple qualifications:

1. This article is not about Christian evangelism or even an epiphany moment, just my experience of an event.

2. Whilst Dubai is still an Islamic state, which this website can well attest to, certainly it doesn't come with the risk or fear of being a Christian that other parts of the "Muslim world" come with today. There's still the slavery, the hate and the madness though (including the plight of the Australian girl jailed in the Emirates recently for being drugged and raped).

I took these photos to remember my experience of goodness in a region dominated by Islamic hate. An hour of uplift and hope no matter what your religious views are. When the Priest spoke of forgiving those who hate, of loving your fellow man and woman, of celebrating humanity, the message was universal. It is so needed in Arabia, the land of hate.

In the eyes of the maids, the drivers and the 'silent' and other subjugated working classes who suffer at the hands of Islamic and Muslim supremacy, I saw joy.  Islam cannot break their spirits, that was clear this day.

What struck me too was the colour. Arabia could have been so different if it weren't for that vile and hateful Mohammed.

Women and men not only worship together here but the more conspicuous the better!

The shrine need only be simple and dignified.

But don't forget who's boss infidel!

Really, how sad that your claim on truth is based on intimidation.

When I lit a candle I prayed / hoped / wished for the eternal peace of every person murdered and abused at the hands of Islam in these lands.

No cross, bells or stunning windows in public please, we're scared our pathetic, insecure little religion may fall to pieces if there's competition!

Whilst still simple on the outside, beautiful on the inside.

Contrast that with the mosque next door; a symbol of power on the outside, rotten to the core and drab on the inside.

These pictures were taken after the Mass, though during it the church, the grounds around it and the hall next door were overflowing. Yet nobody went on the streets to force themselves on the locals.

We can overcome the hate of Islam.  I saw it here, albeit in "Westernised" Dubai, but even here it is a sight for sore eyes in Satan's stronghold of Arabia.  To those who were at St. Mary's Catholic Church on Easter Sunday, thank you for lifting my spirits in the fight against Islam.  To every brave soul who celebrated Easter in oppresive Muslim lands "peace be with you too".