Reality and the Marriqville Diktatura.

Friday, 15 April 2011 07:50 Wendy Larkson Confronting Islam - Infidel Resistance

There are times when nothing seems to happen to the ‘useful idiots’ who promulgate prejudices without fear of consequences. And then there are OTHER times. Have a look at what The Australian reports today:

AN ultimatum has been given to the Greens-run Marrickville Council by Premier Barry O'Farrell - drop your boycott of Israel or face the sack. He issued the warning yesterday in a stern letter to Greens Mayor Fiona Byrne, threatening to use his powers under the Local Government Act to move against the Sydney council if it did not comply. (source)

And there is a deadline. 

 Ms Byrne, who lost her bid for a state seat because of the backlash against the boycott, could find herself out of a job if she doesn't back down. The letter, obtained by The Daily Telegraph, gave the council a 28-day deadline. (source)

The citizens of Marriqville [hat tip Tim Blair for cute spelling] have to face the possibility, if Fiona Byrne stays on – of paying from their own rate money a whopping 4 million dollars much of which would replace computers which annoyingly for them have parts made in Israel.

…a report claimed the authority's controversial sanctions could end up costing taxpayers $4 million….More than $3 million of that would come from replacing all the authority's Hewlett Packard computers, which the BDS website claims are used at Israeli military checkpoints that restrict the movement of Palestinians. Other hardware may need to be replaced and contracts cancelled. (source)

The residents of Marriqville are justified in being none too happy either with their money being misspent on some false discriminatory view of the world. And all of Fiona Byrne’s splitting hairs about bleating that she is not ‘anti Israel’ only serves to underline her confusion. If she bans products made in Israel – she IS being anti – Israel whatever other description she wishes to put on it.

However, perhaps the Ruling Nomenklatura of Marriqville will admit disquiet at some of their comrades in the unions declaring they will not go along with this vile discriminatory view. Yes, the unions are now questioning the Nomenklatura:

THE push for a boycott of Israel has opened up divisions in the labour movement. One of the country's most powerful union figures has distanced himself from more than 20 ALP-affiliated unions who support banning trade and cultural links with the Jewish state. Australian Workers Union national secretary Paul Howes said yesterday the position of the anti-Israel unions -- which include the Queensland branch of the CFMEU and the Sydney branch of the MUA -- was divisive, at a time when unity was required. "A worker is a worker is a worker," Mr Howes told The Australian. "Creating divisions between Israeli and Palestinian workers is not a good thing” (source)

Not only that but the Comrade in Chief has created public dissension among those usually ‘united in lunacy’ of the General Lunatic Green Diktatura. Bob Brown must have had some remnants of reason remain in his mind. But then maybe not - this may not be about scintillas of reason or morality - but the thought of electoral annihilation was too big a price to pay for just any principle. Brown will have to work on the Bollinger bolshies, Chardonnay socialists, bum bouncing Gaia worshipers and the economically illiterate green-left apparachiks - all of whom have unleashed the totalitarian within – that the Greens need the anti-Israel policy like they need a collective enema. Some may be so addicted to their state of permanent ‘enemasation’ that they won’t stop to listen. But others may stop to think that their lifestyle may be threatened – no more paid trips to Copenhagen, Bali or elsewhere to discuss imminent doom and listen to enviro nutzie smugfests and fusillades of ideological world re-arranging. It may not be the trees that are at threat this time – but the Mayor and the Council itself.