Multiculturalism, a euphemism for apartheid Islamic tribalism, the opposite of assimilation:

Tuesday, 19 April 2011 18:34 Circe Confronting Islam - Infidel Resistance

Many politicians from both sides of parliament are engaged in the multicultural fraud –all chant the ‘we must support multiculturalism’ mantra –WHY?   Has anyone even defined multiculturalism?

Multiculturalism – ‘maintaining a variety of ethnic cultures’ ie tribalism.  People identify with their ethnic culture or tribe not with their country or nation resulting in national disunity and destruction of national identity and pride.  There is no nation when there are no shared values and every tribe has its own separate legal system and there can be no effective government as government depends on shared values, a shared view of the nation and an adherence to national laws where all are equal under the law and subjected to the same laws.   The focus should be the good of the whole nation, not the separate demands of tribes.  Islam is a tribe that demands apartheid as it wants separate Islamic laws, separate space and special treatment across the board while still happily availing itself of the bounty of the nation.  It has come to recreate an Islamic society on Australian soil and this is a threat to all others.  The term ‘multiculturalism’ is a cover-up for apartheid Islamic tribalism and the forced acceptance of Islamic alternatives and should be dropped from use immediately.

Multiculturalism is based on incorrect and absurd assumptions –
1)  all cultures have the same values --- NO, they don’t!
2)  if the values are different, they are equally worthy of respect – NO, they are NOT.
3)  cultures cannot be criticised  -- YES they can

Cries for ‘Multiculturalism’ are closely linked to cries for ‘tolerance’ – of everything!
This is what British novelist Dorothy Sayers pointed out about “Tolerance”: (British Writer, 1893-1957 –quote on internet)

In this world it is called Tolerance, but in hell it is called indifference, the sin that believes in nothing, cares for nothing, seeks to know nothing, interferes with nothing, enjoys nothing, hates nothing, finds purpose in nothing, lives for nothing, and remains alive because there is nothing for which it will die.
If any viewpoint is equally as valid as any other, then no viewpoint has any meaning, and it matters not what any of us thinks, says, or does. This philosophy is truly satanic, and it is called nihilism.’

Indifference’ is simply ‘we don’t discriminate’ – and don’t our pollies on both sides of parliament brag about how they ‘don’t discriminate.’   They should all be removed for they are a danger to us if they cannot ensure that those entering Australia will adhere to our laws, values, and open democracy.  Our children’s future and safety depend on such ‘discrimination.’  Evidence throughout Europe and Nicolai Sennel’s findings on the mindset of Muslims (articles this site) all show the vast majority of Muslims cannot assimilate into our society.  Suits and fancy hijabs hide attitudes to infidels, apostates and females and ideas of Islamic supremacy and rule that are unacceptable in Australia.

If we cannot criticise cultures and decide some values and associated practices are indeed better than others then we would not have been able to move forward to more humane societies.

The ‘culture/religion’ of Islam does NOT share our values and NO their values are NOT equally worthy of respect and should NOT be tolerated under the guise of ‘multiculturalism.’   Our values and society, imperfect as it is, is far better than an Islamic society and the evidence of this is everywhere in the world.

Is genital mutilation OK if it’s ‘religious’ mutilation?  Is paedophilia OK if it’s ‘religiously’ OK?  Is cruelty to animals OK if it’s ‘religiously’ required? .....   NO.   Is slavery OK because your religion promised you slaves and the property of others? –NO.   Is beating children if  they don't pray OK because your prophet and laws say to? - NO.  Is this the ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ we are supposed to admire and want so much??

Do we in the name of ‘multiculturalism,’ look the other way regarding violence to little girls and women under Islam?

Do these females get the protection of our laws or do we buckle due to our ‘cultural sensitivity’ ie our values and the life and rights given these females in our society are worth less than not offending ‘Islam or Muslims.’  Yes, I know there are Muslim females who endorse Islam –we see them plastered in our face daily telling us how great Islam is for women but that is a lie.  Just because some females endorse Islam is no reason for us to tolerate its many abuses of women and others.  Remember people of both sexes supported Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, the KKK –that doesn’t make these groups and their ideology acceptable.

The true Muslim knows Islam is incompatible with western democracy and values.

As a civilised people we can indeed show interest in and respect for others but where the values of others are deemed unacceptable and destructive of our own, we have every right to fight against them in any way available.  We can use argument, reason and legal means and we have every right to insist that those that come here adhere to our laws based on our values rather than attempt to force an alternative religious/legal/social/economic and governmental system on us as Islam does.

‘Multiculturalism’ is coined to protect Islam for only Islam comes with its own separate blue-print of religion/government/law yet an effort is made to pretend it really protects all who come here.

If the tribe’s ‘culture’ is so great that it must be reconstructed elsewhere, then why leave the original ‘culture’ – unless of course people come for reasons of exploitation and subversion.
Don’t confuse the desire of Muslims to better their economic situation (and what better could you want than to come as a refugee paid for by Auzzies for ever) or force the world into Islam, with people coming to assimilate into our society as these groups are NOT the same.

Others are Australians with diverse but acceptable practices. They come to join Australia, to live under its laws and to accept its values so they are NOT in fact separate, distinct cultures or tribes at all.  Hence we can enjoy Chinese New Year or a Hindu or Jewish wedding or folk festivals or African gospel singing or the art, music, cooking and different views and experiences of others etc but NOT  EVER, amongst the people I know from all areas of the world have I ever heard a call for ‘their laws’ or 'their this or that' – separate Sudanese Christian prayer rooms anyone- NO, but such calls are constant from Muslims.

Apartheid Islam tells followers never to assimilate or follow the practices etc of kuffars/non-Muslims. To Muslims the host must be forced to change to suit them and provide separate, apartheid privileges to Muslims under the guise of ‘multiculturalism’' (meaning destructive parallel Islamic societies)

Since Muslims clearly don’t like our values and constantly attempt to pretend Islam is superior and sharia far better, the solution is simple –don’t immigrate to Australia and if here already, immigrate to the Islamic country of your choice immediately.

We have a duty to defend our society, our hard won equality, freedom, individual rights, safety and political system from an ideology that would take them away.

Freedom of religion doesn’t mean the freedom to carryout unacceptable religious practices or install unacceptable religious institutions in conflict with our laws and values.

The incessant demands of Muslims and the infiltration and advocacy for Islamic alternatives ('multiculturalism'), is in fact, subversion and even treason to our country.   We should not give way to their incessant pressure and should be very wary of their movement into important areas such as politics, academia, media etc where their advocacy and opportunity to manipulate others becomes a real threat to our society.

Multiculturalism’ is the guise under which this treason and destruction of our society takes place where the violent, apartheid tribe of Islam is regarded as more important than the values, stability and pride in the nation of Australia.

Indeed Muslims have become very dangerous elsewhere in the west eg –

In January 2005 ---Omar Bakri Muhammad, leader of al-Muhajiroun issued a clear declaration of war with Britain—

“I believe the whole of Britain has become Dar ul-Harb [land of war] ...The kuffar (non-believer) has no sanctity for their own life or property...”(Sookdheo  2007  p 144-145)

This is treason, subversion and a threat of genocide yet British politicians, academics, media and even the royals continue their blind game appeasing Islam!  The same is true throughout the west.

“Is the call for jihad against a particular people a religious right by those calling for it, or is it a human rights violation against the people on which jihad is declared and waged?”(Dr John Garang, - from Sudan – at  UN, Geneva, March 22 1999 cited in Bostom 2005, p 15) 

Violent jihad against others so Islam will rule is central to Islam.   What happened to our rights, our ‘culture’?  We are of course told ‘it’s just a few’ but how many do you need to blow up parliament?   The reality is it’s a whole tribe as they all follow Islam, the only difference is the degree, manner and time in which they carryout their required jihad.   Anyone trained in Islam can become a real deadly threat to others at any time and we have seen this at Fort Hood, we have seen this with well-off, apparently ‘integrated’ Muslim boys in England.

Right across Europe, leaders have stated that ‘multiculturalism’ has not worked when in fact they mean that allowing unassimilable Muslim tribes into Europe has been a disaster.  It’s time to use words that have real meaning not euphemisms for something else so stop using ‘multiculturalism’ when the problem is Islam and Muslims.

If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant;     if what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains undone;    if this remains undone, morals and art will deteriorate;    if justice goes astray, the people will stand about in helpless confusion.  Hence there must be no arbitrariness in what is said. This matters above everything.   —Confucius

Once we dump the ‘multiculturalism’ cover we can face the problem of apartheid Islamic tribalism and respond appropriately.

*    Ensure that sharia law is NEVER allowed in Australia by legally prohibiting it at Federal level.  That includes ensuring it does NOT enter our financial system but, instead insist that those that trade with us or operate financial organisations or banks in Australia abide by OUR laws.  We must not prostitute or alter our laws to comply with their claimed religious requirements – sharia finance is a farce.

*  Zero tolerance of Muslim demands to gag others from criticising Islam and Mohammad.
*   Halt and reverse all privileging of Muslims – ie CLOSE Muslim only washrooms, Muslim only prayer rooms, mosques on campus;  STOP special uniforms and other privileges for Muslims in schools etc.

*  Close ‘Islamic Excellence’ departments in our universities, often headed by Muslims, staffed by Muslims, and funded in part by Muslims.  Muslims are forbidden from any critical analysis of Islam rendering such departments as nothing more than taxpayer funded Islamic propaganda departments.

*   Close the Muslim headed ridiculous ‘terrorism’ department at Monash University  -see above.  Save our money!

*    Keep Islam and Islamic propaganda in the guise of 'learning about others', OUT of the classroom.   While many of us would like to see Islam discussed as an example of a totalitarian, repressive, racist, misogynist ideology we suspect this won’t happen so the reverse, the rosy lie about Islam must not be allowed.  No concessions to Islam should be allowed.

*   Ensure ALL children attend classes such as sex education, music, art or drama.
Close  Islamic schools which teach attitudes and practices that are both alien, repulsive and often illegal in our society (note recent teaching of British Muslim children re amputation, beheading, stoning,  and note our genocide tot who has clearly learned that all Jews must be destroyed.) 
*   Zero acceptance of Islamic religious text or the Islamic world view.

*   Zero tolerance of Islamic rage when others criticise Islam while they endlessly vilify the beliefs of others.  

*   Forbid halal killing which contravenes our animal cruelty acts.  Such acts were developed precisely because we regarded killing without stunning the animal as cruel and immoral --- yet we allow this immorality, this cruelty, to satisfy Islam! 

*   Demand all halal food be labelled and not forced onto us by virtue of a failure to accurately label food as ‘halal’ or because no alternative is provided. 

 *   Refuse halal food;  STOP paying a ‘religious food tax’ to Islam.   When we buy halal food of any type the manufacturer has  had their process inspected by Muslims and pays for this and has also paid for a halal certification certificate.   Muslims reap many millions a year through this disgusting practice which we unwittingly pay for as a community yet WE do NOT need halal food and should NOT be paying Muslims for such inspections and certification!   It should also be noted that we often do non-Muslim Australians out of a job as true halal food cannot come into contact with anything ‘haram’ and that includes not being touched by kuffars or non-Muslims hence we are allowing a Muslim only or Muslim controlled and dominated food industry, forcing sharia onto us all!! 
*   NO concessions for Islamic religious festivals. There are many religions in Australia and clearly the festivals of all cannot be accommodated.   This is a Judeo-Christian based society so these festivals ARE part of our history and culture.

Zero tolerance of the massive abuse of others in the Islamic world.  When dealing with the Islamic world politically we must also include human rights issues and demand that others in the Islamic world have full freedom, equality, safety, and access to jobs and education as all do in our countries.

Zero tolerance of Islamic threats to apostates.

Zero tolerance of Islamic threats to others in Australia eg Copts, Jews, Hindus....

*  Examine in detail Islam’s very long, brutal, history of conquest and slavery past and present; its destruction, its genocide, from the view of its victims instead of being told that Muslims are victims!  Currently, the dhimmis (those left subjugated under Islam) and those who were forcibly converted and those who were annihilated have no history at all.  Even today, no-one takes any notice of the unending brutality of Muslims/Islam to others the world over, indeed outside a few groups, we would never hear about it at all.

*   Stop using the term ‘multiculturalismwhich is nothing more than a euphemism for apartheid Islamic tribalism and a means of conning us to accept unacceptable Islamic attitudes, practises and laws.Multiculturalism’ like Islam is NOT ‘good.’
Don’t confuse ‘multiculturalism’ with the harmless variation in practices, celebrations or cooking etc of people who come to be Australians for it isn’t the same!

*   Stop tolerating, funding and facilitating Islam –such an ideology should NEVER be tolerated.

*   Stop Islamic immigration -- send all illegal Islamic immigrants back to their last port to seek asylum in the 'first country they enter' and demand they find asylum in the substantial Islamic world.  
Stop or severely limit all Islamic immigration as a first test for immigration should be the ability to fully assimilate into the host society.   Clearly and demonstrably Muslims fail this criteria.  Islamic text forbids assimilation and their attitudes, practices and laws are alien and unacceptable.     Islamic parallel societies are a threat to others and to national unity.

Time TO DISCRIMINATE in favour of non-Muslims who WILL assimilate into our society and want the chance to do so!

*    Denounce those politicians who trawl for Muslim votes. 
*    Be aware of the ability of relatively small Muslim populations in certain areas whose vote can influence election results.  VOTE for politicians that REFUSE to kow tow to Islam so Islamic influence is negated.

*    Ensure NO political party becomes the servant of Islam in order to keep power.
*   Inform the public of the very real danger of Islam.

**  Ensure full freedom of speech –even if some are ‘offended.’

"Give me the liberty to know, to utter and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties." John Milton 1608-1674

Because Christian beliefs separate religion and the state, our nations are secular nations that allow freedom of religion (within the bounds of our laws and values), the freedom to leave a religion without fear of death or violence and the freedom to have no religion at all.   Free speech including the freedom to criticise beliefs whether they are religious, scientific, economic, or social without threats of death, prison or violence is critical in our society.  This is NOT the case under Islam and we must NOT lose these freedoms to satisfy Muslim demands and this must be firmly impressed on Muslims.

To stop Muslim demands and the insinuation of Islamic alternatives (‘multiculturalism’) requires vigilance, firm leadership, a strong parliament, moral strength, an educated public and a strong police force dedicated to preserving our culture, our laws and our political system from the overt and stealth attacks by Islam.   Currently our leaders are weak, grovelling Muslim appeasers and facilitators who clearly have no idea what Islam is or have no allegiance to our society.   Of course it’s easy to understand that the Marxist left Labour and the New RED Greens are like British Labour, deliberately involved in the destruction of our society and its replacement with ....  BUT, one would hope for better from the Liberals!  One can support a plural society that is soundly focused on ensuring a unified people, unified by acceptance of and adherence to our values, legal system, social institutions and open, representative government.

We need politicians who know this, who recognise the enemy –Islam, where ‘liberty and diversity’ doesn’t exist – and who have the moral and political courage to fight.

Yes, democracies lack certain safeguards and aren’t perfect.  They can be misused by undemocratic groups like Islam but they are still far better than the rigidity, the mind-numbing certainty, conformity, racism, and misogyny of the Islamic worldview.

Yes of course reflection and review are essential to developing better societies but the destructive rants of many, particularly so-called academics, the relativism that stands for nothing, the denigration of Australia, the repudiation of pride in our achievements should not be accepted.  Events of the past should be examined according to the FACTS with a view to improving the future and we should celebrate our many successes.

We have the most tolerant, pluralist, egalitarian, creative, entrepreneurial, free and open societies the world has seen.   Our moral standards have evolved over centuries of reason and argument to form more humane societies and we should be fighting for them not self-flagellating and grovelling to the utter intolerance, repression, tribalism and totalitarianism of Islam cloaked as ‘multiculturalism.’ 

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." (Often incorrectly attributed to Thomas Jefferson.   Some attribute it to Junius, an anonymous political letter writer to the London Public Advertiser between 1769 and 1772, also unverified)

Our politicians are ‘out-to-lunch’ – probably halal!

 Labor are the agents of Islam, Turnbull pushes Islamic propaganda and Abbott appears castrated.

So,  readers on this site have a critical role in  learning Islam’s text, passing their knowledge onto others, teaching their own children and monitoring what is taught in schools and who is teaching it, joining councils and other groups, speaking and writing to political and religious leaders regarding Islam and supporting the brave ones who speak against Islam.  Pairs or small groups can be formed to provide support and ideas.   It’s called people power and it does work and at the moment it's all we've got.


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