Success at Randwick…Marrickville next

Saturday, 26 March 2011 15:10 Lilith Confronting Islam - Infidel Resistance

Seeing as to how everyone here has been so supportive in the quest to reverse the abominable decision of Marrickville Council, I thought it right and proper to keep you in the loop.

The support from AIM has been phenomenal, from your letter writing to your phone calls. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

On Tuesday, March 23rd, I had the absolute pleasure (not), of attending a Council Meeting at Randwick Town Hall.!!! 

 It was a lively meeting , attended by a relatively good size crowd, but not as large as anticipated. AUJs, (Australian Union of Jewish Students) who have been very lively and active throughout the campaign with their posters along the route of the Mardi Gras and the sheer saturation of them in Marrickville, were absent, which was a shame. It would have been good to see some young blood.

It was an extremely heated and emotional meeting.

I had organised for people to come along in support of the Motion, which was previously passed by nine Councillors and to which the Greens had put up a Rescission Motion.

I made a banner and then called on Sergio, once again to the rescue, with his skilled artistry.

However the Greens may have been embarrassed by the ill advised position of the NSW Greens , because at the last moment, they had decided to rescind their motion.

However it was too late.

I suspect too they realised the ground swell against them.

There was constantly tooing and froing on the reasons for and against my delivering my speech.

I only got to speak at the insistence of the 9 Councillors, who put up a motion to do so. As the original Rescission Motion of the Greens was rescinded, legally there was no precedence for me to speak.

Though even one of the Greens voted for the motion in the final vote.

However, the Greens were defeated and proved to be sore losers.

The behaviour of the Greens, and in particular that of the Mayor. Murray Matson was abominable, childlike and disrespectful to say the least. He kept saying “I am standing. You are supposed to be quiet when I stand” only to be shouted down by the gallery “SIT DOWN THEN”

Have the NSW Greens sunk so low, that they would sacrifice the high political standards of this great country of ours, to further their own ends?

What I witnessed the other night in that Council chamber, was a disgrace and embarrassment to Australia.

The Randwick Greens should be thoroughly ashamed of their childlike, rude, insulting behaviour

Murray Matson, who I will not dignify with a title, because he was anything but dignified, was rude and insulting beyond words.

The constant mumbles and complaints from him were inexcusable , as were those of his fellow Greens .

I wondered when he was going to have a little ‘temper tantrum’ and start stamping his little feet.!!!’

The first interjection from him, was about at line 6 of my speech. Up until that time I had been nervous, and feeling very shaky , but that inspired me.

I really exploded literally. I don’t know where it came from, but every fibre in my being exploded. I was angry, so very angry. Everyone said the passion was amazing, as I am now being made aware. I am receiving calls and emails from people I don’t know.!!

He was constant in his rude remarks, getting louder all the time.

I had to literally shout him down to be heard. I said that I had a right to be heard and I would be heard . My democratic right is to be heard and even more so that I am a Randwick rate payer.

Two of the Councillors who I am well acquainted with, were urging me on and urging me to raise my voice.

There was also huge support and encouragement from the gallery all the way through.

I have to thank G-d that I have a very loud voice, which those close to me are well aware of, and constantly complain about, however, it stood me in good stead. HE was listening and gave me an inner strength I never knew I had !!

Half way through my speech, again he stood up and asked how much longer I was going to be

I replied “ For as long as it takes and for as long as you can be quiet”

Again there were huge cheers.

Truth and justice have prevailed and the Motion is passed, most unfortunately it had to be under such stressful and insulting circumstances

……………and no thanks to the Randwick Greens

Very many thanks goes to the Randwick Councillors who supported me

The Resolution as passed by Randwick Council..

RESOLUTION: (Smith/Procopiadis) that Council:

1. Acknowledge that Australian Foreign Policy is the responsibility of the Commonwealth Government and not Local Government.
2. Note that Marrickville Council has adopted a policy of boycotting all goods made in Israel and any sporting, academic institutions, government or institutional cultural exchanges.
3. Request SSROC to immediately remove Marrickville Council Staff from SSROC procurement tender panels that are considering tender submissions involving Israeli companies, products or services until Marrickville rescinds its current procurement policy, which is non-competitive.
4. Councillors acknowledge their intention not to approve any SSROC procurement tenders that considered tender submissions involving Israeli companies, products or services where a Marrickville Council staff member sat on the procurement panel until such time as the policy is rescinded.
5. Continue to practice full and open competition policy (competitive procurement) so as to deliver the best value for money to Randwick residents and ratepayers.
6. Joins with the United Nations, the Australian Federal and State Governments and interfaith leaders in refusing to support the BDS campaign and in opposing all forms of religious discrimination and anti-Semitism.
7. Write to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) asking it to investigate the effect the current Marrickville Council boycott on Israeli sporting, academic, government and cultural institutions has on Israeli citizens and people of Israeli heritage living, working or studying in Marrickville.
8. Write to the NSW Greens candidates for Coogee, Heffron and Maroubra requesting to know whether they support the BDS campaign and whether, if elected, they will seek to lawfully influence Randwick City Council procurement policy.
9. Write to the Mayor of Marrickville to express our disappointment in their decision, to indicate what a disappointment that this decision has been to our residents and to respectfully request that they rescind this decision.

From everything that is now happening with Fiona Byrne and Marrickville, I think their days may be numbered. (Click HERE to listen)

This was my speech………………..

Your honour, Councillors, ladies and gentlemen.

I would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of this land, the Cadigal people and pay my respects to elders past and present

On December 14th 2010, The Greens led Marrickville Council, chose to support the BDS, a rapidly growing global organisation, whose basic agenda is the destruction of the State of Israel. Whose founder openly speaks of a Two State Solution as being “A Palestine next to a Palestine, rather than a Palestine next to an Israel”.

They showed their support by passing a Motion, to boycott all goods made in Israel, prohibit cultural exchanges, sporting and academic institutions. Which so far has taken many staff, countless hours to begin enforcing .

Surely , the money spent so far by Marrickville Council, in their attempted boycott of Israel, would have been better used within the Municipality .

Councillors Macri and Hanna, the 2 Councillors who voted against the motion, are here with us this evening. I ‘d would like to personally thank you both very much for being here and for your steadfast support in opposing this motion and for your help, not only to me but to the Community also

In light of Marrickville’s motion , Councillors at Randwick passed a Motion against them and in support of Israel, which passed by 9 votes to 3.

The 3 being the Greens, who in response chose to put in a Rescission Motion.

Marrickville Council, pushed by the NSW Greens agenda, AND now followed by Randwick Greens, have chosen to support a group whose aim is the destruction of Israel,. and have done so in the run-up to an election, guaranteeing even more publicity for the foul antisemitic agenda of the BDS.,

That both Marrickville and Randwick Greens, would even consider making such an ill advised decision, when their own Federal party commits them to a policy of dialogue and reconciliation towards the Israeli-Palestinian situation, is a stunt of deplorable taste..even for them

Let’s remind ourselves that Israel is a small Democratic State, occupying one sixth of 1% of the entire Middle East, it’s barely 1/3 rd of the size of Tasmania.

Yet in spite of recent events, it remains the only beacon of democracy in the Middle East,.

It enshrines freedom of speech, a free press and a State whose citizens live under the rule of law.

It’s the only State in the Middle East, where people of all religions can practice their faith freely and openly.

It’s the only State in the Middle East, where homosexuals are free to live without fear of persecution, or indeed execution.

It’s State, which only today, has been the first country to set up a field hospital in Japan.

In short, it’s the State in the Middle East which resembles our own values and with whom Australia has long stood side by side, as a friend and ally

Yet it’s the only State which the Marrickville and Randwick Greens, want to be shunned by our community.

It’s a case of irresponsible, student-style politics of the most opportunistic kind

Shame on you Greens.

The job of Local Government, is just that, taking care of local issues and maintaining much needed services in the local area for the community, regardless of race or religion.

As much as they may wish it, Greens Councillors are not elected to begin trade wars with our democratic allies around the world

That Randwick’s Greens intend on following their colleagues down this grubby path, is ill considered at best and inflammatory at worst

As is their rescission motion , which I strongly urge they throw out once and for all this evening

There is a large Jewish population within the Randwick Municipality and we deserve your respect, not your vilification.

Shame on you Randwick Greens and greater shame on you Marrickville Greens

Australia’s proud history of multiculturism and shared respect has been dealt a blow by your hands and your shameful and ignorant behaviour

Thank you to the 9 Councillors of Randwick Council, who stood up for truth, justice and the Australian way