The ‘HEART’ of Queen Fiona

Tuesday, 08 March 2011 19:30 Lilith Confronting Islam - Infidel Resistance

Sergio’s latest Mural image was created on Friday 4th March and will be up for a few days (or unless the vandals get to it first).

The ‘SAY NO TO BURQAS’ Mural is still his main image, however up until the State Elections, he will be doing his best to show how dangerous the Local Greens are. More especially Fiona Byrnes who is running for the State seat of Marrickville.

The new Mural once again states ‘ SAY NO TO FIONA BYRNE” with the image of a Watermelon ….. Green on the outside Red on the inside.

The BDS resolution that 10 of the 12 Marrickville Councillors have voted to introduce, is turning into a major local issue, that will grow, splitting the people of the area.

Australia is already in the middle of issues involving the failure of Multiculturalism and non-assimilation of minority groups into our Australian Culture, so the BDS is a very dangerous move by Marrickville council.”

Sergio says “This could be the match that sets off the charge “.