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Friday, 04 March 2011 01:04 Geoff Dickson Confronting Islam - Infidel Resistance

An International group known as BDS or Boycott Divestment Sanctions has been showing an increasing presence in Australia and last year organised many anti-Israeli demonstrations targeting Israel companies such as Seacret, the Dead Sea cosmetics company. This BDS group is not only attempting to block commerce and trade with Israel but is also trying to de-legitimize Israel as a country. This is a common tactic used by terror groups like Hamas, Hezbollah and Israel’s neighbours. But their malicious efforts gained traction a few months ago when the Green / Labor dominated Marrickville Council adopted a Resolution in support of the BDS group to boycott Israeli goods and services, even sporting events. This immediately had a polarizing effect in the community and divided Australian loyalties, as boycotts invariably do. 

The Marrickville Council Motion to Boycott Israel

The Green Party in Australia has shown a preference to oppose just about anything that makes sense to most Australians, and here in the Marrickville Council the trend continues.

Councillor Cathy Peters proposed the Motion and was supported by her Green Mayor, Fiona Byrne.

From the Marrickville Council.
Report : C1210 Item 11
From: Councillor Cathy Peters

2. Marrickville Council boycott all goods made in Israel and any sporting, academic, government or cultural exchanges.

The Motion was carried by 10:2 votes.
In favour:
Mayor Fiona Byrne, Cathy Peters, Max Phillips, Peter Olive, Marika Kontellis (Greens)
Sam Iskander, Laura Wright, Mary O’Sullivan, Emanuel Tsardoulias (ALP)
Dimitro Thanos (Independent)
Victor Macri, Morris Hanna (Independent)

The wording supporting the Motion claims that Israel is illegally occupying land that belongs to the Palestinians. The Council have fallen for the classic LIE.

All the land west of the Jordan river legally belongs to Israel, and this dates back to 1922 when all 51 nations of the then League of Nations approved this. This means that regions like Samaria, Judea and East Jerusalem which are claimed by Palestinians legally belong to Israel. The Marrickville Council is therefore supporting the de-legitimizing of Israel as a nation, and should be ashamed.

The BDS Group

It is important to understand the influence behind the Marrickville Council here. BDS have held protest meetings around Australia and just before Christmas they invaded the Myer Centre in Brisbane to target the Seacret cosmetics company. Dressed in Christmas colours and even sporting a fake Santa, this group moved through the Myer Centre spreading their hate message. The effect this fake Santa would have on young children is alarming as he was spreading this hate message against Israel. While this is common practise in the Middle East, it is completely foreign to a free and peace loving nation like Australia.
Watch here:


One of the basic laws of Physics is Action and Reaction.

Apply a force to a body and there is an equal and opposite reactive force to counteract it.

So it is with Israel and its neighbours.


For years Israel’s neighbours have been sending in suicide bombers in the form of buses, cars and even their children with bombs strapped to their bodies, who they praise as martyrs who will receive their 72 virgins in Heaven.


After over 1,000 innocent citizens in Israel died as a result of this hate-filled aggression that comes from the core teachings of Islam, Israel exercised its rights to defend its citizens under International Law and build a dividing wall to keep the suicide bombers out.

Israel correctly calls this the right to protect their citizens.

BDS and Marrickville Council call this APARTHEID.

The Petition to Oppose the Marrickville Council Motion

At this time, a newly formed society called Q Society of Australia, decided to raise a petition to counter the Council Motion. The petition was raised on line and has since attracted over 4,200 signatures, which sends a powerful message that the Australian community opposes such boycotts which only serve to harm peace initiatives, damage the economy of a friendly nation and create division in the Australian community. One local politician tried to dismiss this petition because it was not raised by local residents, but this failed to acknowledge the national and international nature of the BDS group.

Presenting the Petition on 1st March 2011

The Q Society decided to present the petition on Tuesday 1st March first to the Marrickville Council at their offices in Petersham and then to the NSW Minister for Local Government Barbara Perry and to the Shadow Minister for Local Government Chris Hartcher.

To present the petition, Q Society President Geoff Dickson, Deputy President Vickie Janson and supporter PJG would meet in Petersham before moving to Council premises before 12:30pm.

Prior to this meeting, a reporter Danielle from Channel Ten and the George Negus programme contacted Q Society and advised they would cover the event. Many well wishers also made contact to offer support.

Just before 12:30pm, the delegation from Q Society arrived outside the Marrickville Council offices in Petersham, and was met by a crowd of between 30 to 40 people and at least 4 Police officers. About one week before this event, Q Society had notified the Marrickville Police station of the intention to present the motion. The Police had contacted Q Society and had advised that one police officer would attend, but more than four were noticed. Immediately the senior policeman advised that:

  1. There were to be no public speeches or loudspeakers
  2. The street was not to be blocked
  3. Only three people could enter the Marrickville Council premises
  4. No cameras or TV crew could enter the building.

Conversations with the supporters who attended the presentation confirmed that people oppose the motion because it is ill-conceived and will only divide the community. One independent who opposed the motion, Victor Macri, was contacted but he claimed he was “in another building and could not attend”. The other Independent who opposed the motion, Morris Hanna, also was a “no show”. In fact the Marrickville councillors were conspicuous by their absence.

Present in the crowd was Sergio Redegalli, a local artist, who epitomizes everything that is right about Multiculturalism. Born of parents from outside Australia, Sergio has embraced Australia and our values, and as an artist expresses his freedoms in art. Sergio believes in freedom of speech and was amazed when his pictorial protest against burqas in Australia was met with constant defacing of his paintings. This is not the Australian way and shows up a group of people who don’t accept Australian values.

About 1pm, the three representives of Q Society went inside the building and presented the clerk at Reception with the petition who registered the petition and handed back a receipt as formal recognition of acceptance.

Soon after this the senior policeman advised that the time limit was up and we were to move on.

After a taxi ride to Parliament House, the three Q Society representatives entered the building and handed over petitions for Barbara Perry, the NSW Local Government minister and Chris Hartcher, the Shadow minister for Local Government. The petitions were stamped by the receptionist to be forwarded on.


It is hoped that the Marrickville Council will listen to the people and not a hate group like BDS who are seeding dissent in the Australian community. Hopefully the council will withdraw this petition which is opposed by neighbouring councils like Randwick.

Australian values do not include support for terrorist groups, whether directly or indirectly, nor the de-legitimization of a friendly country that is recognized by the UN, nor attempts to harm the economy of such a country.

SHAME on Marrickville Council. 


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