Breaking the Semantics Barrier

Saturday, 12 February 2011 00:45 Raoul Machal Confronting Islam - Infidel Resistance

Islamism, Islamic Extremism, Fundamental Islamists, Radicalised Muslims, Mujahedin, Jihadists – or just Islam? When will the time come to end the word games and become pro-active on Islam and Muslim terrorists, their power base, sympathisers and facilitators?

How real must the threat be before Australians stop engaging in self-flagellation, submissive apologetics and moral relativity – how bad must it get before we become serious about stopping the Islamisation of our society?

Does it take a massacre à la Mumbai in Adelaide’s CBD? Or an Iraqi-style attack on Christian churches in Brisbane? Perhaps ‘blaspheming’ politicians shot in Perth – as they do in Pakistan? Would blowing up the sails of the Sydney Opera House with explosives similar to the train bombings in Madrid and London be the ultimate wake-up call? What will it take for Australia to get up and end the encroaching Islamic menace?

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said, in an interview with ABC’s Pierre Thomas that aired on 14 January 2011:

"What I am trying to do in this interview is to make people aware of the fact that the threat is real, the threat is different, the threat is constant. The threat has changed from simply worrying about foreigners coming here, to worrying about people in the United States, American citizens -- raised here, born here, and who for whatever reason, have decided that they are going to become radicalized and take up arms against the nation in which they were born," (…) "It is one of the things that keeps me up at night," Holder said. "You didn't worry about this even two years ago -- about individuals, about Americans, to the extent that we now do. And -- that is of -- of great concern."

Holder noted that while he was confident with the United States' counter-terrorism efforts, Americans "have to be prepared for potentially bad news." "The terrorists only have to be successful once," he said. The same is true for Australia.

So will we draw the right conclusions when such an experienced and highly qualified member of the judiciary warns us in clear and blunt words? Or does it take a dozen Islamic suicide bombers blasting of with a hearty ‘Allahu Akbar’ during the AFL Grand Final, for us to see the light and become pro-active? 

This is not to suggest that we curb civil liberties for law-abiding Australians or employ more homeland security staff to listen in on more conversations and intercept more electronic messages. This is not about sending more ASIO operatives out to infiltrate more mosques and Islamic groups and Islamic councils. No, this would be old thinking. This would be trying to stop the bullets lodged in the bullet chamber before they hit the target. This approach will work now and then, but as AG Holder said: The terrorist must only be successful once. So let us not allow the potential thread come into effective range. Let us talk about implementing proper profiling. And we need to speak about removing the threat already in view.

To achieve this, there are a number of practical steps to consider, both for our leaders and every Australian:

  1. Re-define what ‘Religion’ means in the 21st century under the Australian Constitution and other Federal and State Laws. We want to retain the freedom to practise any peaceful personal belief, no matter how strange it may seem to outsiders. As long as the disciples accept the superiority of the Australian Constitution and the laws and values of the land, there is no conflict. But we must not become suicidal in bowing to everything that comes to our shores unabrogated from the dark ages of humanity and spruiks itself as a bona fide ‘religion of peace’. Certainly not - when it clearly shows ambitions to establish apartheid, parallel societies, pre- medieval rituals and highly discriminatory practises. And not when it seeks to meddle in the affairs of the secular state, when it seeks to undermine equality of gender and equality before the law; and also not when it seeks dispensation from the separation of powers or imposes on non-believers the way we lead our life. Nobody of sane mind would seriously consider establishing Maoism as a religion in Australia and allow Maoists to hide under a religious cloak. Likewise, we need to remove the ability for terrorists and their facilitators to hide under the cloak of assumed religious privilege.
  2. Recognise that Islam is not a race and Muslims are not members of the ‘Islamic Race’. While it serves the purpose of Islamists to muddle the difference between the terms ‘religion’, ‘culture’, ‘ethnicity’ and ‘race’ and to use those words freely and interchangeably, our society must no longer fall for this trap. Membership of a religious belief or socio-political dogma is an arbitrary act, not pre-determined by skin colour and DNA. No Communist, Buddhist or Baptist would consider himself a member of a particular ethnicity for his belief, or smear everyone as ‘racists’ or ‘buddhaphobe’ who criticises this belief. What makes Muslims so special? Could it be the persistent, hysterical agitation, the violence and the ongoing terror? Allowing the aggressor to take on the victim-role is irrational and suicidal. This must stop.
  3. Understand it is not the moderate Muslim but the fundamentalist, who is the force behind the Islamic reformation. To reform means to bring something back to its original form, to return something to how it was originally. Martin Luther’s reform of the medieval church sought to bring Christians back to their roots in Jesus. Away from overbearing, self-indulging and dogmatic patriarchs, ruling every aspect of life. At the core of Christianity are the life, example and message of Jesus, not a dogmatic church hierarchy, imposition and violent subjugation of disciples. Likewise, the core of Islam is the life, example and message of Muhammed. But when we look at the substance, the two cores could not be more different. In fact, many see them as the incarnation of the classical duality of Good and Evil. Our politicians and media people need to realise that any reform of Islam only brings it closer to its medieval roots and will make Islam more intolerant, more aggressive and more violent. To become a modern religion, able to peacefully co-exist with other religions, Muhammed’s example and message is not in need of reform. To take its place alongside the other peaceful religions in our century, Islam is in need of a comprehensive scriptural pruning and abrogation, as well as a serious clean-out amongst the clergy and their associates. This is as unlikely to come from nominal or moderate Muslims. And no Islamic Pope could initiate this process, as no central figure exists in Islam. Quite to the contrary, the Islamic world is THE synonym for violent sectarianism, murderous in-fighting and medieval tribalism. Operating under the assumption that so-called moderate Muslims can evolve as the dominant force in the Islamic world; that they will somehow put the fundamentalist Jinni back in the bottle, is a suicidal self-delusion. The sooner we awake from this pipe dream, the lesser will be our pain and losses. The Islamic Jinni was able to grow through the power vacuum and retraction of European powers, which followed the two World Wars. Nobody can reverse historic events. But we can make sure Islamism does not invade our shores, nor grow in our community nor play havoc with our society, as it has in so many others before. In fact, our political leaders would fail in their solemn obligation to protect us, if they do not protect Australians from this menace.
  4. Recognise the moderate Muslims are the real danger to our civilisation, while nominal Muslims form their source of power. The differentiation between fundamentalists and moderates is the old ‘stick and carrot’ set-up; nothing but a calculated charade and socio-political Trojan horse. At the core of Islam there is only one Koran and one prophet Mohammed and his life and example. All his followers sing from the same hymnbook, some just from different pages of the very same book, and some louder than others. But as long as a person is willing to submit to the ‘Five Pillars’ of Islam, he or she remains a Muslim. Full stop. It is true that America, Australia and our allies are not ‘at war’ with Islam. But as long as there remains a part of the world where Islamic Sharia does not rule supreme, Islam will be in a state of war with this part of the world. They are concealed when small in numbers, open when the numbers are strong.

Of course there are many nominal Muslims in Australia, who have almost nothing in common with their reformed, fundamentalist and radicalised brothers and sisters. They do not wish to cause any trouble and want to get on with life just like everybody else.

However, the silent majority was hardly ever the driving force behind historical events. Hitler and his NationalSocialist party did not require 60 million Germans to start World War Two and prepare the Holocaust. The National-Socialist Party of Germany and their small band of facilitators were given access to parliament in a minority coalition government in 1933, with the majority opposing those radicals. 12 years later almost 60 million are dead. Just a few thousand poised, radical and brainwashed Nazis were enough to control an army of obedient apparatchiks, which in turn kept millions of moderate, law-abiding Germans and nominal members of the NSDAP in check. The other Socialists and Communists were no less effective in consequence: A small cadre of Marxist-inspired fanatics in Moscow eventually ruled a gigantic empire with favours, terror, famine and mass murder: An estimated 25 million were killed in Russia and Maoists in China dispatched somewhere between 40 and 60 Million Chinese and neighbouring people. Many millions more were put to death in Asia, Africa, South America and wherever else socialist and communist proxy-regimes were established by small groups of fanatics – and where today such groups still rule over the silent majority with selective favouritism, fear and murder.

All through human history, small numbers of determined fanatics were always able to subdue millions upon millions of good people belonging to the moderate, law-abiding – but silent - majority.

This can be witnessed today in places were Islamists already rule, or manage to grow. While fanatics, sympathisers and their facilitators are vital, first and foremost the objective is to grow their nominal numbers above the threshold of a smallish minority. As soon as those numbers are high enough to become the voice of a ‘considerable minority’, they begin to establish ‘Islamic councils’ and ‘Muslim community groups’, they begin the process of eroding democratic or secular government. They infiltrate and agitate and terrorise their way into positions of influence and power, no matter how many millions of the moderate and silent majority may watch on in apathy and disbelief.

Ignoring these facts means ultimate defeat, humiliation or death.

Since Islam was conceived 1,400 years ago as mesmerising concoction of universal law, paternalistic socio-political dogma and a religious belief system,
it has managed to subdue 1,200,000,000 people. While Christianity is in decline and self-destructs by way of self-flagellation and preaching moral relativism, neither Buddhism nor Hinduism are out to subdue the world. Judaism has always recognised the law of the land and exists as a dominant religion only in one tiny, formally secular and democratic country. In comparison Muhammed’s 7th century start-up has become the dominant power in almost 50 countries of this planet, with numbers growing. We can safely assume next to 99% of those 1.2 billion living under Islamic rule are good people, friendly folks, who simply want to get on with life. If left to their own devices, they wouldn’t think of hurting any of their non-muslim compatriots or forcing Muhammed’s Islam onto all the peoples of the world. They are just nominal Muslims by enforced conversion and convention. If living in the 1930s in Germany or in the 1950s in Russia, the same friendly people would have likewise been members of the silent majority. Good, silent Nazis and Stalinists.

To be continued in part two.