Sydney Rally: Australia's Copts send message to Egyptian and Australian Govt.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011 06:08 Assad Elepty Confronting Islam - Infidel Resistance

Further to my last report with regard to the 19/1/2011 Coptic Rally, Please find attached several videos.

Firstly, I am obliged to make a correction to my last report.

There was at least One Muslim Egyptian lady present, and she gave an interview. 

 This Lady deserves every praise for her mannerism and sentiments of condolences for the Coptic Community.

I take my hat off to her and recommend her as an ideal role model for the Australian Muslim community.

If all members of the Muslim community shared her vision, sentiments and perspective I dare say there would be no religious confrontation in the world. No doubt our lord was smiling down upon her when she made her statement of solidarity, peace and love, it certainly put a smile on my face.

Whilst I have thanked everyone that attended, the dignitaries, the Clergy, the speakers, and the everyday passer by, it is appropriate that ACM be acknowledged for the tireless work behind the scenes to put the rally together in such an organised, disciplined and successful manner. They deserve every commendation and applaud and they have made the coptic community proud,
not only as copts, but as Patriotic Australian Copts.

I would also Thank all the members of the Coptic clergy for their support and efforts to make this event a success.

I Thank our Church Vicar Father Tadros (in the absence of HG Bishop Daniel currently in egypt), Father Shenouda Mansour and all the Clergy from every denomination that attended.

As Copts we will likewise stand in solidarity with any christian or non christian creed that is subjected to fear, terror or threat by radicals, fundamentalists or terrorists.

Australia is Heaven on earth and we will raise our voices to protect all our country men that are subjected to terror or threat as the coptic church in Australia was this year.

The below clip is a video from egypt where worshippers praying under a tent (they have not been given approval to build a church), raised their voices calling for equality and no discrimination. (it is in arabic and very inspiring to watch) Maghaga Copts including clergy protest openly against the governor of Al Minya Province. (If the Egyptian government is serious about mending the situation in Egypt then Al Minya's Governor must be sacked... He is known for his discriminatory practices against Copts.

I encourage all Copts and non Copts to Support the Australian Coptic Movement and promote Human rights for every race and creed denied the sanctity of peace we often take for granted.

God Bless All and bring peace upon earth for our children and their childrens sake. Amen