Australia must help the victims of "blasphemy" laws

Wednesday, 12 January 2011 18:13 Dave Clark Confronting Islam - Infidel Resistance

The spotlight must remain on Pakistan's vile and inhumane blasphemy laws now they have received some attention with the murder of Salman Taseer and the story of Asia Bibi. The situation there just keeps getting worse and it seems there is no end to the depths of depravity that Islam can reach.

Unfortunaltely, Asia is only one of the many victims of this insanity. Along with each accused, a death sentence is put on the entire accused's family, anyone who shows any support for them or seeks reform or abolition of the laws and any judge that releases an accused "blasphemer". They all live in constant fear of their lives.

Hector Aleem is also falsely accused of blasphemy and is staring at a certain death sentence in or out of prison. He is Christian and an award winning human rights activist. Readers of Faith Freedom may be familiar with his case and details are attached HERE and HERE

The whole situation is an unimaginable nightmare for this family.

Last year I applied to the Department of Immigration for asylum for Hector's family in Australia (and, if we could be so blessed with his release, Hector as well). This was denied, notwithstanding my assurance to sponsor the family (including air fares) and financial and practical support offered in Australia upon their arrival. Family members have good English and experience working in the health sector. They would give anything to be accepted and would make fine Aussies.

So, I ask this of our Government. Why are they not accepted to Australia? They have a very real death sentence hanging over them, have done the right thing by applying legally and properly, and are culturally and economically a good fit. Why do you prefer illegal migrants, queue jumpers (and yes bleeding hearts, there is a queue, thousands wait in it for years to be rejected because of the queue jumpers) and those who have the intention of destroying our "miserable house from within" and not integrating or contributing? Why is this Pakistani family and my own family being slapped in the face like this?

I have lodged an appeal to Immigration Minister, Chris Bowen. Please, we ask, plead, beg as many Australians as possible to write to Chris Bowen and request he review the case of the Aleems. Also demand that persecuted Christians in Muslim lands be given priority now for acceptance to Australia, be they in Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan or any other Islamic hellhole. Finally, demand that the Australian Government take up this issue and pressure the Pakistani Government to abolish the blasphemy laws. No aid and no other ties to this country until they start acting like basic human beings.

Regarding asylum policy, Muslims had their turn and they have failed Australia, most are not only ungrateful for the opportunity of freedom but seek to destroy it for all. Enough! It is time our policy focused on the real victims and saw the benefits those seekers will provide to the country.

Thank you for any support available, I have set up an email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for requests for further information. Also, please look out for a new website, coming soon and a great resource for all concerned about the Pakistani blasphemy laws atrocity.