PROCESSES: A personal journey

Thursday, 30 December 2010 20:05 Action Confronting Islam - Infidel Resistance

It’s a year ago that I woke up.

Prompted by an email from France, beseeching action: “Will the world say nothing again - as it did in Hitler’s time?”

Here in Oz, the aware ones say ‘Isn’t it terrible’. Others say ‘Oh, that won’t happen here’.

Sounds familiar to me. Talk and no action. Denial of reality.

“For evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing”. Edmund Burke

Recalling my history, I understood that those who could would up and leave for freedom.

The Hebrews left Egypt. My parents left Vienna.

My mother said that the Nazis came and told my father to pack a small bag, and that they’d be back to pick him up. So he packed, sat and waited. “What are you waiting for?" Mum asked. "Go escape to our friends on the other side of town.”

When they came to get my father, my Mum spontaneously came up with "other soldiers came for him”. Mum claimed that in such a mammoth bureaucratic machine, the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing.

They left Vienna, after Mum had gone to Eichmann, who at that time was in charge of ‘permits’. They told her “fraulein you go in here alive, we don’t know if you will leave here alive.”

She managed to return to their apartment, which was nailed shut, and collect some papers and other things. She was one of the few who had foresight, and had begun the process of leaving when she saw early signs of dehumanization and curtailment of freedoms.

My parents cherished 'the land of the free', and were forever grateful to their ‘host’ country Australia.

Our freedom is being eroded on all levels by insidious worldwide Islamification. There is no further or safe place for us to fly for freedom; Antarctica?

The thought of living a life without freedom is unbearable. 'What are you waiting for?' I asked myself

To make peace with myself, I began learning all I could. I undertook my own crash course - Islam101.

The more I learnt, the more I was appalled by the theory based on the Koran and Hadiths and by archaic life-degrading practices. The antithesis of all that I believed and practiced. I became acutely aware that, despite my long-held worldview ‘that we are all humans, who experience the same feelings', I was changing from a place of peace, love and harmony for all, to a place of knowing that Islam could not allow this to happen without us all becoming Muslim or living as second class dhimmis. Islam is certainly not life- affirming nor self-reflecting, and is totally incompatible with basic human values and rights.

There were moments that I wished I never knew what I did. I wanted to creep back into denial.

I hated Islam for what it was doing to me, as Blue Heeler said.

I queried if I was I becoming a racist? Or was I Islamophobic? I intrinsically knew otherwise.

Over the years I had a couple of Islamic friends. I began to question the idea of ‘moderate Muslims’ or rather Muslims who had seemingly integrated in democratic countries.

Knowledge of Taquiya blew me out. I was familiar with the odd individual liar, but to have such a large-scale group of liars endorsed by Islam put me in unknown territory. I wanted to believe that we humans generally pursued ego integrity, and that truth lightens the load and sets you free. Here were billions thinking otherwise.

I kept devouring information, literature, talks, some by those who had left Islam, which is called apostasy and is punishable by death. Some of these speakers had bodyguards; others risked appearing without bodyguards to expose reality; with audiences aware of dangers. All this in our once safe, free speech country, Australia.

I disliked Islam for what it was doing to Australia and Australians.

Now we see signs of loss of freedoms, but there is nowhere to run.

Bob Marley ‘s ‘Wake up, Stand up for the Fight’ resonated.

What prompts us to wake up, change our ways, to see the light, the truth?

How does the crack in consciousness begin? How do non Muslims wake up to the reality of the all-encompassing nature of Islam? A multi-level octopuses' playground, where the tentacles take hold and the poison infiltrates. How do Muslims, stuck in their ideology and practice, wake up and flee?

I recalled the women’s movement. Personal became political. Small consciousness raising groups led to demonstrations and some changes, but no-one was going to kill us if we burnt our bras.

Islamists kill, terrorize, threaten, infiltrate, use lawfare.

I decided that stopping Islamification, particularly in Australia, was definitely worth my time, energy and even my life, especially if I wanted to leave a safe freedom-loving place for our future generations. So ' Fraulein, you go in here alive, we don't know if you will leave alive'.

I heard Neil Young “It’s better to burn out than rust away".

So the time has come .Both Flight and Fight are required.

I was compelled to take flight into and fight the multifaceted Jihad with all my might.

A year on, thanks in part to the writers on AIM, my awareness has expanded. As such I can inform others.

Wherever I go, I leave a bit behind. Education can salvage.

Each of us can and must work at this individual level. However, together we have greater force.

I formed a small group with a handful of others. We support each other and activate change where possible. Such groups have no place for egos. Working for 'The Cause' is crucial for our survival.

Islamification is the biggest man-made threat to our survival as we know it. It's DO or DIE.

Reflection, integrity and responsibility are our tools for action.

Love of freedom and fairness are our motivation.

I’m pleased to say that more cells of action are already under way.

I hope that this coming year, we will ll join together and activate the stopping of any further Islamification into our lifestyles and systems in the land of Oz.

Together in an organized, civilized way we can overcome and take an active part in this process.