Interview with Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels –Muslim females, disturbed sexuality, social consequences (Part 2)

Friday, 17 December 2010 06:31 Circe & Nicolai Sennels Confronting Islam - Infidel Resistance

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As noted in part 1, Nicolai Sennels is a Danish psychologist who worked for some years with Muslim and non-Muslim criminals in Copenhagen.   He noted significant differences in the ‘mindset’ between the two groups.   Significant differences were found in areas such as anger/aggression/rage, personal responsibility and self-control, locus of control, self-reflection, perceptions honour and responses to ‘offended’ honour, tolerance, identity, empathy and remorse and a ‘victim mentality’. 

Such differences were related to the cultural background of the person where Muslims, whether associated with the mosque or not, whether 1st, 2nd or 3 rd generation, identified as Muslims and adhered largely to Islamic attitudes towards women , non-Muslims and western society and this was related to their high level of criminality and the failure or inability of Muslims as a group to assimilate into western society.

Part 2 examines Islam’s core value of the suppression of women, the disturbed sexuality of Muslims and the consequences for our society resulting from the Muslim inability to assimilate.

In other articles Sennels notes that appeasement is deadly as it emboldens Muslims and enhances their victim mentality as they regard us as weak and fail to respond with any gratefulness or improvement on their side.   He denounces claims that we ‘stigmatise’ Muslims (victim mentality) by daring to criticise their text and behaviour  (Hommaforum 2009) and suggests that ordinary citizens stand against the immature and psychologically unhealthy culture of Islam (Dymphna 2010).

He notes the massive hidden costs of Islamic immigration where Muslims make little effort to assimilate despite costly efforts in every area to help eg special language classes.  And he notes the high costs of Islamic inbreeding which continues into the west (Sennels c, 25 November 2010

Sennels suggests all Islamic immigration be stopped and instead, rather than pay the massive cost involved in coping with Muslims in our society, we pay Muslims to exit to the Muslim country of their choice.  Muslim refugees should not be given citizenship and other Muslims should be required to fulfil a long list of criteria concerning integration or leave (Please read articles Sennels 2010 b, Hommaforum 2009, Glasov 2010a)

Interview with Nicolai Sennels:

Circe:   Have you dealt with criminal Muslim females  -- both converts and those born Muslim?

Q: If you have, could you describe their psychological profile.   Is there a difference between converts and those born Muslim?

Sennels:  Very few. Not so much that I was able to identify specific female psychological traits beyond the above mentioned.

Q:  Islam devalues females so must Muslim females gain status by ‘selling’ Islam and enforcing adherence to its dictates – i.e. women often participate in honour killing or killing sons accused of working with Israel. The abused become the abusers.

Sennels: Most Muslim women are without a long list of human rights, including the right to pursue a professional career.  Those who earn money are often forced to share it with their extended family.  Their social life is also mostly limited to close family members.   Building up social status is thus very limited.  If a Muslim woman wants status it has to be within the religion. The more strictly they follow the Islamic code the more honourable.  This surely is a significant source of fanaticism among Muslim women - which again influences the way they bring up their children.

Circe:   I cannot imagine anything worse for a female than Islam:  paedophilia, clitoridectomy, beating, ploughing, cover her offensive body, restricted, described in the most derogatory terms e.g. devils, polluting, crooked, inferior in intelligence and religion and populating hell... yet western females ‘convert.’

Q: Are you aware of any personality characteristics or life experiences that pre-dispose a person/female to convert to a repressive, misogynist, violent religion like Islam.

Sennels: I have had non-Muslim girls who preferred Muslim boyfriends and most of these girls had a history of being mistreated by their parents. The general reason for having a Muslim boyfriend was that they were looking for a strong man that could protect them. They also felt attracted by the aggressive attitude.   Many young Muslim men can seem very charming - they wear expensive clothes and jewelery, they have a fancy car and they train their muscles. Insecure young girls who are mostly looking for a feeling of protection and a risky short cut to a higher social status can feel very attracted to this.

Q:  Does the totalitarian nature of Islam appeal to some as they are told what to do and who to hate, while those who deviate receive swift punishment and those who die for allah are excessively praised. Is Islam the simple choice for those who are uncertain or easily lead?

Sennels: The few converts-wanna-bes that I met fits very well with your description. They were looking for a black and white picture of the World that fitted with their fascist-like sense of justice.  Also they were longing to belong to a group that could give them the sense of security that they have been looking for.

Circe:   Lauren booth stated ‘I always felt the Ummah was a very loving, peaceful place.’ Even a vague look around the world reveals Islam’s violence and repression to females and non-Muslims and constant violence between Muslims showing the insanity of Ms Booth’s self-delusion.

Q:   Is there a psychological condition where people create this delusional world?

Sennels: Well. I guess that if a woman is more looking for safety and structure than freedom, the Umma can seem attractive.  I am sure that if Lauren Booth suddenly would like to wear sexy clothes, change her religion and have a new boyfriend she would not experience the Umma as loving and peaceful.  Most people are willing to go very far to avoid seeing the truth if the truth contradicts their habitual way of living and perceiving things.  Looking at the consequences that Muslims and especially Muslim women face if they refuse to follow Muslim traditions it is not hard for me as a psychologist to understand that many Muslims prefer to tell themselves that what they have is great.  As we say in cold, rainy and windy Denmark: "You have to like the weather, because you cannot change it."

b)  How do you shatter the delusion when they ignore the evidence in front of them?

Sennels: First you have to be able to offer them a safe alternative. If they see that you are right but risk their lives by breaking free,  your effort is of no use. The first step is to build more shelters for women.  Second we need to have social workers visit Muslim women in their homes to check if they are safe and free.  This includes informing them about their rights and freedoms - and showing that we are able to protect them and their children with new identities etc. - if necessary in a new country - should they chose to defect.

Circe:  Islam segregates the sexes and turns females into the sexual slaves of men as ‘wives’ must be constantly ready to service the male.  Islam fully endorses paedophilia – a sexual perversion. Paradise is an enormous brothel for men with young female ‘companions’ and young male ‘servants’.  The female is loathed, shunned and devalued so Islamic sexuality is very ‘disturbed.’  Such disturbed sexuality is shown in the Google trends results showing that Pakistan (land of the pure) rates the highest in porn hits on the internet including varieties of animal porn, child porn and rape sex.(Morgan 2010)..

Homosexual paedophilia ( pederasty) is rife in the Islamic world. 95% of Pakistani truck drivers consider indulging in sex during their ‘rest time’ and most prefer young boys who are readily available and cheap. (IndiaVision 2010)

An American military study revealed the propensity of Afghani men to have sex with other men or boys and shun women yet they denied any ‘homosexuality’ (punishable by death under Islam).  The men claimed they couldn’t ‘love’ another man but there was no problem with using them sexually!  When a medic explained to an Afghan man what he needed to do to make his wife pregnant, his response was –

How could one feel desire to be with a woman, who God has made unclean, when one could be with a man, who is clean? Surely this must be wrong.'" ‘Older "men of status" keep young boys on hand for sexual relationships. One of the country's favorite sayings, the report said, is "women are for children, boys are for pleasure." (Foxnews 2010)

In 2004 the hidden sexual abuse of boys by clerics in madrasses was revealed.  Though not uncommon, it was normally hushed up! (Ansari 2004). Theocracy/Islamic fundamentalism and child pornography are linked.  Coded messages were added to hardcore child pornographic images (Kerbaj 2008) (And we continue to teach encryption to Muslims!!).

Sexual abuse among Muslims is widespread including organised gang rapes of ‘girls from their own environment’ too scared to mention the rapes because the Muslim girl bares the shame. (Sennels 2010 a, Glasov 2010 b). 100% of assault rapes where the perpetrator was unknown to the victim, in Oslo in 2006, 2007, 2008 were committed by ‘non-western’ immigrants (Sennels 2010a).  And the rapes of young boys in Islamic groups even in the west????

Q:  Did you find a disturbed sexuality in the Muslim men you worked with?  (Was the same found for the non-Muslims)

Sennels: Their wide use of prostitutes was a clear sign of the lack of ability to create a meaningful sexual relationship with a girl. Many of them had Danish non-Muslim girlfriends but they often mistreated the girls, made them do sexual favours to their friends etc. We very seldom talked directly about sexuality but you could hear from the way they talked about sex and women this was influenced by a very sexist attitude.

Q:   Is their inability to relate to women as equal, free, individual human beings associated with their pathology?

Sennels: Yes, but more than that -Putting women down also leads to pathology. Whatever we do in our outer lives ourselves influences our inner lives.  If we treat women bad or do not like them, we will harm ourselves.  I can understand that an aggressive and imperialistic culture needs to suppress the more empathic, sensitive and social qualities in society in order to produce merciless fighters and reach its goal.

Q:   Is controlling females and female sexuality a significant part of the core of Muslim culture?

Sennels: Yes, it is.  Muslim culture is centred around keeping women and the qualities that only women express fully down.  No wonder that our more sensitive and female oriented cultures are looked down on by many Muslims.

Circe: (Note:  Neither I nor Nicolai Sennels regard homosexuality between consenting adults in an open society where males and females can mix freely, as a ‘pathology’ but child sexual abuse is a pathology as is ‘sex’ between men when it  results from a society where women are loathed, unclean and locked away from males so sexuality is ‘deviated’ to relationships between males while females are shunned)

Q:  What psychological weaknesses does the rage, intolerance and fear of free speech from Muslims hide?

Sennels: Emotional immaturity, bad self confidence and the inability to produce valid arguments.  Also we have to know that the more illogical or inhuman a religion or thought system is, the more its adherents will fight to convince others to convert.  Religious people through all of history have compensated for their inner doubts and lack of conviction by trying to convince and force other to follow the same faulty beliefs.

Q:   How should we respond to Muslim rage and threats – by humor, jokes, logic?

Sennels: Surely humor is good for all parts in this conflict.  Most Muslims clearly lack self irony and too many non-Muslims are too scared to speak their mind.   A good laugh is the best cure for both of these "diseases".  Most of all we have to keep saying the truth about Islam and Muslim culture and immigration - and we must never tire in the fight against UN's, EU's and the leftists attempts on suppressing free speech.

Q:  You described political correctness as a kind of collective cowardice.

The feeling of safety and social coherence is already long gone in many parts in hundreds of European cities as a result of Muslims’ anti-social behaviour and enmity towards non-Muslims” (Sennels in Glasov 2010 a)

What do you see as the result if our cowardice continues?

Sennels: The Islamists will get their way. Then we will have an enormous Universe where the only planet with intelligent life will be a full scale caliphate.  Imagine that... It is the most embarrassing thing I can imagine.

Q:  Your work suggests that Muslims absorb Islam’s cultural/religious values and there is no hope of changing them.  They accept paedophilia, misogyny, racism, violence and hatred towards others because their morality is not based on reason and empathy but is based on the view that everything Mohammad did, said or allowed or didn’t ban is morally OK –no matter how immoral we would find it!  Indeed Muslims don’t want to change yet their ‘values’ are incompatible with ours.

Is the solution don’t bring in Muslims if you wish to avoid a civil war?

Sennels: History's answer is a clear Yes. And since they are already here we have to make the lack of ability or will to integrate so unpractical and economically unbeneficial that state sponsored emigration - repatriation - is the only attractive choice. We also have to limit the state’s Child Support so we only pay people for having the national average of children. This is now law in Denmark. Too many Muslim immigrants manage to have a lot of children and live from the Child Support. The demographic factor must not be underestimated.

Q: For our own safety, should we prevent Muslims from joining our police and military and stop arming and training Muslims overseas? Are we training our enemy both within and without? (Note the Fort Hood massacre).

Sennels: I can easily imagine situations where nepotism and misguided loyalty can cause Muslim policemen and soldiers to make mistakes.  But I cannot imagine that this will create problems on a large scale.  Besides, weapons are already easy to get on the black market for those who want them.  If a real violent clash will come - and based on my psychological observations I think it will - the main battle field will be our big cities. Our enormous Muslim ghettoes will develop into copies of the Gaza-strip, which is characterized by extreme overpopulation, widespread poverty,  lack of education and productivity, high crime rates, religious fanaticism and a violent hate against the non-Muslim surroundings. Just like the Gaza-strip the economy is mainly built on crime and support from the outside.  The Muslim tradition only to shop in Muslim owned shops  helps keep the money inside their own circles. 

In one country after the other the police force will be worn down by overtime work and stress, and the need for military help will appear.  The real thing will start when the first Muslim ghetto will claim autonomy.  Muslims' wish for secession is becoming visible in many places and the political infra-structure - including Islamic leadership, sharia legal system and home- made police - is already functioning to a high degree.   If this happens - just as it has happened all the way through Islam's history and happens in many places today in places like China, Russia, Thailand, the Philippines, former Yugoslavia, Africa, Balkans etc. - it is a direct attack on the sovereignty of the state and we will be forced to react.   And I am sure that the many Muslim fanatics and criminals will not hand themselves or  their weapons over voluntarily.  Other Muslim areas will start riots and attack authorities in solidarity with their ‘oppressed’ Muslim brothers and sisters. The usual revenge in the form of terror attacks, kidnappings and completely unreasonable political demands will appear and our world will not look like the one we have today for 2-3 decades.

Circe:   The Gallup Coexist Index 2009 A global Study of Interfaith Relations showed that 90% of the population of 12 different Muslim countries answered that religion was an important part of their life and a German study showed that the vast majority of  German Muslims believe that the Quran is allah’s true words and describe themselves as religious to very religious (Glasov 2010b) ---ie their obsession with their religion continues into the west yet Islam is intensely hostile and endorses violence towards others.

Q: Should Muslims be regarded as a category of people hostile to others and to western culture and hence unsuitable as immigrants?

Sennels: Yes, I think that is a very correct observation for most Muslims.

Q:   a) Are people, particularly political leaders, becoming aware of your work and beginning to realise the truth it contains.

Sennels: My book and my name is quite known in Denmark.  I got a phone call from a psychiatrist from Guantanamo back in October who wanted some advise and my name is appearing in many articles on the internet.  I know that my work has been discussed in the Danish and the Dutch parliament - possibly also other places.   My feeling is that my work is pretty acknowledged and that people appreciate it.

Q:  Are you able to continue research into the impact of Islam on Muslims and on the societies Muslims enter?

Sennels: No. My days as a psychologist for Muslims are probably over.   I have to base my future work on other people’s experiences - and build on my professional education and experience.

Q:  What are your plans and hopes for the future?

Sennels: To continue to do what I can to secure our well earned but fragile freedom against Islam and its enablers. And to inspire others to do the same.


 Again thanks to Nicolai Sennels whose honest reporting of his own work caused him to lose his job, though he has found other employment.   Tragically our institutions are still involved in promoting the myth that Muslim violence and inability to assimilate is our fault when the ‘fault’ lies clearly with Muslims and their Muslim religion/culture.   

Isn’t it time we explained why members of widely varying ‘cultures’ have all been able to enter our countries and adopt our values and live under our laws while Muslims have NOT. 

Isn’t it time people who set up their apartheid enclaves, their parallel societies, who demand their own laws and demand that we adhere to them as well, were sent packing!   No sharia here.  

Stop Islamic immigration to preserve our safety, freedom and equality and to preserve a tolerant society under one set of laws where sharia which allows many acts of perversion, sadism, intolerance and abuse can NEVER operate.

The Muslim refusal to assimilate and the continued daydream of others that they will, costs us a fortune!  Add to this the fact that European studies reveal that inbreeding in Muslim populations produces children with a lower IQ and a higher rate of birth defects and possible mental disorders which adds a further huge burden to the taxpayer.  Remember,  Muslims, ¼ of the world’s population (1.6 billion) have won only 9 Noble Prizes –5 for ‘peace’ (Ha, Ha) and only 2 for science –both working in the WEST  (Sennels 2010a, Sennels 2010c-must read).  Jews, much abused, have won about 170 Nobel Prizes from a tiny population of about 16 million!
Multiple wives claiming welfare also adds to the tax burden due to Muslims.

Muslims make the least desirable immigrants yet our lefty Labor government continues to allow them in and fails to halt the thousands,  mostly Muslims who arrived illegally by boat this year, making a mockery of our laws and of those in refugee camps who apply to come here legally.   Muslims are members of the Umma and have asylum in any Muslim country eg Indonesia, Malaysia – and the other countries they pass through, they CANNOT claim asylum here!

It is time our immigration policy included as a major point

Muslims lack this ability and should not be acceptable as immigrants.

For those who say, oh not all Muslims are criminal ....I remind them that the characteristics Sennels reports were found for Muslims and came from their Muslim ‘culture’ whether they were directly associated with a mosque or not.  These characteristics reveal stark differences between the Muslim mindset and the western one and this spells trouble for our society whether displayed in overt criminality now or not.

Remember, Muslims revere a prophet who was a practising paedophile who told followers to marry young virgins and handed girls out to friends; who endorsed clitoridectomy; who hit Aisha hard in the chest and told men they could beat and plough women and  have concubines and multiple wives they could divorce with a few words; who used a wide array of derogatory terms for women and said they were inferior in their intelligence and religion and populated hell; who slaughtered, enslaved, raped and stole the women, children and property of others; who displayed extreme hatred of black people and Jews (RACISM); who stoned, amputated, beheaded, put hot irons into the eyes and had people flogged; who gave others the choice of death or conversion or slavery  or for a certain few the chance to live as subjugated dhimmis paying the jizya tax and living in constant fear of death as non-Muslims in the Islamic world do TODAY.  The mere presence of non-Muslims is considered ‘persecution’ for Muslims.  Muslims rage at any criticism of Islam and are completely incapable of a rational look at their own ‘religion.’ The white Arab supremacist Mohammad and his god demanded that others be destroyed until ‘all the religion was allah’s.’  Islam is absolute totalitarianism –the religion, government and law.

This is a brief list of the joy of Mohammad and his god allah, but I defy anyone to claim this fits Australia’s values and vision for society!   Why then do we continue to bring in Muslims?

As Sennels suggests, every citizen should write letters to newspapers, politicians etc and speak to others about the dangers of Islam and concerns over Islamic immigration as educating others is a first step in preserving our freedoms, values and society for our children. 

And we should save money by not bringing Muslims in in the first place and sending those that are here back to the Islamic world where they can follow their depraved laws and culture.


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