Travelling with Islam:

Sunday, 05 December 2010 01:10 Circe Confronting Islam - Infidel Resistance

Today you can’t travel without Islam because everywhere you go there is suspicion, bag checks, fear whether it’s airports, train stations, the underground, theatres, arenas ...anywhere and everywhere we are reminded of the deadly ideology of Islam.   Blame ISLAM for this destruction of our peace.


Heathrow airport:  Arriving at Heathrow, one could be excused for thinking you had arrived in Islam-land.  Everywhere the black shroud and the Muslim man with the multiple ‘wives’ dragging behind bringing everything including the endless children.
Yes, good old England!

Still, there were some funny incidents.  About 10 or so travellers of various races/ethnicities, including myself and 3 black shrouds were waiting for one of the big lifts in Heathrow.   The lift arrives and the shrouds step in --- there was plenty of room but no-one else moved.  I think a shroud looked out but still no-one moved, then off went the lift.   We all piled into the next one.   Me thinks there may be a dislike of Islam surfacing among many or were we all just too polite to inflict our filthy kuffar bodies on those pure Muslims!!

Next through the bag scanner and arch.  As I got through I said to hubby, “What a joke, there’s a Muslim in a hijab scanning the bags –aren’t they the ones we’re protecting ourselves from?”  And, standing right behind me was another hijab holding the little scanner used on those who beep when passing through the arch!   I just laughed!

There is NO SECURITY IN AIRPORTS.  Australia is just as bad.  We need to protect ourselves from MUSLIMS – you know the people who follow allah and Mohammad who taught the supremacy of Islam and the need to slaughter those who refuse to join or dare to leave.

The sheer insanity of Muslim companies being employed in ‘security’ or individual Muslims being employed on scanners or as bag handlers or to repair planes or clean planes and airports or provide food to airports and planes or ... should be obvious to ALL.  And our ports?  Ever heard of Dubai Ports World –how mad do we need to be!

Remember, ‘ordinary’ Muslims pose the greatest threat (Pipes2010).   These Muslims sitting on the bag scanners or doing the bag handling etc belong to the Ummah –their allegiance is with Islam, not with us.  They will do what they are told to do for allah.

 Remember the Muslim mum, dad and baby in a suicide plot on planes (AAP 2006)?  How about the determined female suicide bombers, the mothers who send their children off with bombs strapped to them, and the mothers who kill their own children and stamp on them if their child is accused of collaborating with Israel (see examples in  "Islam’s death cult women: Baida’s story" Thursday, 18 March 2010 10:07 Circe).  Then there’s those Muslim mothers even in the west who ‘honor kill’ or assist in the honor killing of their children, though most killing is done by Muslim men (see Geller 2009 –read carefully as sometimes the whole family is involved).  These people are often described as ‘nice’ Muslims.

Do we think Muslims who kill their own family are going to care about the safety of our children?   Muslims must hate what allah hates and he hates the non-believers.  Muslims at any time can act on the instructions in Islamic text and Mohammad’s fine example of endless slaughter, enslavement, stealing, rape, and threats.  Muslims are rewarded for killing for allah.

Tight security ....  but not for sensitive Muslims. Two fully veiled women boarding a flight from Montreal to Heathrow without without showing their faces

 Because we still refuse to accept that the PROBLEM is the IDEOLOGY OF ISLAM, we recklessly cling to the blind chants of ‘tolerance’ or ‘just a fringe’ or ‘a few radicals’.... and employ Muslims in positions that endanger us all.  That danger can be acted on whenever a Muslim leader gives the word.

Fly, because there is no choice, but never imagine that you are SECURE.

Tourist versus realist:

Yes, as a ‘tourist’ you could hit all the sites and think all is well, but I have lived in and travelled to Britain often and I skip the sites.  Britain is deteriorating fast.   Try getting through the ‘security’ wall and the guys with machine guns to view British democracy in action in the Houses of Parliament – a ‘house’ that now contains Muslims with an entirely different agenda.

This is due to many factors including  1) the growing numbers of Muslims and the power and demands of Islam which all weakly give in to;  2) the Labour Party’s deliberate efforts to destroy the social structure of Britain by importing others (Muslims) with a culture completely alien to Britain (Wilders 2010); 3)  the economic destruction of the Marxist Labour party;  4) the ongoing blindness of the Conservatives re Islam; 5) and the arrogant belief that blind tolerance of the most repressive, barbaric ideology – Islam - is ‘noble’ while at the same time denigrating and destroying pride in your own culture and values. 

"England is a cesspit. England is the breeding ground of fundamentalist Muslims. Its social logic is to allow all religions to preach openly. But this is illogic, because none of the other religions preach apocalyptic violence. And yet England allows it. Remember, that country was the breeding ground for communism, too. Karl Marx did all his work in libraries there."
(Nigerian Nobel laureate for literature and vigorous activist for democracy,  Wole Soyinka in Varadarajan 2010)

He suggests that British arrogance leads to this insane ‘openness’ as it confirms their self-image of greatness.
Soyinka links the rise in Islamic violence to the Ayatollah Khomeini’s fatwa against Salman Rushdie, in 1989.

“The assumption of power over life and death then passed to every single inconsequential Muslim in the world-as if someone had given them a new stature.”

"Al Qaeda is the descendent of this phenomenon. The proselytization of Islam became vigorous after this. People went to Saudi Arabia. Madrassas were established everywhere."

And didn’t we recently see this in action when a 21 year old Muslim female student,  Roshonara Choudhr,  from the prestigious Kings College London, stabbed former minister Stephen Timms twice in the stomach  in an attempt to kill him because she didn’t like the British government going into Iraq.

She has been jailed for life with a minimum sentence of 15 years. She did not have ‘mental problems’ as some have tried to claim but was a devout (moderate –Ha, Ha) Muslim acting for Islam and desiring martyrdom.  She had listened to sermons by Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaki (remember those parcel bombs on US bound flights just recently).  She went to shake hands with Timms and stabbed him.  She did not recognise the jurisdiction of the court (Kemp 2010).  After all, Muslims have sharia courts in Britain. 

A group of men in the court's public gallery began shouting "Allahu akhbar" ("God is greater"), "British go to hell" and "Curse the judge" after the sentencing.(Kemp 2010)

Mr Timms belongs to the Labour Party that set up the parallel Sharia Court system in Britain,  allowed Islamic dress-code to hospital staff (endangering the health of all patients) and made halal food available everywhere (Brahmachari, 2010).   But as Churchill could have told him, appeasing evil simply emboldens its followers.

And even more delightful is the report in November 2010 that British charities eg Joseph Rowntree Trust, The Roddick Foundation, support ‘Cageprisoners’ who in turn support Anwar al-Awlaki with their site carrying ‘inspirational’ articles and videos despite recent claims of ‘distance’ from him.  The excuses offered by Stephen Pittman, Secretary of the Joseph Rowntree Trust are really sickening  -- oh, no terrorism for ‘civilians’  but I guess it’s OK for terrorism against anyone not considered ‘civilian’ Stephen?  And who’s surprised at al-Awlaki speaking at the huge east London mosque thanks to host Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, the former head of the Muslim Council of Britain. (Lewis 2010) 

Don’t you hate those like Pittman with their monstrous blindness as to the aims and practices of Islam and its ‘inspirational’ teachers!   And of course who knows how much ‘British charity’ money goes to those planning to destroy Britain and others? 

Well, the weak British now have an alien culture living parasitically off Britain while adhering to their own, non-British laws.  Muslims can roam the streets threatening others, carrying out acts of violence, and holding signs threatening beheading and genocide while ordinary Brits are denied their fundamental and essential right of freedom of speech if they dare criticise Islam.  People are nolonger free to speak at speaker’s corner in Hyde Park if they dare to speak about the danger of Islam as Rabbi Nachum Shifren discovered during a recent EDL demonstration. (*LINK)

Of course those standing against Islam eg EDL are subjected to every kind of abuse but let’s hope the resistance to Islam grows and isn’t highjacked by those who confuse resistance to Islam’s ideology with racism – Islam is NOT a race, the problem is NOT race but Islam’s ‘religious’ ideology.

And some recent fun:   Well, there was that plot to kill the Pope during his visit to Britain in September 2010.   Several Muslim ‘cleaners’ were arrested (Gardham 2010,  International express 2010).   Don’t forget the committed terrorists due for release, the significant numbers of British residents training in terror camps and the fact that every day M15 and others investigate potential threats and 

Most turn out to be the real thing (Jonathan Evans, director General of Britain’s Domestic Security Service – p 3 International Express Sept 21 2010).   

I have studied British history and they have a great history where despite times of violence, their ‘Christian’ society moved forward to develop a more humane, egalitarian society with a great parliamentary democracy – a beacon for the world (Impossible under the paralysis of Islam). 

But now the abuse of Britain by leaders, academics and elites with their self-hatred, lies and witless failure to take a moral stand to fight for British values and law or discriminate against the vile ideology of Islam, is rapidly destroying Britain.   Britain is nolonger in control of its own country or laws thanks to sharia and the EU.   They have surrendered sovereignty to the EU who now determines the laws that rule Britain even though they conflict with British law (Phillips 2010).  Britain is a vassal of the ‘Islamist’, totalitarian EU.   Why have a British government at all?

Good old England – my hope lies in the British people of all races to fight for their culture and country --- and hope Charles either ‘passes’ before he becomes ‘king’ or wakes up to the evil of Islam and stands for Britain.  

Cross into ‘Europe’ and it’s a mixed bag.

No, I’m not going to give you my trip.  Why mention France where the French still have their noses in the air and refuse to confront the reality of hundreds of Muslim enclaves (‘no-go for others’) and the billions France has to pay for the Muslim car-b-Qs.

In Germany, largely ‘ceremonial’ President Christian Wulff says Islam has a place in Germany .(Rohan 2010)      Germany has 4 million Muslims who were initially ‘guest workers’ expected to return home.   Sadly the ‘President’ doesn’t realise that the mindset of Islam renders them aliens who will never assimilate unless Germany becomes Muslim. 

Nazism and the plague also had a place in Germany/Europe but do you revere them and want them back?
Some in the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) think Wulff went too far in appeasing the Muslims (Brown 2010)..

Last summer, an

‘outspoken board member of Germany's central bank accused Muslim immigrants of sponging off the welfare state, refusing to integrate and lowering the nation's intelligence.(Sarrazin in Rohan 2010)

Thilo Sarrazin published a book but was censured for his views and dismissed from the Bundesbank.  However, his 

‘book proved highly popular and polls showed a majority of Germans agreed with the thrust of his arguments.’(Siebold 2010)

Fortunately, though walking a tight-rope, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU party), seems to have more courage to tell the truth –She notes that ‘multiculturalism has  ‘utterly failed’ (Siebold 2010)

Note the ‘problem’ with ‘Multiculturalism’ is actually a PROBLEM WITH ISLAM AND MUSLIMS!!

Merkel also stated -

"Now we obviously also have Muslims in Germany. But it's important in regard to Islam that the values represented by Islam must correspond with our constitution," said Merkel.

"What applies here is the constitution, not sharia." 

"Our culture is based on Christian and Jewish values and has been for hundreds of years, not to say thousands."   (Brown 2010)

Allied to this is concern over immigration with occasional calls to lower barriers for certain workers however

Horst Seehofer, chairman of the Christian Social Union (CSU), the CDU's sister party, has rejected any relaxation of immigration laws and said last week there was no room in Germany for more people from "alien cultures." (Siebold 2010)

Sadly Merkel also claims mosques have become part of the landscape ....but this shouldn’t mean forever as Islam has attacked Western and Eastern Europe before and has been driven out –it needs to be driven out AGAIN!


In 2002, problems erupted when Muslim imams called for girls to be circumcised and told followers Islamic law  (which fully endorses removal of the clitoris or under shafii law makes it obligatory) was more important than Danish law.  Information programs for over a decade have failed to reduce the number of girls ‘circumcised’ (Isherwood 2002).  Other problems include Muslims making up 5% of the population but taking 40% of the welfare; Muslims making up the majority of convicted rapists (of usually non-Muslim females!!); Muslims having a higher representation in other crimes; failure to mix with the indigenous population and segregation and failure to assimilate; marriage partners from overseas and often young Danish Muslim girls are promised to Muslim men from overseas; the demand for sharia; the rising hatred of Jews;..... 

We all know the list because it’s the SAME throughout the western world irrelevant of where the Muslim immigrants come from, or which western country they enter!

Fortunately the Danes have woken up and started to strictly limit immigration and citizenship. Mosques cannot be built in Copenhagen. (see Oh DENMARK! Thursday, 07 October 2010 18:59 Geoff Dickson this site). 
The Danish government PAYS Muslims to LEAVE (Struening 2010).

The work of Nikolai Sennels has helped the Danes get a perspective on the largely insoluble problem of trying to assimilate Muslims -

I began to say what everybody already knew, but, what nobody either wanted or dared to say: that those who are referred to as foreign criminals, religious extremists, or terrorists in the making and who are the cause of lawless parallel societies (what the conference "Diversity and Safety in the City" was about) are all Muslim.

Others should not be stigmatised when the problem is Muslims.  His research showed that the Muslims’ cultural and religious experiences played a central role in their psychological development and criminal behaviour.

He noted differences between Westerners and Muslims re Anger/threat behaviour –considered shameful in the west but accepted or standard  in Islam.  Our desire to argue calmly and rationally is seen as weakness.   While westerners have generally, an internal locus of control, Muslims have

“strict external rules, traditions and laws for human behavior. They have a God that decides their life's course. "Inshallah" follows every statement about future plans; if God wants it to happen. They have powerful Muslim clerics who set the directions for their community every Friday. “

Such a difference results in differences regarding freedom and responsibility.  We take responsibility for our life, review our behaviour and change while Muslims demand their rules be complied with and develop a ‘victim’ mentality and lack of remorse.  Victims of Islamic violence are seen to deserve it because they ‘provoked’ the Muslim.  We believe that given guidance, support and a second chance, people will improve – yet integration of Muslims fails despite vast sums of money spent on it!  Instead, Sennels suggests clear boundaries, limits and consequences ie an external locus of control with strict consequences for anti-social behaviour eg - deportation.

Similarly ‘honor’ is central to Muslim culture and any perceived offense is met with terror or threatsThe Muslim culture creates fragile, insecure, narcissistic male personalities. (No jokes, humor, irony is possible.....).

He noted that second and third generations often became more alienated from the host society and arrogant and superior.  Such Muslim failure to identify with the host is found in surveys across Europe.  He notes his findings are close to those of Huntington (The Clash of Civilisations).

If integration just consists of learning the language and finding a job, it is not so difficult. But if integration also includes developing mental habits of equally respecting non-Muslims it is simply impossible for most Muslims. They see themselves as special, will always try to live together, create their own Muslim/Islamic parallel societies, feel separated and have less respect towards non-Muslims. True integration doesn’t have to, necessarily, imply religious conversion. However, for Muslims it certainly presupposes cultural conversion. Clearly, very few Muslims have the will, social freedom and strength of personality to go through such a psychologically demanding process.

Islam’s ‘religion’ is their ‘culture,’ their government and their law so they cannot leave their culture while keeping their religion –ie they need to leave Islam.

Some measures he suggests that may be needed to stop conflict between Muslims and non-Muslims in host countries are

Draconian measures may have to include shutting down Muslim immigration; demanding reform of Islamic organizations and leaders in the West; tightening the thumb screws on integration; becoming less dependent on oil in the Middle East; providing incentives to extremely overpopulated, impoverished countries to have less children; creating an alternative to the UN exclusively for democratic countries; cutting the EU's ability to force European countries to receive more Muslim immigrants and refugees; and perhaps even sending Muslims who proved themselves unable to adjust to our Western secular laws back to their countries of origin.

He notes the failure of politicians to stop the worsening situation – while the Islamists sit back and watch.

We need to understand that it is not possible to integrate masses of Muslims into our Western societies. We need to understand that our non-confrontational Western ways of handling conflicts make us look weak and vulnerable to Muslim leaders. We need to understand that Muslim culture is much stronger and more determined than our guilt-ridden, self-excusing Western culture. We need to understand that Muslims will only feel at home in a Muslim culture and this is why their religious demands for Islamization of the West will never end.

The moment when a popular Islamic cleric declares a Muslim area as Islamic (such declarations are the tradition of Islam, and are happening all over the world - in China, Thailand, ex-Yugoslavia, Russia, Africa etc.) and orders his followers to attack all non-Islamic authorities entering the area, we will have civil wars. No State can tolerate such an attack on its authority and will have to stop it from happening and stop it from growing. These “no go” self-governing areas are already full of violent criminals, weapons and Islamic extremists. They will probably not give up either their guns or themselves to the authorities voluntarily. Such Islamic declarations have already happened on an unofficial level. All Western European countries have such “no go” areas where policemen and authorities are met with threats and flying stones upon entering; all while Islamic authorities such as Imams and homegrown Sharia courts freely rule these “no go” areas, creating Muslim ghettoes.

After having heard the stories from Muslims themselves about their culture, religion, home countries, Muslim ghettoes, their views on non-Muslims, democracy, women and freedom, I have no hope that we can avoid “blood, sweat and tears” during this conflict. It will take many idealistic women and men many years before we reach a point where we can be sure that our freedom-loving culture will win such a conflict. As it stands now, such victory is not at all certain. I hope that many brave people will stand up for what we all believe in, and be mindful of how easily it can be lost. They could write letters to their newspapers, study the Qu’ran and the crime statistics (the only two sources you need to convince yourself that Muslim immigration is a very bad idea). Then they could present their opinions in a confident manner when conversation turns to the subject of Islam and Muslim immigration at lunch, work and at family dinners. A popular movement composed of average citizens standing up against the immature and psychologically unhealthy culture of Islam is the way and the goal. Nothing is more important than that.


Is there hope – Well I think there is.  Northern Europe seems to be waking up.  And the now free Eastern European states (including Greece) are rediscovering their history and that history is filled with battles against Islam recorded in documents, paintings, statues , murals and friezes on buildings.   As my bus driver said, We were slaves of Islam for many, many centuries, now we are FREE!    And my feeling is they won’t be slaves again.  I loved their freedom, their entrepreneurship, their topless females of all shapes and sizes on the beach without fear of abuse, their cafes, wine with our meal, girls and guys zipping about on quad bikes or enjoying each other’s company, markets, their pride in their history  ....NO ISLAM HERE THANKS!


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