Quran Burning A Live Issue

Thursday, 16 September 2010 07:12 Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant Confronting Islam - Infidel Resistance

It is good for the law and order enforcing agencies that the proposed Quran-burning issue has subsided for the time being. Pastor Terry Jones of the 50-member church that is non-denominational and unattached to an organised Christian body, has deferred the burning issue.The event, however, has not been cancelled as was reported wrongly by a section of the media.

Pastor Terry Jones and Imam Musri of Florida proposed to fly to New York on Saturday, 11th Sept 2010, the Ninth Anniversary of Islamist Terror episode in New York to have a chat with the Imam who is the moving spirit behind the ill-conceived construction of a mosque and an Islamic Centre just two blocks away from Ground Zero. 

The aim of the exercise is to convince the Muslim leaders there to shift the location of the proposed Muslim activity and thus avoid hurting the feelings of those Americans and foreigners who had lost their loved ones on 9/11 in the Islamist terror attack.

The travel plan is fine but the Imam of New York has already taken a stand not to budge an inch on the issue. He is acting like Duryodhan of Mahabharat who was not prepared to concede even land to Pandavas even equivalent to a needle point. Everyone knows that death and destruction followed thereafter.


Flexibility of approach to the problem is need of the hour to avoid bloodshed all over the world. Pastor Jones has changed his stand on burning the Quraan which he called an Evil that incited its followers to kill men and women of other faiths, and now wants Muslim leadership in New York to accommodate sentiments of Christians, Hindus, Jewish people and the rest of them all. It is time saner instincts prevailed and the Muslim leadership in New York found a way out of this impasse.


It is not for nothing that almost the entire western comity of nations has turned heat on the rigid Muslim community. In Potsdam, Germany, at a function to felicitate the cartoonist who had caricatured Prophet Muhammad, Sallallah Wasale Wasallum ( PBUH), and where even Chancellor Angela Merkel was present, eminent speakers had criticised the Turkish Muslims settled in Germany for not joining the main stream of German life but remaining secluded in ghettos, keeping their women veiled and not learning the German language. Further,as per reports of the Intelligence services the Islamist terror threat to Germany has increased. Let us ponder over the point that those who threaten other cultures can never be friendly with them. It is advisable for men and women of all faiths to live in peace and shake off prejudices born over a period of time.

The anger of the Muslim community over the proposed burning of Quran may subside if they assimilate lessons of history and atone for sisns of their ancestors who burnt down temples and religious scriptures of Hindus in Asia, Christian churches in Constantinople and converted them into mosques renaming Constantinople as Istanbul.The Muslim invaders ruined the Spanish culture, architecture and enslaved the local Christians until they were all thrown out of Spain after many centuries.

The idea of recalling history is to let leaders of all Faiths understand the Muslim problem in historical perspective and let the Muslim leaders introspect to prevent a repetition of what had happened earlier. Thus the growing inimosity may be reduced and the people who have become radical Muslims retrace their steps to reach the goal of peace and tranquility.

The Vedic philosophy of Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam - the world as a Family - should be adopted by all huiman beings so that hatred is replaced with love. Should there be any preachers of hatred and animosity, they must be shunned by all right thinking men and women. Let one and all join the main stream of life in the country they live in.


Unfortunately the Muslim minority in almost all countries tries to bulldoze its way through threats of violence.

Whenever the local police acts as per law and stops their hooliganism, the policemen are accused of excesses against a minority and even of molestation of Muslim women. The false accusations land the police officers in a mess as they have to face the human rights commission every now and then. Since this tactics is paying dividends, the Muslim minority is adopting it to browbeat the administration. If the law enforcing agencies turn Nelson's eye to the anti-national activities of the Muslim minority then mass murders like the one on 9/11 takes place. Moral of the story is : Act tough and Face the Music.

On an introspection a neutral observer will find that in almost all disputes in the world today, one party is comprises Muslims. now to bring in peace in the world, the moderate men and women from amongst the Muslim community have to assert themselves and say Shut up to the radical Islamist groups.

Let all sides to the dispute think of Peace and Act for Peace.