Reporting on "Ban LFOA" Petition

Tuesday, 31 August 2010 04:55 Dan Zaremba Confronting Islam - Infidel Resistance

So far we have collected about two thousand signatures but, as we had set our target at three thousand, we need some extra time before sending them to the House of Representatives. Accordingly, we have a new closing date, the end of October, which should allow sufficient time for all petition forms to be returned.

Unfortunately, we fear, some of your valuable signatures might not be recognized by the Committee on Petitions.

We prepared the form (available for downloading HERE) in accordance with the instructions set by the Standing Committee on Petitions and so there is no need to change or to add columns into the signatures table.

Please note: some forms were filled out with signatures on the reverse (probably due to there not being enough forms distributed) but these will not be recognised.

According to the rules set by the Committee on Petitions , the only details required by the petitioners are:

- Full Name
- Signature

Only the Principal Petitioner (myself in this case) is required to provide his full address, telephone number or e-mail (only on the first page).

These are the rules as stated by the Standing Committee on Petitions:

Rules about signatures

Every petition must contain the signature and address of the principal petitioner (ONLY ONE REQUIRED and you do not have to worry about it)  on the first page.
Each signature on the petition must be made by the person signing in his or her own handwriting. A petitioner who is not able to sign may ask another person to sign on his or her behalf.
Every signature must be written on a page bearing the request part of the terms of the petition.
Signatures must not be copied, pasted or transferred on to the petition. They must not be placed on a blank page or on the reverse of a sheet containing the terms of the petition.

I stress again, signatures transferred digitally (scanned, photocopied, faxed) will not be counted.

Of course the blank petition form can (and should be) printed and/or photocopied in as many copies as you desire.

Also, signatures  must NOT be placed on the reverse of a sheet containing the terms of the petition.

Some of you wrote to us that the petition form could not be downloaded./read I suspect that the reason for this is that you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer system.

The reader is available for downloading and  installation HERE.

The closing date for receiving your signatures is set on 15-10-2010

For those new to this site - you can find more information anout our petition HERE.