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Friday, 23 October 2009 22:27 Tracey Hilton Confronting Islam - Apostates
Rifka BaryI'm sure readers on AIM are aware of the fate awaiting those who are charged with apostasy. In many muslim countries the punishment is death. In the so-called “free West” that fear of death for leaving Islam should be much lesser...but is it?     
I became aware of Rifqa Bary's battle through the weekly e-mail newsletter I receive,     “Intercessors     for America”. They also had a link to where NoniDarwish and Pamela Geller are also supporting her.

Rifqa is seventeen and originally from Sri Lanka. She comes from a Muslim family who live in the state of Ohio. 
Several years ago she converted to Christianity and started to attend church and prayer meetings secretly. A few months ago, her father threatened to kill her so Rifqa hitchhiked to a bus station and fled to Florida. She contacted a pastor there who invited her to stay with him and his family.

Meanwhile, her family in Ohio launched a court case insisting she be returned to Ohio as she is a minor.

At the recent hearing, last Tuesday 13th October, the Judge in Florida insisted she stays in that state until the family's immigration documents were produced. It came to light the Bary family are illegal immigrants.



I'm not aware of a date for the next court appearance, at the time of writing this.

There is concern that if she is sent back to Ohio, she certainly faces death. Rifqa is now staying with a foster family after the Florida Dept of Children and Families stepped in to remove her from the pastor's family due to Mr Bary accusation that Rifqa was “indoctrinated and coerced” to leave Islam by the pastor.
On Facebook, her brother has boasted that they know her whereabouts and “she's not really in a safe house, we can get to her!”
The legal defence team for Rifqa express concern that the authorities underestimate the seriousness of Rifqa's situation and that her life IS in danger.

Rifqa stated “ she wasn't wanting to win this court case for herself, but for other Muslims in America, so they could convert without harrassment or death threats.”



As far as I know, there hasn't been a case like this in America. It will really set the stage for future trials and I'm sure Muslims in America are VERY aware of this!!

Will you please send an e-mail to Rifqa to let her know you stand with her?

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