Turnbull and Gillard: The Tweedledum and Tweedledee of useful idiots for Islam (Part 2).

Wednesday, 06 April 2011 18:30 Circe Islamist Profiles - Useful Idiots

Turnbull and Gillard are Tweedledum and Tweedledee – 2 persons, nominally different but practically the same.  Practically the same for both indulge in PC multiculturalist dribble;  both falsely promote Islam to the disadvantage of others; both issue forth a type of PC ‘Newstate’ speech where the ‘elite’ eg politicians, academics determine what we will believe and what we can say; both trawl for the Islamic vote; neither apply honest, informed critical analysis to Islam and both abuse or allow the abuse of those who dare state the dangerous truth regarding Islam (ie racist, bigot); neither could care less about the kaffir-view or the view of the non-Muslims brutalised in the past and present by Islam. Whether both are in fear of Islam or are arrogantly ignorant and simply don’t want to know anything that destroys their false elitist views or whether they seek the Islamic vote or money or just want to pretend they are ‘non-discriminating’ multiculturalists who’d let Nazis in if they wanted to come, I don’t know, but both are the useful idiots of Islam, both are dhimmis and both pose a real threat to the Australia we know and our values, culture and open democracy.

Gillard:  Tweedledee
Well I won’t waste much time on Gillard as we all know the Labour Party sold out to Islam ages ago (see  Political collaborators:  Labour and Liberal:  Tanner, Downer, Pyne.  Circe this site).  Hawke and Keating grovelled to Islam in exchange for the Islamic vote and the grovelling never stopped.  Most Muslims reside in Labour seats and so can exert terrific power on their Marxist politicians.  Gillard has a solid Marxist/Socialist background. As I have stated in the above article, there is a similarity between totalitarian ideologies like Marxism/communism, Nazism and of course the superior one, Islam.

So let’s just look at Gillard’s last efforts to foist Islam onto us all.   One cannot be certain whether she is just grossly ignorant of the reality of Islam or whether she is actively engaged in destroying our ‘capitalist’, Judeo-Christian society as has been revealed to be the case for Britain’s Labour party,

‘but in several British newspapers I read that Labour opened the door to mass immigration in a deliberate policy to change the social structures of the UK. Andrew Neather, a former government advisor and speech writer for Tony Blair and Jack Straw, said the aim of Labour’s immigration strategy was, and I quote, to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date”. If this is true, this is symptomatic of the Left.
Ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake: The left is facilitating Islamization. Leftists, liberals, are cheering for every new shariah bank being created, for every new shariah mortgage, for every new Islamic school, for every new shariah court. Leftists consider Islam as being equal to our own culture. Shariah law or democracy? Islam or freedom? It doesn’t really matter to them. But it does matter to us. The entire leftist elite is guilty of practising cultural relativism.’
  (Wilders 2010)

500 million or more of Australian taxpayer’s money for Islamic schools in Islamic Indonesia
We all know this is utterly appalling for Muslims and Muslim countries can call on huge Islamic financial resources to further Islam, there is NO need for Australia to provide a cent.   Muslims hand out literally hundreds of millions to ‘buy’ university departments across the west – it doesn’t cost much to get those useful ‘pro-Islamic’ idiots – while we are paying hundreds of millions to educate Islamic children in Islamic schools in an Islamic country.  I’m sure many see the insanity in this so WHY is the Labour Party so utterly imbecilic!

Indonesia is known for its persecution of others.  Remember Bali  --a Hindu area where many Hindus and ‘tourists’ were killed.  Remember Indonesia’s violent occupation of Christian East Timor and its ongoing violence and forced conversions in Papua/Irian Jiya.  Remember the slaughter, rape, genital mutilation and expulsion of Christians from the Moluccas and surrounds in 2000-2001.  In 2005 Christian school girls were beheaded and elsewhere teachers were arrested... Over a quarter of Australia’s Tsunami donation went to Aceh which enforces sharia.  Since independence (1945) over 1025 churches have closed, 110 between 2004-2007 due to Muslim attacks.   The attacks continue and non-Muslim religious leaders claim Indonesia’s president looks the other way!  (a summary with references is in ‘Islam’s SE Asian slavery and jihad (Indonesia, Malaysia, southern Thailand, Philippines):  part L in Islam’s genocidal slavery:’  circe this site)

But Gillard’s appeasement of Islam using our money knows no bounds.  She foolishly claims she’s educating kids in Islamic schools to stop Islamic ‘terrorism.’   This shows her complete lack of knowledge regarding Islam’s text or perhaps it just shows her capacity for deliberate blindness and self-deception or outright lying. 

All who know Islam’s text know that is all a child/adult needs to ‘hate what allah hates’ (the non-Muslim) and to carry-out the deadly instructions in the text, namely to kill until all the religion is allah’s.

Huntington in ‘The Clash of Civilisations’ noted the violence in Islam and the fact that Islam was NOT victimised.   He also noted that introducing Islam into schools paved the way for further ‘radicalisation.’

P111 ‘In most countries a central element of Islamization was the development of Islamic social organisations and the capture of previously existing organisations by Islamic groups.   Islamists paid particular attention both to establishing Islamic schools and to expanding Islamic influence in state schools.’

P115 Also notes how funding Islamic education  ‘led to the education of large numbers of students and people in Islamic values, making them MORE open to Islamist appeals and graduated militants who went forth to work on behalf of Islamist goals.’

Abu Bakr Bashir and others will be ecstatic that dumb Australia is giving hundreds of millions to Indonesia to educate children in ISLAMIC schools –most of his work is paid for by Auzzies!.  Then it’s easy to simply ask a person trained in Islam’s text  (which IS the problem), when they will be prepared to carry out those ‘kill’ instructions and  there’s so many kill and hate verses to choose from!

STOP giving Australia’s money to any Islamic group in Australia or outside or to any Islamic or majority Muslim country.

Gillard rewards illegal, mainly Muslim male, immigrants:
The way to stop illegal immigrants Julia is NOT to reward them for their illegal activity –this also preserves their life as they nolonger see any value in hopping boats to Australia.   Muslims have asylum in the Islamic world ---57 countries where non-Muslims cannot live in safety or freedom so these countries are for Muslims only –indeed in some like the Maldives, ALL citizens must be Muslim! 

We need to take in the real victims –those who suffer Islamic violence but cannot escape the Islamic world for they have no money and their applications for legal immigration are NOT processed by the Muslims in the appropriate offices.  It’s time we stopped all Islamic immigration but at the least we must halt Islamic illegal immigration which does indeed take places from others and makes a mockery of our laws and border control.   Instead of flying these rioting Muslims around Australia, put all illegal immigrant Muslims into big military planes and return them to their last port and develop special visas for the real victims –non-Muslims from the Islamic world!

 If they still want asylum, let them apply from Indonesia --or the first country they enter after leaving their own as they are supposed to do.  Why the urge to travel all the way to Australia --could it be our welfare/ refugee goodies coupled with our weak border protection, Islam grovelling Labour government and the bleeding-heart relativists who protect those responsible for the vicious persecution of non-Muslims who cannot escape their Islamic hell and who happily displace those in refugee camps who abide by our laws and apply to come here legally.

Imagine what we could do with the massive amount of money saved by simply, immediately sending back illegal immigrants! 

Exit the UN and take control of our borders.  Refuse and return illegal immigrants and the boat problem will vanish overnight.   Only those from neighbouring Islands escaping Islamic persecution in Papua/Irian jiya or Indonesia or Malaysia can regard Australia as their first country to claim asylum.

Of course Islam is so wonderful one cannot comprehend why Muslims leave the Islamic world and their precious umma.   Or are they setting-up Islamic societies here in enclaves that mirror the Islamic world including the operation of sharia law and Islamic schools to brainwash the next generation into Islam (also paid for by Auzzies!)

Gillard releases trouble making Muslims into our community.  
In the February 2011 sessions of fights, injuries and property destruction in the Christmas Island detention Centre we learn --

While the catalyst is believed to be tension between Afghan Hazara boys and the protective fathers of girls in the centre, advocates say the violence is the consequence of frustration over indefinite detention, cramped conditions and inadequate facilities. Many of the unaccompanied minors are unable to attend school on the island. All are denied access to the community oval adjacent to the centre because of a dispute with the local cricket club.(Gordon 2011 and Bolt. Blog Tuesday, March 01)

And Gillard’s response –well release for those claiming to be ‘minors’ ie under 18! 
Look how well they’d fit in ---after all girls are just cat’s meat, and violence is the answer if they’re not happy, and as Muslims there’s no need to get on with the local kuffars.   Don’t mention that there are plenty of sporting activities in the detention facility... 

The immigration rort of the minors --  How old are these unaccompanied minors anyway?  The ‘youths’ seem older than they claim and of course we have irrefutable evidence of their age, name etc (Ha, Ha)  And of course these rioting, girl hunting little darlings can bring in the whole family including their wife/partner, children, siblings, mum, dad...and there’s lots of keen lawyers just working away to make this happen (probably paid by the Auzzie taxpayer!)

Yes Julia, keep bringing Muslims in and we too will have rape rates due to ‘non-western men’ to rival Europe (if we don’t already have them but well hidden), not to mention violence, Muslim crime gangs and property destruction.  

Gillard gives MORE money to Muslims to stop extremism
Further evidence of Gillard’s complete ignorance of Islam!   The problem is Islam’s text so to stop Islamic ‘extremism’ STOP bringing in Muslims and stop children already here being taught Islam in Islamic schools, mosques etc..  Remember the lovely little covered Muslim girl with her genocide to Jews sign paraded in Melbourne 2009 (see ‘Genocide tot’ this site)– Gee Where did she get an idea like that??

What’s even more disgusting is Gillard is sending these Muslims out to preach their da’wa, their pro-Islamic lies, to the public and WE pay for it and this is called ‘removing the myths about Islam.’ 
Well here’s some myths that need to be removed –Islam is peaceful –NO;     Islam is good for women –NO;    Islam is tolerant –NO and so on but what’s the bet this will actually be an exercise in forcing pro-Islamic myths onto us, no alternative views allowed.

"The program will support activities that directly assist young people to disengage from intolerant and radical ideologies," Mr McClelland said. (Johnston 2011)

Wow, does this mean we are funding people to LEAVE ISLAM --- NO, didn’t think so!  Quite the reverse!

"This is about young people taking back traditional Islam, and out of the hands of those who have interpreted it as some sort of violent and extreme religion." (Johnston 2011)

Mr Dellal said it was important for young Muslims to educate the wider community about their religion.  (Johnston 2011)

These two statements are laughable.   Try to find a more perverted, sadistic, violent, misogynist, racist prophet than Mohammad, the perfect example for all Muslims.   This IS traditional Islam, the biggest mass murdering, slave-trading, raping, pillaging, female abusing, racist gang the world has ever seen and still sees today!  Al-Qaeda, the Taliban ---they follow ‘pure Islam’.  (see Ibrahim 2007 for translations of intercepted al-Qaeda teachings based solidly on Islamic text).  Believe me, no ‘interpretation’ is required – the command to do violence to others is plain and clear.

We do need to be ‘educated’ about the very real danger of Islam but that’s not what we’re getting.   We will get endless ‘rosey Islam’ lies as if the Age, ABC and SBS aren’t enough!   Muslims are free to lie (taqiyya) to sell us Islam so our ‘education’ must come from non-Muslims capable of a critical analysis of Islam, and currently these people are denied the right to speak, threatened and locked out of public debate on Islam or called racists, bigots, Islamophobes...

More importantly, Muslims need to be educated on how to live in a diverse society where members of different religions and none are equal before the law, where men and women are equals, etc where many of the attitudes, behaviours and laws of Islam/Muslims are totally unacceptable.

How far will our Labour party’s trawling for the Islamic vote go before it joins with Islam to subvert our form of government, our laws, values and culture?

Look at all these points above.  Can you think of a way that will stop all this horror spreading into Australia and SAVE Australians a fortune!   What, STOP Islamic immigration legal or illegal and close down Islamic schools and mosques here so children have some chance of becoming Australian  ---wash your mouth out!

Imagine NOT paying for illegal Islamic immigrants whom the UN turns into parasitic refugees when they are the abusers of others.  Imagine, NO need for fancy detention centres (smashed by these illegal entrants) and lawyers and special everything to make these Muslims comfy.   If there were NO Muslims there would be NO  need for money to stop or monitor Islamic radicalism and terrorist plots saving us a fortune not to mention avoiding the human agony of Islamic terrorism and threats.   If there were NO Muslims there would be no need for special everything in our universities/government/businesses/schools to satisfy Muslims only.   Food would be cheaper as we are NOT tricked or forced by lack of an alternative, to buy ‘halal’ food where money is paid for Muslim inspections of our food processing and for halal certification simply to satisfy the demands of Muslims – we don’t need these!


The reality is that Islam’s text is horrific and can be acted on at anytime so the danger exists where Islam’s followers exist.   This is NOT the case with any other group of people.

Muslim children at play - please do not worry it's only a game!

 Tragically Marxist Labour is a facilitator of Islamisation   ---- aided by some Liberal dhimmis.


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