Review - Biography of the Prophet Muhammad Illustrated—Volume 1

Saturday, 22 January 2011 05:41 Abul Kasem Reviews - Books

One of the fundamental sources of Islam is the biography of Muhammad or Sirah. Unlike other biblical prophets, Muhammad’s biography is quite reliable, because during his days writing was widely practiced and there were many companions of Muhammad who were scribes. Along with the Qur'an these scribes had also recorded various aspects of Muhammad’s life. Thus, there are many narrations where we may find descriptions of Muhammad’s various stages of progress.

However, none of these scribes had drawn any pictures or graphic descriptions of Muhammad’s life. Though rich in verbal and written narration of Muhammad’s life, these narrations lack the animated imagery of Muhammad and his contemporary society. Readers may not find any book on Islam that vividly portrays in drawings or sketches of the images of many of Islam’s stalwarts in Muhammad’s time. 

Biography of the Prophet Muhammad—Illustrated Volume 1 authored by ‘Abdullah Ibn Sa’d Ibn Sarh fills the above need.

Needless to say, the author’s name is a pen name—simply because the use of a real name would gravely endanger the life of the author. In Islam, depiction of any images of Muhammad in any form is a serious offence that may result in the assassination of the author or the artist. ‘Abdullah Ibn Sarh, by the way, was one of Muhammad’s scribes who used to write the Qur’anic verses as dictated by Muhammad, that he claimed to be Allah’s revelation to him. But when ‘Abdullah Ibn Sa’d Ibn Sarh realised that the verse dictated were actually Muhammad’s own words and not from Allah, ‘Abdullah quietly left Muhammad, returned to Mecca, and abandoned Islam. When Muhammad conquered Mecca, he caught ‘Abdullah and ordered his execution. But upon plea from Uthman, who later became Islam’s third Caliph, Muhammad spared ‘Abdullah’s life.

Though pseudonymous, the author of the illustrated biography of Muhammad has demonstrated considerable courage to tell the truth in an animated way. This book may be one of the rarest creations where the readers may catch a glimpse of what might have been Muhammad’s time and life. We get quite a vivid picture of what could have been the then Arab society. In this respect the illustrator has done a magnificent job. The stories narrated in extraordinary vibrant colour, eloquence, and clarity has been meticulously sourced from the most authentic sources of Islam. The bibliography and notes are in detail and easily available to anyone who may want to verify, leaving no doubt about the reliability of the narrations depicted in pictorial forms. The language is simple, fluid, and precise, thus making it easy for the children to comprehend the foundation of Islam and its Prophet. The illustrations of Muhammad’s cruelty on his adversities are truly unforgettable—especially the dismemberment of Umm Qirfa and the Uki tribe thieves.

Today, Islam has become a mortal danger to the civilised world. The Islamists want to destroy the civilisation that we know of, and replace it with their brand of Islamic Civilisation. They care very little about human lives or its sanctity. These Islamists are simply following the examples of Muhammad’s actions. The current infidel world spends billions of dollars to confront this menace. But, at the same time these infidel countries also cuddle Islam through political correctness. Thus, any depiction of Islam in an unfavourable manner is vehemently rejected even by the infidel governments. Thus, the world is kept in dark about the reality of Islam—people are lulled by their governments through political correctness, with the dose that Islam is peaceful. The best way to eradicate the Islamic menace is to tell the truth—that Islam is false, barbaric and imperialistic. This illustrated biography of Muhammad tells the truth about Islam in absolute clarity and vividness.