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Fearful Bigots!

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Most of us are familiar with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s famous speech in 1933, where he addressed the difficulties facing the nation:

This is preeminently the time to speak the truth, the whole truth, frankly and boldly. Nor need we shrink from honestly facing conditions in our country today. This great Nation will endure as it has endured, will revive and will prosper. So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. In every dark hour of our national life a leadership of frankness and vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory.

He was referring to the Depression, but some phrases stuck in my mind – “Only a foolish optimist can deny the dark realities of the moment” and, talking of leaders - “They have no vision, and when there is no vision the people perish.” (source)

ABC’s Virginia Trioli used an extract – Fear Itself - from this famous speech as the title for her attack on the Australian public who don’t think the way that elites - who consider themselves on an elevated moral level - think. She is incensed by alarmists and bigots who try to smear Muslims as terrorists. Self-appointed moral guardians such as Trioli just know that WE are the problem, and if only we were educated to be less phobic about Muslims, Australia would be a paradise of harmony and social cohesion. Nothing fills her with rage more than ordinary Australians:

One morning, a morning that I can never forget, I heard the strangest broadcast ever... The man’s high-toned tenor was urgent, hectoring. It was alarmed and alarming, and the man was warning of great danger. As I recall, this monologue went something like this. “And you know who they are; we all know who they are, don’t we? What’s the description we see here? Come on, say it with me: ‘Of Middle Eastern appearance’. That’s right, that’s right. ‘Of Middle Eastern appearance.’"
The rhetorical skills were familiar and accomplished. The call and response; the repetition; the urgent refrains. It was shrill and quite frightening. Who was this man?
Many mornings I heard this voice, warning that the government was not to be trusted, that public servants were not doing their jobs, that ethnic groups were running riot... It would appear that the only man to trust in the dreadful, dark world was this man himself. Alan Jones of radio station 2GB.
This was the week before the Cronulla riot and I had never heard an Alan Jones broadcast before…initially I simply couldn’t take the semi-hysterical tirades seriously. It took me some time to realise, with awful foreboding, that this point of view defined the entire outlook of a radio audience that politicians around the country took – and still take – very seriously.
This point of view had its most recent and toxic flowering at last week’s anti carbon-tax rally, and no one who listens to such radio should have been even a little surprised by it. The discontent, the anger, the absolute lack of trust, have been long-nurtured by this kind of broadcast.
But these people have been scared, and this is how frightened people lash out…The mob is in all of us, and we can be easily frightened into a stampede. For this reason, it is dangerous to feed legitimate political discontent over broken promises or inadequate services with the inherently antisocial distrust of broader democratic institutions – parliaments, courts, bureaucracies.

So Trioli doesn’t believe ordinary people should enjoy freedom of speech, as they are not capable of thinking things out for themselves, but just follow what is being said on the radio. Seems like a rather patronizing attitude to me, but what would I, an ordinary person, know about anything?

And I thought Australia was a free country and that we had a right to peaceful protest, which the anti carbon tax was. But again, what would I know?

Thankfully, we have someone from our elite media to point out our sin of blaming Muslims for Cronulla and other violence in the community, when it is really our mob mentality that is the problem.

But maybe Trioli is a bit confused. In 2007, she talked to Hizb-ut-Tahrir spokesman Wasim Doureihi, and seemed to get it, but perhaps she classified him under one of the ‘tiny minority of extremists’.

TRIOLI: You're after a caliphate, you want to take back for a pan-Islamic state lands that once were considered yours as part of a Ottoman Empire?

DOUREHI: Absolutely.

TRIOLI: …in Denmark, the Hizb ut Tahrir leader was found guilty of racist propaganda of distributing leaflets including threats against Jews to "kill them wherever you find them".
…Do you stand by that quote in that leaflet, to kill Jews wherever you find them?

DOUREHI: That is a verse in the Koran... Non-Muslims lived under the banner of the Islamic caliphate, enjoyed the most prosperous period in history.

So I don't see any contradiction whatsoever and we very strongly, in the harshest of words, condemn any charge of anti-Semitism or racism or exclusivity. The caliphate is an Islamic state…all peoples, irrespective of race and religion, can enjoy the benefit of citizenship under the Islamic state.

TRIOLI: …what is your attitude towards Jews now?
You reject this line, kill them wherever you find them?

DOUREHI: No, I don't reject this line.
We do not recognise the legitimacy of the Israeli state.

TRIOLI: So you would like to get rid of the state of Israel.

DOUREHI: Our opposition to the state of Israel has been unfortunately identified as anti-Semitism. That is a charge we strongly reject. We are against the Zionist state. We are not in any ways against Jews.

TRIOLI: Let's try and clarify this then. If you're against the state of Israel, is one way of getting rid of the state of Israel to kill Jews where you find them, as this says, in the state of Israel?

DOUREHI: Again, this is a verse in the Koran. (source)

Trioli’s conversation with Melanie Phillips should surely have disabused her of the ‘tiny minority of extremists’ viewpoint:

VIRGINIA TRIOLI: … some of this discussion is about differing opinions on what constitutes 'moderate' and what constitutes 'radical' and you perhaps have a different view of that, don't you?

MELANIE PHILLIPS: Well I do. I think there is a great problem here in that there's a tendency in the British official class to define a moderate as somebody who doesn't actually believe or support, support the blowing up of British citizens. So famously or infamously, our government in Britain has regarded Sheikh Qaradawi, as a moderate because he has said that it's tactically a mistake for Al Qaeda to be targeting Britain. But he has nevertheless also said it's a mandatory religious duty on Muslims to support suicide bombings in Iraq and in Israel. Well, you know, moderation is indivisible. Either you support terrorism, in which case you're not a moderate, or you oppose it, in which case you are. And the second problem is that…the vast majority of British Muslims would have nothing to do with terror or violence… But nevertheless there is a distressingly large number who support extremist ideas…it has been estimated there are some 100,000 British Muslims who supported the 7/7 bombings. Beyond that, among people who don't support terror, roughly around a third of British Muslims wish to live under Sharia law in Britain. Now to me, that is not moderate, that is extreme. And if you have an association with that, a view of the world which says that the whole of the Islamic world is under attack, deliberate attack by the West, that the West is a kind of conspiracy to destroy Islam, which is false - and furthermore, that the West is controlled by a conspiracy of Jews - some 30-plus per cent of British Muslims believe that British Jews are a legitimate target.
We have 2 million Muslims at a conservative estimate in Britain…the terrible thing is that those kind of views of hostility to Britain, to the West, conspiracy theories that say we are under attack, that swells the sea in which terrorism swims. And that's the real problem. We haven't begun to kind of hold back the tide of that sea, to kind of drain those poisoned waters
. (source)

Last year, Trioli had a chat with Simon Crean about Islamic finance:

TRIOLI: Why do Australian business people need a guide to Islamic finance?
CREAN: Coming out of the global financial crisis, Australia is being looked to not just as the country that avoided the recession, but as the country who's banking system didn't take the hit…They're not only safe, they've been innovative in the products that they've developed. The big opportunity is in Islamic finance, because there's a whole population out there that is based on Islamic law. Islamic law says you can't offer a financial instrument that pays interest. It has to be, if you like, an exchange or a profit-share arrangement. This is the challenge to develop innovative products that reflect that requirement.
TRIOLI: It might be a very big challenge for an Australian business mindset.
CREAN: It isn't. It struck me when I went to Malaysia, that they're trying to position themselves as an Islamic financing hub. We can be in that game. We have over 300,000 Muslims in Australia. Why aren't they superannuation funds offering a product? We have Westpac today actually offering an instrument that is compliant with sharia or Islamic law. We want to create the environment in which Australia is more innovative; more offering of that.
TRIOLI: … just finally, around 50 Labor and Coalition MPs have signed a petition calling for those new charges against Anwar Ibrahim to be dropped. Do you have a view on this? …Is it something you would support?
CREAN: No, I think that the law has to run its course - we have to respect the legal systems of other countries…Now, as much as we would argue differently in the treatment of people in this country, we can't impose our system on other countries, just as we wouldn't expect their system to be imposed on us.

Hmm, in that case, maybe Trioli should have asked why Crean is imposing Sharia Law on us. But perhaps that would have been non-PC!

It’s all very well to castigate the common mob for their distrust of Islam.
But what exactly do the elites believe about Islam?
I’m confused, and I suspect that they are too!
One thing is for sure though, concerning our leaders  - “They have no vision, and when there is no vision the people perish.”

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