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Port Phillip Council – master dhimmis and moral inversions.

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As an AIM reader, I thought you would be interested as you already have some articles on this.   On the 21st of March, the council held an open meeting to discuss the increase in the number of people who could be crammed into the small Alma Road Community House (St Kilda, Victoria) from around 40 to 100.

Given the house is supposed to be used for small, casual gatherings of locals one might wonder why the need for such an increase.  The house is also used for Muslim worship, for the important Friday prayers where all Muslim males are required to attend.  Dare to bring up any concerns over this use and you were labelled as racist by councillors and also intimidated by threats that such discussion contravened the Religious Vilification Act.

Planning takes place in a social context but council didn’t want to hear the legitimate concerns of people particularly with regard to allowing and increasing Muslim worship in a ratepayer funded public facility.  Free speech was gagged while council patted themselves on the back for their PC tolerance and claimed anti-racism. 

Racism:   This was almost funny if it wasn’t so tragic.   Any who mentioned anything to do with Islam were told they were racist and made to stop. 

Apparently the councillors don’t know what race actually is  --- a group of persons connected by common descent or hereditary  (often with identifying characteristics).    Since Islam is an ideology, a political and religious ‘belief’ system followed by people of several ‘races’ and ethnic backgrounds, Islam is clearly NOT a race.

Hence telling the truth about Islam is NOT racism.   Nazism is also a belief system for its followers, is commenting on Nazism racism?

In reality, ISLAM is an extremely RACIST ideology.  

The council endlessly told us how they wouldn’t support racism yet they endorsed the use of a ratepayer funded Community House by the members of the racist ideology of Islam. One could be forgiven for thinking the council was in fact racist and its claims otherwise were nothing more than a gag motion to stop the truth about Islam being revealed.

If the council was truly against racism then it would forbid the use of its facilities to Muslims.

Instead it facilitates and funds such use.

Religious vilification Act:  again any who started to talk about Islam’s text or practices were subjected to the suggestion that submissions and indeed comments contravened this act.  This was ‘legal action’ intimidation of any who rightly expressed concerns over the current use of the facility by Muslims with concern growing as numbers were increased to 100!

Again this shows the gross hypocrisy of the council protecting Islam which contains an immense amount of vilification and outright lies about the religions of others and offers death or conversion to many and death or submission under Islam with the imposition of repressive laws and taxes for others.  Their al-fatihah prayer chanted 17 times a day vilifies and threatens others.

How can accurately stating Islam's text, practices and laws be vilification when Islam's supposed to be so wonderful?    Why can Muslims teach their frightening text but it's vilification if we state it (and we are 'vilified' and called racists!)?   Can you vilify something that actually IS vile?

These 2 points alone indicate what Melanie Phillips refers to as a ‘moral inversion.’    The council protected Islam which has more racist supremacy (white Arab Muslim male vs Aryan ) and more religious and racial hatred than the Nazis (Islam hates all non-Muslims –atheists, pagans, idolators eg Buddhists, polytheists eg Hindus, Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, Bahai, Sikhs, Mandaeans, Ancestor Worshippers, tribal beliefs, ....  and black people, Turks, people with flat faces and small eyes vs Jews and gypsies).

The council showed no concern at all about the social impact of its planning, indeed it tried to limit any discussion of such impact --- 100+ Muslim males chanting 'allahu akbar,' don’t be racist!

Ignore the fact that some residents have fled Islamic violence and the chant of allahu akbar, particularly following Friday prayers will indeed be terrifying to hear emanating from the Community House where all should be safe and welcome.  Of course apostates are also keen to hear this given Islam promises them death.  And Jews, well outside B’nai B’rith my bet is Jews won’t be happy either particularly after the horrendous stabbing death of a family of Jews resting on their Sabbath.   Both parents and 3 children, one a 3 month old baby were stabbed to death by Fatah in the west bank. (Schlussel, Debbie.  UPDATED w/VIDEO: Photos of Itamar Jewish Kids Massacred by Palestinians)

But why would this cause a problem, don’t we all love diversity, multiculturalism and religious freedom.   Islam demands the death of others so the Muslims were simply following their religion.

 Diversity anyone?

We heard endless prattle about how we should love and desire ‘diversity,’ ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘religious freedom’ from those supporting the changes ... but no-one was allowed to discuss the fact that Islam’s religious freedom is a threat to non-Muslims and a threat to all females; no-one could state that Islam is NOT multicultural or pro-diversity as any look at the Muslim majority areas of the world immediately shows.  Others are persecuted by Islam and in some areas others are banned.

We heard statements about kids parties and people who weren't worried about parking.  Indeed parking seemed to be the main thing on the planning agenda and it is NOT adequate but go ahead anyway!  Who cares about the amenity of others!

There is a wider context to this planning decision and its ramifications are many.  Muslims now think they have the right to force Islam into the public space, to occupy Community Houses and have others pay for their worship.   We all know the ‘place of assembly’ is really a place of Islamic worship.

This IS discrimination in favour of Islam.

Liberty Australia also had its role in promoting an ideology where liberty is an obscene idea.  Some pompous male told us that to deny the Muslims would breach Victoria’s human rights laws or something like that!  Well the ‘laws’ may allow freedom of religion but they certainly don’t demand religious groups be allowed to worship in public property paid for by ratepayers! 

There are 4 nearby mosques in Windsor, Prahan, Hawthorn and Caulfield all near public transport, open to others, open for the 5 prayers and one even has separate male and female prayer rooms.   Use these!

As one objector noted, why don’t they pay for their own facilities!   Here, here!  PC pro-Islamic discrimination at work!

Every other ‘religious’ group out there from crystal worshippers, wiccans to the more conventional should also demand council give them the use of public facilities like Community Houses where the ratepayers pick up the cost of the building, maintenance, utilities etc. Why should Muslims be privileged in this way!

Council tried the line – they only use it for one hour on Friday.  This beggars belief as the compulsory purification which includes acts that should NOT be allowed in a public facility (eg ‘purification’ requires removal of filth which can involve washing the penis and anus, and wudu – general washing of many areas of the body including face, head, ears, hairline, arms, feet, ankles and rinsing water through the mouth several times and spitting it out and sucking water through the nose several times and blowing it out. Dirty water splashes everywhere.) (see The Basics of the Muslim’s Prayer ) 

This takes around 20 minutes and the current house certainly can’t accommodate this washing ritual for a small number, let alone 100+ so this will take much longer for a big group.  Then there’s the prayer session and Friday prayers also includes teaching of their very threatening religious text.   This is not casual use but permanent exclusive use as no-one else could fit in with this number and many would not want to.

Not only have council increased the number allowed but they have also increased the hours of use and added ‘for religious purposes’ to their list of acceptable uses.  Hmm, why would that be?

This is a planning issue because such changes allow ‘religious’ practices which risk the health and safety of others as dirty water with fungi, bacteria, viruses and probably body fluids is walked through this tiny house as 50 people would fill the house and 100 would stuff it.  Others may slip on the wet surfaces and the infective material can last for a long time.   Council declared such discussion ‘racist’ and demanded it stop.  Are Muslim needs more important than the health and safety of others affected by these planning decisions?

Will we find Islamic use increasing as Islam takes over bit by bit?   Will ratepayers foot the bill for their special washing facilities which will certainly be needed for 100 Muslims?  How far will council go in its support of this racist, vilifying, threatening ideology?

The house has few rooms and one is a locked computer room that only holds 10.   A local said he counted 54 Muslims in the house – a house which really holds 40 and this was before the increase to 100.

Many speakers against raised very good points but these fell on completely deaf ears.  Some points included the secular nature of our society and the need for council to be secular rather than fund any religion; others were concerned about public security as council, according to locals, does not keep a proper check on the house including checks on numbers and who is entering. 

Council recklessly said it had no problem with people from outside the area entering the Community House.   What will they do if Muslim numbers exceed 100?

Given that the house is listed as a mosque on a dubious Islamic website, one might have hoped that council would show some concern! 

Council quickly went to a vote and surprise, surprise, it was unanimous agreement with the changes to facilitate whom one wonders.   The process was quite a farce.  Are council really completely ignorant of the deadly nature of Islam?  Do they really not know the difference between race and ideology?   These people were indeed master dhimmis.

At the end some people actually congratulated the 2 Muslims present and they deserve congratulation for they must be wetting themselves over the gullibility of the council and the fact that a Jewish group (anti-defamation league), Liberty Australia and others who live in some false world where all is lolly pops, did the work for them.

And of course the most racist, vilifying, deadly  ‘religion’ the world has ever seen is completely protected by council and those who try to expose the truth about Islam and express very real concerns based on knowledge and experience are labelled racists and threatened.   It is a moral inversion indeed.

 I am just an observer,  NOT a member of Q Society

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