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Who is ignorant?

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ACA’s Martin King recently interviewed Vickie Janson, from the Q Society, about her objection to the Islamisation of Australia. Amongst other things, she pointed to the lack of human rights, equality and freedom in Islam. King also interviewed Nazeem Hussein, from the Islamic Council of Victoria, to get his perspective. Nazeem claimed that Vickie was very ignorant and was fear mongering. When King asked about Vickie’s concerns about the Islamisation of Australia, he replied that he didn’t know what she meant by it, but would like to meet with and have a chat about her views, “because she really is very uninformed”. (reference)

So is Vickie ignorant about Islam? Or is Nazeem trying to delude us that Islam is benign?

Nazeem Hussein was feted as a comic genius when he and Aamer Rahman appeared on the comedy scene. Yet even the title of their act - Fear of a Brown Planet – carries the innuendo that all those who don’t like Islam must be racist:

In 2008, Aamer Rahman and Nazeem Hussein were recipients of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) Best Newcomer Award for their hit debut Fear Of A Brown Planet.
In 2007, both entered Triple J?s Raw Comedy and beat hundreds of other hopefuls to reach the Victorian State final together.
Nazeem Hussein is a youth worker and a Director of the Islamic Council of Victoria. Aamer Rahman’s childhood was spent moving between Australia and the Middle East. He is also a youth worker and graphic designer.
Hussein hosted the 2006 Allah Made Me Funny Official Muslim Comedy Tour featuring American comics Azhar Usman and Preacher Moss.
(source1), (source2)

Naturally, Al Age were in raptures over this double act:

AS BROWN people who make jokes about white people, comedians Aamer Rahman and Nazeem Hussein are sometimes accused of ''reverse racism''. Which, it turns out, is much worse than ordinary racism. ''It's because real racists are honest,'' explains Rahman ''whereas reverse racists are hypocrites.''

Not surprisingly, these allegations tend to be made by the talkback-radio-listening, syntax-mangling rednecks who believe themselves to be a persecuted minority - the kind who respond to every criticism with: ''I bet you'd never say that about Muslims.''

''Yes, you would!'' says Hussein ''There's a whole TV channel devoted to it called Fox. It's not like there's a silent majority out there who doesn't get to say these things. You can hear something negative about Muslims every day of the week if you want to.

… both are Australian - Rahman was born in Saudi Arabia to Bangladeshi parents and Hussein, of Sri Lankan descent, was born here - and both are Muslim. Yet this combination of Islam and dark skin means they're often lumped into a general ''brown people'' category, and thus linked to things they have no connection to, from September 11 to the crimes of Saddam Hussein.

But the racism they usually encounter is the ''banal, unassuming'' kind. Such as the fact there are almost no brown faces on Australian television ''except for the people being grilled on Border Security''. Even our medical dramas are curiously white. (''If you ever wake up in hospital and there are no brown or Asian doctors,'' Hussein warns, ''get out of there because you're not actually in a hospital - you're on the set of an Australian TV series.'') (source)

I don’t know about you, but I feel insulted at slurs that those who criticize Islam are racist. We have many contributors to AIM who would fit Hussein and Rahman’s description of “brown”, and they wholeheartedly agree that Islam is racist, not those who tell the truth about the extent of its racism.

But even those with most to fear from Islam are taken in, as in this piece by Lian Low:

As a queer of colour, I know how difficult it is to talk about racism with white friends, let alone raise it in public. Watching their shows helps heal a raw nerve and reflect my anger and frustration with an Australia that fails its culturally diverse population. One of my favourite jokes is when Aamer inverses the stereotypes about alcoholism and throws it back on the shoulders of its progenitors:

“The whole time I’ve grown up in Australia I’ve only heard white people complain about other people’s cultures; Muslims beat their wives, Africans are in violent gangs, Aborigines have a drinking problem… that’s my favourite number one complaint from white people… you saw the Cronulla riots..  I’m sure we can all comfortably agree that no one in this country has a scarier drinking problem than white people.  That’s why there’s no alcohol allowed in the room.  Not for religious reasons.  We just don’t trust white people with alcohol anymore.   You saw the Cronulla riots on TV – when white people have a party, one minute it’s a party and the next minute it’s the Nazi party.  When you and your friends have a BBQ, and within a half hour of that it manages to mutate into a 5000 strong Hitler youth rally, maybe there’s something wrong with your culture…”

Aamer and Nazeem are in a rare breed of comedians who are fiercely proactive when it comes to social justice and community.  They are often at rallies and support community gigs that are engaged with social justice. “We have an idea of what the world should be like or what society should be like.  You know like racism shouldn’t exist, or racist violence shouldn’t exist,” states Aamer. 

According to Nazeem, Salam Café’s agenda was an exercise in diplomacy, “we were there to humanise the Muslim community.  It allowed people to see us firstly as human beings which …people still don’t seem to be able to appreciate.”

Arguably the most radical element of Salam Café was Nazeem’s character called Uncle Sam (aka Uncle Sameer Iqbal Muhammad Salahhudeen) who plays on media-driven fears about Muslims “taking over”. As Uncle Sam, Nazeem tackled issues such as the dispute surrounding the building of a private Islamic school in Camden, in Sydney’s West…

In a country where debates about racism have been watered down or silenced, it’s exciting to see two young brown men fighting for social change in a creative and powerful way. (source)

For a more realistic critique, I recommend Pelargonium’s Career Muslims - Is Islam good for our health? Here’s a brief extract:

Two "comedians", Aaamer Rahman and Nazeem Hussain…are among the recpients of VicHealth grants.

One writer who met the men for a pre-festival interview, Suzy Freeman-Green, (Age, 6/3/10) appeared to have a little trouble with the two "comedians", as I might also, because they did not look even friendly, let alone funny She found time spent with them "confronting", her discomfort arising from her non-Muslim, white-skinned, middle-class state of being. She felt guilty of something. But the men did not make any real attempt to put her at ease; they had no such purpose. Race and racism was the constant theme, the "banal, unassuming...patronising" racism of Australians, a theme conveyed, according to Freeman-Greene, with their air of "supreme self-confidence."
In "Fear of a Brown Planet" they poke fun at non-Muslims and white people, and focus on the "racism" of yobbo Australians in incidents such as the Cronulla "riots", in which the Lebanese Muslims were apparently totally innocent, and, moreover, abstemious, unlike the drunken, aggressive Australians. All in good humour, of course, and drawing hearty laughter from the presumably better class of Aussies who paid to see them and were eager to demonstrate their sophisticated worldliness and receptiveness to the spirit of da'wa, not that they would have recognised it as such.

But the attention-seeking is not all petulant and trivial; the Islamic rage is there too, if sugar-coated with politeness. The pair purport to be angry on behalf of all dark-skinned people, but their new show moves through topics such as asylum seekers and violence against Indian students right into the realm of "Palestinian politics" (as Freeman-Greene calls it);

The two quite frankly "use" humour to change perceptions of Muslims in Australia, while not acknowledging their contribution to negative perceptions of non-Muslims in Australia even as they hammer them home.

Re-enforcement of unpleasant and unfair Australian stereotypes is a dubious project for VicHealth to fund in the name of community health.

But there is a cure for that unbalance. If it is fair for Muslims to mock non-Muslims, why not a grant from VicHealth to non-Muslims to mock Muslims?? (source)

But we know we must never mock Muslims. We must at all times show respect. Above all, we must emphasise OUR racism, and never mention that fact the Islam is a white Arab supremacist ideology.

When he’s not exercising his comedic talents, Nazeem promotes the racist anti-Israel boycott (BDS) campaign:

We are also excited to announce on Saturday night there will be a “Concert for Palestine and Dinner” The Concert has a fantastic lineup and includes: Fear of a Brown Planet, The Brothahood, The Conch, Phil Monsour Band and Rafeef Ziadah.   On the night there will be Middle East Food available and drinks.

In fact, he is one of the leading lights:

In an important show of solidarity, 500 individuals participated in pro-Palestine activities in Melbourne, protesting against both the brutality of Israel's actions in and the ongoing support of the Australian government for Israeli apartheid.

Nazeem Hussein from the comedy duo Fear of a Brown Planet said: "The government that we voted in is one of the only countries in the world that votes alongside that terrorist nation. Australia and the US, in the last couple of weeks, didn't vote to investigate war crimes committed by Israel. Shame on Australia. Shame on this supposedly left-wing party of this great democratic nation."

Just last year Julia Gillard, deputy prime minister of Australia, announced her total support for Israel in the midst of the slaughter of Gazan civilians, asserting that "Israel has the right to defend itself."  (source)

Nazeem finds it shocking that the head of a democracy would support another democracy, the only one in the Middle East, no doubt because he and his mate are racist, anti-Semitic divisive haters.

So why did they secure $150,000 in public funding from the "promoting Diversity' department of Vichealth?:

Artistic pursuits such as photography, music, comedy and performance art provide a great way of promoting diversity and strengthening intercultural relations and understanding. They are also a good means of encouraging dialogue about the harmful impacts of ethnic and race-based discrimination and the benefits of diversity.

VicHealth has recently funded 16 projects to do just this, by engaging people in the process of ‘making art’ or by using various arts programs to communicate these messages to a wider audience. (source)

Arts Funded Projects 2009–2012

Organisation Project
Footscray Community Arts
Aamer and Nazeem’s Variety Hour

It seems mighty odd that Vichealth is funding those instigating a boycott of a democratic country, thereby promoting exclusion, not harmony.

Nazeem is part of the Islamic Council of Victoria, which links to CAIR in America, a Hamas front group which poses as a moderate human rights organization. Oh hang on, recently ICV have launched a new-look website from which this link has conveniently disappeared, as has the link to the student Islamic body FAMSY, which regularly invites members of the MB to their conferences. Still, even minus links, if it looks like an MB duck, and it quacks like an MB duck, you can be pretty sure that it’s business as usual for ICV.

Funny how Jewish and Christian groups still rush to do ‘interfaith’ with what Ralph Peters describes as “soft-core jihadists”:

In the past, whenever our government raised the possibility of doing the least little thing of which CAIR might not wholeheartedly approve, the soft-core jihadis shrieked, “Bigotry!” And presidents, cabinet secretaries, senators, representatives and bureaucrats—even intelligence analysts and military officers--ran for cover (while, no doubt, suggesting that their spouses don head-scarves for a probationary period).

In the face of Islamist terrorism, we’ve been foolish. In the face of Islamist bullying of our government, we’ve been cowards.

Now, just this once, CAIR isn’t being allowed to dictate its sharia-flavored will to our nation’s capital. Representative Peter King (R-NY) is marching ahead with hearings on “The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and that Community’s Response.”

But the howls from CAIR and other blow-dried Islamists exploiting our tolerance have been so vociferous, exaggerated and downright ludicrous that you’d think we were rounding up Muslims and putting them in camps.

As for me, I’m so prejudiced and intolerant that I’m against “honor” killings, the sequestration and abuse of women, the murder of Christian Arabs, the persecution of Jews, the execution of Muslims who convert to other faiths…I even think Israel’s a better place than Sudan. Just a nasty, semi-literate, drooling, rifle-hugging, Bible-verse-spewing, right-wing dunce, that’s me.

CAIR thrives on creating the illusion of anti-Muslim intolerance, on encouraging outrage and a sense of victimhood.   (source)

Peters’ observations about “moderate” Islamic groups mirrors our Australian experience:

A GROUP of Melbourne Muslim women want to tell Pauline Hanson she has nothing to fear from Islam…and have written a book about their experiences

Demet Divaroren said that Ms Hanson's anti-Muslim views were irrational.
"Pauline Hanson is one that feeds the public stereotype (about Muslims), so she adds fuel to the fire," she said.
The book was funded by the council and state and federal government bodies… to counter negative stereotypes about Muslim women.
Ms Divaroren said there was a stereotype that Muslim women were repressed, had no voice and no control over their lives.
Asked what she thought of Muslims wearing the burqa, she said: "Whether you decide to wear the burqa or a hijab or if you choose not to wear it, it's all about the way you want to express yourself and your spirituality, and I absolutely respect that."

Yes, we all know about negative stereotypes of Muslims and how irrational/ignorant we are. The fact that these negative stereotypes result from Muslims behaving badly are airbrushed out. Stealth jihadists are masters of deception:

Al-Qaeda does its enemy a favor with its honesty. The Muslim Brotherhood is more politically savvy and aware of how it can manipulate the minds of Westerners with soft language. The Islamist group is trying to clean up its image, most recently by deleting its objectives from its English-language website, including

“The sincere support for a global cooperation in accordance with the provisions of the Islamic Sharia, which would safeguard the personal rights, freedom of speech for active and constructive participation towards building a new basis of human civilization...”

David Rusin, the director of Islamist Watch said

“…the Brotherhood aims to make it as easy as possible for those Westerners predisposed to willful blindness to continue fooling themselves about the Brotherhood’s ultimate intentions.”

The Muslim Brotherhood is making over its image and is using carefully-worded language to put its adversaries at ease. The world must not be fooled. This group was created to establish a worldwide state governed by Sharia and for the Brotherhood, to abandon that goal is an act of apostasy. (source)


ICV too are also masters of deception. Posing as moderate, they have managed to snare massive government funding to implement its plans to Islamise Australia, by way of ‘interfaith’ and other ‘diversity’ projects. They enlist willing helpers among naïve and/or opportunistic Jews and Christians, confirming Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dictum:
"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

Let’s not forget Islam’s plans for the West: CAIR national spokesperson Ibrahim Hooper said:

"I wouldn't want to create the impression that I wouldn't like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future. But I'm not going to do anything violent to promote that. I'm going to do it through education."

“Education” is continuing apace in Australia, thanks to the efforts of ICV and their helpers.

And however Muslim comics try to spin it, that’s just not funny!

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