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Toxic Egypt

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I’ve no great love or sympathy for Egypt. I’ve always considered that state in the same light as Australia’s bevy of venomous snakes – at the very least you have to be apprehensive and wary. 

Pre-emptive action is the wisest precaution.

Yer ‘umble correspondent often lived cheek by jowl with these… 

… and advocates the big stick approach at all times. Frankly, there’s no talking to these bastards. 

 Or these:

I add the usual riders – it’s not an issue of “race” or ethnicity but of ideology and political alignment. On both those fronts, Egypt is an enemy no friend.

I am not intending to, or interested in, baiting Egyptians in Australia – they have had the good sense to flee and they are welcome here, as long as the Muslim Brotherhood-inspired Middle Eastern disease was left at Immigration. Our Coptic brothers and sisters are a good case in point about the Egyptians who live with us, peacefully.

When discussing Egypt I’ll assume you all know exactly to what I refer and will not enter into any argument that does not focus on islam and the islamisation of Egypt.

Because that is what is happening – more domino effect while we sleep.

I am amazed, to say the very least, at the tokenistic reporting of the rioting and unrest there.

Apparently, it’s all good; a display of ‘fledgling democratic process’ and augers well for the future. At least, this is the “pc” message being delivered by MSM world-wide. We should applaud? They are seriously implying this as we speak, folks.

With all the “alahu akbars” I am hearing on video, I am convinced we are looking at Iran all over again. There’s even a fundamentalist cleric in waiting, a la Ayatollah Khomeini circa 1978.

Top Arab cleric tells Hosni Mubarak to go.

THE Arab world's influential cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi urged Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to step down for the good of the country, as his ouster was the only solution to Egypt's crisis.

The widely respected Sunni Muslim cleric who holds Egyptian and Qatari nationalities, also encouraged Egyptians to keep up peaceful protests, in an interview with Al-Jazeera television. (source)

Mr and Mrs Bland Aussie see only “widely respected”. What they should be seeing is “Sunni”. They should also question the implied solidarity of “The Arab world”. As succinctly as I can put it - it ain’t!

Here’s a very brief overview of Sunni-as-applies-to-Egypt.

“(the) Shiite outlook is far different from the Sunni's, a difference that is highly significant:

... for Sunni Muslims, approximately 90 percent of the Muslim world, the loss of the caliphate after World War I was devastating in light of the hitherto continuous historic presence of the caliph, the guardian of Islamic law and the Islamic state. Sunni fundamentalist leaders thereafter emerged in nations such as Egypt and India, where contact with Western political structures provided them with a model awkwardly to imitate ... as they struggled after 1924 to provide a viable alternative to the caliphate.

In 1928, four years after the abolishment of the caliphate, the Egyptian schoolteacher Hasan al-Banna founded the first Islamic fundamentalist movement in the Sunni world, the Muslim Brotherhood (al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun).

Al-Banna was appalled by "the wave of atheism and lewdness [that] engulfed Egypt" following World War I. The victorious Europeans had "imported their half-naked women into these regions, together with their liquors, their theatres, their dance halls, their amusements, their stories, their newspapers, their novels, their whims, their silly games, and their vices." Suddenly the very heart of the Islamic world was penetrated by European "schools and scientific and cultural institutes" that "cast doubt and heresy into the souls of its sons and taught them how to demean themselves, disparage their religion and their fatherland, divest themselves of their traditions and beliefs, and to regard as sacred anything Western."

Most distressing to al-Banna and his followers was what they saw as the rapid moral decline of the religious establishment, including the leading sheikhs, or religious scholars, at Al-Azhar, the grand mosque and center of Islamic learning in Cairo. The clerical leaders had become compromised and corrupted by their alliance with the indigenous ruling elites who had succeeded the European colonial masters.

Osama bina Laden is a Sunni Muslim. To him the end of the reign of the caliphs in the 1920s was catastrophic, as he made clear in a videotape made after 9-11. On the tape, broadcast by Al-Jazeera on October 7, 2001, he proclaimed: "What America is tasting now is only a copy of what we have tasted. ... Our Islamic nation has been tasting the same for more [than] eighty years, of humiliation and disgrace, its sons killed and their blood spilled, its sanctities desecrated."

More, from HNN.US

“The groups first diverged after the Prophet Muhammad died in 632, and his followers could not agree on whether to choose bloodline successors or leaders most likely to follow the tenets of the faith.
The group now known as Sunnis chose Abu Bakr, the prophet’s adviser, to become the first successor, or caliph, to lead the Muslim state. Shiites favored Ali, Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law. Ali and his successors are called imams, who not only lead the Shiites but are considered to be descendants of Muhammad. After the 11th imam died in 874, and his young son was said to have disappeared from the funeral, Shiites in particular came to see the child as a Messiah who had been hidden from the public by God.

The largest sect of Shiites, known as “twelvers,” have been preparing for his return ever since.
How did the violence start?

In 656, Ali’s supporters killed the third caliph. Soon after, the Sunnis killed Ali’s son Husain. (Thus setting a model of behavior in train that continues to this day - B.H)

Fighting continued but Sunnis emerged victorious over the Shiites and came to revere the caliphate for its strength and piety.

Shiites focused on developing their religious beliefs, through their imams.”

So, is everyone feeling happy –happier? – about Egypt’s “fledgling democratic process”.

Confidence inspiring it may be to Hilarity Clinton but even the barest modicum of informed knowledge regarding Muslim Brotherhood intentions, as well as their track record, can only fill concerned people with dread as they contemplate the fate of Egypt.

Of course, my concern is not for Egypt so much, as it is Israel. For reasons so often stated here, Israel is my ‘canary in the mineshaft”. What fate befalls Israel will befall us all, if Allah shines his beneficence on Muslim Brotherhoods designs. The right hand of Allah seems particularly adept at bomb throwing and beheading.

Further from the Telegraph article:

“Qaradawi, a spiritual leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, has in the past defended "violence carried out by certain Muslims."

"Some violence is legitimate in the eyes of both religion and law, such as resistance to the occupation in Palestine, Lebanon or in Iraq," Qaradawi said last September.

"We call for peace because our religion orders it, but if war is imposed on us we will take it to our hearts." (source)

When we are all finished choking on our breakfast at his observations on islamic ‘peace’, and musing on just how….comprehensively… muslims have ‘taken war to their hearts’, we can focus on the overt statement taken from islamic jurisprudence – and as a widely respected Sunni Muslim, Qaradawi would know!

Some violence is good; Islamist violence, of course. There is only one end desired, as far as “legitimate” islamic violence would have it – the Caliphate and all its odious ‘glories’ – sharia pre-eminent. Egypt is about to re-embrace its former glories.

A brief overview of al-Qaradawi here: LINK

Egypt’s new Prime Minister is the current Minister of Civil Aviation, General Ahmed Shafiq, who was the architect of this - LINK

- which ends with an interesting snippet “(Amani) also expressed Iranian willingness to provide Egypt with technical assistance for its nuclear project.He said Tehran believes peaceful nuclear technology should not be the monopoly of so-called major world powers.



Almost all of Egypt's capabilities, equipment, and deployment of forces are concentrated on one front to engage one force only: the Israeli Defense Forces. The Egyptians have made this explicit since the Badr-96 exercises in 1996, in which they specifically named Israel as the training target.”
Here’s an interesting ‘take’ on the situation, from
Political Islam

“The following is what a letter from the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to the Washington Post might say:

”To the Editorial Board of the Washington Post:

In the past month the Washington Post has heaped criticism on the Egyptian government, accusing it of pervasive fraud in the latest parliamentary elections. In a December 4th editorial, the Washington Post also took aim at the U.S. government’s timid response, stating that the “Obama Administration appears to be thoroughly intimidated by Hosni Mubarak – when what it ought to be worried about is who or what will succeed him”.

The Post seems to have missed the point, so obvious to those of us in the Brotherhood, that this is precisely what Secretary of State Clinton and the White House are worried about. The question is what to do about it.

The Post’s solution is a simple call for the spread of democracy in Egypt in the form of free elections. The Brotherhood wholeheartedly agrees! Democracy in Egypt is just what the Brotherhood needs – our thanks to the Washington Post.”

Further –

“Even our radical writers, like Fahmy Huwaidi, have, like the Washington Post, embraced the notion that the spread of democracy is of paramount importance. Why? – Because the end justifies the means.

Huwaidi, like me, is quite convinced that if a free democratic election were held in Egypt today, the present government will most likely be defeated. In the absence of any legitimate secular political alternative, the chances for the Muslim Brotherhood will be quite good. How we will govern afterwards however, is a well-guarded secret!

Egypt, formerly suspect, is about to become toxic. Attention Kevin Rudd (Oh gawd help us!)

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