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You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink

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Two stories in two days vividly demonstrate the descent into social chaos our current immigration and refugee policies are forcing upon Australia.

We endure, shackled to a growing shame, as our nation’s name and character is attached to barbaric, primitive, third-world practices, as hyphenated Australians drag our name through the international mud, the ball and chain of compliance forced onto us by an elite group of “human rights advocates” and “diversity and tolerance” enablers, manacled by obdurate and deluded politicians to refugee policies that exclude genuine refuge seekers, privilege the ill-fitting and unsuited and which kill. Our government kills refugees, in our name, by refusing to act to stop the systematic abuse of our sovereignty. We are chained to the evil designs – let’s call evil for what it is – the evil designs of a claque of inhumane, supremacist tyrants in the United Nations who are hell-bent on destroying the very concept of “nation”, and our leaders ask them, “How high?” 

 If compliance were their only sin, it would be bad enough, but some “Australians” are leading the charge - (LINK)

We watch on, appalled but powerless, legally stymied, unable to halt the disgrace, lied to by politicians, manipulated by media, muted by law and lawyer, policy and politician. Many of us are old enough to remember a more decent time in this land and the present conditions of our country fill us not only with shame but also dread, as we contemplate what was unimaginable and seemingly impossible twenty or thirty short years ago – an Australia of ghettoes, marginalized natives and warring ethnic enclaves. The rivers of blood, which we decried when predicted for Great Britain 40 odd years ago, are breaking their banks and flooding into our society. (Reference)

Even as our politicians abhorred the sentiments of Powell they neglected the warning. It was the case then as it is now, form over substance, as the “protest” was not over the content of Powell’s speech so much as it was that he dared voice it at all, much like the fate of any Australian who even asks if things are going well with our policy implementation.

As Powell said, “The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils. In seeking to do so, it encounters obstacles which are deeply rooted in human nature.” Australia’s political players chose to ignore the potential for problem; now they force us all to ignore the elephant in the room.

The scenario faced by Australia is one that is in direct correlation with the Powell scenario. A mindful and dutiful political entity should have observed the state of England and taken measures to ensure the same was not delivered to Australia. The safety and security of the home populace should have been pre-eminent and a wise leadership should have ensured that our immigration policies did not follow error but set world “best practice” standards. What has transpired is that the populace, rightly aggrieved, is now the target of compliance-enforcing legislation, social ostracism and marginalization. A virtual disenfranchising of the majority has taken place, all under the guise of “tolerance and diversity”.

Further, we place virtually no obligations on immigrants; the very word “assimilation” and the idea of facilitating an integration into the status quo of Australia has become anathema to the elite, so much so that they have illegalized the notion.

In England, they are arresting people who think Powell was right. How long before this too befalls us?

EDL Leadership Team Arrested for “incitement to commit a breach of the peace”
The Arrest of Guramit Singh

The two stories I am highlighting demonstrate the truth of an old saying– “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink”. The truth of the saying applies to all areas of Australian governance pertaining to immigration, assimilation, and refugees. It also applies to many of our present day immigrants and refugees, most particularly those from an islamic background. However, in modern Australia, you are probably guilty of a hate crime if you “lead a refugee to water”, if that water is for the purpose of freeing the refugee from the killing mindset that has him in its grip. It most definitely IS a crime if you assert the superiority of the Judeo-Christian cultural standards, which form the basis of this country’s legal and social framework, over the Mohammedanism that caused so-called ‘refugees’ to flee into our arms.

Muslim teenage girl takes out AVO over clash of cultures

A MUSLIM girl caught between her religion, her parents and wanting to be a typical Aussie teenager is at the centre of an apprehended violence order against her father after he found she had a boyfriend.
Isn’t it stating the obvious, that this man should either have known intuitively or had it explained to him when he applied for refuge here, that being “a typical Aussie teenager” was a desired and inevitable outcome for a child being raised in Australia?

Was it not desired? If not, why not?

If not, why did he settle here? Further enquiry shows the family to be heavily reliant on Social Security. Is there a connection between that fact and the man’s “desire” to be an “Aussie”, given he doesn’t want a bar of “typical”? I mean, there has to be a reason he wanted to live here……. doesn’t there? Quite evidently, it’s not to rub shoulders with us. What is it, then?

Police were called to the family home after the man threatened to kill himself and the 14-year-old girl when he discovered the boy in a room of their home, Parramatta Bail Court heard yesterday.

Apply the K.I.S.S principal and you get something like this -

Afghanistan – appropriate behavior (apparently)

Australia – inappropriate and illegal behavior, definitely.

What part of this was the man in ignorance of? Imagine if it had been explained to him, by a responsible Australian organization that is NOT ASHAMED of our culture that, ahem, we don’t do that here and nor will you!

The man, who cannot be named, allegedly told police the relationship was disrespectful to Muslim culture and brought shame on his family in the Afghan community.

Really, how can we exist in such a schizophrenic society where this can even be offered as an excuse in Australia? The man does not live in a “Muslim Culture”, he lives in Australia. He needs to have it spelled out for him, and then he can make a retroactive decision about remaining here.

After police arrived, the man became enraged because they would not arrest the boy, who had been invited into the house by his daughter.

There’s a level of ignorance here that must be sheeted home to whatever agencies oversee the well-being of refugees. They have failed this man miserably. They have also – very importantly – endangered the society at large and the communities of western Sydney, not to mention the danger they have placed the daughter in.

 He said the boyfriend would be killed if the incident happened in Afghanistan, the country he and his wife had emigrated from in 1998.

Who did not point out to this man that he is NOT living in Afghanistan and that what he fled, the religious, cultural and political horror of Afghanistan, has no place in Australia? Who did not point out to him that, if these are desired cultural manifestations, that there is a place where he can live like that……and that its called Afghanistan?

 "The accused then stated, as the boyfriend would not be going to jail, the only thing left to do was kill his daughter and himself," police said. "The daughter said she fears that her father will kill her because of her actions and that if he doesn't, she will be locked in the house unable to leave, unless he kills himself," police said. The father, who is a qualified surgeon in Afghanistan but employed as a taxi driver in Sydney, was refused bail because of his threats against the girl and self-harm history.

A surgeon. This is, presumably, not an ignorant man. He is educated, he has known privilege, he would, again presumably, know of the cultural practices of Western nations. Who did not make it clear to this man that the things he left behind had to be….left behind? What fool allowed him to believe he could carry on as though he were in Kabul?

Who failed him? The Australian government did.

These sorts of outbreaks will become more common in Australia, not less, unless we exert the pre-eminence of our values and insist on an adherence to them. They fall under the laughable excuse, in some quarters, of “honor crimes”. Sorry, this man has no honor, there is nothing honorable about his deeds or thinking; his culture, which endorses and demands such actions, is dishonorable and needs to be held up to opprobrium, not escalated to some venerable state merely because it is “cultural”. Behavior of this type is the very antithesis of honorable.
Honor? Honor our values first and foremost.

Toddler fatally stabbed after alleged beach row in Canley Vale

The second story is, if possible, even more shocking and disturbing. I’d just note here – this was yet another of those situations where, seeing the headline, I immediately thought to myself – muslims. It is getting easier by the day to jump to these conclusions.

A STABBING that left a two-year-old girl dead allegedly started with her parents arguing over a trip to the beach.

The Daily Telegraph reports the girl was found fatally wounded in her family's unit after her mother was repeatedly stabbed in front of two young neighbours in the carpark at Canley Vale, in Sydney's south-west. It is alleged the Afghan woman, 24, had been fighting with her husband over going to the beach and he had chased her with a knife.

A female neighbour, who asked not be identified, said the woman had joined her husband from Afghanistan about a year-and-a-half ago, and the couple had lived in the unit for about six months.

A year and a half; the husband, five years:

I’m an ESL teacher, a cross-cultural apologist by training and inclination. I understand culture shock very well, having both observed it in a professional capacity and also having lived it.

In 18 months, many preconceived, erroneous notions can be uncovered and explained; the appropriateness or other of those notions can be “taught out”. After 5 years, the husband should have “assimilated” enough to know his actions flew in the face of anything an Australian can accept. Perhaps the wife was grasping the new culture, as she appealed for help, but the husband has manifestly failed to grasp anything about us.

Coming from a war-torn country and, presumably – (I’m doing an awful lot of “presuming” in this article, I know) – traumatized in some fashion, some level of de-briefing and re-educating is not only called for, it is the only humane thing to do.

Working in refugee camps on the Thai/Cambodian border, I have done this and know it is hardly a difficult task. It only requires dedication and clarity of purpose. Why doesn’t our Government do so? The only possible answer to the question, “why didn’t/don’t they know what is appropriate in Australia?” is that our government is too ashamed of our culture to exert it as the sole and pre-eminent value. This has to stop.

The husband, a security guard, had migrated from Afghanistan about five years ago, she said.

A “security guard”. Why do I suddenly feel just that little less “secure”, knowing people who think this sort of behavior is normal are on the job? Can I be informed of the ethnic/religious background of “security guards” before I enter a Mall, just so I can be “secure” from their cultural practices? That is not a facetious swipe, by the way, but an issue I am beginning to see as vital to my safety. Who will protect me from islamic cultural practices?

Police attempted to make contact but could not enter until about 8pm, when they found the little girl suffering stab wounds. She was taken to hospital but died shortly before 10pm.

Farewell, little innocent. I am so sorry no-one thought enough about your situation to prevent it from occurring. I am so sorry your ‘father’ is so caught up in a barbaric pre-civilisation that he chose to victimize you. I am so sorry you lived your short life under an Australian government who did not care enough to save you.

End apartheid refugee selection. End discriminatory migration.

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