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Interview with Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels- Inability of Muslims to assimilate (Part 1)

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(You can contact Nicolai Sennels at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels worked in Sonderbro, Copenhagen with young criminals -150 Muslims and 100 Danish and as a result of his work, wrote  ‘Among Criminal Muslims:  a psychologist’s experience from the Copenhagen Municipality.”  70% of Copenhagen’s prison population is of Muslim heritage.  While Nicolai agrees that personal and social problems can lead to anti-social behaviour, he noted particular traits (deep psychological differences) for Muslim offenders which differed from non-Muslims and seem related both to their Muslim culture and criminality. 

Muslims, even those not attending a mosque or second or third generation, still identified strongly with Muslim ‘culture’ and opposed western culture and values.   He concluded that the mental mindset or psychological profile of Muslims makes it virtually impossible for them to assimilate –and they don’t want to anyway.

“People hope that most Muslims are modern and accept western values.  My experience is different and this has been proved by the statistics in Europe’ (Sennels in Struening 2009)

Sennels points to the Muslim religion as a source of criminality.  Poverty is not to blame, but instead Sennels suggests, it is their anti-social behaviour and attitudes which can make them poor, not the other way around! 

He exposes the myth of a low % of extremists/fundamentalists.

From his research, Sennels believes the dream of integrating Muslims has no foundation in reality and “integration to the necessary degree of Muslims is NOT possible.’ (Sennels 2010 b, Strueing 2009,  Glasov 2010a)

Billions have been spent on integration but the problems GROW.  Initially he believed integration was simply a matter of time and that social injustice was responsible for ethnic tensions, but close personal experience of Muslim and non-Muslim offenders changed his mind. (Hommaforum 2009)

Sennels notes the fundamental differences between western and Muslim societies and the fact that Muslims must undergo big changes to their identity and leave many of their core values to accept the values of a western society. The majority simply cannot do this, particularly as they are also despised (and threatened) by other Muslims for leaving Islam.

He notes that those with a vested interest in ‘multiculturalism’ or leftist politics attempt to hide the truth but that the person in the street knows what is happening to our countries and that people should express their concerns over Muslim immigration and integration at every opportunity (Hommaforum 2009, Sennels 2010 b)
He believes Muslim immigration must stop.

Interview with Nicolai Sennels: 

Circe:  In Australia, in areas where they have the numbers Muslims are demanding political power and pro-Islamic political candidates.

Q: Is this apparent sense that they are superior and special and require different treatment to others part of the mental mindset that makes it impossible for Muslims to assimilate?

Sennels: There are two reasons for this. First of all Muslim voters hope that Muslim politicians and influential Muslim leaders and organisations will be able to change our society to fit with Muslim culture and Islam. This is called “Islamization” and is a quite successful movement all over the West - enabled by socialist politicians and politically  correct journalists. In Denmark all kindergartens in Copenhagen only serve halal-food and we allow Islamic calls on Fridays from minarets all over our country. Around half of our schools now allow Muslim pupils holidays on Islamic holidays - and these holidays are marked in the official calendar for school teachers. There are many more examples and few realize that we now have certain parts of the Sharia laws fully implemented in our secular and democratic countries. The strongest sign of success of Sharia in non-Islamic parts of the world is the fact that many politicians and media have been convinced, pressured or scared to abstain from criticism of Islam, their prophet and Muslim immigration.

The other reason for gaining political power and promoting and endorsing Muslim or pro-Islamic political candidates is, that by far most Muslims respect Islamic authorities more than non-Islamic authoritiesIn Denmark and most other Western countries we have Muslim parallel societies where secular authorities such as the police, fire fighters and representatives of the state (e.g. tax men) are taunted, threatened and often even attacked. While this tendency grows every month, Islamic preachers (imams), organised vigilante in the form of homemade Sharia courts and patrolling police-like groups of elderly Muslim men, are free to exert their power and authority in these areasSuch developments are a direct and conscious attack on our democracies.  And I am sure that they are the first steps towards a functioning political infra-structure that will lay the ground for demands for autonomous Islamic areas when a strong feeling of power appears among the common Muslims is combined with the appearance of charismatic Islamic leaders in the different areas.

Q: What should be the response of political parties to such demands if they truly aim to protect our open, egalitarian democracy and our laws?

Sennels: We have to deny any shade of Islamisation.  We should never allow Islamists who do not accept our culture and values to influence them.  We should only give religious freedom for religions and religious movements that publicly denounce violent and hateful verses in their holy books.  And we should insist on the fact that our countries have a Christian heritage and that our churches, Christian symbols and traditions have more rights in our societies and laws.  I should mention that I am not Christian myself but exceedingly thankful for the way Christianity - after being reformed - has pushed our civilization forward.  We have to insist on freedom of speech and we should regularly demonstrate our rights to criticise religions etc.  Many politicians are fully aware of the problems but are too cowardly to speak out. Much of the media are partly owned by oil money and under the influence of political correctness.  Therefore it is exceedingly important that we have people who dare to say their opinion and who work hard to spread the necessary facts about Islam and the negative consequences of Muslim immigration.  Only in this way can we show our fellow citizens and voters the truth and convince our mostly popularist politicians that they can be sure to gain votes if they go against Islam and decide on tougher immigration laws.

Q:  In Australia, Muslims already demand sharia, separate Muslim housing developments and special everything. A child has marched through Melbourne streets carrying a genocide to Jews sign – without consequence! We live under threats of legal action for daring to criticise Islam and we have a pro-Islam leftist Labor party in government----- From your experience, where are we headed if we fail to stop this progression of Islam?

Sennels: Because of tens of millions of Muslims' exodus to the West and the enormous amounts of Arab money that are put into our media, big companies and lobby activity, it will not be easy nor quick to change these developments. Unfortunately, the Left, who fought hardest for true democracy, women’s rights and against religious fanaticism in the previous century have now turned out to be a helpful ally for the greatest anti-democratic, women suppressing and fanatical force in this world.  I am sure that the current struggle that Islam and Muslims are now leading against the non-Muslims will be compared to the first two World Wars by future historians.  For the democratic side of the conflict – the West – it is still mostly a war of information.  We simply have to get the necessary historical, religious and statistical facts on crime etc. out to the common voter.   If we do not manage that, because we were lazy, scared or egotistical, we will lose.  Everybody is welcome to read the Quran or find out by which means Islam managed to grow from a small desert kingdom to cover 52 countries and have 1.5 billion followers. Then you will get an idea about how resolute our attacker is and what it takes to stop it.  It will be a close race but I have confidence that an aroused democracy is stronger and fights more fiercely than fanatics led by ‘insanes.’ The big question is: How many of our freedoms and rights do we need to give up in order to win? And will we be able to do it without hate and thus avoid destroying our basically friendly culture that we are trying to protect?

Q: Given that Muslims cannot assimilate (share our values and vision of society) but aim to implement an alternate Islamic society and legal system (treason to our society), should they be banned from holding any political position?

Sennels: There is no doubt that many Muslim politicians are using our democracy to destroy democracy. "One man, one vote, one time" as they say.  But I see signs of political awareness among the voters and still more and more politicians that is convincing me that the total destruction of democracy will not happen.   We should of course forbid Islamic symbols such as the veil for people employed by the state, e.g. judges, nurses etc.  What we need to work on is creating a fair press and good blogs that can disclose any hidden agenda and unwholesome connections that our politicians and political candidates may have.   Here readers' letters have proven to be a very strong force in the European media.   Denmark is the tip of the spear when it comes to fighting for freedom of speech and implementing strict immigration laws.  Besides the typical Danish tendency not to take angry people seriously, it is exactly the many anti-Islamic letters sent to our newspapers editors that have made Denmark what it is today in the fight for freedom.  We should all write letters to the newspapers.  Even if they do not print the letter we send a message to the editors: Their readers have great interest in the subject and if they want to keep their readers and keep selling newspapers they better start treating the subject honestly and taking their costumers seriously. We have a case where the school's bully is gaining power for the single reason that the rest of the children are too lazy or scared to stand up together and speak their mind.

Circe:   From your interviews, are Muslims interested in integrating/assimilating or do they expect society to alter to suit their demands?

Sennels: The vast majority of Muslims will never integrate, and nor will their off spring. The reason is that all Muslims are filtered – excuse me the expression – by three things. They have to want to integrate, they have to be allowed to and they have to be able to.

First we have to ask ourselves: Why should Muslims want to integrate? They are sure to have food, a home, schools for their children, health care for their families, no matter if they learn our languages, take an education, accept our values and get a job – or not. There is no risk that Muslims will feel lonely or isolated if they do not become part of our societies.  All Western countries today have dozens and some even hundreds of Muslim parallel societies, where unintegrated Muslims can live among other Muslims. Here they can speak their own mother tongue and live and share their Muslim culture, religion, values etc. with the likeminded.

Secondly it is important to know that Muslim culture and Islam in particular is characterized by an all pervading social control. Only a tiny minority of Muslims have true human rights because of the many restrictions within Islam and Muslim traditions.  Very few are really free to chose their own sexual partners, clothing style, eating and drinking habits, religion and general life style.  Islamic rules and Muslim cultural values in so many areas are so different, and often even opposite, to modern Western living.   Muslims thus need to leave several cultural and religious core values and rules of behaviour if they want to integrate into our societies.  This is simply not accepted in most Muslim families and communities and as they say in Japan: Nails that stick out will be hammered in.  We do not need many threats, beatings, house arrests, kidnappings, “educational travels” to Muslim homelands, or killings – all in the name of some misunderstood concept of honour – before the majority are too scared or brainwashed to break free.

Thirdly it is simply difficult to integrate into our high tech knowledge societies. People have to learn a completely new language, take high level education and manage often advanced jobs in order to be able to support themselves. On top of this Muslim immigrants have to embrace such things as equality of women and non-Muslims, and free sexuality and speech that are so far from the norm in Islamic societies that the psychological jump is too far – or too hard - to make. Staying with what one has been taught is true and right from birth – and what one’s family and friends want one to be – is far easier, more convenient and safe.

Circe:   What aspects of Islamic culture/Muslim mindset makes Muslims enter, then set about destroying the host country?

Sennels: The most obvious reason for Muslims to travel to the West is that while their own culture has not managed to produce free and rich countries, our Western culture of freedom and capitalism has.  Some also see it as part of their religious duty to spread Islam via exodus and high birth rates – which has been the Muslim tradition for centuries and is ordered in Islam’s holy scriptures as a mean to spread Allah's rule worldwide.  I do not think that the average Muslim wants to destroy the host country,  they just want to change it.  It is a completely normal human reaction to want to change one’s surroundings so it fits with one’s values and wishes.  And exactly because it is basic human nature it is extremely difficult – probably impossible in by far the most cases– to change.  Of course many Muslims have a significant amount of hate towards the West and non-Muslims, whom they blame for so much.  For this group destruction is of course a goal in itself.

Circe:   An Australian cleric calls for the beheading of Geert Wilders. Across the Islamic world the followers of other religions have their people killed, their daughters raped, their homes and businesses torched, their religious sites attacked, their texts destroyed and are relegated to the lowest jobs and the lowest social position while we say nothing. A pastor says he will burn a Koran and we become hysterical condemning his actions, his insensitivity and provocation etc.  Can you provide some insights into OUR ‘mindset’ that allows us to ignore Islamic atrocities everywhere, while we deny free speech and even condemn those who dare to speak against or challenge Islam?

Sennels: I think that many are basically not able to understand the childishness of our opponents. We think that if we give them what they want, they will stop their embarrassing screaming, immature threats and helpless argumentation. But they don’t, and I think that more and more Westerners are waking up to that fact.  I also think that the two World Wars hurt us a lot on the cultural psychological level.  Being proud of one’s culture and the record amount of people it has made free, safe and rich is often confused with Nazi-like nationalism, which it of course is not.  Finally I see that a certain academic theory called systemic thinking has eaten the brains of a lot of our academic elite. The theory of systemic thinking is dominating our universities and schools for teachers and educators and it has two main messages. First it is the basis for so-called cultural relativism that claims that all cultures are equal- whatever value you have it is "just another discourse." Secondly it states that people’s behaviour is mainly decided by outside influences. Both allegations are wrong and unhealthy for human development.

Just like every family has a culture that influences the family members, so do religions have a certain influence on its adherents. Some families are healthier to grow up in than others, because they simply influence its members in a more positive way. Thus not all families are equal, and the same goes for all other kinds of cultures, including religious cultures.

Secondly we people have much more power over our own lives than many think. Our free will and ability to pull oneself together is definitely underestimated in our too big nanny states.  Our choice of how to view things, our way of handling our emotions, the way we choose to communicate etc. are all ways in which we ourselves create our own happiness and suffering - and give our life direction and content.  It is unconstructive and is in no way helpful for the individual person to blame people’s surroundings for people’s own behaviour.  When a hundred people are trampled to death during a demonstration against the Muhammed drawings, it is not the artist's fault, nor the newspaper that printed the drawing. When Muslim immigrants choose crime and parallel societies instead of integration, it is not society's fault.  It is their own choice.  We can call it the psychopath argument: A violent husband tells the psychologist that his wife knows exactly which "buttons" to press to make him angry and beat her - and still she presses the buttons. "She is asking for it!", the husbands says.  But of course she is not.  Many Muslims and leftists argue the same way as the psychopathic husband. Systemic theory is the main reason for the popularization of this kind of thinking and it is influencing our societies through the back door through our education and multiplicators (teachers).

Circe:   Our ‘leftist’ political leaders, academics, media and even religious leaders seem incapable of fighting for the rights and freedoms of others –females, non-Muslims, homosexuals etc in the Islamic world where these ‘rights’ simply don’t exist.  Are they paralysed because to dare to criticise Islam and the Islamic world which adheres to Islam’s text and laws, would imply that our values and society are better, so they ignore Islam’s abuses because the ‘left’s’ reason for existence, their identity, is hatred for our society?

Sennels: I do not think that they hate their own culture and societies.  But I think they are afraid of being called arrogant by their own.  The general style of communication among leftists is often very hard and condemning.  Besides that I simply think that the Muslims managed to scare them.  The Left is also very afraid to sound politically incorrect, and this robs them of the ability to joke about things.  A good laugh is a healthy way to shake off fear and being without this tool, one is an easy prey for people who get their nourishment from intimidating others.  On top, socialism prioritizes equality over freedom and being richer or better -including having a more functioning culture producing more functioning individuals - (which) is simply embarassing for many socialists.

Circe:   We have Islamic schools popping up everywhere. Children are segregated from Australian society and trained in Islam. From your research among criminal Muslims:

Q: What are the psychological implications for a child trained in an Islamic school?

Sennels: Nobody learns as fast and as much as children. Children’s brains are simply more open to new imprints and their dependency on their parents and authorities in general makes it easier to influence their patterns of behaviour and thinking.  Whatever is learned during childhood is exceedingly difficult to change later in life.   If children e.g. have learned certain views that are contradictory to Western values it will be almost impossible to change them later in life.  Just like westerners, many Muslims are not aware that they act and perceive according to certain values.  Many only discover these true beliefs when they realise that these beliefs are challenged or under attack.  But if children learn that every word in the Quran is true and the human example of their prophet is to be admired and followed, it is definitely harmful for their capacity to find happiness and harmony later in life.  Their surroundings will suffer consequently.

b)  What is the potential impact on the wider society of Muslim children trained in Islamic schools?

Sennels: It depends what they learn in these schools. Islamic schools that tell the pupils that the Quran is the unchangeable words of God are actually madrassas.  Such madrassas are widespread in the Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan, and seen from a psychological point of view they function as factories producing Islamic fanatics by the hundreds of thousands.

Circe: In Australia we are constantly told of the ‘plurality’ of Islam yet your research with Muslims from across the Muslim world shows clear common characteristics derived from Islam’s ‘culture’ (based on Islam’s text, Mohammad’s example and Islam’s laws) found for both religious Muslims and those not attached to a mosque , regardless of country of origin.(Glasov 2010a)

“I did not register any major differences between the mentalities between these countries” (Middle East, Africa, Pakistan, ex-Yugoslavia..)
“Seen from the therapy room,  “the mentality stemming from Islamic influence on the societies where it is the dominating value system is so strongly rooted in the culture that Muslims are influenced by its dogmas and values no matter if they pray five times a day and can recite the Quran or not”

Can you give us a summary of the core of attitudes as they relate to  -- women, infidels, anger, locus of control, honour, self-reflection and consequence, empathy and remorse.

Sennels: I found four psychological characteristics that define the Muslim clients from the non-Muslims. The first concerns anger.  The fastest way to lose face in the West - and by the way also in Far East cultures - is clear expressions of anger.  We are taught that anger is bad.  We train ourselves, parents train their children and societies train their citizens to be able to handle conflicts peacefully and without the use of aggression.  While it was clear that my non-Muslim clients knew that anger is basically a problem, the Muslim clients saw anger and the readiness and courage to use threats and violence as a strength.  Aggression is simply much more accepted within the Muslim culture. This is not surprising - all cultures cultivate a certain view on emotions.  The fastest way to lose face in the Muslim culture is thus to not show aggression when attacked or criticised.  Our Western way of handling conflicts through compromises and diplomacy is therefore seen as a sign of weakness and lack of fighting power that invites exploitation.

Another difference concerns honour and self confidence. In most non-Muslim cultures it is seen as honourable if we can handle criticism objectively and without being emotionally disturbed.  We listen to the criticism and we try to appreciate the critic's positive motivation of trying to help us avoid and eliminate mistakes.  If we agree with the criticism we are thankful and try to change accordingly.  If we do not agree we simply think and say: "Thanks for your concern but I have another view - and I think I am right." That's it.  No childish drama, no revenge - and we are still good friends.  For a Muslim, being criticised is very serious and is most often not experienced as help - not even criticism.  It is experienced as a straight out insult.  Following the cultural pattern concerning anger, the most likely response will be aggression in order to protect one's honour.  This is simply what is expected among Muslims. If a person is not ready to show aggression towards a critic, it is dishonourable among Muslims.

Seen from the perspective of Western psychology this is not honourable, but a sign of bad self confidence.  People who cannot handle being criticised and become angry when people are questioning their values and behaviour,  are not honourable.  They are insecure.  And even more: We Westerners think that if people get angry when criticised - it is probably because there is some truth in the criticism.  One of the reasons that 7 out of 10 prisoners in the youth prison I worked in have a Muslim background, is that they had used violence to protect themselves against some kind of criticism.  Not very constructive.

A third difference concerns whether people feel that their lives are controlled mainly by themselves or by outer factors. In psychology it is called inner and outer locus of control. The West is very much dominated by an experience of inner locus of control. We know that our view on things, our choices, our way of handling our feelings, the way we choose to respond to others etc. is the main factor giving our lives direction.  We have a whole industry built up around this cultural trait - I am part of this industry myself.  Millions of psychologists, coaches, therapists, social workers, etc are all trained in helping people to reflect and to find better ways in leading their lives.  If we visit the local library or a kiosk we will meet meters of self help books and magazines that tells us how we can change ourselves and become happier, richer, more efficient or popular, better lovers etc.  Some say that all this self-reflection is too much, but this is how our culture simply is.

Having an inner locus of control is definitely much more constructive because it involves a high degree of self responsibility. The back side of the medal can be - if we go to the extreme - that we take responsibility for mistakes that others do.  In this way the more extreme Christians have something in common with many leftists: They blame themselves for things they have not done because they have too much pity with the ones who are actually creating the trouble.  And this is not good. 

None of all this exists in the Muslim world. And the little psychiatry etc. that exists there is not based on their own culture but on Western science and view on the human psyche.  In the Muslim culture it is outer rules, tradition and authorities that are deciding people's lives, and the space for inner reflection, or questioning the outer factors controlling one's life  --is VERY small.

Having an outer locus of control makes people feel irresponsible for their own actions, less prone to self reflection and a strong victim mentality and a demanding attitude is too often the result.  Victim mentality most often includes the view that victims have the right to defend themselves with whatever means.  Combining a high acceptance of aggression with a strong feeling of outer locus of control is an explosive cocktail.   The ‘Angry victim’ does not show regret when using violence to ‘defend themselves.’ This lack of empathy and regret has sparked a discussion among experts on whether Muslim culture produces psychopathic traits or if it is just a "cultural thing".

Finally a fourth difference concerns tolerance and identity. While we in the West are taught to be open to other cultures, races and religions, Islam teaches an extreme version of Apartheid.  Most of my criminal Muslim clients found it unthinkable to commit crimes against other Muslims - unless it related to rival gangs or honour.  Being Muslim means being member of a certain group that is not limited by country borders, skin colour or nationality.  Muslims are first of all Muslims - even if one does not lead an Islamic life.  Many of my Muslim clients smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol.  They spent most of their drug money on prostitutes and had non-Muslim girlfriends.  At the same time they burned cars and stoned the police and fire fighters rushing to stop the riots when the Danish newspapers re-printed the Muhammed cartoons as a sign of solidarity with Kurt Westergaard specifically and free speech in general. The identity as a Muslim simply goes very deep and this is the main reason why integration will never happen to the necessary extent.


Thank you very much Nicolai Sennels for your time, and for sharing the insights and evidence gained in your work that shows that Muslims are psychologically unable to assimilate in the sense of sharing the same values and vision of a free society that we have. 
The inability to assimilate is traced back to Muslim ‘culture’ (ie Islam) yet we allow Muslim children here to be trained in this alternate, apartheid society by allowing them to attend Muslim schools.
Your work shows stark differences between ‘westerners’ and Muslims with regard to anger and rage (Muslim rage is displayed daily..), personal responsibility, self-reflection and self control, honour, locus of control, empathy and remorse, tolerance and identity and a ‘victim mentality.’

Muslims also display a sense of supremacy over infidels (and racial supremacy as a white Arab society and history is forced onto all Muslims and black people are regarded as inferior and going to hell).  Also clearly displayed is an  intolerance of criticism, an inability to view and treat women and non-Muslims as equals,  and a desire to be segregated from the host society whose laws don’t apply to them (ie religious, racial and gender apartheid).  They identify strongly with the ‘Muslim culture’ even though second or third generation or not eligiously observant.

The small pieces of information we get is that ‘sharia’ – Islamic ‘culture’ operates within Muslim communities in Australia which are in fact alternate parallel societies living parasitically on the host.

Hence we see a failure to assimilate and greater criminality amongst Muslims compared with other groups.   Both result in western governments throwing enormous resources into programs for people who have no intention of changing.

“How many psychologists, social workers and cash does it take to change a Muslim?   FIRST the Muslim has to want to change --- and they DON’T!”

Interview with Nicolai Sennels part 2 looks at females, disturbed sexuality and some consequences for our society.


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Muslim Inbreeding: Impacts on intelligence, sanity, health and society Australian Islamist Monitor Thursday, 25 November 2010 19:05  

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Arabs Hated The Quran

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History - Stolen Heritage

How the Arabs Hated The Quran
Old Quran

Wh y are you a Muslim?
Musli ms in general love to hear the above question because it has a simple and readymade answer in their minds besides it gives them the opp or t u nity to propagate their religion and talk proudly about Islam.


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Lepanto Anniversary

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History - Imperialism

Decisive Victory for the West

At this time of year, it is timely to remember one of the greatest victories of the west against the Islamic world. On the 7th October in 1571, Don Juan and the Holy League, led by Admiral Doria, defeated the larger Ottoman fleet in the Battle of Lepanto, saving Europe from the Turks and militant Islam. The Holy League was a coalition of different armies - of the Republic of Venice, the Papacy (under Pope Pius V), Spain (including Naples, Sicily and Sardinia), the Republic of Genoa, the Duchy of Savoy, the Knights Hospitaller and some others.

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Muslim Jerusalem

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History - Stolen Heritage

Jerusalem - Coat of ArmsWhy do Muslims insist that Jerusalem is their Holy City?
When Mohamed and his faithful followers moved from Mecca to Medina, they found themselves among three Jewish tribes/clans (BANU-L-NADIR, BANU KAINUKA and BANU KURAIZA)  which settled there some time after their expulsion from their homeland and also living there were  two Arab, pagan tribes.

Mohammed, who at this stage needed more followers, decided to win those tribes over and convert them to his newly invented religion.

Islam was yet not as fully developed as we know it today, and Mohammed was still having his sessions with Allah (the Medina period revelations).

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Killing of Banu Quraiza

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History - Imperialism

Did Prophet Muhammad order Killing Surrendered Jews of Banu Quraiza and Khaybar?  A historical Analysis

In the post 9/11 era of this modern-world, Islamists around the globe are busy with ‘damage control utopia’ in order to correct the image of religion Islam. We all know that the nucleus of Islam are: Quran, Hadiths (Sunnah) supported by Islamic histories and biographies recorded by various famous Islamic scholars and historians.

What Mecca?

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History - Early History

A great tragedy of the Islamic control of our universities and political correctness plus the fear of extreme violence if anyone dares question the roots and claims of Islam is ...that nobody dares question the roots and claims of Islam!!!  I want to stimulate interest and offer this summary of information on Mecca from (LINK) which discusses some problems with Muslim claims in a comparison of evidence supporting Islam/Christianity. 

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Yahweh or Hubal

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FlagThere is a very strongly entrenched view among majority of Westerners today that the three main monotheistic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam share one common God and therefore despite the obvious differences, the core foundation of these three religions is the same. 

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