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Conflict of Conscience between Muslim Obama and President Obama, Part 2

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When the first part of this article was posted in the FFI, a reader commented,

“USA wants the people in power to be devout Christians. So, in order to grab presidential position, it was necessary for Obama to convert him to Christianity. But inside, he remains still sympathetic to islam and muslims. And I think a man of high caliber like Ahmed Aboul Gheit will lie what Obama said to him.”

So, the reader has admitted his confusion over Obama’s religion. In reality, Obama’s conversion to Christianity is simply a rumour and he never changed his religion. He was a Muslim before becoming the President and still he is a Muslim, according to the author of the article “Obama fraud illegitimate usurper president smashing the American constitution” [1]

Christian Priest says Obama is not a Christian:

The Youtube has produced seven video-clips where Rev. Don Hamer of Christian Anti-defamation Commission clarifies seven reasons explaining – Why Obama is not a Christian [2] Had Obama been officially converted to Christianity, he would certainly have filed a defamation suit against Rev. Hamer, alleging his propaganda malicious. In one of the videos Rev. Hamer says that in a certain occasion Obama had said that:

“The evening call to Islamic prayer (or azan) is the prettiest sound on earth.”

According to Rev. Hamer, it is impossible for a Christian to say that, because that call for prayer contains such phrases as:

“Allah is the greatest (thrice), there is none but Allah to be worshipped, Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah and so on …”

and all these words contradict the Christian belief. For a Christian, Jesus Christ is the savior, not Allah and Muhammad cannot be the prophet of a Christian. [2]

In another occasion, Obama said,

“Jesus is a historical figure for me, and he’s also a bridge between God and man, in the Christian faith.”

When asked whether he will born again, Obama said,

“Yes, but I retain a suspicion of dogma … I think that religion, at it’s best, comes with a big dose of doubt….I don’t presume to have knowledge of what happens after I die.”

But according to Rev. Hamer, all these words of Obama contradicts what is written in the Bible, particularly in John 6,42 and 6,47. [2]

Obama’s entry into White House is a terrorist attack:

In the previous article, it has been claimed that, Obama’s entry into the White House is also an Islamic terrorist attack, which could be far more catastrophic than 9/11. In fact, a criminal complaint against Obama has been filed with the FBI, that says Obama is involved in the conspiracy of a bio-terrorist attack in the USA using deadly swine-flu virus. Experts estimate that, such a weapon of mass destruction could kill millions of innocent Americans [3].

It has been mentioned in the previous article that Obama glorified Islam in his Cairo speech. In fact, the speech he delivered was written by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the chief think-tank and planner of the Ground Zero Mosque, in the guise of an Islamic cultural center [4]. What motivated Obama to get his speech written by the Imam Feisal. The reason is very simple. They are playing the same game of Islamization of America. While commenting on Obama’s pro-Islamic speech in Cairo and his bowing down before the king of Saudi Arabia, a reader commented,

“He (Obama) forgets that his job is to serve and protect America not pandering to Islamic countries.”

It has been mentioned above that, Obama’s becoming the president of the US is a terrorist attack and is the outcome of a great conspiracy. But it is really unbelievable that more than 80% of the Americans do not think at all, about this development. Regarding this conspiracy, Ali Sina, in his recent article “On The Ground Zero Mosque”, writes,

“The Saudi and the Iranian regimes spend large sums of money buying the loyalty of politicians and the academicians in the west. The western supporters of Islam are not often mere useful idiots. In many cases they are well paid traitors.”

He also says,

“An example that comes to mind is the US congressman Mark D. Siljander who began his career as a zealous evangelical Christian and then went on to write a book, A Deadly Misunderstanding, to “bridge the Muslim-Christian divide.”

 Obama bowing to Saudi king

He argued that Christian and Muslim religious texts are surprisingly compatible, when studied in their original languages. This is of course a blatant lie.

The truth came out on July 7, 2010, when Siljander pleaded guilty to two counts of receiving money from Muslims and supporting Muslim terrorists. /He was indicted in January 2008 on charges of money laundering, conspiracy and obstruction of justice. So it is needless to say that the Saudi and the Iranian governments and the governments of many other Islamic countries have spend fabulous amount of money to the said useful idiots and paid traitors of the US to raise an Obama wave during the campaign of the Presidential election in January, 2009. [5]

Barack Obama was born in Kenya:

In the above mentioned article Obama fraud illegitimate usurper president smashing the American constitution, appeared in the website Australia Islamist Monitor, the author says that the birth certificate, Barack Obama submitted during his nomination was entirely fake. The author also says that he was not born in USA and hence he is not qualified to be a president of the US. “Of course if Obama was born outside the US he is NOT eligible to be president”, the author says. In this context, it should be mentioned that there are so many documents to show that he was born in Kenya, including a taped interview with his grandmother, who said,

“I was present when he (Obama) was born in Kenya.” Even the Kenyan ambassador asserted that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, and all government and hospital records relevant to Obama have been SEALED by the Kenyan government. [1]

Democrat and former Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Phillip Berg, filed a case against Obama’s eligibility in 2008. He claimed a Kenyan birth and listed witnesses and a recording, anomalies with the later registration in Hawaii and confusion over the claimed hospital, and that Obama could NOT be a US citizen. He notes that in Indonesia, both Obama and his mother would have become Indonesian as Indonesia at the time didn’t allow dual citizenship. Obama was listed for school as Barry Soetoro, Indonesian of Islamic faith. When Obama’s mother returned to Hawaii 4 years later, she would need to swear an oath of allegiance to the US to regain citizenship as would Obama at 18 (had he been a citizen initially which seems unlikely). There is NO evidence either swore such allegiance. [1]

More importantly, to suppress the truth, he says that his medical records, his school records, his birth records or his passport records have been lost. He will not release his Harvard records, his Columbia College records, or his Occidental College records – he will not even release his Columbia College thesis. All his legislative records from the Illinois State Senate are missing and he claims his scheduling records during those states years are lost as well. In addition, no one can find his school records for the elite K-12 college prep school, Punahau School, he attended in Hawaii. So, “If he cannot provide irrefutable evidence that he is a ‘natural born citizen’ then he must be removed from the presidency before he destroys the American constitution and America”, says the author. [1]

Muslims in non-Muslim countries:

It has been mentioned in an earlier article that the concepts like nation, nationality, patriotism etc are absent in Islam and it divides all the countries in the world into two categories namely ‘dar-ul-Islam and dar-ul-harb. Dar-ul-Islam means those countries which have already come under the domination of Islam. At present, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lybia etc. are the examples of dar-ul-Islam. In these countries, Islamic governments or rule of Islam with Sharia law has been firmly established and the kafirs have been totally massacred, or converted to Islam or turned into second grade citizens.

The literal meaning of dar-ul-harb is the land of warfare. It refers to those countries which have not yet been conquered by Islam and where the Muslims are fighting with the kafirs to bring them under their control. That is the reason why these countries are called land of violence and blood-shed. The ultimate aim of Islam is to turn the entire world into a dar-ul-Islam, or to bring the entire world under the banner of Islam. So, it becomes evident that this goal would be reached only when each and every dar-ul-harb on the earth would be converted into a dar-ul-Islam. Hence the Koran says, “Go on fighting against them till the rule of Allah is not established” (8.39).

So,each and every Muslim, including Barack Obama, who lives in a dar-ul-harb, is not loyal to that country. He is loyal firstly to Allah, secondly to Allah’s messenger Muhammad and Allah’s revealed book Koran, thirdly to the holy places Mecca and Medina, and finally to the Islamic Umma or International Muslim Brotherhood. Therefore, each and every Muslim of America, including Barack Hussain Obama, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Mike Ghouse etc cherish the desire in core of their hearts, to conquer America for Islam and to rule that country and thus, to replace the present Judeo-Christian culture of America with the Arabian religio-political and cultural order. Or, in other words, they aim to turn America into a dar-ul-Islam, or a colony of Arab religious imperialism.

 Who paid for Obama's education?

In fact, Islam is a non-spiritual political creed. It is not a religion, but a political party and each and every mosque is its party office. And most of all, these mosques are Islamic military outposts. The religious address (khutba) delivered by the imams of the mosques after the Friday prayers are nothing but violent jihadi and political lectures. So, as a religious group, the Muslims are politically more conscious and active than other religious groups. As a result, as soon as Muslims in a non-Muslim country could sense that the ruling government or the ruling political party is greedy for their votes and has adopted the policy of Muslim appeasement, they start bargaining to squeeze out as much benefit as possible from that ruling party.

And they go on demanding unjust financial, religious or any other benefits and concessions from the government, because they know that government would bow down to their most unjust and illegal demands for their votes. At the same time, they intensify unlawful and criminal or jihadi activities because they know that the government would turn a blind eye to these activities for their votes. In this way, they are determined to carry out such violent jihadi activities till the US is turned into an Islamic country.

What President Obama wants:

There is no doubt that President Obama, being a Muslim, cherish the desire in the core of his heart to turn USA into a dar-ul-Islam and that too, in the quickest possible time. As a Muslim, it is his pious religious duty to do what Allah has said in his religious book Koran. To turn a dar-ul-harb into a dar-ul-Islam, Allah as commanded the Muslims to wage war or jihad against the despicable kafirs and said,

“That you believe in Allah and His Messenger and that you strive hard and fight in the cause of Allah with your wealth and lives” (61.11).

“Jihad is better for you than your sitting back at home and if you do so, He will forgive you your sins, your foulest deeds and admit you into the gardens of eternity (paradise)” (61.12).

“There is nothing in the sight of Allah which may be equated to jihad.” (9.19) and

 “No equal are those believers who sit at home (except those who are old and disabled) and those who strive hard and fight with their wealth and lives in the cause of Allah” (4.95).

As a Muslim, President Obama is well aware of these dictates of the Koran, but time has not yet been ripe to start an all out jihad. But situation favourable for starting a full fledged jihad is to be created. And as first step, Muslim population is to be increased. The present statistics says that, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the US and African Americans, particularly the black convicts in jails are accepting Islam in droves. At the same time, mosques, Islamic schools (madrasas) and jihadi training centers are growing up like mushrooms everywhere in USA.

Obama endorses the Ground Zero Mosque:

President Obama is also aware that, if a 13 storey mosque, in the guise of an Islamic Center called Cordoba House, as planned by the Cordoba Initiative, under the supervision of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, could be erected at Ground Zero, the Islamization of USA would advance by a step further. So, on August 13, he endorsed the said Ground Zero Mosque.

A report: “Obama Endorses the Ground Zero Mosque” [2] said,

“President Barack Obama announced today that he endorses the building of a mosque and Islamic center only blocks from Ground Zero in the Manhattan borough of New York City. Though a recent CNN poll shows that 68% of Americans believe the location is disrespectful to those who died in the September 11 attack and do not want the mosque built there, Obama marked the Muslim holiday of Ramadan by making his announcement of strong support of the mosque being built there.”

On Friday, Aug 13, while speaking at an iftar dinner held at the White House, Obama said,

“As a citizen, and as president, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country.”

He also said:

“And that includes the right to build a place of worship and a community centre on private property in Lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances.”

Obama U-turns from his stand:

But he was forced to backtrack over his enthusiastic support for the building of a mosque near Ground Zero in New York, on the next day, due to three main reasons. Firstly, an opinion poll revealed that more than two-thirds (68%) of Americans are opposed to building a mosque at ground zero. So if he proceeds to build the mosque, by ignoring the public opinion, his Democratic Party may suffer a humiliating defeat in the next Senate Election scheduled to be held on November 2, 2010, for 37 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate.

Secondly, an opinion poll has revealed that, 1 in 5 Americans See Obama as Muslim. The poll released Thursday, on August 19, by the Pew Research Center indicated that only 34 percent of people know the president is Christian. A larger number – 43 percent – say they are not certain what religion Obama practices. Mr. Obama’s faith has long been the subject of Internet rumors. During his run for president, his detractors occasionally questioned the significance of his middle name “Hussein”. But that controversy has now overtaken by strong belief that he is a Muslim, on the basis of his self confessions that he is a Muslim in many occasions as mentioned above.

Thirdly, he had to reverse his opinion regarding the mosque at ground zero due to a sharp decline of his popularity.

A report:

“Obamas job approval rating dips to 44 per cent”, appeared on August 18, in The Statesman, a Calcutta based daily, said, ”The job approval rating of US President Barack Obama has dipped further to a new low of 44 per cent for the week of 9 to 15 August, the latest Gallup poll has said. The drop in Obama’s weekly average was driven by particularly low ratings near the end of the week, with record-low three-day rolling averages of 42 per cent for 12-14 August and 13-15 August polling.”
“Prior to this weekend, Obama’s three-day low had been 44 percent. Additionally, Obama’s disapproval rating reached 50 per cent for the first time in the 13-15 August average,” it said. Obama visited Florida’s Gulf Coast over the weekend as part of a vacation with his family, while his comments about the construction of a mosque near ground zero in New York City became a much-debated topic in the news media and on the Internet. “As is usually the case, the impact of these or other news events on the President’s approval ratings is difficult to disentangle,” the report added.

So, on August 16, Obama took a U-turn:from his endorsement of erecting a 13 storey mosque, in the name of an Islamic Center “Cordoba House” a few yards away from the place where the most dreaded terrorist attack took place on September 11, 2001. But there is no doubt that, as a Muslim, Obama would continue his efforts to the said mosque into a reality.


[1] smashing-the-american-constitution&catid=205&Itemid=59

[2]`Why Obama is not a Christian 7 part video (


[4] Imam Rauf Boasts that He Wrote Obama’s Muslim Speech in Cairo – Atlas Shrugs.flv


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