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Mosque near Ground Zero will be the Symbolic Islamic Victory Flag Hoisted over the Rubbles of American Icon—WTC

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It will be a mortal mistake for America to allow this Mosque to be built so close to the Ground Zero. Like it or not, this Mosque will be the iconic symbol of Islamic victory flag hoisted over the WTC rubbles—meaning humiliating defeat of infidel America by the Islamic jihadis. Mosque will stand as the most provocative insult and a painful slap on the face of America.

Islam in real sense is the religion of great deception. Imam Feisal and his Islamic gang (ASMA) are lying big-time. Western folks having monumental confusion to understand the real purpose of this Mosque and also unable to fathom (because of lack of knowledge in Islamic history) why exactly Muslims are planning to erect just a few yards from the 9/11 site—a Grand Mosque, they call it “Cordoba Hose”.

Mayor Bloomberg and the Downtown Community, and all American lefti- liberals have no idea why Islamists are so hell bent to erect this Islamic flag (Mosque) over the Rubbles of WTC and 3000 innocent dead Americans. They hardly understand the significance of the very name: “Cordoba House” Imam Feisal initially selected for this Mosque. Ancient Muslims invaded and occupied Spanish city of Cordoba where Muslims built a Mosque over the rubbles of a Catholic church as a symbol of their triumph and victory over Spanish infidels; whereas, Mosque over the rubbles of WTC at New York will be a clear triumph and victory over the American infidels by the soldiers of Allah (al-Qaeda) on September 11, 2001.

This had been the quite usual historical practices and fashions recorded in the ancient Islamic history. Islamic Prophet and his disciples, they all did the same whenever they invaded and defeated any non-Muslim nation—first thing they did was the erection of a Mosque in the defeated nation. Islamic Caliph Omar invaded and occupied Jerusalem and immediately erected—al-Aqsa Mosque (Dome of Rock) over the rubbles of Jewish Temple Mount of Solomon. Imam Feisal and his ASMA want to do exactly that.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, head of the American Society of Muslim Advancement (ASMA) is utterly deceiving New Yorkers by his sheer Islamic tactics of lies and deceptions. Imam Feisal is simply lying only to have Islamic success. Islamic Allah duly permits Muslims to ‘lie and deceiving’ all infidels for spreading Islam, the only religion accepted by Allah from all mankind (Quran-3:85 ).

It is most important to focus on one very pertinent aspect of this controversy. This conniving Imam had declared the Ground Zero Mosque (Cordoba House) construction would be completed by 2011—meaning this Islamic flag of victory would raise its defiant head much before the completion of the planned Ground Zero monumental complex envisioned by the infidel U.S. If that ever becomes a reality, the entire Muslim world would be rejoicing to be the ultimate winner. The Cordoba Mosque symbolizing the victorious Islamic flag would have been hoisted over the ruins of the American iconic WTC destroyed by the Islamic soldiers of Allah. Lest we forget those jihadists uttered “Allah-hu Akbar” right before they slammed two aircrafts over the Twin Towers on September 11, 2010. What a shameful defeat to American infidels!

In his book written in 2004, Imam Feisal gave the title in Arabic—“The Call From the WTC Rubble: Islamic Da’wah From the Heart of America Post-9/11”—suggests Rauf is humiliating/denigrating the loss of American life in calling it “rubble,” and by Islamic Da’wah (call) he intends to use 9/11 Mosque as the springboard for proselytizing Islam to America. But in his English title of the same book the title was— “What’s Right with America is What’s Right with Islam.” This is exact technique of Islamic deceptions used by all so called moderate Muslims only to fooling all western folks.

Here are some most important negative and deadliest implications of this Mosque:

  1.  Mosque near the WTC destruction will give electrifying propaganda and triumphing victory-news to all (both radical and gullible) Muslims of the whole world, and it will definitely embolden the very jihadi-spirit of al-Qaeda and fanaticism of all other Islamic terrorists around the world million-folds. It will be the welcome message for them to commit similar atrocities, so that on the rubble of those atrocities similar Islamic monuments can be created for spreading the Islamic da'wa. Would that the best al-Qaeda expected of the dastardly 9/11 terror attack?
  2. Recruits for jihadi terrorists in muslims and non-muslim world will be rampantly increased. Also, this Mosque will be the Islamic proselytizing center, and breeding ground of training and spreading “Stealth Jihad” in America.
  3. This Mosque will act as the “Grand Mosque” at the heart of infidel America and it will be the ‘Trojan Horse’ of 21st century from which giant leap of Sharia (Islamic draconian laws) will sprout by the speed of epidemic in proportion in America, as well as elsewhere in the western world.
  4. America's decade-long “war on terror” campaign, spending trillions of dollars and sacrificing tens of thousands of American and other western lives, will be a total failure. Instead, victory of al-Qaeda jihadis will resonate throughout the whole Muslim world.

Imam Feisal is playing an Islamic deception by the bogus claim of the so called Inter-faith—the tactic of Stealth Jihad:

Imam Feisal is lying big-time about his bogus inter-faith. Islam is the most intolerant religion and Islam does not recognize/tolerate any other religion on earth. Hence, interfaith between Islam and other religions is pure mockery and hypocritical. That, “Islam is a religion of peace” is the ugliest lie one can hear repeatedly. Gullible Muslims can be peaceful, but Islam is a viciously violent religion and never can be peaceful. Radical Islamists (pure muslims) are the most intolerant people on earth. Fact is, Quran is replete with Allah’s clarion call to kill all non-muslims. Readers can find the truth about Quran right here: Terror Manual

Islamic God (Allah) does not like or accept any other religions but Islam (Verses Allah likes only Islam: 3:85, 3:19, 48:7, 14, and 25:2); Quran is repeatedly cursing all non-Muslims (Verses of curse: 3:61, 8:55, 2:191, 9:123, 3:28, 47:4); Allah asking not to take any un-believers, any Christians and Jews as friend (Verses : 4:140, 5:57, 18:106, 10:99, 8:55, 98:6) and so on. How can there be any so-called inter-faith between Muslims and non-muslims? Readers can learn more by reading this article: An Exegesis of Islamic Peace.

The so called “Inter-faith meetings and congregations” are Islamic deceptive trick invented only after 9/11, as part of ‘stealth Jihad’ only to cover-up and protect those soldiers of violent jihad. This is in fact, an Islamic historical technique of war widely practiced by Prophet of Islam in 7th century to fool the Pagans. Prophet of Islam said: “war is a deception.” Present day Islamists also do the same technique of deception practiced by Prophet Muhammad. Any time, any where, Muslims are arrested for terrorism, or some young Muslims were caught red-handed for hatching a terrorism plot, immediately some cunning Islamist Mullahs (from various Islamic orgs) will come out and will beat the drum saying: “Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. Quran never allows killing any innocent human, Islam is a religion of peace!” Muslims in general will mostly deny or repudiate that any true Muslims can do terrorism, or Muslims are ever involved in any terrorism around the world. This is simply an act of cover-up or hiding the real face of Islam. This is only to fool the western Medias and western useful gullible.

Prophet of Islam did exactly the same in 7th century period, when he came to Medina after having clash with the Majority Pagans at Mecca. He also tried to fool all the affluent Jewish tribes in Medina and nearby area in the name of peace-pact with them, only to buy times, in order to gather his supports from all those poor vagabond Bedouins, luring them with booty (spoils of wars) and then after gathering enough strength attacked those affluent Jewish tribes with full force. He assassinated many of his opponents by deceptive techniques. Within 10 years, Prophet of Islam fought almost eighty offensive wars, plundered/looted widely, and killed all non-muslim men, or driven them all out of Arabia, and enslaved women and children (Islamic booty) after occupying all their lands and wealth. Readers please read here: An exegesis on ‘Jihad in Islam' . This is the same technique today’s Muslim immigrants try to follow in their land of immigrations.

Please consider the fallacy of Imam Feisal’s motive and dishonesty. Allah even forbade Muslims to pray for any dead non-Muslims (Quran-9:84)! Here they are, playing ‘cheating-art technique’ so called “inter-faith” of Islamic tolerance with living non-Muslims! What a dreadful mockery and deception by this dishonest Imam! This islamists engaged in stealth-jihad are trying to fool the host nations by their ridiculous so called “inter-faith” nonsense, as long as, Muslims will remain small minority. The moment Muslims will grow at least 5-10% of the host country, they will expose their real face of Islam.

Their ulterior motive of this modern day jihad is to convert and bring entire mankind under the fold of Islam, the “Only true religion of Allah.” That is the main reason why Islamic terrorists are continuously getting silent “nod of consent” from millions of gullible Muslims and hypocritical Islamists like our Imam Feisal.

As per the Quranic teachings (Quran: 98:6), Muslims always consider western life-style most immoral, unclean, and unethical and they can not emulate western life style for simple belief in Islam. Instead, these Muslims living in the western host nations solemnly do expect and wish that sooner or later, Islamic Sharia (draconian laws) will be established and all the western infidels will start emulating the life style of muslim immigrants; hence fulfilling Allah’s wish to bring entire Earth under the fold of Islam the only true religion.

Why need of such a large Mosque in Downtown NYC?

Was there a sudden influx of Muslims in Manhattan? Or, are the inhabitants of NYC downtown have massively converted to Islam because Islamic terrorists destroyed WTC by uttering “Allah-hu Akbar”? Why Islam only needs the so called inter-faith? Will Imam feisal and his ASMA agree to build Synagogue, Church, and Hindu Temple side by side along with this Mosque—so that people of all four major religions can have real game of so called “inter-faith”? Why Saudi Arabia, the cradle of Islam never allows religion other than Islam to practice in their land. Could Imam Feisal answer these questions? As the Muslim Canadian Congress rightly said: "Proposal for a mosque at site of 9/11 tragedy is nothing short of a 'fitna' or making mischief" (

Knowing the enemy is very crucial!

After almost ten years of war on terror, west is still struggling with the real identity or real face of their greatest enemy ever, and erroneously or to keep maintain Politically Correctness, they just can not name the enemy with clarity. Proponents of American ‘political correctness’ do not know that, these Islamic jihadis are fighting from many fronts, in order to subdue American infidels to fulfill their holy wish of converting America into an Islamic nation, to establish Islamic sharia (the draconian) law, and to hoist Islamic flag over the White House. I am afraid, super irresponsible political correctness may allow that to happen soon.

Misguided political appeasements, liberal myopia, naiveté, and reluctance to understand Islamic deception in the name of “tolerance and ridiculous inter-faith”, western democratic rights of freedom of religion etc, etc, are all helping Islamists like Imam Feisal A. Rauf to utterly fool the American politicians very easily.

Most painful episode of U.S. President Barak Obama’s recent endorsement of this Islamic flag “Ground Zero Mosque” is highly insensitive and suicidal mistake by a president of free world. Nobody in America is asking to prohibit the practice of Muslim’s religion; hence it was quite irrelevant to state: “Muslims have the right to practice their religion” by the President Obama. This is sheer ignorance and naiveté by the U.S. President, to say the least. President Barak Obama should ask his own conscience, as to, why Muslims only need a Mosque near the Ground Zero over the sea of blood-stains left behind by almost 3000 innocent Americans killed by Islamic terrorists? I wonder if President Obama would also endorse one such Japanese Imperial “Kama Kazi inter-faith” monument near Pearl harbor; or one such “Nazi inter-faith” monument in London or Paris!

Muslims around the world who deplore the West in general, and blame the "Great Satan” America in particular for almost any bad thing happened under the Sun—will take this Ground Zero Mosque as the symbol of Islamic victory over the western infidels. In the midst of WTC-sacred territory there will be a constant reminder that those who despise our way of life and everything this republic stands for can also use our hard earned democratic freedom and rights against us to destroy our own freedom too!

President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg’s sheer pathetic ignorance about Islamic mindsets and their monumentally erroneous and incogitant decision of endorsing Ground Zero Mosque will always give painful reminder to all New Yorkers passing this Mosque so close to Ground Zero monument. Around the world, radical Muslims and gullible Muslims will remember heroic victory of 9/11 jihadis whenever they will see the picture of this Mosque in the television screen of their homeland. What a painful shame of defeat and utter disgrace for the western infidels!

Syed Kamran Mirza: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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