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Pakistan’s Christians: death, rape, poverty, endless violence and discrimination.

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Some will have read off the sick, shocking shooting dead of 2 innocent Christians in Pakistan on 19/7/2010 (summary below).  A Pakistani Christian describes life in Pakistan and the sheer distress and immense difficulty in obtaining visas to reach the west and safety for family and friends.   In Faisalabad   Christians have fled their homes as indeed they have before and are in hiding as the MUSLIM MOB moves through their largely Christian area.  For Christians there is constant abuse and a precarious existence as any second they can be attacked, raped, stoned, beaten, bombed including when at prayer in their church, or falsely charged with ‘blasphemy’ or any other crime. 

I ask where is the condemnation from our government, politicians and the public?  Where are the worldwide protests at the endless violence, degradation, and denial of freedom and equality to non-Muslims in the Islamic world and the demand that this STOP.  Where is ‘the church’ –Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox who,  instead of uniting and fighting for the rights of others in the Islamic world, play huggy, kissy with their enemies –Islam- and look the other way as a slow genocide is carried out against all non-Muslims.

About 200,000 Christians live in Faisalabad but they cannot live in freedom, safety or equality with their Muslim neighbours.   They live as persecuted dhimmis as noted before eg Copts in Egypt, Hindus in Bangladesh,  non-Muslims in Asia, Africa.   Whether a formal dhimma pact is signed or not is irrelevant, because Islam in its text, laws, example of Mohammad and its culture decree the subjugated, constantly threatened status of non-Muslims, the hated kuffar.  Hence non-Muslims in Muslim majority areas regardless of the country, suffer the same brutal fate.


Christians in Pakistan

False blasphemy charges lead to death of 2 young Christian brothers
Mohammad Khuram Shehzad, a businessman of Railway Bazar,  lodged a claim (1st July) alleging Rashid Emmanuel and Sajjid Emmanuel had produced handwritten leaflets which defiled Mohammad.   On July 4th the brothers were detained at the Police Station under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.

Handwriting experts found that the handwriting did NOT match that of the brothers and there was no other evidence against them.  When presented to the judge, an officer stated there was no evidence against the brothers.  On the 19th of July the brothers were released from judicial custody but Muslims were waiting outside the District Court in Faisalabad.

“As Rashid Emmanuel and Sajjid Emmanuel were walking towards district court’s custody cell with police, the unidentified gunmen opened fire and Rashid Emmanuel felt on ground.
Sajjid Emmanuel stepped to save his brother but gunmen shot him down too. When police tried to fire back on gunmen, they also came under attack and Inspector Mohammad Hussain fell down on ground.
” (PCP July 20 2010)

Rashid died at the scene, Sajjid Emmanuel and a police officer died in hospital.

“The leaders of Christian Lawyers Foundation CLF, Rao Naveed Zafar Bhatti Advocate reported that adequate security was NOT in district court which made easy for killers to fled from scene.” (PCP July 20 2010)

Pastor Rashid Emmanuel was 32 years of age and running a Ministry while his brother Sajjid Emmanuel 24 was helping.

“The Muslims took out a procession on July 10, 2010, when they burnt tyres and pelted stones on Catholic Church Warispura Faisalabad. The MOB threatened that if these brothers are not executed according to Muslim law, the MOB will exact revenge not only on them, but the entire Christian community.” (PCP July 20 2010)

“We demand government and President of Pakistan to repeal blasphemy law by executive order to end genocide of Christians in Pakistan pretext to blasphemy law and other discriminatory laws” said Nazir Bhatti (PCP July 20 2010)

I do NOT refer the shooters as ‘extremists’ because it is odds on that they are simply ordinary Muslims stirred up in the mosque.  It is the local MUSLIM MOB who attack in Indonesia, Egypt, Iraq, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sudan (plus military) and elsewhere.  It was the MUSLIM MOB plus military members who slaughtered the Armenians on many occasions –using kitchen utensils, halal tools, machetes etc.   And of course, under the dhimma pact, the entire community must pay.

Daily life for a Pakistani Christian:  An interview with a Christian from Faisalabad (Punjab)
Current situation:

“Last year Christians in this area were also forced to flee because Muslims attacked.  Some Christians hid themselves in their homes but they (Muslims) used chemicals to set fire to the homes , Christians were burnt alive.   They also took women, girls and raped them so people took the women, girls away this time.”

“Now 2 men accused falsely of distributing pamphlets.  In the meantime, a group of Muslims come into the area; Muslims came to streets number 4 and  5 and threatened them and said we have already burnt many homes, we can come here and burn yours to.  My family lived in  (told to me but not repeated for safetly reasons) –my parents, spouse, children, brothers, wives, their children ...they were forced to flee.  They went to a different place several hours away....They stay away in fear.”

“Muslims say ‘All Christians very bad people.   They encircle the areaMosques announce all Muslims come; Christians insulting the prophet...  It’s their hobby, they enjoy killing and raping girls!

Daily persecution:

“Lots of problems.  They throw stones, beat, woman pushed off motor bike because she was dressed in Christian clothes....”

‘If you are having a home church in Lahore, they come to the door, you’re told to leave Christianity and believe in allah; told allah is written on your hands, otherwise you will have problems....”

Christian boys:

“frequently attacked.   Forced into Islam.   Even if they have Muslim friends they won’t eat with the Christian because they are UNCLEAN.  They have a bad, dirty area for Christians (school).  If the Christians eat from the wrong plate, they break the plate!”

Christian girls:

“Christian girls are poor –they work in Muslim households cleaning.  Muslims rape them, particularly the teenage girls.” 
They have RAPED and KILLED TWO this year  –including one which WAS DOUSED WITH PETROL and SET ALIGHT! – Shazia and Kiran (burnt alive).

 [both girls are from the Punjab.  Shazia,  reported as 12, was tortured, raped and killed by a wealthy Muslim lawyer of the Lahore High Court who employed her as a cleaner –photos show a thin immature child brutally beaten eg Britishpakistanichristian  articles jan 24 and 26, 2010.   20 year old Kiran was raped and burnt by her employer’s son assisted by HIS MOTHER eg Mazhar April 2010.   See further commentary below  re claims of appalling Pakistani and international response to ongoing violence against females and Christians; details of these killings and others, rapes etc]

“If a Christian maid wants to leave they say they will report her, say she stole gold.”
“One maid , they took off her clothes and burnt her in her front part (genital area) with an iron –she died, there was no prosecution.”

Practising the Christian religion:

“You can sing and preach in church but you never know when Muslims will attack.   Can’t preach outside.  There’s no safety.  They attack churches, bombs. “
“There are incidents when told to stop the speakers, no microphones, don’t want to hear Christian voices, or singing...We have limited freedom, it’s CONDITIONAL.”

“If attacked, call the police –it doesn’t work.  Sometimes the police stand and watch the Muslims then do their action AFTER the incident took place.   The police are Muslims, BRIBES etc.  Sometimes they will arrest a Muslim but on the other side they let them’s just so we can’t say anything.”

If Christians state Jesus is the son of god: 

“Big issue in some places.  They argue, allah is not married, Christians are bad, allah has no children.  You are against Islam.  You insult the prophet.  They burn the church –they use chemicals.”

Blasphemy laws:

Anything considered against Mohammad –penalty DEATH.  Insult the Koran –eg tear a piece of paper with verses on it –insult-happens in school.”

“No-one can say a word against Islam.  Blasphemy laws specially made to persecute Christians.”

If a Muslim converts to Christianity:

HANG under blasphemy laws.”


“A Muslim can marry a Christian girl.  The children are Muslim.”

“A Christian man cannot marry a Muslim girl –penalty DEATH for the Christian!

“Sometimes they deceive the Christian girls –then divorce them, treat them badly, say you married a bad Christian lady; they try to force her into Islam; she is a slave for all the relations, all the others...she breeds Muslim children.. She is raped

If she goes to court for the children she can get killed.”


“Studying Islam is compulsory.  Must write things about Mohammad;   must write that Mohammad is good.   In morning prayers you are forced to state Islamic beliefs in prayer, females must cover their hair; forced to repeat verses though not necessarily forced to bend to the floor.  In some areas, (many) forced to become Muslim.”

“There are few Christian schools but still 75% students are Muslim!  Muslim money.  All the students are forced to study Islam as the syllabus is forced by the government.     Any bible study is outside the school curriculum –for Christians only, outside.”

Christians have no money, very poor.  Some schools eg Grammar, you may be able to go but many problems .....and at the end, NO JOBS.”


Limited opportunities:


If you give a job to a Christian you give the lowest job; sweep, clean, very small pay –SLAVES.”

“If Christian somehow gets a ‘good’ job, they are removed by making allegations.  If there is a chance for employment they are treated badly...”

Scholarships etc are in political hands and are given to Muslims.”

Australian embassy for education/employment in Australia:

“Christian children can apply BUT the embassy is staffed by MuslimsMuslims have MONEY so they can claim they will come back so most visas go to Muslims.”

Christians can’t get a visa.”

MUST HAVE A PRIORITY VISA FOR CHRISTIANS in difficult situations –special criteria to save their lives.
You have a special program for Afghani refugees to Australia –you need one for Christians!”

They (Muslims) burn homes, churches, schools; rape women, girls ...many incidents in the last few years”

(End of interview)***

It makes me sick to see Muslims, the persecutors of others flooding here as immigrants, refugees, or on visas of every description while the truly persecuted, those living under Islamic rule cannot get here due to Islamic control of embassies and processing (overseas and in Australia) and the fact that non-Muslims are kept poor making obtaining a visa almost impossible.  

It IS time we had a special category to bring to Australia non-Muslims living under Islam.   Muslims have 57 or more Muslim countries to live in where others cannot live either at all or certainly not in freedom, safety and equality so let Muslims go to the Islamic world, NOT HERE!   Let us bring in the non-Muslims who love our freedom and safety and fit into OUR culture and want to preserve it ---NOT Muslims who come with their own treasonable ideology to take control of Australia and enforce sharia on all which they are doing very successfully at the moment so they get special everything, no-one can criticise their vile ideology and we are eating sharia compliant food without our knowledge and unwillingly paying royalties to Islam for such ‘halal’ certification!

The horror for others in Pakistan is NOT due to the unique culture of Pakistan –the same is found for Egypt’s Copts, Hindus in Bangladesh –all non-Muslims anywhere in the Islamic world.  It is due to ISLAM and the way Muslims in power treat non-Muslims in accordance with Islam’s text, laws and the fine example of Mohammad –it is Islamic ‘culture.’  The laws applying to others (dhimmis, slaves, infidels) are the unchangeable laws of allah.  Such horror WILL occur here and already does in small areas and occasions but it will become the ‘norm’ if we continue to allow Muslims into Australia.

Some Christians eg Fr.  Nadeem support the comments of my interviewee (not Catholic) and daringly note the abuse by Muslims but where is ‘the church’ or ‘Human Rights groups.’

Islam facilitates and legitimates discrimination and persecution.

 Christians are treated like animals in slavery or subjected to harassment, violence and forced conversions.”    “
“There is a widespread phenomenon of kidnapping Christian girls,..with death threats to the poorest families.  Their abduction is followed by ‘conversion’ and forced marriage.”
“Christians in the city –even in a general context of discrimination – live together in ‘colonies.’  They have access to education, social services, to work.  30% can make their way in society, even though here we are exposed to terrorist attacks against churches and Christian areas.”
“In remote villages, rural areas....small Christian groups, often poor, marginalized, and illiterate, suffer the oppression of the Muslim majority and are under the rule of others who make their profit by bullying, to rape, slavery and murder.”
“Christians are often subject to false accusations of blasphemy, to threats of conversion, violence against women, property and possessions.”
there is an urgent need for international pressure.” 

 (SperoNews 2010)

Some recent deaths, rapes etc:
Shazia:  12 or possibly 14, a thin, undeveloped girl who worked as a live-in cleaner for the wealthy lawyer Mohammed Naeem.  She has head, neck and chest injuries and there are claims of rape and torture.

Claims are made that she hasn’t been paid for 8 months, received little food, and worked endlessly on a wide variety of task including working outside in the freezing cold.  Mohammed says she fell down stairs and though in prison expects to be released and has threatened the family!

Children work because Christian communities, denied education and decent employment are destitute.

80% of Christians in Pakistan are domestic workers much due to limited employment and educational opportunities. Only 8% of Pakistani Christians are literate a damning indictment in this modern world we live in” (britishpakistanichristian Jan 26 2010).

Kiran George, 20: was allegedly burned by suspect Muhammad Ahmed Raza in March 2010 after she became pregnant and wanted to report his months of sexual abuse to the police. Kiran died on the 11th March with 80% of her body burned.

She told the police what happened  (this may seem strange but when people have such massive severe burns the nerve endings are also burnt so they stop transmitting pain and often the person can speak...)
She told police how Raza and his mother asked her to come to the top of the house where they poured petrol over her..

Apparently Raza’s brother rushed her to hospital.

 She alleged that the rich Muslim family "bribed" police "heavily" not to launch procedures against the suspects. 

Her body was returned to her impoverished parents living in the slum area, Sheikhupura.  (Mazhar 2010)

If you think it’s just in this area, think again.  In Sindh a Christian student nurse Magdelene was raped and thrown out of a 4th story window on July 13th by a Muslim doctor (Muslim doctor anyone?).  Magdelene fights for her life in intensive care. (PCP July 2010)

And Christian domestic servant Martha Masih, 33, was raped by possibly three police officers in a police station of the town of Rawalpindi, March 19, after she and her husband refused to convert to Islam, several Christian and law enforcement officials confirmed to BosNewsLife. Her husband, 38-year-old driver Arshed Masih, was reportedly burned outside the station and died of his injuries March 23. (Mazhar 2010)

People blame ‘poverty’ but the poverty is enforced on non-Muslims under Islam’s text and laws that discriminate against non-Muslims and these translate into the culture and practice of Muslims the world over towards non-Muslims whether formal 'sharia' exists or not.

People try to claim it’s not religious violence or persecution but “Only recently we heard of 15,000 toilet cleaners that have lost their employment in a government employee cull. Over 12,000 were Christians and my point would be why is it always our community that has the worse jobs? It is this fact that subjects us to the cultural revilement and abuse from some of the Muslim population.”(Britishpakistanichristian 24th jan 2010).

Writers note discriminatory practices;  corruption of police, statutory authorities and organisations;  lack of free education and child protection;  the need to remove compulsory Islamic education; bribes paid to avoid prosecution etc; Judiciary twisting rules to appease offenders; the failure of government, police, NGOs, SOCIETY to demand justice and to STOP such acts occurring in the future.  Following the failure of the police, the government simply pays the family a bit of money as ‘compensation.’ (Azeem 2010, britishpakistanichristian Jan 24, 26 2010)

Islam is the problem.  Desecrating a Koran can get you life imprisonment but desecrating the holy books of others –who cares! ( Marisol 2010)

 Please read the ‘The Opinionator’ for a wide view of abuse of females and boys across the middle-east  --this applies for foreign workers and indigenous non-Muslim workers and Muslims bringing slaves into the west..
Is Australia, the church, Human rights groups, the western public demanding the  resignation of Federal Minister for Minorities Shahbaz Bhatti (selected by the Pakistan People’s Party , not by Christians) on his misleading presentations on Christian rights in Pakistan before EPP and EU Parliament during Religious Freedom Resolution in Pakistan?  Indeed the role of bishops and others in collaboration with Islamists in Pakistan is truly disgusting and includes the lie that sharia ‘protects’ minorities (from slaughter by Muslims providing they submit) when it relegates them to the lowest, most vulnerable, exploited condition possible (see Dhimmitude. What is it May 29th; Dhimmitude Laws and you –Economic/political May 30th and Dhimmitude Laws and you –social/religious June 16th –which should reveal the real horror of Islam’s text and laws –this site.).  Pakistan selects these compliant others who are then allowed to travel to the west spreading a false favourable picture of Pakistani treatment of Christians and others.(PCP has some history on those who collaborate with the Muslim oppressors –July 25th a, b, )

And does the Myer Foundation, University of Melbourne, Australian Curriculum Studies Association, our education departments  etc care a jot about the distress caused to children escaping Islamic violence when subjected in our ‘secular’ schools to the obscene propaganda exercise  ‘Learning from one another.  Bringing Muslim perspectives into Australian schools.’  Let’s hear from those persecuted by ISLAM instead!! 

As for our politicians or academics...trawling for Muslim votes and oil money!


a)  Recently (June 2010)  the Afghani government called for the killing of converts to Christianity.

b) Nagla al-Imam of Egypt – graduate of al-Azhar University and expert in sharia has, with her children, converted to Christianity only to be tortured, beaten by Egyptian security people and attacked by the MUSLIM MOB–and more recently she and her children are missing.


1) Britishpakistanichristian.  Sadistic rape and killing of Shazia Bashir a 12 year old Christian girl in Pakistan Sunday, 24 January 2010.

2) Britishpakistanichristian.  Shazia Bashir child labour victim (RIP) Tuesday, 26 January 2010

3) Marisol: Pakistan: Christian maid burned alive to keep her from reporting rape

4) Mazhar, Jawad. Pakistan Christian Maid Burned To Death  April 1, 2010 
BosNewsLife Special Correspondent reporting from Pakistan

5)PCP  Christian rally against rape of Christian student nurse by Muslim doctor in Karachi  (Sindh).  15th July 2010.

6)  PCP.  Blasphemy accused Christian Brothers shot dead in Faisalabad.  July 20th  2010.

7) PCP a.  Who is clement Shahbaz Bhatti?  By Dr Nazir S Bhatti.  July 25th 2010.

8) PCP b.  Catholic Bishops conference of Pakistan not sincere to repeal blasphemy laws.  July 25th 2010

9) Spero News: Pakistan: Christians treated like animals by Muslims  Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10)  The Opinionator.  Slavery, Rape & Abuse - Modern Day Realities for Middle East Maids  14 May 2009

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