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Obama: fraud, illegitimate usurper president smashing the American constitution

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Congress, the courts, the media and some of the American people are co-conspirators in this dangerous fraud which has placed Obama in the white house.  Recently we heard again that Obama is Muslim supported by his hatred of Jews and patronage to outright lying for Islam.  Despite requests, he has never released his long, full birth certificate and Hawaiian policies would allow a ‘false’ declaration.   The American people must demand his full birth certificate and the release and validation of his social security number, military registration, college and university registration and results, passport etc.   If he cannot provide irrefutable evidence that he is a ‘natural born citizen’ then he must be removed from the presidency before he destroys the American constitution and America.  The military’s allegiance is to the constitution, NOT to this fraud.

Who is Barak Hussein Obama?  What does America really know about him?  His ‘autobiographical books’ are PR stunts and every effort to fill the blanks are met with Obama’s high priced lawyers so records that Americans should have access to remain locked up or disappear. (Baldwin).  WHY?

 Obama wanted open government, transparency, and eradication of deceptive practices etc according to wikipedia’s glowing bio that neither mentions nor provides evidence to answer any of the significant and substantial concerns over Obama.  Obama is in fact the most secretive and deceptive president ever.  Mr open-government Obama’s sealed records include  -

“his medical records, his school records, his birth records or his passport records. He will not release his Harvard records, his Columbia College records, or his Occidental College records—he will not even release his Columbia College thesis. All his legislative records from the Illinois State Senate are missing and he claims his scheduling records during those State Senate years are lost as well. In addition, no one can find his school records for the elite K-12 college prep school, Punahou School, he attended in Hawaii.’ (Baldwin)

Hmm, I’m just a little bit curious, are you?

Some BIG questions need to be answered:
1)  Where is Obama’s birth certificate ---the full long form one!  He’s supposedly born August 4th 1961:
Why doesn’t Obama produce it?   McCain did when his eligibility was queried yet Obama gets away with a NO SHOW and evidence that he is NOT a natural born American!  Also anyone challenging Obama was brutally attacked while those challenging McCain weren’t –why the difference?

Gee, didn’t we see the “Certificate of Live Birth” on a pro-Obama website?  Yes but it’s been declared by several experts to be a phony and is NOT a long form birth certificate.  Despite a large number of lawsuits being filed on this aspect alone, none have received a full hearing (Westernjournalism 2009, Baldwin 2009)

A retired CIA officer commissioned a private investigator to research the birth certificate and the report is presented in Westernjournalism 2009.

And now for the Hawaii connection –remember their leaders have instigated an Islamic science celebration – what they celebrate I can’t imagine given Islam’s utterly trivial contribution compared to Jews, Christians, Hindus, etc!

The investigation turned up absurdities such as the certified birth certificate couldn’t be released to persons who didn’t have a tangible interest.  Obama could have requested it and put this all to rest, but he didn’t!

Then of course Dr. Chiyome Fukino, the Director of the Hawaii Department of Health, October 31 2008,  claimed he had “seen and verified that the Hawai‘i State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures.”

Well, end of story—or is it?  ‘In accordance with state policies and procedures’ –Hmm!  Fukino’s statement has been described as carefully hedged and lawyered and practically worthless (Baldwin).

Research showed that there are many ways a birth could be registered eg

BC1 - By the doctor or nurse in attendance
BC2- by anyone who simply fills out a form and sends it in –possibly from outside the country or filled in by others in the country with forged signatures; 
BC3 - If a delayed birth certificate is required, a parent or possibly grandparent could apply while the parent eg Ann Dunham may not have been present or even in the country;
BC4- If there was no certificate of live birth filed by a physician or midwife (BC1) or other (BC2) and no delayed certificate (BC3) “then a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth could be issued upon testimony of an adult (including the subject person i.e. the birth child as an adult!) if the ‘Office’ of the Lieutenant Governor was satisfied that a person was born in Hawaii”  (Did Obama organise his own birth certificate when an ADULT??  It would be easy to get this through some ‘compliant’ government functionary)

And in 1982, BC5, a 5th kind of ‘original birth certificate’ - Under Act 182 H.B. NO. 3016-82, “Upon application of an adult or the legal parents of a minor child, the director of health shall issue a birth certificate for such adult or minor, provided that the proof has been submitted to the director of health that the legal parents of such individual while living without the Territory or State of Hawaii had declared the Territory or State of Hawaii as their legal residence for at least one year immediately preceding the birth or adoption of such child.”  Ie they will give ‘original birth certificates’ to adults or a child born OUT of the state!  (Westernjournalism 2009)

If Obama’s birth certificate is of the kind BC2, 3, 4, 5 then there is real cause for concern in a system easily ‘corrupted’ where Obama could have been born elsewhere!   Fukino could still say he had seen the ‘original birth certificate’!


a) there’s a tape recording of Obama’s Kenyan grandmother asserting that she was present at his birth in Kenya!  
b)The Kenyan ambassador asserted that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, and all government and hospital records relevant to Obama have been SEALED by the Kenyan government. 
c) There are many witnesses to Ann Dunham’s presence on Oahu from Sept 1960 to Feb 1961, there are NO witnesses to her being on Oahu from March 1961 to August 1962  (Obama born 4th August 1961)
d) No Hawaiian physicians, nurses, or midwives have come forward with any recollection of Barack Obama’s birth.   No hospital record –was he born at home?
e) During the campaign someone told a Washington Post reporter that Obama was born in Kapioliani hospital and his sister said he was born at Queens hospital indicating that there was not and is not any Obama/Dunham family memory of a home birth or non-hospital birth in Hawaii.  (westernjournalism 2009). If he had been born in a hospital he should have a BC1 ---why couldn’t he show it?   (Is it too hard to fake?)


Democrat and former Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Phillip Berg, filed a case against Obama’s eligibility in 2008.  He claimed a Kenyan birth and listed witnesses and a recording, anomalies with the later registration in Hawaii and confusion over the claimed hospital, and that Obama could NOT be a US citizen.  He notes that in Indonesia, both Obama and his mother would have become Indonesian as Indonesia at the time didn’t allow dual citizenship.  Obama was listed for school as Barry Soetoro, Indonesian of Islamic faith.  When Obama’s mother returned to Hawaii 4 years later, she would need to swear an oath of allegiance to the US to regain citizenship as would Obama at 18 (had he been a citizen initially which seems unlikely).    There is NO evidence either swore such allegiance.   IS OBAMA an ILLEGAL ALIEN?
Berg notes further birth certificate problems for Obama and his half sister Maya.
Berg notes that Obama LIED when he registered for the Illinois Bar when he said NONE when asked about former names! (truthorfiction 2010).

The ‘certification of live birth’ shown on the pro-Obama site,  is NOT a copy of a birth certificate and the state of Hawaii until June 2009 did NOT accept its computer-generated ‘Certification of Live Birth’ as sufficient proof of birth in Hawaii or parentage.  It has no doctor or hospital name on it.  Why should the citizens of the United States be content with lower standards for ascertaining the qualifications of their President?  (westernjournalism 2009)

A Kentucky University teacher  (Tim Adams) who worked as an Hawaiian election official overseeing ballots in 2008 claimed Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii and there was NO hospital birth certificate and that everyone in the government knows it!  While ordinary ballot counters couldn’t search birth records, others in more senior positions could.  Adams claimed his office checked both the Queens Medical Centre and the Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women and Children –no Obama birth and none has been provided by any other Hawaiian hospital.

And the ‘certificate of live birth? 

"Anyone can get that [Certification of Live Birth]," said Adams. "They are normally given if you give birth at home or while travelling overseas. We have a lot of Asian population [in Hawaii]. It's quite common for people to come back and get that."  (Kovacs 2010) (note the ease of obtaining certificates above)

And an announcement in the Hawaiian papers ? Adams noted, "I'm sure the [maternal] grandparents were happy to put that in the paper when he got born." But Adams says that doesn't necessarily mean he was actually born in Hawaii.(Kovacs 2010)

And the claims of Hawaii's Republican Gov. Linda Lingle?  As you read this article it gets murkier as the authenticity of a letter is questioned,  no-one will verify anything, and Ms Lingle signs into law the capacity of any organisation to hamper those seeking information   (Kovacs 2010).  Adams mistakenly thinks that Obama is American because his teenaged mother was –but this is incorrect!

Of course if Obama was born outside the US he is NOT eligible to be president. 

Westernjournalism 2009 notes;

“The irresponsible confirmation in the Senate of the irresponsible tallying of votes in the Electoral College does not supersede the clear meaning of Article II, Section 1.  If it is allowed to stand, disregard of the Constitution by all branches of the government would be openly established.  People can debate the meaning of the term “natural-born citizen” as long as they like but this is clear:
If, in 1961, 17 year old Ann Dunham gave birth to a child on foreign soil whose father was not an American citizen, then under Sec. 301 (a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, Ann Dunham could not transmit citizenship of any kind to Barack Obama and this remained until 1986, and still is applicable to persons born during that period. Therefore if at the time of his birth Obama was ineligible for American citizenship of any kind, then he cannot be a “natural-born citizen”.  This is true even if the Immigration and Nationality Act was changed 33 years after he was born.  Even if the law was retroactively changed to grant citizenship (but not “natural-born” citizenship) to some of those who had at birth been denied it.   If a person is not at the time of his birth an American citizen, he cannot be a natural-born citizen.  Therefore, that person is ineligible under Article II, Section1 for the Office of President of the United States.”

Hawaii has continued the cover-up, renaming the brief  ‘certification of live birth’ a ‘certificate of live birth.’ The suspicion exists that the Hawaiian government has destroyed the original  -- if it ever had it –as it now claims to use only digital versions so easily modified and unable to be verified!

His home country????

Westernjournalism 2009 also notes the lies told by Jonathan Alter, senior editor at Newsweek magazine, who told Keith Olbermann on MSNBC on Feb 20, 2009 that:

“They [the Republicans] are a party that is out of ideas so they have to resort to these lies about the fact that he’s not a citizen. This came up during the campaign, Keith. The Obama campaign actually posted his birth certificate from a Hawaii hospital online.”  But it is Alter who resorted to lying to the American people on television. “The Obama campaign” never “actually posted his birth certificate from a Hawaii hospital online.”  On July 17, 2009 CNN’s Kitty Pilgrim lied when she stated that the Obama campaign had produced “the original birth certificate” on the internet and that had examined the original birth certificate.  The certificate is NOT the original birth certificate or a copy of the original birth certificate from 1961.  On the web site, the claim is made that “ staffers have now seen, touched, examined and photographed the original birth certificate.” So is lying about this as well.”

 In Australia we have a brief  ‘extract of birth’ which says your name etc and little else and we have a full birth certificate with far more detail ---still waiting for Obama’s –why can’t he show it!  

2)  Obama’s Selective Service Card: 
According to Federal law, “A man must be registered to be eligible for jobs in the Executive Branch of the Federal government  (including President) and the U.S. Postal Service. This applies only to men born after December 31, 1959.” 

Did Obama register for the draft – or did he do so much later on a ‘doctored’ document (s)?  Did Obama commit a federal crime or was it his friends in the Chicago Federal Records Center where the document should be kept who doctored and signed it?  By law, Obama was required to register and was legally able to do so until the age of 26 (ie by 1987).
Registration is a condition for U.S. citizenship if the man first arrived in the United States before his 26th birthday.  If Obama arrived in Hawaii as a citizen of Indonesia, as his school records and mother’s divorce records indicate, and he didn’t register with SS, he could have been barred from obtaining U.S. citizenship and may not be one now.(Bentley 2010)

In an interview in September 2008, Obama claimed he registered in 1979 when in fact, at that time there was NO requirement for him to register –this didn’t come back into force until 1980.   This claim stimulated some interest and a  retired federal agent, Stephen Coffman requested information on Obama’s registration in October 2008 (though his request seems to have been processed before he submitted it –ie Obama’s file was accessed within a few days of his interview!!).   Mr. Kenneth Allen requested information in February 2009, under the FOIA.    

Both men and others eg Debbie Schlussel , attorney (2008) note many ‘problems’ with the documents that were obtained including errors in dates, stamps, no ID was apparently presented at registration so anyone could have registered, a missing SSN, a missing page, and Obama was in supposedly in California when the form was supposedly completed in Hawaii.  The documents the two men received were NOT the same but had different DLN numbers, different titles and did not match contemporaneous registrations.  Obama’s results were compared with 17 other records.

a) different DLN numbers on the computer generated ‘file screen’–once issued they should remain unchanged though there have been legal changes made. 
The 10 digit DLN number of 1980 had a ZERO added to the end to become an 11 digit number.
Every single one of the registrations processed in 1980 had a zero added to the end of the DLN on the computer printout, a practice that appears to have changed subsequent to that time.

Bruce Henderson, now deceased, whose birthday was also in August 1961, registered on Aug. 2, 1980 at the Makiki station (like Obama) and his SS number is  j ust 27 numbers apart from Obama’s.  The 10-digit DLN on his registration form reads: 0897080613 and the 11-digit DLN on the computer printout reads: 0897 080 6130, indicating a zero had been added to the end. Henderson’s registration was also entered in the same batch as Obama’s on Sept. 4, 1980. (Bentley 2010)

Obama’s DLN should have a zero added – While both Coffman’s and Allen’s registration forms contained the ten-digit Document Locator Number (DLN) 0897080632 in the upper right-hand corner, the computer printouts differed.  Coffman’s computer printout entitled “RIMS History Inquiry Screen” had a DLN of 8089 708 0632.   Allen’s computer printout was titled “Registrant File Inquiry Report” and showed a DLN of 0897 080 6320.

Ie Allen’s one conforms with the practise for other 1980 registrations but the Coffman one does NOT.

Later registrations seem to have an 8 added :

“In fact, a registration dated March 1, 1982 with a 10-digit DLN of 2120360884 stamped on the registration form, has an 11-digit DLN of 8212 036 0884 entered in the computer, which appears to be consistent with registrations added after 1980, and possibly not until 1982.’  An 8 was added at the front! (Rondeau 2010, Bentley 2010))

“It became obvious records were created after the fact for Obama and were later changed. However, the computer access date is frozen on Sept. 9, 2008; two days after Obama appeared on Stephanopoulos’ show saying he registered with SS in 1979 when the requirement was nonexistent (Bentley 2010)

The mistakes made by adding to and changing the fraudulently created record after Coffman’s FOIA request was fulfilled but before  Allen’s was received, provides an "audit trail of the fraud.”   “There really is a conspiracy to defraud the American people” -(Bentley 2010, Birtherreport 2010)

b) Problems with the date stamp:.
The stamp displays “USPO Honolulu, HI Makiki Sta.” with “Jul 29  80” stamped in the center of the circle on three lines. However, the two-digit year is stamped off center as if it should have been a four-digit date.

Obama’s results were compared with 17 SS records obtained via the FOIA.

Every single one of them has a four-digit year stamp, including two registrations processed at the very same post office, one within days of Obama’s.(Bentley 2010)

c)  Obama’s signature on the claimed SS form was compared with that on his presidential candidate’s form –they don’t match (Rondeau 2010).

As Rondeua notes:

“This is proof that not all documents regarding Obama are Exempt under the FOIA, these are considered personal records and according to Judge Zapata are exempt”  and asks -
“Why has this record been made available to the public through FOIA requests, but his birth certificate, college records, school records, medical records, and passport records have not?”  (Was it easy to create and/or modify?)
“Was an amendment to Obama’s Selective Service file made in 1991 or not?”
“Why are there two different DLNs for the same SS record?”
“Why was the record accessed on September 9, 2008, two days after Obama appeared on national TV during the campaign discussing his registration with the Selective Service?  Could any FOIA requests resulting from the television interview already have been received at that time by Mr. Flahavan’s office?  Was someone trying to cover for Obama and therefore accessed his file soon after his public misstatement of fact?”

The form has been accessed and even changed according to some information provided.

“Every document which contains information about his birth or citizenship is either missing, sealed, or has been altered.” (Baldwin 2009)

3)  Obama’s paid education:
Did he pay for his Harvard Law school by student loans as claimed?   The Obama’s refuse to release information and it appears it may have been paid by a foreign source.

“Khalid Al-Mansour, an advisor to Saudi prince Al-Walid bin Talah, told Manhattan Borough president, Percy Sutton, that he was raising money for Obama’s Harvard tuition. Incidentally, Prince Tala is the largest donor to CAIR, a Muslim group declared by the U.S. Government in 2007 as an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorist financing trial. At least three of CAIR’s leaders have been indicted for terrorist activities. Al-Mansour’s admission opens up speculation as to whether Muslim interests have assisted Obama’s career in the hope he would eventually be in a position someday to promote their interests.”(Baldwin 2009)

4) Social security numbers:
Obama has multiple social security numbers.  No, they are not just people with the same name (unlikely anyway) as the addresses attached to the social security numbers are ones associated with Obama in many cases.

Orly Taitz, an attorney who has filed numerous suits against Obama regarding his eligibility to serve as president (Zahn 2009), appears to be the first to discover this. In her suit, representing a number of military officers who are refusing to serve under an ineligible commander in chief, she hired private investigator Neil Sankey to conduct research on Obama’s prior addresses and Social Society numbers and Baldwin reports the results.

In Illinois, Obama’s home state, he had 2 addresses and 2 social security numbers beginning 042 and 364; 6 addresses and 3 social security numbers eg 537 and 2 beginning with 999 in California...(no addresses for NY,  Columbia University) but there’s a new number in Jackson NJ beginning 485 and in Massachusetts while at Harvard and initially in the US senate he used the 042 one at 4 addresses, then 3 years later, he used a number beginning 282 for the address of the United States Senate Office. 

“This mystery grows even stranger as other addresses and Social Security numbers for Barack Obama appear in a dozen other states not known to be connected to him. Again, I am excluding those records with names not spelled exactly like his name.”... All told, there are 49 addresses and 16 different Social Security numbers listed for a person whose name is spelled “Barack Obama.” In some cases, the middle initial “H” is listed (Baldwin)

Finally, the one Social Security number Obama most frequently used, the one beginning with 042, is a number issued in Connecticut sometime during 1976-1977, yet there is no record of Obama ever living or working in Connecticut. Indeed, during this time period Obama would have been 15-16 years old and living in Hawaii at the time (Baldwin).

And his family?  Baldwin reports the research findings -
There are nearly a dozen aliases, at least two different Social Security numbers, and upwards of over 99 separate addresses for Ann Dunham, his mother. We do know she worked for the ultra liberal Ford Foundation but we also know she may have earned some income from pornographic poses.

Obama’s mother and grandparents associated with Communist Party  leaders such as Frank Marshall Davis, a man who, according to Obama’s book, Dreams from my Father, was his main mentor during much of his Hawaiian boyhood (although Obama tried to disguise his identity in his book). During the Cold War, Davis was named by congressional investigators as a key member of a secretive pro-Soviet network that existed in Hawaii at that time.

The lack of documents regarding Obama also extends to his mother (there is a divorce notice) and grandparents where marriage licenses and birth certificates are missing as are records of his grandfather’s claimed military service.  “Much of Obama’s life, his mother’s life and his grandparent’s life have been erased from the records as if they never existed.”

Multiple social Security numbers are often associated with fraud, money laundering and deception.

5) Where are his enrolment and other college records:  Other presidents have released theirs, why can’t Obama?  Was he enrolled as an overseas student?  A Muslim?  It appears that he was ‘Barak/Barry Obama’ at Occidental though there have been claims that Occidental released information, these seem to be false so I don’t include them (see internet, Snopes).  If Occidental had been ordered to release the information then surely the same order could be applied to all his educational records.

There are considerable questions about Obama’s time at Columbia (1981-83??).  Was he actually there or did he just pop back and forth or was he never there at all?   While very few claim they saw Obama, many more claim no knowledge of him at all.

Wayne Allyn Root, politician, entrepreneur, author, commentator etc  graduated Columbia, NYC in the same year and same class as Barack Obama in 1983. He says no one he knows remembers Barack Obama from the graduating class Class of '83 political science, pre-law Columbia University –which could not have been a big class. At the 20th class reunion, Root was asked to be the speaker as no one ever heard of Barack including the guy who writes the class notes and knows everyone.  Is that not strange? (maggiesnotebook 2009)

The Columbia spectator quotes a Micheal Ackerman, a 1984 graduate who claimed Obama was “almost chameleon-like, spy-like, slipped in and out. He tried to keep to himself.”

A Columbia spokesman, Brian Connolly, claimed that Mr. Obama spent two years at Columbia College and graduated in 1983 with a major in political science. He did not receive honors. (I know someone who got a masters degree they never did confirmed by a university!)

Then a Phil Boerner (84) claims he knew Obama from their studies at Occidental College in Los Angeles and shared an apartment at Columbia briefly.(Maggiesnotebook 2009). 

No, I don’t support conspiracy theories but just the same, it’s worth hearing the comments of Rev. Dr.  James David Manning who suggests Obama was a Muslim CIA agent picked up at Occidental who spent most of those Columbia years under the cover of a US student, in Pakistan, Russia and working with the Taliban.   He claims his group’s research plus FOXNews interviews of 400 people show no Obama or Barry Soetoro at Columbia.

He claims Obama on his return demanded entry into Harvard which should have given him a very cushy job on exit BUT he couldn’t take one because he couldn’t pass the security check and so went to work where such checks weren’t required. (available on the internet).

NO, I don’t endorse this because, of course, how do you prove it – but clearly something is amiss and while the truth is hidden and Obama won’t release his records conspiracy theories will grow.  

Apparently Obama DID travel to Pakistan in 1981 –but this could NOT have been under a US passport as Pakistan was on the State Department’s ‘NO travel’ list.  Did he have a ‘British’ passport from his birth in Kenya or an Indonesian one where he relinquished ALL other citizenship?

HOW did OBAMA become a “natural born” American citizen between 1981 and 2008..see parts 6,7 for problems at the passport office.

The reality is that something certainly stinks around Obama (BO).   One of his first acts was to humiliate the CIA which always struck me as very strange for the US president –was this a threat that he knew lots and would destroy people if any gave him trouble?

Root also queried Obama’s grade averages –were they good enough to get into Harvard?  Did Obama have help in high places?  In reality his education at Columbia is rarely spoken of and very few recall Obama at all.  Obama’s name doesn’t appear on the famous Columbians site [].  (Maggiesnotebook 2009)
Why can’t we see his grade scores –we saw McCain’s? 

6) Why was the State Department Passports Office broken into? 
According to a State Department Inspector Generals’ report, Obama’s top terrorism and intelligence adviser, John O. Brennan, heads a firm that was cited in March 2008 for breaching sensitive files in the State Department’s passport office.  A contract employee of Brennan’s firm accessed the passport files of presidential candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and John McCain.

“Sources who tracked the investigation tell Newsmax that the main target of the breach was the Obama passport file, and that the contractor accessed the file in order to ‘cauterize’ the records of potentially embarrassing information.”

“They looked at the McCain and Clinton files as well to create confusion,’ one knowledgeable source told Newsmax.  ‘But this was basically an attempt to cauterize the Obama file.” 
  (Timmerman 2009)

Such files can contain the applicant’s name, gender, social security number, date and place of birth, and passport number and may include documents such as birth certificates, naturalization certificates, or oaths of allegiance for U.S.-born persons who adopted the citizenship of a foreign country as minors.

 The 104 page report released to the public from the Inspector General had page after page blacked out.
The State Department claimed it was all just “imprudent curiosity” by contract employees (Timmerman 2009).  Of course and the death of Lt Harris must be just coincidence!

Even the Obama campaign noted Obama was a foreign national until 18 as his father had British and Kenyan citizenship ...... and his Indonesian citizenship?  Was he ever American let alone a ‘natural born citizen’ ???

 Following the election, Brennan was rumoured to be CIA director, causing concern after his article, entitled “The Conundrum of Iran: Strengthening Moderates without Acquiescing to Belligerence,” appeared in the July issue of "The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science" and recommended, that the next U.S. administration should grant political legitimacy to the terrorist organizations Hezbollah and Hamas, and should exercise “strategic patience” with Iran rather than engaging in “bellicose” rhetoric and coercive diplomacy (Timmerman 2009).

Brennan studied in Cairo.   He ran a company dedicated to security concerns when 9/11 happened.  Frighteningly he is Assistant to the President and deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism.   

7)  Why was Lt. Quarles Harris Jr., 24, key witness in the passport case shot dead?

“A key witness (Lt Harris) who had been cooperating with federal investigators in a federal probe into passport information stolen from the State Department was fatally shot in front of a District church, the Metropolitan Police Department said yesterday.  The investigation was going on at the time. (Washington Times 2008).

Conclusion:  It is extremely difficult to find what is accurate and what is not –many claims are made and I have tried to check the information given but this is very hard.  I certainly haven’t covered everything – eg Harvard Law Review articles (any?),  Illinois Bar  records or law practice client list, Illinois State Senate records, baptism..everything is either nonexistent, ‘lost’ or not released!

This is only a little glimpse at Barry Soetoro (BS) or Barak Obama (BO) or ???.  In Australia, when we think we’re being tricked, lied to, deceived, or someone’s an imposter etc we say ‘don’t give me that BS or bull-shit’ and that’s how I feel about Obama.

Take out the central Muslim in Barak HUSSEIN Obama and you get BO and something certainly stinks around this man who spends a fortune on lawyers to ensure his information is sealed.  Why?  How far will he and his associates go to hide the truth AND WHY MUST THEY HIDE IT!!?

Is there an American of conscience who knows the truth and will stand and speak it?
Why is everyone scared to really get to the truth?   The Justices of the Supreme Court continue to halt all attempts ---who could have faith in these people?   Too many people are afraid of the consequences of revealing that millions of Americans have been tricked, lied to, that America is being ruled by a dangerous fraud with an Islamist agenda to harm America ---and the rest of the world, including Australia.     Even those shock jocks O’Reilly and Beck never ask the hard questions—like where’s the original long form birth certificate...Why don't they??

Wake up America and toss this dangerous fraud out before there is NO America and your constitution is toilet paper! 

Next a look at Obama’s central Muslim, hidden pre-election but now glowing brightly.


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13) Zahn, Drew.  Chief Justice Promises to Review Eligibility Petition  2009.

Worldnetdaily  -  has a big archive on Obama, particularly on his eligibility.

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History - Infidels' Resistance

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was born, lived, fought and won battles against religious and social oppression in the 17th century Bharat or India. He was a shining star in the Indian firmament and is renowned as a champion of the downtrodden and depressed masses. He was and continues to be an icon for the classes and masses alike and is seen as a rallying point for peasants oppressed by foreign rulers, Pathans and Moghuls alike. Sexually exploited women found in Shivaji Raje a protector, a benefactor and flocked to his Hindavi Swaraj to find solace and feel liberated under his saffron flag. 

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Ransomer of Captives from the Muslims

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History - Tolerance Myths

Perhaps some readers might be interested to know that January 28 is considered a feast day among Catholics – actually 2 feast days are celebrated on the same day – one is of ST Thomas Aquinas, the great medieval theologian and philosopher who adapted Aristotle to the western Judeo-Christian worldview. . It is also the feast day of a lesser known person – St Peter Nolasco, the great ransomer of captives from the Muslims.

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Islamic Pirates

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History - Violent Jihad

Barbary Corsair
Somalian Islamic Pirates & Lessons from History
The dramatic rescue of the American cargo-ship captain Richard Phillips from the hands of Somalian Islamic pirates by the U.S. Navy—killing three pirates, holding him hostage at gun-point, through precision-targeting—warrants a review of the U.S. struggle with piracy and hostage-taking in North Africa, which ended two centuries ago.

Raiding trade-caravans and hostage-taking for extracting ransom in Islam was started by Prophet Muhammad. Having become powerful and secure after his relocation to Medina from Mecca in 622, Muhammad initiated Jihad or holy war in the form of raids of trade-caravans for earning livelihood for his community. In the first successful raid of a Meccan caravan at Nakhla in December 623, his brigands killed one of the attendants, took two of them captive, and acquired the caravan as “sacred” booty. The captives were ransomed to generate further revenue. Muhammad, later on, expanded this mode of Jihad to raiding non-Muslim communities around Arabia—for capturing their homes, properties and livestock, capturing their women and children as slaves often for ransoming and selling, and imposing extortional taxes—which sometimes involved mass-slaughter of the attacked victims.

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The Battle of Broken Hill

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Battle of Broken Hill Logo
The First Islamic Terrorist Attack on Australian Soil
On January 1, 1915 two Broken Hill men, both former camel drivers, armed themselves with rifles, an homemade flag bearing Islamic insignia and a large supply of ammunition and launched a surprise attack on the Picnic Train about 3 kilometres outside Broken Hill.

The train carried about 1200 Broken Hill residents to Silverton where a picnic to celebrate the new year was to take place.

The two Muslim men, Gool Mohamed originally a Pashtun tribesman from Afghanistan and Mullah Abdullah from what is known today as Pakistan, decided to wage jihad against Australian infidels after Australia and the Ottoman Empire officially joined the opposite sides in the WWI.

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Jihad Galore

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History - Tolerance Myths

Jihad Galore and the Toledo Whore

Battle of Higueruela

Alhambra - GazelleHow often in conversation with a Muslim, do they quote Spain as the crowning achievement of Islam, where Muslims, Jews and Christians lived in harmony for about 800 years?

And when you mention the killings and massacres, you are told that the Spanish Inquisition was much worse.
This is a misconception, since the Inquisition in Spain was responsible for only between 4,000 and 5,000 lives. [1]

Yet in 1066AD, in a single day, muslims murdered over 4,000 Jews because Vizier Joseph ibn Naghrela had risen to a position greater than them, and of course, this upset the Muslim sensitivities. [2]

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Arabs Hated The Quran

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History - Stolen Heritage

How the Arabs Hated The Quran
Old Quran

Wh y are you a Muslim?
Musli ms in general love to hear the above question because it has a simple and readymade answer in their minds besides it gives them the opp or t u nity to propagate their religion and talk proudly about Islam.


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Lepanto Anniversary

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History - Imperialism

Decisive Victory for the West

At this time of year, it is timely to remember one of the greatest victories of the west against the Islamic world. On the 7th October in 1571, Don Juan and the Holy League, led by Admiral Doria, defeated the larger Ottoman fleet in the Battle of Lepanto, saving Europe from the Turks and militant Islam. The Holy League was a coalition of different armies - of the Republic of Venice, the Papacy (under Pope Pius V), Spain (including Naples, Sicily and Sardinia), the Republic of Genoa, the Duchy of Savoy, the Knights Hospitaller and some others.

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Muslim Jerusalem

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History - Stolen Heritage

Jerusalem - Coat of ArmsWhy do Muslims insist that Jerusalem is their Holy City?
When Mohamed and his faithful followers moved from Mecca to Medina, they found themselves among three Jewish tribes/clans (BANU-L-NADIR, BANU KAINUKA and BANU KURAIZA)  which settled there some time after their expulsion from their homeland and also living there were  two Arab, pagan tribes.

Mohammed, who at this stage needed more followers, decided to win those tribes over and convert them to his newly invented religion.

Islam was yet not as fully developed as we know it today, and Mohammed was still having his sessions with Allah (the Medina period revelations).

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Killing of Banu Quraiza

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History - Imperialism

Did Prophet Muhammad order Killing Surrendered Jews of Banu Quraiza and Khaybar?  A historical Analysis

In the post 9/11 era of this modern-world, Islamists around the globe are busy with ‘damage control utopia’ in order to correct the image of religion Islam. We all know that the nucleus of Islam are: Quran, Hadiths (Sunnah) supported by Islamic histories and biographies recorded by various famous Islamic scholars and historians.

What Mecca?

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History - Early History

A great tragedy of the Islamic control of our universities and political correctness plus the fear of extreme violence if anyone dares question the roots and claims of Islam is ...that nobody dares question the roots and claims of Islam!!!  I want to stimulate interest and offer this summary of information on Mecca from (LINK) which discusses some problems with Muslim claims in a comparison of evidence supporting Islam/Christianity. 

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Yahweh or Hubal

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FlagThere is a very strongly entrenched view among majority of Westerners today that the three main monotheistic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam share one common God and therefore despite the obvious differences, the core foundation of these three religions is the same. 

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