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Perth's Adventure World coughs up

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No doubt everyone has seen this headline, which greeted users of Yahoo today, Monday 24th.

Park to pay for Muslim group's ban

The Park in question, Perth's Adventure World, has had an unpleasant taste of what we at AIM have been warning about for some time. Dealing with muslims is going to come at a cost.

It is unfortunate that it is through events like this that Australians are beginning to realise what it means to live with islam and muslims.

 Our sovereignty has already been breached, courtesy of the UN and Canberra’s craven obeisance to its dictates, so that our borders are no longer ours and the very concept of “border” has been rendered meaningless. Now, in ever increasing, incremental attacks we are witnessing the forced retreat from and erosion of our way of life, all to suit the whims – and lets make no bones about it, claims such as this are the acts of dilettante jihadists – of an obdurate and recalcitrant minority that is intent on foisting its own values onto all of us.

I would hope that, perhaps a bit chastened, someone from “Adventure World” might belatedly read our site and might become better informed about islam, its political nature and intentions and thus be a bit better able to deal with the recalcitrant ‘not quite 2%’.

Whilst they have my sympathy, given with a wry smile, it has to be said, “Adventure World” made a rod for their own backs and brought this ‘fine’ upon themselves – through ignorance.

Their ‘on the fly, off the cuff’ handling of a very radicalised issue should sound a warning to all Australians, as we find ourselves mired deeper and deeper in this travesty of “cultural tolerance”, a “tolerance” that is remarkable mostly for the one-way direction it takes.

Given the highly publicised manner in which the muslim population behave towards the unwilling host, how could the Park not have realised they were on dangerous ground and that an ad hoc response was not appropriate? Sure, the staff are just a bunch of people who take tickets and sell popcorn, but….this is islam…. How could you not understand?

How to loose $16,000:

  • Specifically, making easily refutable and nonsensical claims such as they did, to wit; that the three-quarter length pants and long shirts the women were wearing would require chlorine levels to be raised to counter the unhygienic effect.

I am sorry, but such a trite and inane statement was doomed from the outset, and was grist to the islamist machine. I can almost bet they were cheering when they heard such nonsense as it would have assured them that any ‘discrimination’ case was in the bag. For offering such a paltry “reason”, I’d have hit ‘em for $16,000 myself! YOU MUST BE KIDDING!

The Park did have a valid set of grounds on which to ban the women, and adequate, current precedent, but by being too clever by half and not holding their ground, they ceded the battle. All that was required was this, “They were told their clothing could cause injury because it could get caught in the joints of the water slides.”

There is, as I said, recent and highly publicised precedent for acting in this manner – the recent ‘tragic’ death of a muslim mother, when her headscarf became entangled in the drive mechanism of a go-cart, strangling her.

That IS sufficient grounds alone, given the litigious nature of this day and age. The Park could have easily stood its ground on this basis alone and faired much better in a legal forum. However, making fatuous claims about unhygienic dress???? Doomed.

The women in question, Pakeeza Shaikh, was able to mount a case that she had been “humiliated”. Paltry as this seems to most of us, in this day and age of “Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission” star chambers, humiliation is right up there with assault and battery, robbery and rape. Just ask Danny Scott, of Catch the Fire Ministries.

By going down the path of “hygiene” in a public pool, which is utter nonsense, the door was hurled open for a discrimination case, and as “Adventure World” has now discovered, muslims will storm through any cracks in the cultural dyke.

  • “The group had asked to see the rules that proved their swimwear did not meet the park's standards.” And now, in hindsight, how simple it should have been. A notice regarding suitable attire, posted where all can see. End of argument. Muslims are HERE – you have to be prepared.

I am not a lawyer and was not privy to anything that went on, but it strikes me that allowing the term “park’s standards” to apply, manages to single out the Park from the rest of Australia and by thus isolating them, makes them solely responsible. However, as stated in the article, staff referred to a set of guidelines issued by the Health Department. They should have stood on this alone.

If it were an accepted standard – and I cite again the precedent of the go-kart ‘tragedy’ – it ceases to be “the Park’s standards” and becomes a public standard. NO muslim dress, because we care for your safety!
But, enough of that. I feel for Adventure World but really wish their knowledge of islam and the multi-cultural wars was a little better refined!

So, cutting to the chase.
The Islamic Council of WA has applauded the result as “a victory for common sense”. Now, there’s a group that manifestly know little of “common” sense, judging by what we learn from the Ummah yet here they are, lecturing the kufar on how to behave! There is more of this to come, people.
"We can never count victory in terms of dollars, but in terms of friendship and living harmoniously," spokesman Rahim Ghauri said.

Friendship and living harmoniously.

You are not reading a typo.

Do you feel as though you are living with “Brave New World” speak?

There is not one iota of “friendship” or “living harmoniously” in the actions of Pakeeza Shaikh, her friends or the Islamic Council of WA – another ubiquitous muslim representative body of questionable purpose and intent. (WHY, why, why…. does such a tiny minority need such an abundance of representation? Is there an agenda? Is there a problem?)

What Shaikh did was a blatant act directed at altering the fabric of life in Western Australia. It is only one of hundreds of examples extant in Australia today.

“Friendship”?  Hmmmm, something must be lost in translation. Is this the same friendship muslims are not allowed to have with kufar? Don’t you love how these people piss on us from a great height and then go to great lengths to assure us it is only raining!

What these actions indicate - to an aware eye - is a continuation of an ages old strategy of undermining status quo prior to take-over. The tragedy for Adventure World, and Australia, is that we lack the framework and THE WILL to take islam on, head first.

It is not difficult to hold a position - and to hold it civilly if you must – where it is the muslim who must show the “tolerance” and accommodate themselves to the status quo, not the other way around. As the park manager Grant Laidlaw said, his staff made the decision after interpreting Health Department guidelines.

Furthermore, he states he was satisfied they had complied with safety procedures.
These, on the face of it, seem to place reasonable onus on the woman and her friends to comply. It’s a safety issue. End of section.

If there were some grey area, it does not fall on the Park to define Health Department edicts, but merely to act on them as writ. However, it does fall on the Department to clarify. The Park coped a fine because they gilded the lily. Holding fast to the letter of the law was all they needed do. Now, to convince our elite that muslims must also be held to the same standards!

One law for all Australians. One Australia, not a series of ghettoes.

Fancifully, I’d like to ask Pakeeza Shaik a few questions.

Ok, there you are, sitting in Pakistan or Bangladesh or whatever part of the hellhole Ummah you formerly called home. You are considering a move……and we assume you did some research beyond “what’s the Social Security like?”

Knowing that Australia is not an islamic nation, knowing that muslims are in an insignificant minority, knowing Australia is a self-proclaimed secular society – what possessed you to migrate here? You knew it was a “Western nation”, didn’t you, full of kufar?

What is it that makes you think muslim attire would or should be tolerated, especially considering you yourself acknowledge it is “religious attire”? On what basis do you maintain your exclusivist behaviour, which manifests itself in attire, amongst other things?

Is it the words of Mohamed?

Are you also an “advocate” of other islamist practices, say….halal food in schools – ALL SCHOOLS?
Muslim only swimming days?

Prayer rooms set aside for your exclusive use?

Are you in favour of sharia law?

Are you intact?

Do you have any intention, whatsoever, of meeting Australian expectations at least half way and drop some of your more overt islamist manners and ways?

We have a lot of questions to put to muslims, in fact. You talk of tolerance; do you tolerate being questioned by kufar?
Is it not at least reasonable to ask if you have other agendas and, if so, what they might be?

Don’t bother replying – we know the answers.


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