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"A Muslim victim"

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Of course all Muslims in Australia are victims. A victim of having their otherwise wretched lives taken out of the gutter and given some hope and freedom. No Muslim has a real voice here and apparently that's the way we like it. To illustrate the absurdity of the 'Muslim victim' I want to analyse an article in the Fairfax media published on 5 May. It seems Fairfax are on a mission to improve journalistic standards in the wake of Catherine Deveny.

The article is titled "Ignore super now and pay the price later" by psychiatry registrar Tanveer Ahmed. What it's about I don't really know.

Money vultures can make quick work of any retirement nest eggs.

I struggle to care about my superannuation. It is boring, unseen and I can't touch it for three decades. But caring about super is becoming a critical aspect of being an active citizen. Our culture has seen a dramatic shift in recent decades to an economy and society dominated by financial transactions. Talk about interest rates, property prices and markets fill the news cycle. The presenters narrating the ups and downs of the All Ordinaries are a staple of daily life.

A convincing start...

At work, many of us experience the pressure to be efficient and the risk of unemployment, both for the sake of stockmarket prices. In our private lives, we are harassed by consumerist temptations and payment obligations, while attempting to preserve a small haven of humanity to resist the burden of money management. After each interest rate rise, the Reserve Bank governor is like a ringmaster unleashing a piece of theatre between the government, as represented by Treasurer Wayne Swan, and the leaders of our major banks. The nation state metaphorically eyeballs the chief bankers, threatening further admonishment if they dare raise their rates excessively.

This piece of financial theatre is a local production of a bigger clash between Western governments and global finance, set ablaze by the recent fraud accusation against banking titan Goldman Sachs.

Anger over Goldman's dealings spread from the US to Britain, where Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called for a global levy on the banking industry and a quashing of their unique remune
ration practices.

Lucky you're in Australia, in some Islamic countries you'd be flogged for such outbursts of creativity. Are we getting to a point?

Justice in Malaysia - Flourishing Islamic democracy (according to Kevin Rudd)

Just as money and debt have come to rule our lives like never before, these intermediaries, as represented by companies such as Goldman Sachs or local incarnation Macquarie Bank, have become the high priests of our financial times. They were at the centre of the financial crisis and continue to extract the lion's share of national income. But not unlike Catholic priests, their actions are not always aligned with their client's interests.

This is just vile, degrading and deeply offensive. In Muslim speak it's called racist and Catholicaphobic (no, it's not a word). Imagine if I was writing an article about knitting and randomly added: "But not unlike Muslims, blowing yourself up does not always have the best interests of the community at heart".

You don't even say a very small minority of priests, you say that ALL Catholic priests are paedophiles SOME of the time. Interesting choice of snide joke too. Catholics are appalled by any behaviour that is abusive and want to rid the church of it, for Muslims paedophilia is sanctioned as the example for all Muslim men to follow.


Australian workers and consumers paid $1.5 billion in commissions to financial advisers last year, according to research commissioned by Rainmaker, prompting the head of the Industry Super Network, David Whitely, to suggest there was a profound market failure in the sector. The group supports the government's move to ban commissions for advisers.

The proposed increase in super contributions resulting from the Henry review may only expand the industry's inefficiencies.

The Productivity Commission's recent report on executive pay identified the need for more pressure upon boardrooms from managers of superannuation funds to rein in stratospheric pay. The financial markets and associated shareholders are largely pooled funds of our superannuation.

The British regulator agreed, stating in a report last year that poor bargaining by pension funds contributed to outsized executive salaries, unconstrained by the diffuse ownership of modern corporations. But an element of anger towards financiers is like denigrating the vacuous achievements of some celebrities. On the one hand we ridicule their unworthy fame, but on the other consume every related morsel of news and gossip.

What on earth are you talking about? Are you talking about investment bankers, all financial advisers (not all are investment bankers), corporate CEO's and senior executives or financiers (who are people that lend money). If your point about executives was that their high pay means less dividends to the Super funds then you didn't really make it by adding in a couple random sentences between adviser commissions and anger at financiers. In fact I don't think you even were going there, you just seem to get them all confused. Also, the analogy is wrong but I do look forward to the global celebrity crisis. Still no point.

Likewise, many of us worship at the altar of money, with its associations of security and status and view getting rich as a form of secular salvation. Celebrities and investment banks crystallise the twin peaks of modern aspiration - fame and money.

Here's the point of course..., telling us all about 'real' Western values. In fact do we even need celebrities now? Bankers seem to have it all covered.

The offices of investment companies, especially their trading sections, have a primal quality. There is no pretence of any achievement beyond the making of money. It is sometimes seen as a more evolved job where money begets money, free from the cares of ordinary workers and their modest incomes.

What do you regard as an investment company and have you actually been 'inside' one? I know a few advisers who rightfully feel a sense of achievement because they have made enough money for retirees to live a comfortable, secure retirement. Seen by who like this? Did you just make that up because it felt good?

They are helped by the disappearance of society's traditional revulsion against gambling and usury, and a lost belief in a difference between making money and earning it. This translates into a growing proportion of the nation's talent engaged in devising complex financial schemes, many of which have been called "socially useless" by the British regulator.

Nice work including all of us in what are perceived as Muslim 'values' regarding gambling and usury. Planting the seed for the invasion of Islamic finance are we and how we all should embrace it because it doesn't offend 'our universal values'. Actually, having a harmless flutter has always been a part of the Australian identity and culture, you might have heard of Two Up, Melbourne Cup sweeps, two blokes betting on a fly crawling up a wall? Problem gambling is an issue to be conscious of and dealt with as a society but if anything there is more awareness of it now. Sure I'm part of that Anglo/Celtic mob that seem to have monopolised the Australian identity as you whinge about so often but seeing as this mob and other Europeans built most of this country and remain in the overwhelming majority, what do you expect? What country do you think we'd have if it were settled by Muslims? Certainly not one that your family would have wanted to come and settle in and then have the right to kick in the guts at leisure.

As for usury see my article "Demystifying Sharia finance in Australia" for a cursory but accurate review of the history of usury. The financial system needs a good hard look in the mirror but without the development of such a sophisticated system including the use of appropriate usury we wouldn't have been able to develop such a high standard of living.

A lost belief? Who's lost this belief? All of us? Just the bankers or just the infidels? Or just the people who turn up to an office each day rather than a building site?

The rest of your paragraph, whilst not verbatim plagiarism, was lifted from a Daily Telegraph article on 26 August 2009. It's copied enough that you really shouldn't claim it as your own work. Though Lord Turner actually said "I think some of it is socially useless activity,"

One of the most authoritative critics of high finance, Nobel laureate Paul Krugman, writes in The New York Times: "Much of the financial industry has become a racket - a game in which a handful of people are lavishly paid to mislead and exploit consumers and investors.''

The next sentence Tanveer was "And if we don't lower the boom on these practices, the racket will just go on."

He also said at the time: "The question is whether financial reform of the kind being contemplated would have prevented some or all the fraud that seems to have flourished over the past decade. The answer is yes. An independent consumer protection bureau could have helped limit predatory lending. Another provision in the proposed Senate bill, requiring that lenders retain 5 per cent of the value of loans they make, would have limited the practice of making bad loans and selling them to unwary investors."

But that would of ruined the theme of "the financial system is evil, reached the point of no return and must be replaced" wouldn't it?

He is referring mainly to America. But while it may be better regulated, Australia's financial services industry is not worlds apart, and has escaped closer scrutiny by not requiring a post-crisis bailout.

This paragraph is nonsensical. The reason why it didn't need a bail out is because it is better regulated. It survived the stress test of the global financial crisis, a shock that has forced other systems to the brink. So just what would this scrutiny have uncovered? Some overpaid investment bankers and complex financial trading. We've known that for years.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's policy focus is shadowing US President Barack Obama's, in which a steely determination to sort out healthcare is preceding a foray into financial services, in Rudd's case the superannuation industry.


The junction of the financial markets with the dry topic of our retirement savings is becoming a 21st-century flashpoint in the timeless clash of capital and labour. Those of us who remain apathetic, discouraged by its complexity and abstraction, may help perpetuate the legalised looting.

And it would help if we had access to good information and informed commentary not the barely coherent ramblings of a token Muslim on the topic.

So Tanveer, exactly what was this article about? There seem to be so many unoriginal thoughts confusingly jammed into what was in fact a snide dig at Western values, a cheap religious vilification, mere statements of the obvious and last month's news. What's the idea? Actually there wasn't one, there was barely an opinion. The article was appalling, it was in bad taste, poorly researched, poorly structured and plagiarised in parts.

So would you like us to replace the current Western financial system with Islamic Finance? Is that where this is headed?

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you don't actually understand Islamic Finance. That's fair, you sure don't understand conventional finance, there are many lies circulating about Islamic Finance and unless you've worked in the Middle East or Malaysia recently I wouldn't expect anyone to fully understand it.

The thing with Islamic Finance is that there really is no difference. The industry operates by taking all the current conventional structures and turning them 'Islamic'. They have exactly the same risk and speculative profile. There's Islamic derivatives, Islamic hedging instruments and Islamic securitisations to name a few of the socially useless financial instruments out there. They are often hard to make Sharia compliant but the industry is working on perfecting them and rest assured within 5 to 10 years the Islamic finance world will look exactly like the conventional one.

Even if the Sharia compliance is not quite there yet that wont stop them having a crack. The Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) declared in 2008 that 80% of all sukuks (the so-called Islamic bond) were non-Sharia compliant. But where would any self-respecting financial system be without a bond so something was thrown up in the meantime. Islamic financiers go scholar shopping and will get something to market.

You see the Islamists realised that true global power was only achievable if they conquered the financial domain, that bohemath that can control Governments as you often note yourself. They will only get that by mimicing the current system not differentiating from it.

Regarding fees to advisers in Islamic Finance, where should I start?

As a side thought, Muslims say dole-bludging is OK as it's not the taxpayer's money, it’s Allah's money and Allah is all-powerful. Doesn't this mean that Allah just likes the advisers and bankers better and it's up to him how much Super we end up with? As Goldman Sachs are the most successful of all doesn't this mean that Allah's most favourite are Jewish bankers? 

The purpose of this article is not only to expose a bigot but to provide an example of how ridiculous Muslim favour in Australia is getting. Would Fairfax really get a Christian psychiatrist to give his opinion on Super (if that's what it was)? Every year thousands of bright, talented young Australians graduate from University and proceed to professional careers. For the likes of Tanveer Ahmed, Waleed Aly and others though such an achievement itself extends courting from media agencies and a political voice. Because they're more bright and talented? Not really, it's because of, not despite, being a Muslim. Add to that an immunity from nearly all criticism and they end up looking rather special. I understand Tanveer was named as one of a hundred future leaders of Australia. Based on the above he should be charged with Racial Vilification crimes.

Now I wish Tanveer and anyone good luck for taking opportunities however presented, but see the problem is when the victim remains. In other articles Tanveer writes about the Muslim victim mentality yet projects it himself at every chance. His is just a little more subtle, from expressing resentment at having to pray rather than enjoy Christmas as a kid, to getting checked at airports regularly ("but it makes more sense than searching little old ladies or stray toddlers" doesn't nullify the victim theme), to the always underlying presence of Australia being a racist place because 'white' culture happens to be the most dominant and that 'whites' aren't ashamed of their culture and didn't abandon it the day he turned up. Vile or victim comments are usually made so they can be defended as a joke but every joke has a jag.

Some recent comments of his:

"As with Palestinians and Iraqis, I felt humiliated and dispossessed by an overbearing show of Western force, outgunned by gigantic Christmas trees and ostentatious decorations" and "I have since married a Christian, caving in to my cultural oppressors".

Let me tell you a bit about cultural oppression Tanveer. Mohammedan thugs came to the area now known as Bangladesh in the 13th century. They raped, murdered, enslaved and pillaged the local Hindu and Buddhist peoples. Even if we accept the Islamic view of history that some of your people converted to Islam to escape the caste system (though even this view includes much "Islamic conquest") that leaves you guys as one pretty oppressed people, none of which was imposed by Australians and their Christmas trees. Your people were dispossessed of their culture long ago and to this day remain Arab slaves. All Australia provided was an escape passage.

What else did Australia give your family? Freedom of religion and to build mosques, freedom to criticise us and freedom to join in and forge an exciting new country. All that was asked in return was that Muslims respect basic human rights, the law and democracy and that their religion not infringe on any other person's liberty.

Lets look at another example of his work:

"We are not blameless for this false promotion of Australia having a white, intolerant monoculture, and of Australians being a simple folk whose wealth is dependent on digging things from the ground and not from ideas, inventions and intellectual property. To our own detriment, we often nurture it."

That's not the perception or promotion of Australia internationally Tanveer despite some news organisations enjoying the odd bit of Australia bashing. Any negative perceptions that do exist are simply based on resentment. Is this the view in the sub-continent? Bangladesh and Pakistan are global basketcases and India perfected the caste system so I suggest what they think is irrelevant. Frankly I think you just made that paragraph up again because it felt good to serve your racist purposes. Who's nurturing it? You and your racist mates?

Glad too that you raise ideas, inventions and intellectual property. Most countries in the Middle East still don't have any concept of intellectual property and any laws or registers to deal with it.

While there is some cherry picking of the comments above, they are not out of context and are consistent with his underlying approach. The approach is that all white Australians are racist and unfairly hijacked the national identity, a bias to Muslims "the Australian Muslim community, which has appropriately received disproportionate attention and money..." and downright professional compromise, for example where he stated only a few months ago that "It remains to be seen whether Muslim extremism or continual exposure to extreme trauma was the dominant factor in the Texas massacre" despite overwhelming evidence that Fort Hood was jihad, pure and simple.

At best Tanveer is contradictory like most Muslim educated voices. To the infidel he seems like 'a good bloke', that Muslim we need to see more of and maybe we just got them all figured out wrong. In fact he even claims not to take religion seriously, now there's a Muslim we can live with! Of course the art of Tanveer's writing, like any good Muslim, is in the subtle art of deception. At the end of the day Islam is Islam, there is no Aussie Islam. There are only Muslims and non-Muslims, their rule not ours.

So Tanveer Ahmed, psychiatry registrar and writer, do us a favour and stick to the psychiatry. Better yet, given your belief in the collective good of Islam and its sanctity from individual expression and that "the prophet Muhammad fought for the rights of women, children and the poor" I suggest you see a psychiatrist. On the way home maybe pop into a Catholic Church, there you'll learn about love for all humanity including your enemies. If you're lucky the priest might even tell you the one about The Good Samaritan. If you must write, stick to what you know. I'd love to read a piece on "Stockholm Syndrome and the South Asian Muslim".

As for Fairfax, it would be good to hear a few voices too from the majority wanting to save this country from Islamic capitulation or is this less important than a Muslim psychiatrist discussing our Super. If we must have token Muslim views and participation at least fact check first.

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