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Why Hindu (or non-Muslim) girls must not marry Muslim boys

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The mysterious death of the Muslim young man Rizwanur Rehman, after his marriage with a Hindu girl Pryanka Todi, has triggered a nationwide debate regarding inter-religious marriage between Hindu girls and Muslim boys. As the matter is still under the jurisdiction of the honourable court of law, one cannot say whether it is a case of murder or suicide. While talking to journalists, Mr Hazrat S M Nurul Rehman Barkati, the Imam of the Tipu Sultan Mosque of Kolkata, declared it to be a murder and expressed his apprehension that RSS is involved in the crime.

But it seems more probable to have a hand of the Islamist terrorist groups in the affair. In a letter written by Rizwanur to an NGO, a copy of which is with the local Trinamul Congress MLA, Javed Khan, Rizwan has been reported to have expressed his decision to desert Islam and embrace Hinduism. In fact, Javed Khan was acting as a mediator between Rizwanur and Ashok Todi, the father of Priyanka. 

In this context, one should recall that according Shariah law, it is the gravest sin for a Muslim to abandon Islam and accept another religion and such an apostate is to be punished with death. So it is not unlikely that, the terror groups, after their failure to prevent Rizwanur from deserting Islam, murdered him.

The Constitution of India gives a grown up young man or a woman freedom to choose his/her life partner. So, if a Hindu girl, after attaining the age of 18, marries a Muslim boy of above 21, the law of the land cannot impede the marriage.

It is seen that in most of the inter-religious marriages the boy is a Muslim and the girl is a Hindu. In some cases, Muslim girls are also seen to marry Hindu boys, but such instances are rare.

However, one should not blame the Hindu girl for selecting a Muslim boy as her life partner either, as from her childhood, she has been taught that all the religions are same and one can obtain God by following any religion. Above all, Sri Ramkrishna is said to have told, jato mat tata path (or as many religions, there are as many different ways to obtain God). So, after learning all such false lessons, if a Hindu girl marries a Muslim boy, she must not be blamed. But, really guilty are the Hindu religious gurus who propagate entirely erroneous views about Semitic religions like Christianity and Islam, in most cases without going through their scriptures.

In this context we should mention a booklet titled “Mahatma Mohammad O Tar Upadesh” (Mohammad the Great and his Teachings), written by Swami Abhedananda (published by Sri Ramakrishna Vedanta Math,19A Raja Rajkrishna Street, Kolkata-6) and a perusal of the booklet makes the reader convinced that Islam, as a religion, is far superior than Hindu Dharma and Mohammad was superior to Vedic seers like Vashistha, Vishwamitra and so on. The author in that booklet writes that, even from his childhood, Mohammad was an extraordinarily spiritual man and used to meditate and attain the state of trance very often. He used to attain that profound state of absorption (Samadhi) and experience transcendental vision even when he went out to graze animals. It is really unthinkable how a personality like Swami Abhedananda could have written all these baseless rubbish and pure lies.

In fact, the state of trance is unknown in Arabia and no Islamic scholar have ever claimed that Mohammad used to undergo such a state.

But the Swami has consciously avoided a single word to describe what Mohammad did after migrating to Medina. The author has not mentioned that, how such a spiritual man like Mohammad could have been so non-spiritual to marry Ayesha at the age of 52, when Ayesha, the youngest daughter of his friend Abu Bakr, was a child of 6. The author did not explain how a spiritual personality like Mohammad could have married Zainab, the wife of his adopted son Zeid, when he was 56. The author did not care to mention how such a spiritual man like Mohammad could massacre the entire population of Jews, belonging to the Koreiza clan, of Medina. The incident took place in 626 AD. Eight hundred males were butchered within a day, and the booty was divided among the Muslims. Women and children, also considered booty, about 1000 in number, were sold as slaves while the young Koreiza women were distributed among the Prophet and his associates. And Mohammad, the spiritual man of Swami Abhedananda, took for himself the most beautiful of them, named Rihana, and slept with her on the same night her male relatives were slain in front of her.

The reader will recall that a few years ago, the birth centenary of Dr Mahanambrata Brahmachari, the renowned exponent of Hindu theology, was celebrated with much enthusiasm. This learned man, in one of his writings, wrote, without any context, that, ISLAM is the abbreviation of the sentence I SHALL LOVE ALL MEN. The author did not mention wherefrom he had collected this very important piece of misinformation. In fact, Islam has no headache for loving entire humanity. Islamic love and humanity is strictly confined only among the Muslims. In fact, Islam divides the entire humanity into two groups, (1) Muslims or Momens and (2) non-Muslims or Kafirs. According to Islamic theology, Islam is the only true religion on earth and those who are following false religions are wrong-doers and condemned people. In the eye of Allah, these kafirs are no better than animals and hence he instructs the Muslims to mount any kind of torture and atrocities on them, kill them, burn them and their houses, take their women and children as captives and rape their women, smash their children on the floor and so on, which is collectively known as jihad.

So the Koran says:

We have created, for hell, many genii (races) of men, ….and they are like brute beasts” (7.179) ; “Verily, those who disbelieve our signs, we will surely cast them to be broiled in the hell-fire, so often as their skins shall be well burnt, We will give them new skins in exchange, so that they may taste the sharper torment” (4.56) ; “Whosoever followeth any religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted of him in this life, and in the next life he shall be of those who perish” (3.85) ; “I will cast a dread into the hearts of the unbelievers” (8.12) ; “Therefore cut off their heads, and strike off all the ends of the fingers. This shall they suffer because they have opposed Allah and His Prophet, and whosoever shall oppose Allah and His Prophet, verily Allah will be severe in punishing them” (8.13); “moreover, as for the nonbelievers, I will punish them with grievous punishments in this world, and in the world is to come” (3.56); “Allah loves not the unbelievers” (3.57) ; “ they shall suffer a grievous punishment” (3.77).

The question naturally arises- what inspired Dr Mahanambrata to write all such lies, all such baseless rubbish. Did Mahanambrata ever enquire how many Hindu girls, being misguided by his false portrayal of Islam, married Muslim boys and suffered hellish torment?

Baba Loknath has become very popular today in Bengal. One finds a Loknath Baba Ashram at every locality in the city of Kolkata. One must have also noticed that the reason for extraordinary popularity of Baba Loknath lies in his assurance that “If any one remembers him in distress, anywhere like in a forest, in deep waters or in a battlefield, Baba Loknath would provide protection for him”.

Hindu cowards and fools believe that the Baba would really protect them in distress. But they are not rational enough to think that, if the Baba has really such miraculous power to play saviour for people in distress, then why he is not showing any interest to save the Hindus in Bangladesh, who are victims of bloody persecution by the Bangladeshi Muslims?

However, the devotees of Baba Loknath have made a movie where it is seen that the Baba, with the help of his extraordinary yogic power, goes to visit Mecca. In Mecca the Baba puts up in the house of a Mullah and tells him that he would receive Koran from him and give him Purana in exchange, as if Koran and Puran are same. After returning back to his Ashrama, he says that he has seen three perfect Brahmins (Bipras) in his entire life and that Mullah of Mecca was one of them. It is to be mentioned here that to every Muslim, whether he is a religious Mullah or an ordinary family-man, considers jihad as the highest form of worship of Allah. Every Muslim believes that, if he can kill at least one kafir, Allah will reward him heavily on the Day of Last Judgment (Qiamah). Allah will honour him with the title of Ghazi (slayer of infidel) and allot a place for him in the best part of his Paradise (Jannah-i-Ferdause). Do the devotees of Baba Loknath have ever tried to estimate, how many Hindu girls have been misguided to marry Muslims by the misinformation that Koran and Puran are equal and the false exposition of an extremely communal Mullah of Mecca as a noble hearted Brahmin?

Perhaps it is known to the Hindus of Bengal that in the wake of Partition of India, Thakur Anukul Chandra, being driven out by the Muslims of his native place in the District of Pabna, came to India and settled at Deoghar in Bihar. But after coming to India, the Great Anukul Chandra wrote:

Buddha ishar bibedh karis, Chaitanya Rasul Krishne /
Jiboddhare hon abirbhab, ek-i ora tao janisne //

(O, you fool. You are trying to bring difference among Buddha, Christ, Sri Chaitanya, Rasul Mohammad and Lord Sri Krishna? Don’t you know that there lies no difference among them and they come down to earth only to save the creation whenever they feel it necessary?) So, according to Anukul Chandra, Christ, Mohammad, Buddha, Chaitanya and Lord Sri Krishna, all are equal.

Or Krishna rasul jisu adi nararupi bhagaban /
Tumi je tader murta pratik prerita bartaman //

(Lord Krishna, Prophet Mohammad, Jesus Christ, all are gods in human attire. You are also a replica of them and have been called for at present for a purpose.)

So, in the above verses, Anukul Chandra has equated Lord Krishna to Mohammad, the prophet of Islam. All these verses and other writings of the Hindu religious leaders, that carry extreme misinformation, are sufficient to misguide a Hindu girl to take wrong decision like marrying a Muslim boy. Hence, we cannot blame a Hindu girl if she, being misguided by the above verses, marry a Muslim boy and thus invite an extremely unhappy married life.

Above all, there lies “jato mat tata path”, the great saying of Sri Ramkrishna. Just a preliminary enquiry is sufficient to expose that Shri Ramkrishna had said these words only to mean that various cults of Hindu Dharma, e.g. Vaishnav, Shaakta, Shaiva, Gaanapatya etc. are same and anyone is capable of obtaining Moksha by following anyone of them. It was Sri Mahendra Gupta (Mastermosai) who, due to his limited knowledge, mistakenly brought the Semitic religions in the fold.

Many are convinced that, Ramakrishna Kathamrita, (that contains the said jato mat tata path) written by Mahendra Gupta, is as good as a diary of Sri Ramakrishna and its every detail is as happened at the temple of Dakshineswar. In reality, it is not so. Mahendra Gupta was a school teacher and it was not possible for him to go to Dakshineswar every day after school hours and come back to Kolkata. In those days, due to lack of proper conveyance, it was not possible to go to Dakshinaswar and come back to Kolkata in a single day. So, he could visit Dakshineswar only on Sundays and on holidays used to ask other devotees and take note of what the Thakur had said on other days. After returning home, he used to fill up the gaps according to his own wisdom and experience. So, swami Vivekananda, in the Secret Rules for the Sannaysis of the Belud Math, wrote that an individual who has seen Sri Thakur closely for years, only possesses the right to write something on Sri Ramkrishna.

As a result, Sri Mahendra Gupta, to elaborate “jato mat tata path”, included Semitic religions, and wrote- Hindus, Muslims and Christians drink water from a common pond, but Hindus call it jal, Muslims call it pani and Christians call it water, without knowing what the teachings of those Semitic religions are. The tragedy lies in the fact that, Mahendra Gupta has gone to the other world quite a long ago, but Hindus are paying the price for his misinterpretation.

In addition to that we have the contributions of the nonviolent saint of Gujarat. He used to sing “Ishwar Allah tere naam”, as Allah is Ishwar. Most of the Hindus do not know that Allah lacks the qualities to be called the Ishwar. To highlight this point, Swami Dayananda Saraswati in his Satyartha Prakash writes, “If the God of Quran had been the protector of all creatures and dispenser of forgiveness and mercy to all, He would not have commanded the Muslims to kill the people of other religions”. He also says that due to this reason “The Quran does not appear to have been made by God”.

That nonviolent prophet of Gujarat used to read from Koran and Gita in his prayer meetings and thus had set the misinformation that Koran is as good as Gita. It is very likely that Priyanka Todi, being misguided by these faulty as well as dangerous interpretations, has decided to marry Rizwanur Rehman and now she is paying the price.

When a Hindu girl marries a Muslim boy, it is implied that she must have to embrace Islam. Otherwise the Muslim community would not endorse the marriage. When Indira, daughter of Jawanarlal Nehru, fell in love with the Muslim boy Firoz Khan, the son Nawab Khan, a liquor dealer, both Firoz and Indira were secretly flown to London, where Indira was converted to Islam in a mosque, name changed to Farzanabibi and thereafter their marriage was solemnized according to Islamic rites. But after Rajib was born, Firoz Brought home another wife. So a Hindu girl, when marries a Muslim boy, the net result is that the Hindu society loses one member and at the same time the Muslim society gains one. To describe this loss, Swami Vivekananda has said – when a Hindu goes to another religion, it is not only one number less, but one enemy more.

The matter is not so simple when a Hindu girl enters into the Muslim fold through marriage. The number of children, who will be born out of that wedlock, would also be Muslims and hence the loss is much greater. Even Gandhiji could not allow the defection of an individual from the Hindu fold. When his eldest son Hiralal converted to Islam, he reconverted him to Hinduism with the help of the Arya Samaj.

When a Hindu girl marries a Muslim boy, in most of the cases, it becomes difficult for her to adjust herself in the Muslim family. She finds it difficult to eat beef, to wear burqa, to live under a constant threat of oral divorce (or triple talaq) and most importantly, to marry an unknown man and sleep with him for a night to get back her husband, if her husband, on the point of rage, divorces her with triple talaq. In addition to that, she may also find her husband to bring other wives (as Islam permits a man to marry four wives at a time) and is forced to adjust with her co-wives under coercion and torture. (For example, after Rajib was born, Firoz Khan brought home another wife and Indira came to her father’s house in tears.)

She might also fall victim of sexual abuse by her near relatives, especially by her father-in-law. In Muslim society, when a father-in-law rapes his daughter-in-law, Muslim clerics refuse to accept it as a crime, as Mohammad had married his daughter-in-law Zeinab, as mentioned above. According to Sharia Law, if a woman brings the allegation of rape, she must also bring four male witnesses in her support, otherwise she would be treated guilty of adultery that calls for rajam (or stoning to death) as the punishment. It is needless to say that it is an impossible task for a woman to bring four male witnesses to prove her allegation and hence in most of the cases, there remains nothing for the victim but to keep silence and let the oppressor go scot-free. In Muslim society, every adult male possesses an inherent desire for Hindu women and hence when a Hindu girl enters a Muslim household, she runs a much greater risk of falling a victim of rape by her close kin. Due to too many such reasons, in about 95 per cent cases, the Hindu girls find no other alternative but to return to her father’s house after horrible experience.

So, it can safely be said that the Hindu girls, most of whom do not know a b c of Islam, marry Muslim boys under temporary illusion, and later finds it nearly impossible to adjust her with Muslim life-style. It also becomes difficult for her to seek divorce, as Muslim clerics do not treat a prayer for divorce legal if it comes from the woman. We therefore advise every Hindu girl to think twice before marrying a Muslim boy.

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