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The SUE and SCREW Crew

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Stealth Jihad is alive and well. It had to happen, didn’t it? After all the outrage and spleen splitting over those “Mohammed” cartoons, the Muslims have finally decided to cash in. Why not? They cry poor and complain of being oppressed and misunderstood, and the Dhimmi west provides billions of dollars in aid. Pakistan claims that it needs money to fight those Taliban terrorists, and the USA and the EU provide billions which helps Pakistan build up its military forces. Palestinians cry “poor” and then get hundreds of millions of dollars in aid from the USA and the Marxist EU. The Saudis also want to be “compensated” by the West as their oil reserves dry up! The western governments have still not figured out that all this is to bankrupt our “miserable house” so that Allah will reign supreme. And of course, libel terrorism was made an art form by Khalid bin Mahfouz who successfully manipulated British law to sue all and sundry who wrote about his exploits. So it comes as no surprise that so-called “relatives” of Mohammed are suing over those famous cartoons.

In fact, 95,000 relatives, to be precise, are mounting a law suit.

In this article we will look at the latest episode in Stealth Jihad, designed to bankrupt the West.

The End is Near

No, this not an apocalyptic announcement, but when one looks at the rising Satanic influence of Islam around the world, one could be tempted to think so. However, recently in a British newspaper article, it was claimed that Islam’s plan to bankrupt the West was close at hand.

THE WARS in Afghanistan and Iraq are not going to plan for US president Barack Obama. In Afghanistan, America is about to cross the symbolic threshold of 1,000 deaths writes Lisa Marlow in the Irish Times.

They are not going well at all, the official Killed In Action numbers are grossly under-reported and the casualty numbers are sky-rocketing. The wars are bankrupting America, compounding its $12.4 trillion (€9.16 trillion) national debt.

Allah ‘Azza wa Jall says:

Indeed, those who disbelieve spend their wealth to avert from the way of Allah . So they will spend it; then it will be for them a regret; then they will be overcome. And those who have disbelieved – unto Hell they will be gathered. (al-Anfaal: 36)

SubhannAllah, let the kuffar spend of their wealth, for it will be a source of defeat for them in this life and a torment in the Hereafter. These wars and their greedy capitalist system have brought the west to its knees. Soon and very soon the victory of Allah will come and promise will be fulfilled. These are truly exciting times for the Muslims. Work good deeds ya ikhwaan for our inheritance beckons, and we will soon cast off the shackles of oppression and the mantle of ignominy and arise to take our place of authority over the land:

 “Verily Allah has shown me the eastern and western part of the earth, and I saw the authority of my Ummah (nation) dominate all that I saw.”

95,000 Mohammedan descendants to Sue

NEARLY 95,000 descendants of Mohammed are going to sue 10 newspapers for publishing "blasphemous" cartoons of the prophet.  Faisal Yamani, a Saudi lawyer acting for the descendants, claims that the cartoons - which first appeared in 2005 and caused violent protests by Muslims around the world - are defamatory.

One of the 12 cartoons depicts Mohammed wearing a bomb-shaped turban.
The Sunday Times said that although the cartoons were published by Danish newspapers, Mr Yamani plans to pursue legal action in England, where libel laws are weighted towards the plaintiff.

English lawyers expect that he will argue that the cartoons were published in Britain via the internet.  Mark Stephens, a British lawyer who saw Mr Yamani's missive to the newspapers, told The Sunday Times: “Direct descendants of the prophet have a particular place within Muslim society ... By effectively criticising and making fun of the prophet you are, by implication, holding them up to scandal, contempt and public ridicule. “The question is, is that defamatory in English law?"

He said that although many judges would dismiss such a case, "it is obviously a very highly charged issue and if they do throw it out, it becomes political”.

Mr Yamani has already won an apology from the Danish newspaper Politiken for printing the cartoons.

The cartoons first appeared in Jyllands-Posten as part of its campaign to promote freedom of expression.

However, the paper's offices have been evacuated several times after security threats and the artist behind the bomb cartoon, Kurt Westergaard, was forced to go into hiding. In January this year a man was shot trying to get into his home.

Mahfouz the Serial Suer

Bin Mahfouz frequently responded to criticism by using English libel laws that allow foreigners to sue other foreigners in English courts.He used the threat of lawsuits to intimidate American publishers and writers, in print and on the Internet. While these English libel laws date back to 1849, they continue to infringe Americans’ constitutional right for free expression.  Using British libel laws that allow foreigners to sue other foreigners in British courts, a practice  known as libel tourism,  Mahfouz became a serial suer. He, sometimes together with his sons, sued more than 40 writers and publishers - mostly Americans - because he did not like their criticism. Singlehandedly, on behalf of his royal masters Mahfouz made libel tourism a multimillion-dollar industry for the British Bar, and London the “Libel Capital” of the world.

Double Standards

Consider this recent case from the UK where a recent Muslim convert took the Hotel owners to court because she felt insulted. The BBC reports gives the details of the outcome.

Bounty House Hotel Decision

In March 2009, Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang had argued with a Muslim guest at the breakfast table in their hotel, the Bounty House Hotel in Aintree, about the history of Islam and Muslim traditions. The guest, a recent Muslim convert, who was staying at the hotel while being treated at a nearby hospital, came down to breakfast wearing a hijab, a traditional Muslim headdress covering the hair. It is alleged that during the conversation the couple suggested that Mohammad, the founder of Islam, was a warlord when the guest challenged them about their Christian beliefs. It was also stated that the Hijab was a form of bondage. The couple suffered a huge loss to their business earnings as a result of this publicity, and will get no compensation even though they were cleared by the court. However the Vogelenzangs have been charged with a Public Order offence for using “offensive, abusive or insulting language of a religious nature”.

Consider the Double Standard here.
Muslims can carry placards (as they did recently in Melbourne) stating that “Jews need more Gas chambers”.

Is that not offensive? Is that not insulting to the Jewish population? So where are the charges laid against these people? Even though people complained to the Victorian police, no action was taken as the police have undergone “Muslim sensitivity” training. Is there no such thing as “Jewish sensitivity” training?”

In London, Muslim protestors can carry placards saying “Behead those who insult Islam” or “Bomb, bomb the UK” or that Jews and Christians are “monkeys and pigs”.

Isn’t that offensive and insulting? Where are the police?

Legal Jihad

Suing infidels also serves another purpose besides swelling the coffers for Jihad. It seeks to silence any criticism of Islam or Muslim activity. When Internet journalist Joe Kaufman wrote an article exposing terrorist connections in two American Muslim groups, he was sued by a swarm of Islamic organizations, none of which he had mentioned in his online article.  The technique is called by some "legal jihad" or "Islamist lawfare," and the Thomas More Law Center, which is representing Kaufman in the lawsuit, claims Muslim advocates are using the strategy to bully online journalists into silence.

"The lawsuit against Kaufman was funded by the Muslim Legal Fund for America. The head of that organization, Khalil Meek, admitted on a Muslim radio show that lawsuits were being filed against Kaufman and others to set an example," claims a Thomas More statement on the case. "Indeed, for the last several years, Muslim groups in the U.S. have engaged in the tactic of filing meritless lawsuits to silence any public discussion of Islamic terrorist threats." 

The organizations suing Kaufman also sought to legally deny him certain legal protections granted to traditional journalists, claiming that as an Internet writer, his right to seek a quick and inexpensive dismissal of the case didn't apply.

In an unanimous decision from a three-judge panel of the Texas Second Court of Appeals, however, not only did the court rule that the Muslim organizations had no basis for claiming defamation – since Kaufman didn't name or point to them in his article – but the judges also declared that online journalists do merit the same status and legal protections that their more traditional media peers enjoy.

Though the case against Kaufman is therefore dismissed for now, the Law Center reports the seven Muslim organizations have filed an appeal, continuing their quest for, according to court documents, "injunctive relief related to Kaufman's existing and future Internet publications."

And Legal Jihad continues

CAIR or Council for America Islamic Relations is a big player now in Legal lawsuits for Muslims. Just recently, a Muslim woman is suing because she was asked to remove her Hijab in a court room, and CAIR is taking up her case. Daniel Pipes discusses recent law cases (here).

Even in Australia we are not immune. Reported by Dan Zaremba recently, Mamdouh Habib has won a defamation case against the Daily Telegraph newspaper. Read the story (here).


It is obvious that Legal Jihad and trivial lawsuits against unsuspecting infidels is becoming an important weapon in the Muslim arsenal. There is no doubt that the aim is to bankrupt the West so that Muslims can take over their “miserable house”.

We would love to see a counter action where Islam is taken to court.
The Quran is a “hate speech” book calling Jews and Christians monkeys and pigs.

Infidels are called “the vilest of creatures”, and Muslims are incited to kill Jews and Christians.

What about a lawsuit against peak Islamic bodies?
What about suing Islamic bodies for the damage Jihad does to property?

There is one solution.



95.000 Mohammedan Descendants to Sue
Victory is near
Wars are bankrupting America
UK Hotel owners sued for insulting Mohammed
Mamdouh Habib wins case for defamation against the Daily Telegraph
CAIR and Litigation Jihad

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