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Inching towards sanity

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This is an article about Kevin Rudd’s announcement, via a “Counter Terrorism White Paper”, that muslims, their  beliefs and practices, are ….a bit of a worry.

I have entitled it “Inching towards sanity” but I hasten to point out that this is in no way an endorsement of KRudd and his “policies or “initiatives”. Nor of his predecessors, I might add. If this man and his “government” are heading towards sanity it is only because they are being dragged, kicking and screaming all the way.

No, those inching towards sanity are “we, the people”;
We, who suffer the ineptitude and criminality of the ill-conceived and insane immigration policies that have cursed our land for 30+ years;
We, who will have to subsidise, and defer to, an estimated 28,000 more per year, with no end in sight to this cursed, obdurate invasion.
We, who have watched the rapid erosion of our sovereignty and the even more rapid retractions of our rights to free speech and expression;
We, who have stood by, aghast, as the very people group responsible for virtually every and all acts of terrorism extant in our world have been graced with Australian citizenship and granted unwarranted and unprecedented access to the bounty of our inheritance, the sweat and toil of us and our forebears.
We have been disgusted by what we have seen and angered beyond endurance as these people trash every good thing about this Nation we love.
We have had to silently endure them telling us how degraded and inferior we are, what our position in their imagined “islamic best case scenario” would be, all the while allowing these maggots to feed on us.
For us, there may just be a glimmer of that sanity we deserve. Perhaps the soft-pedaling treatment of muslims – lest we offend – is about to end?

Well, I do not hold any high hopes for outcomes following on from this “White Paper”. I did say “inching” towards sanity. 

Recently I have been reading as much “European Conservatism” as I can find and one conclusion I have found, which most seem to agree on at least in part, is that the twin-pronged attack on national sovereignty that is multi-culturalism/globalised immigration  draws heavily, almost solely, from “stocks” of marginalized and disadvantaged groups, people who are thus far more inclined to “vote left” then any other option presented; so much so that sovereign nations, wishing to maintain a status quo….cannot stand. A Socialist world putsch, designed to weaken and destabilize the “old regimes” - Capitalism and Democracy - is well under way.

A New World Order, in other words, but I digress from Rudd’s paper. Let me just say…. John Howard felt the sting of that areality, when the Chinese of Sydney’s North Shore – wrongly suspecting that “tougher immigration law” would be aimed at them, not the muslim - showed Howard the door. Howard, who had bent over backwards to make their life in Australia possible and rewarding!

Mass immigration is destructive. Rudd is addressing that in the most oblique and desultory fashion.

Let’s face it, Rudd’s “response” is no response at all, more a case of “same old, same old”, never daring admit to either error in original policy or error in implementation. Looking to Rudd for answers regarding islam is like looking to Chairman Mao for democratic reform.

No, WE are not inching towards sanity ourselves. I will adopt a lofty position on behalf of us all and state that we sought its protections ages ago and have steadfastly clung to it as our last bastion against the hordes. For some, this awareness dawned on us over a period of many decades, living with and observing islam, for others it was “all over, red rover” after events like 9/11. The intolerable, excruciating “inching” has been in waiting for our “leaders” to catch up with us. The bad news is….they aren’t there yet.

Look no further than Rudd’s own words, uttered when he announced these ridiculous “initiatives”, that will only inconvenience and hamstring ordinary Australians who pose no threat to anyone….except in our opposition to jihadists, islamists, arabists etc.
“Terrorism is now home-grown and we have to live with it.”

Frankly, this man cannot oversee the installation of roofing insulation; He’s going to curb islamisation and terrorism?

There is, however, a reason for me mutedly celebrating the White Paper:
Kevin Rudd has set precedents that must apply to us all.

  • The language we have used and been vilified for;
  • The questions we raise and the answers we demand;
  • The use of “hate speech” law to crush discussion of islam;
  • The abusive labeling of freedom-loving Australians who dare question and critique, …. surely these must now all have gone by the board?

Simply, if it is now the case that the Prime Minister of Australia can say, in our Parliament, that islam houses intractable, barbaric, warlike adherents in every quarter, then so can anyone? And surely, with the endorsement of the Prime Minster, we can demand answers and actions that are in keeping with Rudd’s newfound “intelligence”?

Further, if the Prime Minister of the Entire Free World and The Savior of Man from Himself – (in his dreams) – is allowed to say there’s something slightly wrong with islam and some of it’s adherents, then surely the entire industry of Human Rights activism, which seems to exist solely to stifle criticism of the “Religion of Peace”, is dead in the water???

I cannot resist a dig - Helen Szoke and HREOC/VCAT, whither now? No “2 Dannies” or people of similar “thought error” to beat up on, because - the Prime Minister agrees with us. Take us to Court and we will call the PM in our defence.

Are the majority of Australian media now going to rationally and honestly discuss “the elephant in the room”? Can we expect to see some intelligent rebuttal of some of islam’s more odious and ridiculous claims?

Well, we can but dream!

This was a led-in from the SMH on the day of Rudd’s announcement:

THE Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, will today try to regain political momentum with the release of the Counter-Terrorism White Paper which warns of an increased threat from people born or raised in Australia who have become influenced by a ''violent jihadist message''. (source)

It’s entirely in keeping with the manner in which these prats behave that there will be “political momentum” sought; maneuverings, power plays at work behind this “announcement” but, no matter. It’s their game, and their bat and ball and we can merely cringe at their willful immaturity. At least “it” is out there and can’t be retracted.

 “It is understood that the Prime Minister's office hardened the language of an earlier version of the counterterrorism white paper and also insisted it should include an 'announceable''. (SMH – Jonathan Pearlman)

 It’s still a game.

Of course Rudd wants some “political momentum” out of it. Let’s face it, he needs it! It would do him and his Ministers, Cabinet and Back-benchers no end of good if they were to pursue this rather unfortunate “lead” the White Paper will open up. He/they might find electoral gold without too much digging at the seam at all. To labor the analogy a tad more, you don’t need to blast deeply to find the truth of islam, don’t have to descend into dark holes; you can pan for the nuggets, as they are all on the surface, clear to the naked eye.

  • Uthman Badar, Hizb ut-Tahrir: "The anti-terror laws were designed to silence Muslims through fear and intimidation."
  • Samir Dandan, Lebanese Muslim Association, “Muslims believed they were punished harder than the rest of us.”
  • Keysar Trad, Islamic Friendship Association, blames the "anger" of Muslims on our own alleged violence against Islamic countries.

Their ideas are not hard to follow, and they are pregnant with implications, which will only gestate as the islamic population increases – change our foreign policy, rat out our allies and friends, side with the Ummah…. and you will have the “peace” of the Religion of Peace.

They say so.

80% of Australians have sensed there’s something slightly skew-whiff about islam too. If our politicians tell the truth and act upon it, why, they might get re-elected! We might be grateful that someone is listening and acting on our concerns.

 KRudd…. you might be approaching dangerous ground here, “mate” (bonzer, cobber bewdy, dinkum, meat pie, struth), where you actually engage with the thinking of the electorate, rather than telling us what we should think. We know it’s foreign territory for you but you might find it a useful exercise, doing what the electorate wants. Going forward, delivering outcomes…… for working mums and dads.


Rude is now in possession of some Ruddimentary  (sic) “Islam 101” information; that (many, some, a few, a lot, an indeterminate number) of muslims believe jihad is “their way” and that all efforts to date have failed to convince them to change this opinion. If his best efforts, fighting Al-Queda/Taliban in Paki/Afghani/stan, have convinced him that cutting off the head of the islamic Hydra only spawns…more heads…. then perhaps he is about to enter the portal of knowledge that concludes…. Islam is inherently dangerous. Perhaps he will have taken note of the increasing occurrences of “good muslims” suddenly behaving like their prophet, and observe the pile of dead bodies surrounding such religious zeal? Fort Hood is only one of hundreds of such cases he might study.  It is such a prevalent occurrence it even has its own name. It’s called “instant jihad syndrome”. Rudd might come to the understanding that islam should be approached with extreme caution and only for the purposes of inoculation, isolation and incarceration. 

Which is what a large percentage of the Australian population want and believe, Mr Rudd. NO MORE…for god’s sake.

The White Paper tells us that Hydra is indeed regenerating, naming Yemen and Somalia as “new fronts” of Al Queda influence. (Gawd spare us all….they are still stuck at Al Queda!!!!) Rudd senses there are perhaps another 8 countries that might be considered worthy of attention….but won’t name them! (Pssst….Saudi Arabia deserves a spot, Kev!)

How many Somali and Yemeni “refugees” do we have now, Kave-in?


Most are unemployed, most are unemployable, as are the Afghans, Egyptians, Pakistanis. All are receiving Social Security of some sort. Probably roof insulation, too.

When Al Q’s Hydra-head respawning started to “take” in Yemen and Somalia, what induced you to bring them here? They can advantage Australia….how?

Did you not see, as many other have, that the “missing link” in the Somali evolution from nation to hell-hole was….ISLAM?

Of course, AIM readers have known for a long time that Hydra also re-spawns heads in Australia. Some feature regularly in news reports. Some of them have radio shows on the ABC. They have their own TV station, SBS, to advance their propaganda. They are not secretive or hard to find.

They are not silent on their intentions.

They didn’t start respawning with the influx of Somalis either. It started with the Lebanese muslim hordes, after the 1972 “Intifada”, when the Bekaa Valley’s best and finest sought a promise of better jihad conditions elsewhere. See, the Israelis had made life a tad uncomfortable for them. Australia beckoned……and Paul Keating was there to greet them.

Rudd’s solution, being a Socialist, will involve spending money on red-herrings. $69 MILLION to introduce “biometric checks” on visa applicants from the 10 top suspect countries, BUT, he “will not reveal the identity of the 10 countries”. However, as these countries have been selected ‘in consultation with the British Government and, in part, were chosen on the basis of the risk posed to national security and fraud’, we can breathe easy. After all, England isn’t a dhimmi nation, is it?

Mr Rudd ordered the white paper in the immediate aftermath of the Mumbai attacks, incorporating it into a statement on national security. The paper found terrorism had ''emerged as a persistent and permanent feature of Australia's security environment''.

Well, yes….we had noticed that too, Kev. Question without notice – one of many that could be posed, but being topical, it will suffice.

“Why did it take 12 years to deport Sheik Maharoun?” (sic) {who cares how he spells it} Didn’t any ALP hack read this mans website? Plain as the nose on your face where HE is coming from! 100% Ummah, 100% Sharia, lot’s a dead infidels….. which is no good news for kufar Australians.

How can the actions of so many other islamic “leaders” NOT be construed as provocative and a direct threat to our democracy? Sheik Hilali, Keysar Trad, Sheiks Feiz Mahomad, Omran, Swaiti?….. bit of a list but, let’s not be too petty.

''The main threat to Australia's security comes from a global jihadist movement, including al-Qaeda and those inspired by a similar world view,'' it says.

Kev’s been to Lakemba mosque, I see. Lot’s of “similar world view” on display there, isn’t there…. or are you just getting around to noticing?

“The Australian” reported that after the latest jailing of terrorists in Sydney, 10 imams and 20 Muslim "community leaders" met at Lakemba, and then issued a statement “demanding police show them proof that the five jailed men had criminal intentions.” Forget the Jury system.

“Until we see the real evidence, we believe that the reason for the arrests and convictions is that these young men expressed or hold opinions that contradict Australia's foreign policy towards majority Muslim countries."

Just imagine! Hilaly wishes to see real evidence .....

Ummm, yep, that will get you jail time most anywhere, when you use guns to make your point. One law for them, another for us; If that “concession” isn’t clear by now, no White Paper will help you, or us.

Meanwhile, outside the mosque, The Australian reported, "a group of young men pumped their fists in the air and accused ASIO of being dogs".

Similar world view? Well, if we change our Foreign Policy, it will be. Easy fix.

The new white paper says the threat has evolved to incorporate one that is more home-grown in nature.

'There has been an increase in the threat from people born or raised in Australia who have become influenced by the violent jihadist message.''

No more muslim immigrants = no more sons born here to kill us. Deportation would also address that equation.

The Howard government, in the post Bali - 9/11 environment, identified al-Qaeda and Jemaah Islamiah as being of particular Australian concern but the world of terrorism has moved on from there. It’s all on Rudd’s watch now, not Howard’s. Neither Al Q nor JI claim to be hegemonic; both claim to be grassroot; both claim to be spontaneous and to be able to self-respawn, Hydra-like; both claim Koranic imprimatur. Both have open advocates here, who quote the same Koranic verses as “justification”, as though somehow the Koran had become something all Australians should be cognizant of and submitted to. It is time for decisive action, not piecemeal bleating and idiotic “Biometric screening”. Action = shutting the door.

I have recently learned of an Israeli academic work, known as “Sharansky’s Anti-Semitic test”. Sharansky states that anti-semitism operates on the following predicates”, the “3 D’s of anti-semitism”, as he calls them:
Double Standard

This is how silencing anti-islamism works too, as we all know.
We are delegitimised – racists, bigots, rednecks, islamophobes, etc.
The double standard of multi-cultural preferential treatment and favor is well known. No defence of Australian values or culture is promoted in Australia today.
Demonisation: Anti-islamism is anathema in political circles. For evidence, look for active anti-islamism in our various parliaments, State or Federal. The silence is deafening. They are scared – and that’s a truth a Victorian politician told me to my face. Scared of reprisal…. In Australia! Why? From whom?

I am no political analyst. (I’m smarter than that!) I’m just a citizen who has learned some appalling truths about islam over the last 23 years. I said we are inching towards sanity, but the sad truth is that islam has been given a mile. We have a long hard journey back to safety.

It is good news that Rudd has fudged himself forward one little inch and actually dared name islam at all, and even names some countries, but that is only putting into public what everyone knows in private, so it is no advance at all.

More pleasing is that focus is now to be more stringent on “home-grown”, but really, this is no solution at all either, while we will have to labor under the pandering industry that sees all cultures except our own as having values that must be preserved and promoted. Rudd’s “response” is more of what we have come to expect from the political classes that got us into this mess in the first place. Diddling around…….

(Personal anecdote: My daughter flew out to Thailand on Tuesday – 5 hours at the airport. She was traumatized by the” full body scan” issue and nearly cancelled. Thanks, islam, thanks KRudd, thanks ASIO. This helps how?)

I will end here with a suggestion; that people read Andrew Bolts excellent piece in today’s Melbourne Herald Sun
As usual, he nails it.

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