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Islamic danger in US government and security:

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Well the heading isn’t a surprise to anyone following the decline of the US under Obama.   Two interviews with people involved in the white house and security reveal the deep infiltration of Islam, the destructive wilful, blindness and ignorance of military leaders (remember Fort Hood) and others regarding Islam and the deliberate promotion of Muslims to positions of power and influence plus ongoing meetings to ‘team up’ with America’s enemies.

This article summarizes two recent videos on ‘youtube’ showing an interview with a defence analyst and counterterrorism agent and two interviews with a former special agent with the FBI, plus a 2010 report of the ongoing talks between the Department of Homeland Security and dangerous Islamic groups (Thanks to Pajamas media).   What happens in America matters for its security and steadfastness impacts directly on our own security.

Video 1:   The Islamic Infiltration, part 1.  Inside our government; armed with our secrets. (PJTV).

A defence analyst and counterterrorism expert was interviewed.  The Pentagon ‘chiefs’ had given the interviewee an assignment to understand what the Islamic jihardi enemy’s ideology and operational methods might be.
The expert said that while he had expected to find there was:

“some basis to the jihadi argument, that there were competing arguments and we could probably leverage these competing arguments but because they were claiming Islamic law as the basis for their action, we had to start there.”

“Over a long period of time I ended up collecting a large body of Islamic law ....  and “realised that if Islamic law is the criteria by which you measure legitimacy/illegitimacy, you CAN”T show that the ‘moderates’ have a doctrinal basis. You can’t show on the statement of the law that the ‘radicals’ are wrong!   I was expecting to find competing views that have some merit, I  was expecting the ‘moderate’ view would be the dominant view and we’d have to figure out these arguments and make these arguments so the people in the middle-east would know what it was and I could NOT find it (the moderate view)...... I could find that you’re not allowed to fight a jihad if you can’t win and that’s a limiting factor, but what Islamic law says is that it SUPPORTS the ‘radicals’ and what they say! .....You get a sense of the language of jihad..It’s pervasive even in the US Muslim community.”

And when he told the joint chiefs in the Pentagon that the radicals have the doctrinal basis, NOT the ‘moderates’

“shock as complete unresponsiveness to the facts! ...... if you have no factual basis to hold a position, you have no professional basis to support it.  If you are professionals, if you have a duty to be competent, that includes a duty to KNOW and if you are a national security analyst......your violation of your oath to be competent, your violation of your oath to protect...It just seems they picked up our whole national security apparatus and moved it from a factual basis to one that supports ‘miracles (mirages?couldn’t get the word)’  It just struck me that when you hit a certain level, your future promotion depended on towing your party line as ...let me rephrase that , towing a NARRATIVE as opposed to orienting on FACT.  I thought it was a complete SHUTDOWN.  ....You see this brief that clearly lays out facts that must be accounted but at a certain point they just stopped coming.....there were scores who got it...but it seems the organisational emphasis was in the other direction.”

Even successful missions using his information was not enough to cause a ‘rethink.’  They refused to accept the fact that the so-called ‘radical’ view was the one in Islam’s text and law which fully supported  (violent) ‘jihad.’

The 2nd interviewee on this video and the next is a former special agent with the FBI. 
Regarding the Holy Land Foundation Trial (see articles this site). 

‘documents show every major Muslim organisation in the US is a Muslim Brotherhood front, specifically the most prominent organisations eg Muslim Public Affairs Council; CAIR, Islamic Society of North America ISNA;  CAIR is Hamas, ISNA is a huge financial entity for Hamas in the US....two groups the US government including the FBI, DHS, State Department look to and utilize to do outreach to the Muslim community in America.    FBI, DHS..invite them in –brainstorm investigative techniques officers use in the field!!!....invite Muslim organisations so investigative techniques, guidelines are OK and NOT OFFENSIVE to these organisations!!  As an investigator, it’s nothing short of outrageous! If you can imagine any group (Mafia), organised crime syndicate, ...MB (Muslim Brotherhood) is more significant than the invite them in to ensure our investigative techniques aren’t offensive...absurd on the face of it but that’s exactly what they’re doing!

(surely revealing in great detail investigative, interrogative techniques..) 

“Certainly, a significant strategic look at how we’re doing things...”
When people advising assistant directors, special agents, FBI DHS, when those are Muslim Brothers, you’re not going to get training that discusses Islamic doctrine and who the MB is –its history, influence, penetration and operation in the US .....
(re counter-terrorism training) It’s given by them, they have been in FBI headquarters, field offices teaching and training our agents and employees.” 

(Is this not too dissimilar to saying that the people determining the landing zones for DDay in Nazi Germany were Nazi SS officials—when all the operational details are done, sealed in an envelope, handed to the Gestapo..they won’t do anything with the information?  How did this happen?)

  “MB long term strategy, well organised, hundreds of front groups support their public relations, their research arms, insinuate themselves into our largest universities.  Have the MUSLIM STUDENTS ASSOCIATION (MSA) on every major campus recruiting for the MB- links campus groups with the most virulent anti-American MB.. ..factually true, evidence from the Holy Land Foundation trial.  MSA, 1st Muslim Brotherhood entity in the US in 1963 for the sole purpose of being and establishing the MB here and it continues today to be an MB entity..expanded, recruits students on campuses in US.

Video 2:  The Islamic infiltration part 2:  from influence to insurrection. (PJTV).


Things have changed so much under the current administration (Obama), wilful blindness.. 

“gross ignorance at the street level in FBI, DHS, first because there is no training and education program in the counter intelligence community government wide, that discusses the MB; who they are; what their objectives are; what their MO’s are; how they are actually operating on the street and especially that their primary objective is NOT violent jihad,  its ‘information’ war, its’ influence’ operation.  They can be in an office wearing a very nice suit and an incredibly warm demeanor , nuzzling up to leadership in the DHS, FBI, State Department and creating a targeted information campaign or influence operation  to get that leader to defer to that individual although that individual is an enemy of the US.   It’s very important because you have to think of it in terms of influence operations and propaganda.  
First thing these groups do is minimise the event and absolutely soften the response by the US government, which is how they put us on our heels and keep us from going after these people”

[As an Auzzie, I have never seen a greater perversion of truth or more shameful response to Islamic jihad in the US than the response to the Fort Hood massacre –with the media’s help we were almost made to feel sorry for the mass murdering Muslim and we must protect diversity-Muslims- not America’s troops!  Could the US response have been more weak!]

(To the new president, the idea of the US being at war with worldwide jihad is fundamentally flawed....what is the level of activity since Obama –claimed his approach would reduce attacks)

“NO, since January last  year there has been a significant increase , actual, attempted, thwarted attacks, surge of activity specially after FEB 09.  ..(They’re ) concluding we are being weak and showing weakness domestically and overseas, certainly our activity here and overseas is indicative of that, therefore you see a spike in their activity if they think we are in a position of weakness and they are in a position of strength”

“(There’s a) Problem with awareness of WHAT the threat is, WHO the ENEMY is in the domestic law enforcement and intelligence units as well as overseas.  With the agency we still have NOT IDENTIFIED THE ENEMY!   It’s now 2010 –IF YOU CAN’T IDENTIFY AN ENEMY, YOU CAN’T DEFEAT HIM!”

“the only people the agency reaches out to members of MB whose stated objective is to wage a civilizational jihad against the US in order to destroy America from within.   In the war on terror the only people we look to to advise us is the MB, many of them Hamas.  Obviously at leadership level, our planning and decision making and our ability to go after the enemy, when the enemy is advising us on how to prosecute this war,’s absurd!”

(Morale?  How does the PC response in the face of mortal danger affect men, women like yourself?)

I know that certainly in the last 8 months with the increase in attack, many thwarted, the people who understand the nature of the threat, and who the MB is and then watch an attack and then watch Hamas officials for CAIR, Muslim Public Affairs Council on CNN, FOXNews, NBC, major networks –it is incredibly demoralising for the people who actually understand the threat and again, that’s NOT the majority of people in the FBI, DHS, because the people advising the leadership tell them the truth is NOT the truth and as long as they deal with MB people the majority of people in the FBI will never get to the truth.  If they do it’s normally doing it by their own self study in their own time.  In 2010 NOT mandatory counter-terrorism training in the FBI for counter-terrorism to discuss in detail MB and doctrine –seems to be quite outrageous.

(there are videos of Muslims in training in remote sites, supposedly satisfies 1st, 2nd amendment rights..but the day the terror cells are activated and go into shopping centres and that a possibility?)

  “not a possibility-it’s for real!   Information from wire taps, informants, other techniques..that these groups here in the US are to be a focal point when jihad kicks off on a grander scale.  They have been captured in conversations...we have informant testimony...witness testimony...they are doing this training , firearms training, killing and kidnapping training, all the various techniques that they are doing as well as hand-to-hand combat, in furtherance of preparing for jihad against the US, is a VIOLATION of FEDERAL LAW ---to conspire to overthrow and wage war against the US!”

(how is the political leadership of this country going to explain to the people if this day comes---when thousands of these killers come out of the camps they’ve known about for 20 years...)

“No idea”


Obama is ‘the commander-in-chief ‘– but whose side is he on?  He promotes Muslims everywhere, praises Islam though its contribution to the world is trivial compared with Jews, Americans, British, Hindus, Chinese etc and attempts to pervert reality by pretending there’s no problem with Islam or Islamic jihad (overt or hidden).  In every way he ensures America is NOT protected and gathers around him people that follow his deadly narrative.  And to prove the point we have already in 2010, US Homeland Security meetings between U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and her senior staff  and Muslim groups known to be associated with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB)! 

The private meeting (others planned) in Washington DC were to stop ‘radicalisation’ and followed the Christmas bomber incident.  Some Sikhs and ‘Arabs’ were also invited along.  Apparently this absurdity is an Obama administration program of ‘information-sharing’ with Muslim organisations copied from the UK where it was suggested by the MB! (3, 4).

Some of the groups linked to the MB included the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)-an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land foundation Case 2007. Plus the Muslim Public affairs Council and the Muslim American Society founded by an MB leader in 1993 with the goal of introducing sharia law into Muslim-American communities in the United States (3, 4)

The ISNA’s attendees included Ingrid Mattson (president) noted for her minimization of extremist forms of Islam and rationalization of Islamic terrorist actions and Louay Safi, connected to a group moving large amounts of money for terrorism, who regarded the real issue as profiling! (3,

4)The Muslim Public Affairs Council’s (MPAC) executive director Salam al-Marayati, noted for defending terrorist acts and the Holy Land foundation (specially designated terrorist) popped along (3)
Imad Hamad of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee objected to the new TSA regulations at the airport for people residing in 14 countries and affecting 750 million Muslims (4).

Muslim Advocates, a Muslim civil rights organization, which currently complains of  law enforcement measures to crack down on home-grown domestic terrorists was also present(3)
And the real ‘Problem’ –‘discrimination’ against you know who! 

And to top off the insanity-- the Department of Justice had invited a Jewish group to brief the Muslim audience on ‘operational security and information sharing programs.’   (Are they completely MAD—are we teaching Muslims how others maintain security  ---from Muslims!!)

Some sanity from outside:
Walid Phares, director of the Future Terrorism Project at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, criticized the partnership concept: 

“Through the so-called ‘partnership’ between the Jihadi-sympathizer networks and U.S. bureaucracies, the U.S. government is invaded by militant groups.”

He warned that this policy embraced by the Obama administration

“is how American national security policy has been influenced” by Muslim groups, who are duping administration officials.(3)

Steve Emerson, anti-terrorism expert;  founder of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, said:

[The meetings displayed] a fundamental naïveté and glaring lack of critical knowledge about the source of jihadism in the world today, which is the Muslim Brotherhood. … I’m not sure she understands what the Muslim Brotherhood is. It’s the parent of al-Qaeda and all terrorist groups, and confirmed by all the intelligence chiefs.(3)

U.S. House Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC), a member of the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said that while she felt countering radicalization was a worthy goal, the administration was CLUELESS:

Clueless isn’t sufficient—they are fatally blind to the truth about Islam (MB or otherwise) and the very real danger all non-Muslims face.   Or are they on the other side?

Equally disgusting, the ISNA official, Louay Safi was invited to give lectures on Islam to US troops at Fort Hood following the November 5th killing of 13 and wounding of 30 by Muslim Major Nidal M. Hasan.  Indeed Hasan had himself given a slide show to the army on Islam explaining jihad and the need to kill infidel troops---why didn’t they use these as they were accurate and certainly explained his ‘action.’  These slides were remarkable for they did tell the truth about Islam—Muslims of course cannot be critical of Islam and are free to lie to infidels.

Thirteen US House members have written to Defence Secretary Robert Gates expressing outrage that Louay Safi, is allowed to speak as Safi was connected to the “Safa Group,” which they alleged was “moving large sums of money to terrorist fronts.” Safi also was caught on a 1995 FBI wiretap with Sami Al-Arian, who in April 2006 pled guilty to a charge of conspiring to provide services to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.(3)

But both acts are so typical of the deadly Obama administration. 

And of course we don’t have any problems in Australia.  No Muslims influencing our government, no Muslims in immigration working to get Muslims into Australia or in human rights ensuring Muslim rights are upheld and we are denied free speech to criticise dangerous Islam, no taxpayer funded booklets telling us how great Islam is, no massive amounts of money for anything Islamic etc.  And our university departments are involved in a strong, rational criticism of Islam (Ha, Ha).  Don’t mention the separate washrooms and prayer rooms for Muslims only, the special food....the Monash ‘terrorism’ department headed by a Muslim (certainly terrifies me) or the fact that Monash gave university land and money for a mosque but not for any others, creating a threatening university environment for many....and forget the special uniforms, prayer rooms and food in our schools.  No monstrously pro-Islamic media here.   No Muslim violence, rapes, crime or drug trafficking.   And Muslims in our military, police, controlling our ports or working in airports don’t cause concern.  And the terrorists already arrested—just a few naughty boys.  No jihad, stealth or overtly violent, taught in Australia’s mosques.  No calls for sharia law or implementation of the MB's 'sharia' finance which is sharia law by stealth.  No links with any dangerous Muslim groups.  No, no problem here.  She’ll be right mate!

Note:  Dr Merv Bendle has exposed the appalling teaching our defense personnel receive re Islam, jihad and terrorism.

Lateline 23/2/10 had two 'National Security Experts' on eg Prof. Hugh White who noted the claimed  'marginalisation' and 'sidelining' of Muslims and sympathised with their view indicating that our administration is also completely CLUELESS regarding Islam's core beliefs as they relate to kaffirs and rewards for Muslims who kill so all the religion is allah's!  Islamic 'peace' only comes when all are Muslim or at the very least, totally subjugated under Islam--Is that hard to comprehend!


1)  The Islamic Infiltration, part 1.  Inside our government; armed with our secrets. (PJTV).

2)  The Islamic infiltration part 2:  from influence to insurrection

3) Pollock, R.  Napolitano Meets with Muslim Brotherhood Leaders  17/2/10

4)  Pollock, R.  Naïve Napolitano: DHS Underestimates Muslim Resistance to Countering Domestic Terrorism  19/2/10.

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