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Murderers pay no price under Sharia

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A YOUNG woman has been found not guilty of murdering her mother and attempting to murder her father.

Kaihana Tahseen Hussain, 20, had pleaded not guilty to the attacks, in a Gold Coast apartment in October 2006, when she was 17.

Prosecutors had alleged that she wanted to convert from Islam to Christianity and wanted to move to Sydney to be with her older boyfriend, but her parents disapproved.

Lawyers for Ms Hussain argued that her father had killed her mother and then turned the knife on himself.

This morning, after less than two hours' deliberation, the jury found Ms Hussain not guilty of all charges. (source)

This outcome, if we still believe in the justice of Australian law at all, was inevitable and correct. To any thinking, aware person the young lady was never a serious suspect and her father, just as obviously, was always the prime suspect. It is ominous, I suggest, that the girl was ever placed in this sort of jeopardy. How could Dr Muhammad Hussain not send the police “nose for a crime” off the Richter scale? Cultural sensitivity? Anti-christianity? Or does it just smack of incompetence?

You should be able to assume that the father will now be charged with murder but, this is “culturally sensitive”….. and it may not happen.
Charging the father? As a young Sydney-based muslim lass said only yesterday, when here brother received 37 years jail for planning jihad, “this is not fair to our religion”.

That statement is full of implication for Australia and its non-muslim people. Among us, even though not part of us, resides a numerically significant enclave who cannot frame ANYTHING in terms that do not directly refer to Mohamed or appeal to his “character” as justification.

Frankly, these people have full citizenship rights and so can expect their claims to warrant attention, and even to effect radical change on our social framework. There is no shortage of precedent, all over the world, that would discourage muslims from believing that the longer they protest ANYTHING, couched in islamospeak, that they can frighten the legislative bodies of host nations into submission.

Sharing common values

It’s not fair to their religion.

Murderers pay no price, as jihad is god-ordained, as is maintaining “honor”.

Male islamic monsters commit any number of atrocities all over Australia now, but calling them to task over their actions is “not fair to their religion”.

We have long known these sorts of claims would appear as part of the islamification of Australia, voices raised questioning the morality of Judeo-Christian based law, and we are just as aware that this victimhood bleating will already have some currency in the usual quarters. A possible prognosis is that, like all squeaky wheels, the oil of “peace” will be applied to placate the implacable and dear old dad may escape yet. Can’t upset the muslims…it’s an election year. Can’t be seen to be targeting them, even if it is a case of murder most foul.

Pleasing as the outcome of this farcical trial is, it is not the real issue, however. What is of greatest concern is that a homicidal maniac – another name for a muslim male – was foisted onto us and afforded all the rights enjoyed by us IN THE FIRST PLACE.

If he were the only one, his murderous rage could pass as an aberration but, sadly and alarmingly, it is neither the first not will it be the last. It’s a “cultural thing” apparently; something that we now know goes hand in hand with islam and male muslims. That’s not to let the females off lightly, as they are quite capable of insane religious zealotry too, but the vast majority of these “cultural things” are perpetrated by males. This is only as can be expected in a misogynistic death cult such as islam, where the mere accident of male birth escalates the Y chromosome bearer to almost god-like purity of intention and invests him with the power of life and death over family, females and non-believers.

Is this what the father of multi-culturalism had in mind for us?

Along with the homous, tabouli, koftas and kaftans, do we have to accept outlaw killing in the name of “sensitivity?

It is time our multi-cultural policies were overhauled, time we called a spade a spade.

Australia embraced and absorbed millions of migrants, post-WW2, and the success of that program set a world standard in how to manage large scale mass migration. Australia can proudly point to its record. There are few places where it has been done better.

The reason we were so successful in assimilating so many people was…assimilation…. a dirty word nowadays. It must be dirty to all leftoids, as it worked and produced a homogenous society of people who live harmoniously.

How do you assimilate 6 million people? Well, by selecting people groups that had similar cultural values and outlooks. The immigrants of the 1950’s – 70’s had very different cultural “out workings”, the manifestations and trappings of culture; food, dress, music, language etc, and absorbing those wonderful traditions has enormously benefited out nation. I suggest those people would be pretty unanimous in saying it was a fair exchange, because Australia has been good for them, too!

In the main, these people possessed something else, something intrinsic, that allowed a seamless convergence – they shared a similar value system, a similar moral and ethical base. It is an indisputable fact that a vast number of our post-WW2 immigrants came from Anglo-European, Judeo-Christian informed nations. Were they all Christians? Hardly…and nor is that a prerequisite. They were, however they apprehended the Universe and whatever their spiritual “take”, all formed and molded by the Judeo-Christian culture that shaped Europe and which led the world out of darkness and into modernity.


Despite their protestations, which are very easy to debunk, we do not share an “Abrahamic faith”, (whatever that nonsense is supposed to mean).

Allah is not Yahweh, Mohamed is no Christ nor does he bear any of the hallmarks of a prophetic mantle. The “Golden Rules” of Judeo-Christian Europe have no replication in the Quranic world-view.

Mohamed stood for all that is diametric in Christ and islam is impacably hostile to all Christian notions. Islam may claim kinship, as it does, but this is mere political expediency, the practice of da’wa and taqiya. Under examination, islam has no values we can relate to.

Does our government have the right to force us to live with this egregious cult?

Contributing to the community

I say no. I say they are derelict in their duty to protect their citizens. I say they have defaulted on their sworn duty. I say they have no mandate to undermine the entire value system of our nation.

I say they are traitors if they continue on this path.

We Australians must be allowed a say in the “who and how” of migration.  WE must have a referendum on the make-up of our intake and on the numbers we can accommodate.

It is US, after all, the “working families” of Ruddspeak fame, who actually do the side-by-side living with the intractable. It is us who use public transport and who have to face aggressive muslim males on the trains and buses. It is us who have to move from suburb after suburb when the Ummah starts expanding and flexing its muscles and most importantly, it is us who pay the taxes which provide the means of livelihood for so many muslim…social security. These people are eating our nation, contribute nothing and by their presence they force us to carry the stigma of female mutilations, enslavements, rapes and “honor killings”.

We must demand some honor from our politicians. End Islamic migration.

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