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February 2010 Dhimwit

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This month I've selected a varied threesome - from the Military, the Medical Profession, and the Arts. What binds them together is that, rather than sticking to their areas of expertise, in an excess of hubris,  they rush in where angels fear to tread. As good dhimmis, they spruik for Islam, careless of the totalitarian threat to our free and egalitarian country.

1. General Peter Cosgrove

In his Australia Day address, Cosgrove used his position to pontificate on our faults (though I guess we should be grateful that he did also admit we have some good qualities):

...over the many years I have had a wealth of opinions on things large and small which are significant to me about our Australian way of life.
Time for some sunshine! One of the most illuminating and warming aspects of our national character is our sense of compassion, generosity, selflessness and equity when we encounter the suffering and need of our neighbours in the region (and often enough, much further afield). After the first Bali bombing, many of the victims rescued and given first aid and later much more sophisticated medical treatment were ministered to by Australians. Our Disaster Victims Identification teams asked not the nationality nor ethnicity of the victims.

There is a view that the events of 11th of September 2001 were so profound as to divide certain attitudes and levels of antagonism into pre and post 9/11... but Bali, the Solomon Islands and the Asian tsunami all post dated 9/11... Australians behaved wholeheartedly and equitably, kindly and compassionately... Observing those Australians dealing with the people they set out to help and indeed their fellow Australians and non-Australian co-workers, would that darkest of labels, ‘racist' have seemed justified? No and again no!

Time to pass from broad daylight into some shade. Is there a strand of racism or perhaps pockets of racism here in Australia – undoubtedly. No multifaceted society can be absent some level of intolerance..

It was only about four years ago when there was significant public disorder in the Cronulla shire, violent, alcohol-fuelled and shocking... that seemed to be an outcome of rising tension between locals and their supporters purporting to represent the amorphous majority, and an ethnic minority. It was unexpected because Australia's reputation was that of an egalitarian and multi-ethnic society, tolerant, cheerful and relaxed. December 2005 gave us pause for thought.

Moving further into the shade...I sense in relation to the spate of attacks on largely Indian people in Melbourne and elsewhere, Australians are very concerned and disinclined to downplay, much less dismiss the potential "racist" elements in what is becoming a litany of criminality.

...the Australia in which many of us grew up seemed a cheerful place where there was optimism and perhaps relief that threats of the nature of World War II appeared to have receded for the time being... all of these migrants had come from a poor and damaged place to this shining new place, Australia, looking to work hard, to pitch in and to make a go of was obvious to all of us that they had devoted themselves to assimilating into Australian society, values and culture even while cherishing and displaying their own.

I wonder why what seemed so easy and unremarkable back then, the assimilation of hundreds of thousands of people for whom English was either a second language or an unknown one, is now so fraught.

There is an implicit understanding that this process of absorption will entail the assumption of a broad range of Australian obligations, loyalties, values and characteristics...all must be prepared to obey the laws of their new home. All should predispose themselves to a loyalty for and liking of our home.

... Leaping into the present day, I'll bet a great number of you are uneasy about a seam of friction between some of our ethnic minorities and elements of  the amorphous majority.

Not to beat about the bush, I refer to an ongoing estrangement between broader society and elements of our Muslim community.

Over a very long period, Muslim families have been migrating to this country. By and large they have merged into society as seamlessly as any other grouping. Mosques have been respected places of worship around Australia for many years. It is easy to point to an estrangement between parts of the global Islamic community and all non-Muslims but especially Christians over the last 20 years or so, and obviously since the Al Qaeda attacks on 11th September 2001. I think in hindsight it could be claimed that these events and the reactions to them were simply catalysts of our further failure. By that I mean that some of our Islamic community already felt alienated and isolated from the mainstream in Australia. It is a volatile mix when especially younger people are told that they are surrounded by corrupt and impious behaviour at every hand. It is unsurprising that some of them then perform in ways which stigmatises the whole Islamic community.

All of this is exacerbated by the ongoing wider confrontation between jihadists and their range of perceived enemies around the world... but we must not be panicked into changing or restricting our immigration patterns because of these sorts of issues. Secondly, we should be very careful before assigning major blame for the problem to our broad Australian way of life, as if the  estrangement was all somehow our fault.  Thirdly, we should continue the many and various ways we engage with the broader Islamic community and especially those who have turned away from us. Lastly we should remember that even over our short history we have dealt with and survived and moved on from some pretty big problems and remained as a society intact and remarkably unified. 

It's becoming de rigeur to blame the victims of Islamic thuggery, and Cosgrove is following the rule book. He ignores the reality that Cronulla was a reaction to Lebanese Muslim racism and that many attacks on Indian students were perpetrated by Muslims. But then, dhimmis must never blame the perpetrators, only the victims.

2. Professor Patrick McGorry

2010 Australian of the year and world-renowned psychiatrist Professor Patrick McGorry, has branded Australia's mandatory detention of asylum seekers ''an absolute disaster'' that has created serious mental health illness and which must be reversed.

He said detention centres were ''factories for producing mental illness and mental disorder''.

Shortly after Kevin Rudd lauded McGorry among those inspiring Australians who made ''us proud as a nation'',  McGorry said he would use his new status to try to change Rudd's detention policy.

He said many asylum seekers he had treated had suffered severe trauma in their home countries and detention added to their mental illness.

Mr Rudd named as Young Australian of the Year Trooper Mark Donaldson, who won a Victoria Cross for bravery in the face of great danger during a firefight in Afghanistan.

Mr Rudd said the awards celebrated ''the spirit that has made Australia the greatest country on Earth'', and he praised McGorry for his drive and compassion.

The honour was for Professor McGorry's ground-breaking work in the early intervention and treatment of mental illness among the young. His work over 25 years has transformed the approach to mental health among young people, and his methods adopted worldwide.

McGorry has been deeply involved in dealing with psychiatric illness among asylum seekers, and has previously likened detention to a form of torture.

He was a driving force behind the setting up of an association for survivors of torture in the 1980s, and criticised detention of those who had fled trauma as exacerbating their ''wounded'' physical and mental states.

The Daily Telegraph reported:

McGorry called for asylum seekers to be allowed to live in the community, instead of being sent to detention facilities on Christmas Island.

Asylum seekers had major mental health issues and mandatory detention made matters worse, McGorry said.

Odd how this man who would compromise our security is Australian of the Year, yet a hero who risked his life to protect Australians from those hell-bent on destroying our freedom is only considered second best. I refer to SAS Trooper Mark Donaldson, awarded Australia's highest military honour for drawing enemy fire to himself when Taliban insurgents ambushed a combined Australian-US-Afghan convoy in September 2008.

What a morally inverted world we live in when Donaldson, who was prepared to sacrifice his life to keep Australia safe, is sidelined in favour of someone whose ideology ignores Australians' legitimate security concerns. Why does McGorry not care about the mental health of those fleeing Islamic persecution who have found refuge in Australia, only to find the very people they have fled from are living in their neighbourhood?

3. Hannie Rayson, political playwright.

Rayson knows how to tap in to the elitist lefty carbon-horror and asylum-seeker zeitgeist, as Al Age reporter, John Mangan, ably demonstrates:

Two Brothers, the tale of a federal government minister and his do-gooder brother, sparked intense debate, raising the ire of right-leaning pundits and pollies alike.

Her new play, The Swimming Club, is about people who, despite their wealth, are trapped. ''You find you're marooned there, stuck with your bloody mortgages and private school fees and everything else, the Range Rover, the trappings, all the crap we clutter our lives with'' she says.

Rayson's play also deals with the concept of carbon footprints, and reminisces about the shock of seeing boys walking along the Greek island shoreline and realising that they're Afghan refugees sneaking across the water from Turkey.

''You become so aware of the movement of people, and tying in with the carbon footprint, at some point the only people who will be travelling will be the very rich and the refugees - so that's a theme in the play as well.''

The last Rayson play that referenced refugees was Two Brothers... about the high-flying politician pushing for hardline border protection policies and his social justice lawyer brother.

One right-wing columnist dubbed the play ''a vomit of smug hate''. Others said the play epitomised all that was wrong with subsidised art in this country.
Rayson, who describes her personality as instinctively peace-keeping rather than adversarial, says she found the criticism tough at the time.

Adversarial or not, Rayson says she was determined to stir the pot on the asylum seekers issue, whatever the flak.

''The public flogging was quite interesting. But my entire being was fuelled by rage at our treatment of refugees, and a real sense of shame, so there was really no choice for me but to vent that and make a piece of theatre about it.'

As far as Rayson is aware, Costello was ''incredibly silent'' on refugee issues.

Location also drove the debate. Highly politicised plays staged at Trades Hall would not have got the right-wing commentariat buzzing in the same way as her production at the Arts Centre, ''because it came from spaces that they believed that they owned,'' Rayson says.

The controversy certainly didn't hurt at the box office. ''You couldn't get a seat for love or money with that play,'' she recalls.

Since Two Brothers, a change of government has meant what? Rayson remains frustrated by government posturing on asylum seekers. ''It's still about who can be the coolest, who can demonstrate to the Australian people that we have to be tough about this - or cruel really.''

Andrew Bolt committed the unforgiveable sin of seeing through her cynical opportunism:

LAST week, we mourned the gallant Sea King dead -- the nine members of our defence forces who died bringing aid to Indonesians.

Tonight, the Melbourne Theatre Company pays its own tribute to our military -- a play that shows them murdering asylum-seekers. Yes, while the rest of us debate what medals to give our dead soldiers, sailors and airmen, the MTC accuses them of being so evil that they deliberately left women and children to drown.

And you subsidised this vomit of smug hate.

If you still need proof of how far up its own fundament our artists have crawled, go to tonight's premiere of Hannie Rayson's play, Two Brothers.

You must excuse my crudity, though Rayson should be the last to complain. After all, see how cruelly and hysterically she smears our defence personnel, and anyone who even votes Liberal.

God, to think such stuff passes now for art.

Rayson says she "was inspired by the Costellos", federal Treasurer Peter and his brother, World Vision leader Tim, with very different political views.

So her play has two brothers -- an evil government minister and a nice charity boss -- clashing over a boat, which sinks at sea, drowning hundreds of illegal immigrants.

Not that her characters are really the Costellos, Rayson insists.

I bet, given that her version of Peter Costello is a liar, bully and killer, as well as the father of a junkie and husband of a snob. Well, he's a Liberal, isn't he?

The show's lost boat is meant to be the notorious SIEV X, which sank off Indonesia in October 2001, killing 353 illegal immigrants.

Rayson has called for an inquiry into that tragedy, and her play endorses the vile conspiracy theory that SIEV X sank as our sailors watched from a patrolling naval ship, refusing to save the drowning.

That's right. Rayson can really imagine our sailors would let drowning children die, to please racist politicians back home.

Shame on the preview audience, which applauded such a cruel fantasy as "realistic". Shame on Rayson for painting as murderers the men and women who risk their lives to serve their own country, and to save the stricken of Indonesia.

Keith Windschuttle, in underlining the damaging effect of propaganda in democracies, drew attention to Rayson's contribution:

Within Australia, atrocity stories have been critical to the success of the propaganda campaign that has infected the writing of history for the past thirty years.
THE WORST AUSTRALIAN atrocity story of the present period is the fate of SIEV-X. This issue remains deeply embedded within the cultural grievances of our tertiary-educated, middle-class Left. The SIEV-X sank off Indonesia in October 2001, drowning 353 of its passengers, the majority of them women and children. They had paid people-smugglers to take them to Christmas Island. Despite the fact that a Senate Select Committee  found the Australian navy and air force did not know where the vessel was, let alone that it was sinking, there remains a strong undercurrent of belief among the Australian Left that the navy could have rescued the passengers but deliberately let them drown.
...Hannie Rayson's play Two Brothers, used a thin veneer of fiction to cover her allegation that Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock knew the SIEV-X was sinking and could have saved its passengers but ordered the navy to turn back and leave them to drown.
A group of teachers and political activists produced a case study on the SIEV-X for the modern history high school syllabus...Labor Party immigration spokesman, Tony Burke, blamed the Howard government’s temporary protection visa laws for forcing refugees to risk their lives on vessels of that kind.

So readers, which one of these smug and opportunistic slaves to political correctness
and apologists for Islam would you vote for?
It's a hard choice when they are all such craven dhimwits, but only one can win.
So please vote now, to help decide who will be February's DHIMWIT.

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