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January 2010 Dhimwit

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A new year, a new crop of dhimwits. I'd like to shine a light on some lesser-known individuals, as they too deserve their moment in the sun. So this month, I will focus on just three:

1. Jon Stanhope, for helping to Islamize our capital city.
(with thanks to Antimo)

Local residents in the Canberra suburb of Nicholls have managed to put off plans for a Mosque there. Unfortunately, dhimmi ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope now wants to try to establish a mosque elsewhere in the area that is twice the size of the original proposal. Coming after Stanhope's recent approval of a massive new Canberra madrassah, it seems he is hell bent on Islamizing Canberra:

 Plans for a mosque in Nicholls have been abandoned after opposition from residents over parking and traffic concerns.

Canberra Muslim Community president Khondoker Yusuf said that the organisation would now try to find a more suitable location in the Gungahlin area.

Yusuf said an alternative site could also mean a rethink of the size of the mosque. A capacity of 250 people had been planned for Nicholls, but a larger mosque would now be considered to meet future needs.

Stanhope said a site in the Gungahlin Town Centre could be a better option for a 500-capacity mosque as parking would be less of an issue.

Stanhope believes Islam is peaceful. In a 2005 Media Release, he opined that:

Terrorism was the work of ideological extremists whose beliefs and methods were abhorrent to the overwhelming majority of the world's Muslims.

He met local Islamic leaders at the Canberra mosque to reaffirm Canberra's commitment to multiculturalism and to join with Muslims in condemning terrorism and mourning its victims.

"The terrorists who claim to commit acts of terror in the name of Islam, are no more representative of the Islamic faith than the IRA bombers were representative of Christianity, or the Tamil Tiger suicide bombers are of Hinduism," Mr Stanhope said.

"For the overwhelming majority of Muslims, Islam is a religion that teaches Canberra our diverse communities of Muslims are deeply and securely embedded in all aspects of our shared life...just as they have something in common with other Muslim communities - a shared faith - they also have much in common with non-Muslims - a love of our way of life and a respect for human rights, including religious freedom."

Down through history people of many faiths have resorted to acts of terror in a bid to shock and frighten their enemies, but these individuals are motivated by extremist interpretations of religious teachings. It is vital that their actions not be allowed to sour the community's tolerance of religious and cultural diversity.

These are feelings the ACT Government fosters through our Framework for a Multicultural ACT, our Strategic Plan Addressing Racism and Unfair Discrimination, the Canberra Social Plan, and the Human Rights Act...which are helping us to build an inclusive community in which each of us has the opportunity to reach our potential and each of us contributes to the community.

I trust that that knowledge will quieten our fear, heighten our resolve and consolidate our sense of brotherhood."

Stanhope's wish to consolidate a sense of Brotherhood will no doubt be fulfilled, but not in the way he meant it!

He reprimanded Liberal MLA Steve Pratt for daring suggest he was not tough on extremism:

"I was astonished and somewhat disturbed to read Mr Pratt's utterly inaccurate account of my meeting with members of the local Islamic community..."

He says - wrongly - that I failed to publicly attack extremism. ... I explicitly condemned extremism and violence in the strongest possible terms. He says - again wrongly - that I criticised federal and state leaders who have called for a tightening of anti-terrorist laws.

... Mr Pratt ought, as the Liberals' spokesman on multiculturalism, to join with me in a bipartisan attempt to reassure Canberra's law-abiding Muslims that they are welcome and respected members of our community.

During my mosque visit I was chastened to witness the anxiety felt by law-abiding Australian citizens who happen to be Muslims, in the wake of recent terrorist attacks. These are individuals who have nothing to apologise for,  yet they are being made to feel that they ought to apologise, that they need to publicly and personally renounce violence in a way that is not expected of any other group of Australians. The fact that they used the mosque visit to do just that - to express their abhorrence of terrorism and their commitment to Australia, the rule of law, and peace - showed a degree of maturity from which Mr Pratt could learn something."

Seems that Pratt might have a point - Stanhope seems to  be more concerned with the sensitivities of Muslims than the victims of terrorist attacks. And surely it is not unreasonable to expect Muslims to renounce Islamically sanctioned violence if they want to live in democracy like Australia.

 But he has won the approval of AFIC, which means he is a very good dhimmi!:

One of the foremost projects we have been focussing on is to form partnerships to actively engage with Islamic countries through their embassies in Canberra, to form a vital link in the chain of Muslim unity and brotherhood, and to participate in various exchange programs and initiatives with the aim of enhancing an understanding of Islam, promoting human rights and justice, and empowering Muslims of Australia.
We are particularly pleased to announce a permanent home and premises for the Islamic School of Canberra. AFIC welcomes the decision of the ACT Government to allocate the former CIT School of Horticulture site in Weston as permanent premises for the Islamic School of Canberra.

We acknowledge the role of the Chief Minister Jon Stanhope for his inclusive vision and recognition of community needs and contribution in ACT.

2. David Marr, for elevating Islam while denigrating Christianity.
(with thanks to Wendy - see:  Judge Joins the Lemming Club)

David Marr is a beacon of political correctness. As Piers Ackerman writes:

"...The Sydney Morning Herald has gone in to bat for Keysar Trad, long-time sidekick of Lakemba’s notorious Muslim cleric Sheik al-Hilaly, as a Nigerian would-be suicide bomber was dragged from a US plane after unsuccessfully trying to blow it from the skies. This is not to suggest that Trad or al-Hilaly were aware of the plot to bring down Northwest Airlines Amsterdam-Detroit flight, but rather that David Marr overlooks salient points in his attempt to demonise 2GB broadcaster Alan Jones, who last week lost a minor defamation suit Trad brought against him and the station. "

The Administrative Decisions Tribunal of NSW has also joined the lemmings in deciding that Jones was in the wrong for making remarks that offended Trad in the days prior to the Cronulla riots of 2005. He fined Jones and 2GB $10,000 and ordered them to frame an apology acceptable to Trad. Ackerman notes:

He does not mention that Jones, broadcasting immediately prior to the Cronulla riots, was clearly aware of incidents at the beach where young Lebanese Muslim men made grossly offensive remarks to local girls and women.

Marr’s vituperative and biased approach is commented on by Ackerman, who notes that Marr revels in mocking Alan Jones and calling him a ‘shock jock’ not without [in Ackerman’s view] some envy. 

Remember in 2009, Justice McClelland ruled against Trad in a defamation case, describing his views as repugnant and labelling him racist and dangerous and encouraging hostility between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Marr thinks we are being alarmist about Islam:

Immigration has changed the mix of races more than the mix of religions in Australia. We remain what the Howard government so often trumpeted us as being: a Judeo-Christian nation. After a decade of drum beating about the impact of Islam on Australia, Muslims amount to less than 2 % of the population. (source)

Marr fails to realise that if they are this harmful when only 2%, things will get much worse as the percentage rises.

He railed against John Howard's proposed anti-terror laws:

Arrest and detention shouldn't be based on hearsay gathered by spies.

...ASIO is now to have its staff doubled again. It will have all the resources it needs, said John Howard. "It remains the very strong view of the Government... that the best weapon in the fight against terrorism is good intelligence."

He's absolutely right. And the 900 fresh staff ASIO recruits will be trained to gather that intelligence. Note: intelligence not evidence...Intelligence lives in the shadows. It's used to warn. Evidence must survive court scrutiny in the ordinary light of day - because it is used to punish. Howard's Anti-Terrorism Bill 2005 is designed to blur the distinction between the two and sidestep the old and embarrassing problem that even highly touted intelligence so often turns out to be useless when it's brought into court.

Howard's essentially about punishment - not on evidence tested before a court, but on intelligence in the hands of police and ASIO officers.

The subterranean argument here is that in this changed, post-September 11, 2001 world, the courts should step aside and let the intelligence services get on with their work. But how much protection do we really get from intelligence that doesn't come up to scratch in court?

Our courts won't use evidence extracted by torture. Hearsay is the lifeblood of intelligence services all over the world, but that sort of second- or third-hand testimony is almost useless in court.

None of these rules prevent intelligence - foreign and local - being used to protect Australia from terrorism. But they do protect Australians from unjust punishment. The parallel punishment regime in Howard's Anti-Terrorism Bill is designed to lower the bar. No one who has read a little history can happily face the prospect of the dictator's favourite - house arrest - becoming part of life here.

Marr bends over backward for Islam, but it seems he isn't too impressed with Christianity:

 Tim Blair comments:

All Christians are white. Well, David Marr seems to think so:

Anti-vilification laws aren’t the answer. In Victoria, two hellfire Christian preachers, Danny Nalliah and Daniel Scot, are facing jail after preaching against Islam in the aftermath of September 11, 2001. Ever since, they’ve been fighting an action brought by the Islamic Council of Victoria under the state’s new Racial and Religious Tolerance Act.

 That’s the pesky thing about these laws that show almost zero tolerance for religious and racial intolerance: they can be turned against decent white folk. (source)

Nice bit of misplaced white guilt there (Danny Nalliah is Srilankan and Daniel Scot Pakistani!)

Marr takes a dim view of Catholicism. In Pell rides papal bandwagon of death , he has harsh words to say about Cardinal Pell and the Pope:

In a contest between showing slavish support for the Pope and putting people in the way of disease and death, Cardinal George Pell chose loyalty.

"They encourage promiscuity," the cardinal told Sky Television. "The idea that you can solve a great spiritual and health crisis like AIDS with a few mechanical contraptions like condoms is ridiculous."

It's hardly news but in the face of this ridicule it has to be said again: Australia waged the world's most effective war on AIDS by ignoring the Catholic Church... We encouraged people to use condoms, we distributed clean syringes and we saved thousands of lives.

Catholics applauded, though silently. While the hierarchy of the church remains locked into an ancient theology of sex that has terrible consequences in the modern world, the rank and file know better. But they are entirely submissive. They don't heckle Benedict and Pell from the pews. Their courtesy is the great modern miracle of Catholicism.

Demonising contraception remains... an issue of papal authority. It's about power.

Since Humanae Vitae, disobedience has become a way of life for Catholics in the West. Catholics in Europe and Australia use contraception like everyone else. Safe sex campaigns have strong political backing. But how many good Catholics will die in Africa and the Philippines before they learn that in the 21st century disobeying the Vatican line is a matter of life and death?

3. Professor Anthony Burke, for attempting to destroy academic freedom and stifle reasoned debate.

In a Media Release posted by Dan Zaremba in 2008, it was reported:

Dr Mervyn Bendle, a senior lecturer in the history of terrorism at James Cook University could face charges of serious academic misconduct, as a result of pressure brought to bear on the university by academics in Canberra complaining about his depiction of their theories of terrorism in a recent article in the monthly literary journal Quadrant.

In his extensive review of their work, Bendle disclosed that it appeared to be characterized by a desire to downplay the danger represented by Islamist and jihadist terrorists in favour of a view that held Western countries primarily responsible for terrorism.

Such concerns are highly relevant given the conviction in Victoria of a group of Muslim men found guilty of being part of a home-grown terrorist cell plotting to wage violent jihad on Australian soil, including attacks on the AFL Grand Final and Crown Casino.
Despite this clear evidence that some Muslims were attracted to terrorism and jihadi activity, Burke condemned Bendle’s article and wrote directly to the Vice-Chancellor of James Cook University, urging her to “consider a formal and transparent investigation as to whether or not it constitutes a case of serious academic misconduct” that could lead to severe punishment for Bendle, including suspension or even dismissal.

Another Canberra academic, Dr Paul Pickering, wrote direct to Bendle’s Head of Department, also insisting that he be punished for writing an article criticizing their work.

Asked if he was surprised that these academics had not approached him first with his concerns, Dr Bendle agreed:
 “It is basic rule of academic etiquette for parties in an academic pursuit to respect the right of free inquiry and free speech. These gentlemen could easily have emailed or telephoned me with their concerns and I would have done everything possible to reach some compromise”.

Also, they could easily have responded in any number of journals – indeed Burke is the publisher of his own electronic journal, and he could easily have used this to respond in an appropriate manner to my criticism”.

Instead they went over my head and straight to the CEO of the entire university, virtually demanded that I be charged with serious academic misconduct, while also threatening legal action.

I was also shocked that Burke also took the opportunity to denigrate my expertise  when it is clear that he has no idea of the substantial work I have done since the 9/11 attacks.

In the past 7 years I have published some 25 academic & newspaper articles and conference papers on terrorism and related topics... I have also taught the History of Terrorism at 2nd & 3rd year university level for the past 4 years – pioneering this subject in Australia.

I don’t believe that the work of these complainants in this period is comparable to mine, and yet they feel free to make damaging comments to the Vice Chancellor of my university, trying to get me severely punished for criticizing their approach to terrorism."

Ominously, Bendle pointed out that the use of s
uch tactics to prevent the discussion of Islamist terrorism is very prevalent overseas, where legal action is being used to force books to be withdrawn and pulped because they reveal details of the financial networks that fund international jihadism and Islamist terrorism.

 “The traditional values of academic debate seem to have gone out the window as academics increasingly seek to excuse Muslim and jihadist terrorists, while blaming the West for the thousands of murderous terrorist attacks that have occurred over the past few years.
No one likes to see their careers and their livelihoods threatened in this fashion. It is becoming extremely difficult and even dangerous to voice opposition to the views of these powerful and influential academics”.

Burke renewed his attack on Bendle only a few days after announcing he was withdrawing his original demand that he be charged with serious academic misconduct, and demanded Bendle issue a press release through James Cook University, whose terms he dictated, threatening administrative and legal action if this was not done:

 “The statement should be issued in a press release to all state and national media as soon as possible by the Public Relations office of James Cook University on their letterhead. The statement should also be emailed to Jamie Walker at the Australian and Eleni Hale at the Herald-Sun, with a request to publicise it...and should also be published in the print edition of Quadrant  and on its website...and be sent to the editor or author of any website or blog which repeats the claims, and every effort should be made by yourself to have them removed.”

    “Should you reject my request to issue the statement, we will pursue the request at the UNSW to JCU official level”. He concluded by warning Dr Bendle that “Should you continue to reject the request following that, defamation proceedings against yourself remain an option”.

Dr Bendle, who has always maintained that the issue should have been handled like any other dispute between academics, with vigorous debate on both sides, was shocked by the resumption of hostilities by Burke.

 “When he withdrew his initial complaint, I thought he had recognized that this constant harassment was not the way to go. What I can’t understand is why he doesn’t just defend himself like any other academic, by publishing an article rebutting my claims...he has every opportunity to show why my argument was mistaken.


It seems that he would rather strangle debate about Islamist terrorism than have it freely discussed in the traditional academic manner.
Threats like these being made by Dr Burke are putting Australian universities on notice, either they protect academic freedom or the intellectual life of our country will die”, he said.

In his quest to whitewash Islam while blaming us, Burke is helping destroy democracy and hasten the day when totalitarian fascistic Islam takes over. To most rational people, this is a vision of hell, where all freedom, equality and rational thought are extinguished.  His attempt to gag academic discourse is shameful in our supposedly free Australia.
I'm sure you'll agree all three of these candidates are worthy contenders for our January dhimwit award.
But who to choose. Please vote now and help decide who will be our first dhimwit for 2010.


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