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Dhimwit of the Year - 2009

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The end of the year is fast approaching.
Dare I wish our readers a Happy Chanukah and Christmas or would I be breaching the PC protocol which mandates we use terminology like Happy Holidays?

Maybe I should follow the suggestion of Kuranda Seyit, director of the Forum on Australia's Islamic Relations (FAIR):

'it's time for Australia to fall in line with the UK, where councils have renamed Christmas as 'Winterval' . Australia is now so diverse with so many cultures, we need to acknowledge the need to be inclusive of our identity.''

Oh yes, do let's model ourselves on the UK, which is now so overrun by jihadis that there are 85 sharia courts, gang rapes and honour killings, and many Muslim enclaves where infidels dare not enter.

If you suffer from moral confusion, as do many of those in academia and the media, feel free to follow the Happy Holidays line, as did David and Margaret in their last 'Movie Show' for 2009. But for those of us who actually still believe in something, let us state unequivocally that Australia's constitution is founded on a Judeo-Christian ethic which guarantees equality and  freedom. We must not apologise for that, nor must we, in a fog of moral relativism, succumb to supremacist totalitarian worldviews, whether Marxist or Islamic. Those Nobel guys in Norway have certainly gone foggy the last few decades, awarding peace prizes to terrorist tyrants like Arafaat and now to Obama, who in his short time in office, has abandoned democratic values in order to make obeisance to Marxism and Islam.

Many websites have awards for Dhimmitude, and Jihad Watch even has an award for Anti-Dhimmitude, celebrating those brave individuals who dare to stick their heads above the parapet. It would be good if we could also acknowledge the Aussie heroes in this great cause. Who would readers select for Anti-Dhimwit of 2009?

Here's an extract from last year's JihadWatch award ceremony:

The American Dhimmi of the Year 2008...JIMMY CARTER!!

Carter, looking a bit purple and green, slithers to the podium to accept his Cringing Dhimmi statuette. His acceptance remarks are brief: "Let me just say, mah fellow Americans, that I am very proud that y'all have elected me to this third term, and in closing, Death to Israel!"

Dhimmi Internationale 2008...ROWAN WILLIAMS!!

The Archbishop of Canterbury comes forward in full regalia -- but what's this? In honor of his call for Sharia law for Muslims in Britain, Williams has brought with him several members of the British Muslim community. And they're -- they're -- yes, that's right! They're fitting him with the cloth belt, the zunnar, that dhimmis wore in some of the great Islamic empires of the past to make sure they were not mistaken for Muslims and greeted with "Peace be upon you"! And now -- what's he doing? He's taking out his billfold! He's -- he's paying the jizya! And they're graciously accepting his payment with the ritual slap on the back of the neck as specified by the Islamic scholar Zamakhshari!

Anti-Dhimmi Internationale 2008...GEERT WILDERS!!

Wilders, tall, unbowed, indomitable, comes forward to accept his Anti-Dhimmi statuette.

And finally...

The American Anti-Dhimmi of the Year 2008...MARK STEYN!! 

For Jihad Watch's American Anti-Dhimmi 2009, there are several nominations:

Rifqa Bary: Warrior for religious freedom -- her own!

Dave Gaubatz: Scourge of CAIR

Pamela Geller: Spearheaded efforts to raise awareness of honor killing, memorialize honor killing victim Aqsa Parvez, and protect Rifqa Bary's life and religious freedom

Rep. Sue Myrick: Standing up to CAIR in Congress

Michael Savage: Warrior for free speech

Wafa Sultan: Freedom fighter for the rights of women in Islam and apostates from Islam 

Jihad Watch's nominations for Anti-Dhimmi Internationale 2009 include:

Fr. Zakaria Botros: Scourge of the taqiyya artists

Pat Condell: Common sense

Oskar Freysinger: Leading the Swiss resistance against Islamization

Binyamin Netanyahu: Engaged in a treacherous and difficult give-and-take with Obama

Fr. Daniel Sysoyev: Threatened and ultimately murdered for preaching to Muslims

Geert Wilders: Warrior for free speech and free people

One commentator suggested:

Let us give this award to the Swiss People for voting to ban the minaret. Let us nominate Swiss People for Anti Dhimmi Internationale instead of individuals. (source)

Not a bad idea; the Swiss people might just be the catalyst for the turning of the tide throughout dhimmi Europe.

The Religion of Peace website has a Dhimwit of the Month. Last month, General George Casey
won for his reaction to the Fort Hood massacre:

While not entirely unsympathetic to the 56 dead and injured, or their families, it was quickly evident in the aftermath of the shooting that George Casey's immediate objective was spin control in defense of political correctness.

He spoke repeatedly about diversity in the days that followed, saying that a "diverse Army gives us strength" and that "as great a tragedy as this was — it would be a shame if our diversity became a casualty as well."  In other words, diversity is even more important than the very lives of his own soldiers.

Casey's seemed ostensibly concerned with shielding the "3,000 Muslims" within the ranks of a million-member army from "bias."  Their sensibilities apparently outweigh any benefits from simply acknowledging that Hasan's deep commitment to Islam inspired his violent outburst - something that is quite obvious to anyone without an agenda.

The irony, of course, is that a dozen soldiers who pledged to serve their country on the battlefield were murdered in cold blood on their own home soil because of the very political correctness that Gen. Casey felt obliged to defend.

So what of Australia's Dhimwit of the year award?
Well, we are putting forward the six winners of our monthly award so readers can vote for the uber-Dhimwit for 2009.

Here's the list:

  1. George Negus
  2. Michael Leunig
  3. John Pilger
  4. Tim Fischer
  5. Bob Brown
  6. Tim Costello

George Negus
A rabidly anti-Israel and anti-American political journalist, he uses every opportunity to promote Palestinian and general jihadi causes.

He wrote “The World from Islam”, a book widely acclaimed by the Hamas and Hezbollah-supporting ICV. In the book he declares:

 “we in the West might get further by attempting at least to talk them around, not by berating and haranguing them jingoistically about how superior our Western non-Muslim values are.”

George has substantially contributed to promoting Islamic causes, while attempting to undermine our democratic egalitarian pluralistic society, of which most Aussies are justifiably proud.

Michael Leunig
His cartoons featured alongside other Jew-hating offerings in Iran's 2006 Holocaust-denying competition held in response to the publication in Europe of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. Admittedly, Leunig didn't enter his masterpiece himself, but when he discovered it had been submitted, he rushed to defend the organisers and even gave an interview on Iranian TV:

Q: Why doesn’t the West exert pressure on certain regional countries which have nuclear arsenals?
Leunig: I don’t know. I don’t understand. It is bewildering and a significant cause of despair in the world: this question of exceptionalism and two different sets of rules. This is naked, bold, arrogant hypocrisy.
I think that racism is a huge factor. Certain nations have always felt entitled by their strange sense of genetic superiority to treat other nations badly. They feel entitled to  privileges but this is just infantile greed converted into foreign policy and ideology.

Leunig is incensed about:

 “Israeli aircraft bombing Gaza – the tormented little punishment space of one-and-a-half million desperate and helpless Palestinian refugees, half of them children. The Palestinians were being crushed yet again in the most cynical and brutal way – and as if this was not appalling enough, the government of Israel was also trying to tell the world that this chaotic mire of blood and rubble and burnt human flesh was a legitimate and necessary procedure in the making of civilisation and a better world.”

He hates it when the West fights jihadis:

“Modern military conflict should not longer be called “warfare”. It is more like mass industrial killing than combat. It is coercive homicide posing as defence, and is radically uneven – or “asymmetrical” as the militarists like to say. In the Western calculation, it means that we do the killing and they do the dying. The children, the mothers, the elderly and the poor do the dying in particular: those not-quite-white people, born in distant unfortunate lands – they do all the wailing and the suffering.”

Leunig has used the freedoms our democracy affords to promote hatered for America, Israel and the West, at the same time rushing to support totalitarians who would destroy our freedoms.

John Pilger
He abandoned Sydney for England in the 60's, from where he spews his hatred of Israel and the United States, while praising Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, the Marxist Sandinistas of Nicaragua,  Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, whom he described as "a threat to America because he offers the alternative of a decent society."  And of course Islamic terrorists like Hamas:

 .. a mostly supine western media says Hamas is a terrorist organisation devoted to Israel’s destruction and to “blame” for the massacres and siege of its own people... In fact, Hamas’s real threat is its example as the Arab world’s only democratically elected government.

Pilger claims that Western support for Israel -- coupled with Western disregard for the welfare of Arab and Muslim nations -- is mostly to blame for the persistent unrest in the Middle East and blames the West for the rise of Islamic terrorism.

Tim Fischer
After retiring from politics, he became involved in business dealings with rich Middle East oil states, and while at the Centre for Arab & Islamic Studies at the Australian National University, helped it obtain generous funds from UAE, Iran and Turkey. Of course, there are always strings attached, such as toning down the rhetoric on Islam and terrorism, and downplaying our friendship towards Israel.

Tim is  a firm friend of totalitarianism. He was the first to chair The Parliamentary Friends of Palestine, apparently finding nothing incongruous about Parliament supporting this violent anti-democratic regime.

Earlier this year, he rushed to Libya to celebrate the 40th anniversary of  Gaddafi's revolution and might even have met the infamous Lockerbie bomber there.

Fischer infamously alleged that Mossad agents stole Malcolm Fraser’s trousers during the notorious  episode where Mal was found with his pants down outside a seedy Memphis bar. As Howard's Trade Minister, he appalled many with his  unauthorised invitation to Yasser Arafat for a state visit. He has built up tremendous credibility with Arab military backed dictatorships, funnelling many hundreds of millions of dollars to governments like Iraq through government agencies, and was responsible for $522 million of taxpayers money being given to the Saddam Hussein murder regime.

Bob Brown
He expressed outrage that Chechnyan President Ramzan Kadyrov, this foreign dictator with an ''appalling'' human rights record, was running a horse in the Emirates Melbourne Cup. 

But he likes other totalitarians: he supported Uighur leader, Rebiya Kadeer, who wants Australia to take the remaining Uighur detainees from Guantanamo Bay, and remains unwavering in his support of Uighur terrorists. He  urged Foreign Minister Stephen Smith to meet with Kadeer during her visit to Canberra, saying her fight for autonomy for East Turkistan was one deserving of international recognition and respect.

As leader of the Greens, he urges more Multiculturalism. Bob obviously doesn't consider our democracy, founded on Judeo-Christian values, which guarantees personal freedoms and equality, worth preserving, preferring unfettered Islamic immigration, bringing with it dhimmitude and slavery, and of course their barbaric treatment of homosexuals. Odd that Bob, himself a homosexual, can't see the irony of advocating for a homophobic barbaric ideology.

In a Media Release in October 2006, Bob pleaded to be allowed to make his obeisance to David Hicks.

That's right Bob - use our Parliamentary democracy to press for the interests of those who want to destroy democracy, while completely dismissing the concerns of your fellow Australians.

Tim Costello
Tim eagerly embraced Australians All, Mal Fraser’s pet Islamist love-in project, unconcerned that he was endorsing those whose "religion" is racist, misogynist, mandates slavery and treats non-Muslims as subjugated inferiors.

Australians All claims to be concerned about:

“serious and dangerous divisions between the West and Islam”, and aims to promote “an inclusive, open, diverse and multicultural society, where all people — no matter their religion, race, colour or background — have an equal opportunity”

But Islam doesn't accept equality, insisting that Muslims enjoy a superior position in society.
And warning bells should have rung with its statement:

“Acceptance that the right of free speech and a free press does not include the right to incite racial violence, to demonize or to denigrate a religion or a people”

These freedoms are the hallmarks of democracy, without which we will descend into a totalitarian hell, where exposing the truth about Islam is punishable by death.

As Chief Executive of World Vision Australia, he is described as having devoted his life to social justice, health and welfare issues. One wonders how his demonisation of Israel and promotion of Hamas, which wants to eliminate Israel and Jews everywhere, squares with his social justice principles. World Vision and Tim are vehemently anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian:

From NGO Monitor Digest (Vol. 2 No. 12), August 15, 2004:

World Vision's response to Israel's security barrier displays almost no acknowledgment of its impact in preventing terror. For example, Tim Costello described the barrier as "part of the problem, not part of the solution", evoking the highly politicized and inappropriate claim that the barrier is reminiscent of the Cold War and Eastern Bloc oppression. (His comparison reflects the Palestinian propaganda effort to compare the Berlin Wall, designed to keep citizens from fleeing, with Israel's security barrier, which saves the lives of its citizens.)

Tim is mightily concerned that Palestinian children might be inconvenienced by Israel's anti-terrorism barrier -"For the children's sake, tear down this wall!"  - but cares nothing for Israeli children who would be killed by terrorism.

He is silent on Female Genital Mutilation.

400,000 sponsored girls who are marketed by the big development organizations PLAN International, World Vision, Kindernothilfe and ChildFund do not receive protection from female genital mutilation.

These children are marketed in order to acquire money from trustful donors...But asked about female genital mutilation on the sponsored girls, these organizations openly and publicly claim that demanding the safe protection of the girls would be against their policy.

If Tim really cared about this abuse of young women, he could use his prominent position to speak out.

By his silence, he is complicit in this this barbaric Islamically-sanctioned practice.

So readers, now it's up to you to vote for Uber Dhimwit 2009.

And please send in suggestions for  Australian Anti-Dhimwits, those heroes who inspire us to go on when it all seems too difficult.

I wish all our readers a very Happy Christmas and let's hope the New Year is a good one for all decent people and that 2010 marks the start of reclaiming our egalitarian cultural heritage against the depredation of racist, supremacist Islam.

Last Updated on Thursday, 17 December 2009 20:09  

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