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Aussie Dhimwit of the Month (October 2009)

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Well, the race is over, the results are in, and Shocking took the Cup, leading to a collective sigh of relief that Mourilyan, the horse owned by Chechnyan President Ramzan Kadyrov, did not win. Think how it would have besmirched the pristine Islamic purity of the Emirates brand if it had.

Bob Brown took the lead in expressing outrage about this foreign dictator with an ''appalling'' human rights record, running a horse in the Emirates Melbourne Cup.


Greens leader Bob Brown demanded that PM Kevin Rudd ''intervene and do all he can to stop him and his horses from coming. If this nasty character were to get his hands on the Melbourne Cup, it would be the lowest point in Australia's sporting history."

(Of course, The Emirates also have an appalling human rights record, but that doesn't seem to worry Bob, who is curiously selective in his outrage.)

Which brings me to this month's winner, none other than the fearless champion of tyrants and totalitarians worldwide - Bob Brown.

The results were:
Bob Brown 173 votes (41.6%)
Julian Burnside 142 votes (34.1%)
Dick Smith 101 votes (24.3%)
Number of Voters: 416

Commiserations to Jules, no slouch himself when it comes to promoting tyranny (all in the name of human rights of course!) And let's spare a thought for silly clueless Dick Smith, who really should stick to what he's good at - being an adventurer and producing peanut butter.

So let's look at Bob's record of supporting totalitarianism:

1. He supported Uighur leader, Rebiya Kadeer whose documentary featured at the Melbourne International Film Festival:



She used her visit to Australia to urge the Federal Government to take a stand over China's violent repression in her homeland...and to try to persuade Australia to take the remaining Uighur detainees from Guantanamo Bay.
The Uighurs say the Chinese Government is committing "cultural genocide" by banning the teaching of Uighur in schools, discriminating against Uighurs in jobs, closing mosques and demolishing ancient Uighur cities such as Kashgar, on the Silk Road.
As for the 13 Uighurs in Guantanamo Bay, who were declassified as enemy combatants in 2005, and whom the US has asked Australia to take, Kadeer says Australia has nothing to fear.
"Those people are completely innocent, just like you and me. They happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time... They won't bring any danger to Australian society."

Totalitarians of the World  Unite!!
Christine Milne, Rebiya Kadeer, Rachel Siewert and Bob Brown following the screening of 'The 10 Conditions of Love' showing the Uyghur  push to create an Islamic Emirate of East Turkistan

Bob had no problem throwing his weight behind the Uighurs, even though they have been linked to terrorism - the two men who killed 16 policemen in Kashgar last year were Uighur members of the insurgency seeking to break Xinjiang away from China and establish an independent Islamic state of “East Turkistan”.

.. After the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, the United States supported Beijing in having the East Turkistan Islamic Movement listed as a terror organization by the UN.
...Last month, after people were killed by series of explosions on buses in southern C.hina, a video claiming responsibility was posted on the Internet by a group identifying itself as the Turkistan Islamic Party.

He remains unwavering in his support of Uighur terrorists:

The Australian government should make public Beijing's pressure campaign to stop Australia taking Guantanamo Bay inmates, who are Uighurs, found totally innocent of any charge, Bob Brown said.
...China's government is publicly demanding that the Uighurs are sent back to trial in China and, no doubt, further ill-treatment.
"On the eve of twentieth anniversary of the massacre of democrats in Tiananmen Square, the Rudd government should not be coerced to deny these men joining their compatriot Uighur community in Australia."

He  urged Foreign Minister Stephen Smith to meet with Kadeer during her visit to Canberra, saying her fight for autonomy for East Turkistan was one deserving of international recognition and respect.

Now and Then

Bob now and then (1976)

"It is fine that Minister Smith should defend the request by the Chinese Government to ban Kadeer from speaking at the National Press Club, but it should be balanced by the Minister meeting the Uighur leader."
" is 10 years since Kadeer was arrested by the Chinese Government for sending newspaper clippings to her husband who was then exiled in the United States. What followed was six years of imprisonment, including two years in solitary confinement.

Bob's dogged support of Uighurs continues, despite evidence that Muslims  in the Middle East may be offering help to them:

... there are reports that the UAE attempted to ship arms, ammunition and explosives to the Uighurs in Western China, but the shipment was detained in India.
This follows expressions of concern from other Middle East Arabs over the harsh Chinese treatment of the Uighurs during July rioting in the regional capital of Urumqi.

Oh, yes indeed! Just open the borders!

2. He wants more Multiculturalism:

The Greens welcome the presence of people from many cultural backgrounds. Multiculturalism has enriched Australia.
The Greens will:

* Abolish mandatory detention
* Assess claims for refugee status while people live in the community
* End offshore processing on Nauru or Christmas Island
* Support, promote and strengthen multiculturalism
* Oppose divisive citizenship tests
* Establish a new climate refugee visa to help those displaced by climate change.

Bob obviously doesn't consider our democracy, founded on Judeo-Christian values, which guarantees personal freedoms and equality, worth preserving. Rather, he prefers unfettered Islamic immigration, bringing with it their culture of dhimmitude and slavery, and of course their barbaric treatment of homosexuals. Odd that Bob, a homosexual, can't see the irony of advocating for a homophobic barbaric ideology. And of course, a climate change refugee visa would open the door to further Islamic hordes, from the Maldives and elsewhere, and  hasten his Utopian dream of world government.

3. He supports terrorists.
In a Media Release, Door left open for Brown visit to Guantanamo Bay , October 2006, Bob pleaded to be allowed to make his obeisance to David Hicks:

The government is considering a request from Bob Brown to visit David Hicks at Guantanamo Bay. 
Senator Brown told the Senate that the new US ambassador Robert D. McCallum Jr, had written to him advising that the Australian government is 'the clearing house' for such visits.

Senator Helen Coonan, representing the Minister for Foreign Affairs, says the government is consulting Washington to see if Senator Brown should 'be enabled' to visit Hicks.

"Dozens of US Senators have visited Guantanamo Bay," Senator Brown said.

"If Mr Howard insists on parity, my visit will be equally accommodated. It is high time an Australian MP made the visit. I will, of course, report back to the Parliament." .

That's right Bob - use our Parliamentary democracy to press for the interests of those who want to destroy democracy, while completely dismissing the concerns of your fellow Australians.

So for all these efforts to foster totalitarianism, Bob truly deserves the title of  BOB THE BUILDER - building up the Ummah, one brick at a time, and helping to destroy our miserable house from within!

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