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Muslim ‘sporting hero’ refuses DNA test

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Hazem el MasriIn an article in the Age Good Weekend, August 29 2009 (League’s extraordinary gentle man), Nikki Barrowclough eulogises Mazem El Masri's great ethics, though details of these claimed ethics are sketchy.

Is it ‘ethical’ to refuse a DNA test in a rape investigation?
The Bulldogs team were embroiled in rape allegations in 2004.  No charges were laid.
“Along with teammates, he was questioned by police and he was the only player to refuse a DNA test.”
He says he did it on principle, claiming he had headed back to his room after the team dinner and wasn’t considered a suspect.
“You had to be there to know what we all went through,” …..”The worst thing was we were all painted with the same brush.  Our misuses and girlfriends were shattered as well."
He notes that no-one has ever tried to trick him into group sex and he notes there are players with ‘morals and ethics’, decent family men,  BUT they ALL had a DNA test while he did NOT.   

Why was Masri able to avoid being tested?   Undoubtedly others had excuses for where they were at the time in question, yet they were all tested.

He constantly tries to make out that because he’s Muslim and sticks to his religion, that makes him ‘moral and ethical.’   
El Masris and their brood
Hazem El Masri of the Bulldogs and his wife Arwa and their children relax after a press conference to announce that he will retire at the end of the 2009 NRL season at Belmore Oval on June 30, 2009 in Sydney, Australia.
Well, if he was a good example for others, particularly other Muslim males to follow he would have had the DNA test to PROVE he wasn’t involved.  He would have shown others a willingness to cooperate with our police and follow the correct procedures.  Instead he showed that by using the ‘I’m Muslim’ threat, he could avoid testing that everyone else underwent.  Isn’t this contempt for our laws?   Isn’t this a frightening example for young Muslims already following a religion that comes with it’s own barbaric 9th century set of laws that all ‘good Muslims’ should follow.   Already we have demands for sharia and Muslim disregard for our laws which they believe don’t apply to them…and Masri showed that they don’t!

Yes sir, don’t dare to question a Muslim or ask them to be tested or upset the poor dears in any way because as we all know there will be cries of persecution, victimization and legal threats.   In fact the Auzzie guys were victimized because regardless of any excuses they were regarded as suspects and were DNA tested.   Whether testing was voluntary or not, they cooperated with our police while Masri did not and Masri got away with it!  This is discrimination against the other members of the team.
What’s even more sickening is the fact that ‘Islamic morals’ are truly immoral and repulsive to us.  
"He's an Islamic sporting hero who has stayed true to his religion and its strict moral code"

El Masri says "I stand alongside my beliefs. Things that go against this that's when I say "No, we don't do these things and I don't approve of them."

Yes sir, their code’s strict all right, dare to step outside it and you are in real trouble eg if a female’s not sufficiently covered she becomes cat’s meat ie she is threatened with sexual and physical abuse if she doesn’t comply.   Remember Sheik Hilali’s comments on the ‘judge without mercy’ in the Bilal Skaf  rape case.   Indeed the families of the gang rapists continually blamed the girls, spat at them and subjected them to verbal abuse.  

 Yes sir, their code’s strict all right, dare to step outside it and you are in real trouble - especially when it happens in a true Muslim Country (Video: 17-year-old punished on suspicion of having premarital sex in Swat Valley, Pakistan)

Muslim (non-western) men are responsible for the vast majority of rapes across Europe (see Cassandra’s article Topsy Turvy).  This is related to Islam’s appalling attitude to women.   The Muslim marriage is a personal brothel where multiple wives who can be changed at will, must be constantly ready to service the male.  There is no ‘rape’ in marriage and Muslim women dare not claim rape for fear of being charged with illegal sex and being punished or killed. Muslim males are free to have sex with concubines and infidels are prey.  

What is moral in Islam is what Mohammed said, did, allowed others to do, or didn't forbid.  It is not based on any consideration of human rights, equality or freedom.  It does not equate with our moral code, which views with revulsion many things which are morally accepted in Islam e.g. slavery and the rape of slaves, paedophilia, beating and ploughing women, polygamy and instant divorce for men, dhimmitude, racism, misogyny, beheading, amputations, stoning, crucifixion, flogging, and death to apostates and to those who refuse to convert or submit to Islam.    Yes, SO moral!

 On leaving soccer for league, he said:
"You can use more aggression and be a lot more physical. It's that drive to overpower and outlast your opponent."

El Masri fined Yes we know all about Islamic aggression and the drive to overpower everyone.  A brief examination of Islam’s imperialist history, its massive slave trade, its enforcement of dhimmitude onto others, its mass slaughter, rapes, repression, genocide and obliteration of all aspects of cultures that are overtaken are well documented though not openly acknowledged yet.  And now in our streets we witness Islamic violence, threats of genocide (see Genocide Tot this site) and rape.
And no we don’t just mean the Sydney gang rapes as at the time a woman in Melbourne wrote in the newspaper that her daughter was gang raped by Muslims in Melbourne plus around the same time we find 4 Iraqis on temporary protection visas abduct and rape 2 teenage girls (14, 17) (10/9/02 Heraldsun, Age) and 2 Turkish men charged with serial rape (Age 24/9/02, Heraldsun).  Muhammad Kerbatieh was sentenced to 22 years jail for rape/attempted rape of 3 schoolgirls (Age 21/6/03 ) and the list goes on, well hidden.    
Remember Muslim men are only a tiny % of the population,

Alienation and victimization (AGAIN!).

"The footballer,”  says his close friend Adam Houda, a lawyer with a high profile in Sydney's Lebanese Muslim community, was "a massive contradiction” in an era when the alienation and marginalisation of Lebanese Muslims became the norm. ……the worst of those dark periods came after the September 11 attacks in New York in 2001.  And when a group of Lebanese Australian men went on trial in 2002 for a series of gang rapes in South West Sydney, distrust of Lebanese Muslims swelled even further.

At a Canterbury Leagues Club function in 2002, El Masri appealed to the NSW and Federal governments to "put an end to the isolation our community is suffering."

Gee, how awful of us to distrust Muslims when it’s really all our fault!  Of course living in Muslim enclaves, following a religion that says don’t be friends while telling Muslims to keep apart and referring to others as ‘kuffars’ (a grossly insulting term) while demanding  jihad until all the religion is allah’s, has nothing to do with it.  
He complained about the "untrue portrayal of Muslims...They (the media) try to get the most uneducated untidy Muslim they can, and just put them on camera so that people get a reflection of, "Look at these barbaric people."
He claims the Muslim is always the bad guy in Hollywood movies, but in reality you can almost guarantee the bad buy won't be Muslim. As for an unfair portrayal, it’s non-Muslims who get the unfair portrayal.  Locals are blamed for the Cronulla riots which started in response to years of Lebanese Muslim abuse of local girls, efforts to take over the beach, verbal abuse and an attack on a lifeguard.  Don’t mention the incredible violence to innocent others and vandalism carried out later by those lovely Lebanese Muslims.
"Being a Muslim - people have got the wrong idea about the religion - I've tried to mix in and make sure they know what we're all about, and to set an example."
Yes there is an unfair portrayal of Islam because the nasty truth is never told!

Hide that dirty body:
We are told he doesn’t walk around the change rooms naked and his wife has only her hands and face visible.
Are we supposed to admire the fact that under sharia even husband and wife shouldn’t look at each other’s genital area? (Reliance Law m2.4 p 512).El Masris
Do we admire the fact that allah made the human body ‘offensive’ so men must cover the genital area  while the whole of a female’s body is offensive and must be covered head-to-toe!   Islam’s ‘morality’ inculcates SHAME about your own body, a shame ex-Muslim Wafa Sultan has stated caused her great psychological harm!

***Fiqh-us-sunnah 4.30  ….for in matters of 'awrah ('Awrah (Arabic), those parts of a person's body which must be covered. A man must cover the front and back of his pubic region. There is disagreement about the navel, thighs, and knees. There is, however, no disagreement over what constitutes a woman's 'awrah. Her entire body is 'awrah and must be covered, except her hands and face.  (ALIM CDRom)

***Tirmidi 928   Narrated Abdullah ibn Mas'ud,  The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "A woman should be concealed, for when she goes out the devil looks at her." Tirmidhi transmitted it.  (AlimCD Rom –Tirmidi is one of the 6 most important hadith sets)

Awrah has several meanings including pudendum (genitalia), defective, deformed, even ‘one-eyed’ indicating Islam’s view of women!

We are told his wife Arwa, looked dignified in her hijab in a photo.  Apparently they have no problem with Islam’s prohibition on ‘images of humans and other animals’ (Reliance Law 50.1-10 p958-965).  Clearly Arwa doesn’t trouble herself over why she needs to be fully covered to progress in her religion and ‘relationship with god’  or why such steps aren’t necessary for Masri.

Marriage insights:
For such devout Muslims, we are surprised to read that  Arwa was not only in a friendship with El Masri, but also had another suitor, a Palestinian friend of her family, who better fitted her parents' criteria for husband material.  She accepted the Palestinian's proposal for marriage, even though she was supposedly "free to marry anyone she wanted."

However their engagement was formally dissolved and her mother rang El Masri's parents.

We are also surprised to read that when Masri first met Arwa,

“She had a coat on, and was very classy and sophisticated looking, and knew how to handle herself”……”I looked at her and at her eyes”..
Hmm, doesn’t sound very Islamic and of course she wasn’t wearing a hijab then!

Two years ago she travelled with him to the State of Origin game in NSW, and says:
 “the moment when it really sank in for me”…” was the next day, when we flew back to Sydney, and he gave me his laundry. I said, 'Are you sure you want to wash your jersey?' He said, 'Yes, I'll frame it after you've washed it.'”
His children are Serene, 16 months, Lamya, 6 and half, and their son Zayd is 5.  
Remember  Zayd (Zaid), slave of Khadija (Mohammad’s wealthy, powerful older wife), whom Mohammad freed BEFORE he became allah’s apostle, and adopted (Ishaq  p714, point 151).  As allah’s apostle, Mohammad stopped adoption, dissolving it so he could marry Zayd’s wife Zainab whom he lusted over.  Previously such an act was considered incest by the Arabs who regarded adopted sons as their own sons.   

When his wife tries to join the conversation, Masri says to her "you're not a reporter any more, mate, all right."

A few other points:
Of course in describing the brutal civil war in Lebanon, no mention is made of Islam..but Syrian and Israeli armies get a mention.  Brigitte Gabriel (Christian) gives graphic talks explaining how the Lebanese Christians allowed Muslims in to study and live until their numbers grew and Christians found themselves under deadly attack.   Lebanon, the Paris of the east has been destroyed.

Perhaps Masri, that shining light, could return to Lebanon where he was born and teach them tolerance, multiculturalism, equality and  individual freedom for all religious and racial groups and thereby stop the Islamic violence and repression.  Now that really would be something to write about!

And of course there’s no mention of other Muslim joys in and around Lakemba/Bankstown where Masri ‘s family settled after fleeing Lebanon to live in a Muslim enclave in the satanic Judeo-Christian based Australia.-

Drug trade under Lebanese control.
Drive by shootings in Islamic enclaves of SydnEl Masri with Houdaey, which frequently involve Muslims.
Bikie gangs have been taken over by Muslims, with increasing violence,.
600 strong ‘tough’ Muslim gangs for younger kids.
Car rebirthing.
Muslim attacks on a police station.   (many articles on site have examined these facts, see also Stone 2006,  Priest 2004)

Other curiosities.
"He isn't rich, having lost money through bad investments."
Investments in what one might wonder.  But he's guaranteed a lifelong cushy job in an ambassadorial role with the NRL and in getting money for a sports complex in Lakemba and working with an old friend from his soccer playing days Abdallah Tabbaa, a Nigerian-born Arab of Syrian descent...the pair are planning to get young people - Muslims and non-Muslims alike - off the street and into sport.

Is this really an effort to improve the life of kids WITHOUT any religious overtones or is it a dawa effort to massage kids into Islam with Australians, no doubt, footing the bill?  Afro-Arabs in Africa are still enslaving pure black Africans whom they regard as inferior for Islam states that Arabs are the best people and Mohammad was ‘white.’     Will attempts be made to sell Islam to darker skinned children including aboriginal children using dark skinned Muslim ‘trainers’ to pretend Islam isn’t racist when in fact it is extremely racist.

Masri and his wife have been here from childhood.  Both have benefitted from the advantages Australia offers, advantages denied to others in the Islamic world.

Are we this dumb? Is this article a joke? What sort of social engineering and deliberate misinformation on Islam is Al Age involved in, and why?  Why isn't the Age protecting Australia by exposing the racist, totalitarian ideology of Islam?

Surely the Bulldogs have plenty of decent blokes of many religions and none, playing in their team.  So why is El Masri singled out and why is his claimed decency considered intrinsically Islamic?

We certainly make no accusations against Hazem  el Masri who may well be a very nice chap as are many others but don’t make the mistake of equating him with Islam.
He may indeed provide an example for a Muslim male to vent his aggression on the rugby field rather than more dangerous ways.  He may believe his decency is due to his religion.  He may believe it, but we do not as a clear reading of Islam’s text shows that Islam’s morals, ethics, attitude to others and aims for the whole world are truly repulsive and immoral.   Don’t forget the recent charges against Muslim Somalis living freely in Australia and working on an act of terrorism against Australia.  They have come under the influence of people at Preston mosque, ‘home’ of Australia’s mufti, Sheik Fehmi, and elsewhere.   They studied Islam in depth and one even became an ‘imam’  and met at 8 black.  They are following the text of Islam –so was the little covered Muslim girl marching in Melbourne streets with her genocide sign in January 2009.

 In all religions there are good and bad people but for real evil based on religious text, you need Islam.
Check out Saudi Arabia’s flag - a comment re allah and Mohammad and a sword.

1)  ALIMCDRom – contains the Koran, hadiths. (this is purchased from an Islamic site)

2)  Al-Misri, Ahmad ibn Naqib;  Reliance of the Traveller:  A classic manual of Islamic sacred law.   In Arabic with facing English Text, commentary and appendices edited and translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller  amana publications  Maryland USA 1994

3)  Ishaq, Ibn;  ‘Sirat Rusulallah’ Translated by A. Guillaume. Fifteenth Impression, 2001 Published by Oxford University Press, Karachi, Pakistan. ).  First biography of Mohammad (9th century rendition).

4) Priest, Tim The rise of Middle Eastern crime in Australia
Quadrant, January-February 2004  available on  

5)  Stone, John  The Muslim Problem and What to Do about It
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