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Insight into Muslim Somali Australians

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Jenny Brockie Following the arrest of 5 alleged Muslim terrorists, 3  of whom were Somalis from Melbourne, Jenny Brockie, journalist and host of the current affairs programme, Insight,  convened a forum, primarily of Somali Muslims, to gage their community response.

She explained the background:

All are Australian citizens, two face additional charges over alleged links to a foreign army, believed to be the militant Somali group Al Shabaab, which the Rudd government has now proscribed.

Meet the Guests

Sheikh Isse Musse,
Imam at the Werribee Islamic Centre and Virgin Mary Mosque in Melbourne, and spiritual leader for Horn of Africa Muslims in Victoria. The Somali Australian was elected spokesman of a crisis group responding to police raids last month. He has lived in Australia since 1993 and speaks fluent Somali, English, Arabic and Italian.

 Stephen Fontana, Assistant Commissioner of Victoria Police; in charge of the Counter Terrorism Coordination and Emergency Management Department.

 Baha Yehia, Vice Secretary of the Preston Mosque Executive Committee. Baha was born in Australia and is of Lebanese descent.  

 Aden Ibrahim,
Secretary of the Somali Australian Council of Victoria.
 Rob Stary, criminal defence lawyer from Melbourne, and representing two of the accused men  arrested in Melbourne on terror related charges

Nadia Mohamed,Sheikh Isse Musse 25-year-old youth worker from Melbourne, arrived in Australia from Somalia as an 11-year-old.

So let's see if Insight gives us any insights:


*Brockie asked Sheikh Isse Musse how worried he was about young men here in Australia being recruited to radical Islam and violence.
After first trying to blame alienation caused by unemployment, he then admitted that there were some Muslims who believed others were not practising Islam in an appropriate way.

*Brockie then asked the mums for their thoughts:

Mariam Issa complained their young people were failed by the system, as they were expected to learn the language and integrate. Her children learned Australian values and culture at school, so when they came home, she had to teach them her values.
Stephen Fontana
Following the segment where a mother accused Preston Mosque of radicalising her son, Mariam admitted that she felt troubled by it:
  "I used to take my kids to the madrassa, but I don't any more, and it's a choice that I made."
Bahsan attempts to blame the media for the fact that her daughter's friend texts her a "goodnight bomb maker" message.

*Brockie, to her credit, persists in asking if Bahsan is scared of extreme religious teaching.   She replies "not really", claiming the children learn only basic Islam - how they pray and how they fast.

*Brockie then turned to the young men. Hussein Mohamud felt there was no straightforward link between the disadvantages of not belonging and violence, (slipping in the race card by saying we haven't explained why white violence occurs, while ignoring Islam's religious imperative for violence.)

Aden Ibrahim believed there has been a change in the Somali community towards a more conservative Islam - he wouldn't say radicalisation - which he felt was linked with what was happening in Somalia, where there was a major change from pre-civil war  and post-civil war. He told how when he left Somalia in 1982, the girls were going to school with no restriction on how they dressed, but today it is different...groups have come in and:
"people have fallen into certain links to those groups....The radicalisation, or people who have agendas, whether in Somalia or throughout the world, they have already been identified here, and boys and girls fall into their hands."

*Brockie asked Steven Fontana how concerned he was about the potential for radicalisation of young Somalis in Australia.
Preston Mosque's Baha Yehia
Fontana blamed marginalisation and alienation for violent crime, being careful not to implicate Islam.

One might well ask: "What about the well-educated, middle class, well housed, cricket playing, home-grown Muslim bombers in England?", but Brockie was far too polite to raise counter arguments.

We were then treated to a history lesson of how the unending violence and barbarity in Islamic Somalia was all the fault of America and Ethiopia.  Don’t mention Arabs or Islam!  Don’t mention that in areas under their control, the Somali Islamic militants restrict even wedding celebrations.  Music, dancing (men and women mixing) and filming are banned as is any other entertainment that conflicts with sharia.   Many are disheartened and lament the changes, some say it saves them money!  (Turkish Weekly August 2009)

*Brockie wanted to explore where any anger might lie against America, Australia etc. and received the predictable rhetoric:

Sheikh Isse explained that the anger arises when people see their country being ruined because foreign powers are involved.  In general the Western countries have this culture or mindset of attacking Muslim countries. Some people say "let us be as violent as the other side is."

Yes, let's ignore 1,400 years of Islamic aggression against the world, including the invasion and conquest of Africa with the consequent destruction of their culture, massive enslavement of black Africans and imposition of Arab culture and repression.  

Ifrah Hussein admitted she initially supported Al Shabaab, which united people by religion, and felt the Islamic Courts did bring ‘peace’ to Somalia until the US-supported invasion. She then took a swipe at America's ally, Ethiopia, accusing it of committing genocide.
Paradoxically, she later claimed Al Shabaab encouraged inhuman acts and were unIsIamic.

It seems duality doesn't worry Muslims too much!

Abdi Yusuf said there were people recruiting susceptible individuals, offering them a group to belong to, and over  time acts originally considered bad like bombing "might look like a means to an end and they think the ends justifies the means."
Nadia Mohamed
*Brockie asked what was the tipping point into violence:

Muhammed Bakashmar, from the Global Terrorism Research Unit, Monash University (though curiously, he is not on their staff list) believes radicalisation is a combination of extreme ideology plus circumstances of frustration and anger that pushes that person to the tipping point, allowing them to transcend the bounds of morality and go on to violence.

Funny how these circumstances only afflict Muslims!

Naturally, Fontana agreed with this victimisation narrative.

*Brockie asked what role religion has in this process in the community:

Aden Ibrahim claimed that it was not the peaceful Islam he knew:
"Islam is never for harm to anyone, but some people can use it for their own agenda."
Not harmful! Beheading, amputation, beating, stoning, crucifixion and flogging - all endorsed by Islam's text and laws!  Not to mention the sadistic laws of dhimmitude and slavery!  Fight  until all the religion is allah’s (Sura 8.39).

*Brockie, undeterred by attempts to bring in unrelated issues, persisted in asking whether there was conflict within the community about the way religion was taught and the kinds of messages being given in some areas of religious teachings:

Sheikh Abdinur Weli, City Mosque, didn't see any conflict, but said:
"I believe a lot of scholars in the community with different backgrounds have different approaches to issues, and that will sometimes create some differences."

Sheikh Abdinur Weli Sheikh Isse added:
"when you have a person unqualified, untrained to teach Islam to others, especially the young and give such thoughts out, well, you can understand the disaster that's looming. So this person can easily say or teach that you live in this society, this society is non-Muslim, except for a minority that is there, so why do you care about it."

"we did hear 2 years ago Hirtsi Halali, a Somali Australian scholar, warned that some Somali Australians based in Sydney could be encouraged to go back to Somalia and fight jihad and also warned that those men could come back and consider a terrorist attack. This was a warning about religious teaching. Do you think that was a reasonable warning for him to give?"

Sheikh Isse insisted untrained imams were the problem, as they misused the text to pass on one message.

But what is the true text?  Surely it is what is written in the Koran, hadith, sira and laws and that should terrify all non-Muslims.

*Brockie introduced a segment about an Australian Somali man, Ahmed Ali, who has been missing for 3 years and was reportedly killed fighting alongside jihadis in Somalia.  His mother, Chadra Amali,  told how they knocked and said:
"your son died in the jihad, you're lucky." She said "I closed the door on them because I was shocked and heartbroken. Where I felt grief, they felt happiness."

The mother described how, under the influence of friends at Preston Mosque, her 17 year old son began to follow Wahabism.  He gave up his family, since he saw them as belonging to another religion.  His mother was invited to take the kids to the mosque.Khayre
"They'd come to our house, they'd make them sleep in the mosque. That's why I blame them. They'd come home with these jihadist ideas in politics."
Interviewer in segment: Ahmed immersed himself in religion and eventually became an imam at 8 Black, a prayer hall in North Melbourne.

"he used to force me to follow his beliefs and wanted me and his siblings to agree with him.  I told him these people are not good, don't follow them.  All his goodness and schooling vanished, to be replaced with hatred for his family and anger.  He's angry at Afghanistan, at Palestine, all these crazy ideas, politics, all bigger than him.  Politics and jihad invaded our lives and trouble.  The kids are brainwashed.  They're told that jihad is being waged in Somalia, so if they die or kill, their actions are just.  They'll go to heaven and they say it is for the sake of god."

Interviewer: Ahmed returned to Somalia, Chadra says to fight with the Islamic Courts Union and the now-banned group Al Shabaab.  After being told Ahmed was killed fighting, she's since heard from relatives in Somalia her son is still alive and with a group related to Al Qaeda.

Two females in the audience disputed Chadra's version, insisting that Islam was all good.

*Brockie then asked for a comment from Baha Yehia, the Vice Secretary of Preston Mosque, about the radicalisation occurring there.

He claimed lack of familiarity with the case, but insisted the mosque was locked up daily after last prayers and no one slept there. He suggested her blaming the mosque was probably based on hearing from other people, not seeing for herself, and that she was using the mosque as a scapegoat.

But Chadra took her children to the mosque and her complaint is amply borne out by the evidence:

“Not that militant fundamentalism can be found in the routine sermons offered to the congregations there. It mostly happens after dark and late into the night, when the local imam is not present, when the keys to the centre are handed over to small groups of radicals, including those who sympathise with the sharia-supporting terrorist group al-Shabaab, which is waging war on Somalia's US-backed transitional government. “…………
“Terror suspect Yacqub Khayre was one of the so-called Lost Ones. The son of a former Somali Army general, he arrived in Australia, aged 3, with his siblings and extended family in 1991, soon after civil war broke out. His father came too, separately, and he was often away, leaving Khayre to be raised by an uncle.
According to his uncle, he was a bright student but, by age 17, in the wake of the death of his grandfather, Khayre fell out of school. It was at Preston Mosque -- presided over by Australia's top Muslim cleric, Fehmi Naji El-Imam -- that he allegedly met his co-accused: fellow Somalis Saney Edow Aweys and Abdirahman Ahmed, as well as Wissam Mahmoud Fattal and Nayef El Sayed. ..all three Somalis would move on to the 8 Black prayer centre in North Melbourne, where they allegedly participated in the same, small reading group. “ (Hubs for teaching hatred after hours ,Warne-Smith, The Australian 8/8/09).
 Professor Rohan GunaratnaThe article also mentions hate preaching at Huntingdale and Fawkner mosques and the 8 Black prayer hall in north Melbourne.   No doubt the well-hidden tip of a huge, deadly iceberg.

We were warned:
"ISLAMIC clerics in Sydney and Melbourne are using covert tactics to preach martyrdom and jihad to young followers, recruiting them under the guise of classes teaching the Koran.
Singapore-based terrorism analyst Rohan Gunaratna told The Australian that despite their denials and stronger terror laws, religious leaders in the two cities continued to preach violence to impressionable followers, though they now did it away from their mainstream teachings. He said the clerics' influence on young believers increased the risk of a terrorist attack in Australia. "We have seen a number of Australian clerics preaching jihad and martyrdom. The most likely form of attack in Australia is a suicide attack for jihad. ."
Clive Williams, who runs a terrorism and counter-terrorism program at the Australian Defence Force Academy, said young Muslims were being recruited for jihad through "Koran classes".  "They are advertising for Koran classes and then selecting a few people for an inner circle." He said the clerics were profiling the followers in the Koran classes and selecting impressionable ones to target privately for indoctrination.
Mufti of Australia Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali denounced the claims as having no substance.
"None of the qualified imams are preaching martyrdom and there is nothing to suggest that Koran classes are being used to recruit people. The Koran is very strong in the condemnation of these things."
"Sheik Mohammed Omran from Melbourne...said he was unaware of any such actions and that terrorism experts made their living from the counter-terrorism industry and it was in their interests to keep the threat going.  (O'Brien, Natalie and Tracy Ong   Clerics 'teaching secret jihad'  From The Australian:   September 18, 2006)

In the Preston mosque in 1988 Sheik Omran met Abu Baker Bashir whose speeches and essays he published here.   The Jordanian born Omran has wide connections to terrorist associated individuals eg al-Qaida’s Abu Qatada; Sydney’s Abdul Salam Zoud, named by the French in 2004 as a jihad recruiter; early JI chiefs in Australia, one of whom had his two sons charged in Yemen with supplying arms to Somalia;  plus several Australians charged with terrorism offences or ‘people of interest’ to our security forces ( Militant networks, Sally Neighbour,  The Australian, November 18, 2006,  or Islamic connections in Australia and abroad,18/11/2006, ABC News Online).   A series of articles in the Age and Herald Sun in early September (5, 7, 8, 9) 2003  also note Omran’s dangerous links.
Making mockery of justice
Sheik Fehmi,  Australia’s Mufti, imam of Preston mosque, supports clitoridectomy (Bone 21/7/01 p7), polygamy (Compass May 6th 2001), and a range of terrorist groups.  (see The Fehmi Fantasy  by Circe 3/10/08 this site).

No, no problems here!    Just a group of devout Muslims keen to follow Islamic text and Mohammad’s example, and to meet like-minded people to engage in some after hours training and discussion at the mosque, prayer hall or a private facility.   

Remember Undercover Mosque  (available on Youtube),  where those outwardly ‘moderate’, ‘interfaith’ mosques were teaching something not so moderate and interfaith, along with the abuse of little girls and women.

Sheikh Isse claimed:
"Well, if he really went for jihad, probably he'd been trained by a person who wasn't good calibre in Islamic knowledge, so I can understand that frustration and it's coming from the unorthodox teaching of Islam."

Parrot Fontana agreed it came down to the unorthodox teaching of Islam.
 But:  "I don't think they're necessarily doing it in the mosques and places like that. They go elsewhere."

Unorthodox teaching - don't  mention the text! Funny how consistent this unorthodoxy is!

*Brockie asked  about the community's attitude towards Al Shabaab.

Sheikh Isse Musse said before Al Shabaab was proscribed, there was political support, but since the change arrived, no one is putting their head there.

"OK. So before there was support, but no longer any more, and ultimately not expressed?"

Isse: "Not expressed."

*Brockie asked for a final comment.

Hussein claimed there were no mosques preaching hate, that most sermons at the mosque were quite boring because they sounded like they'd been written by the Immigration department...
"If anything happens, it happens in back room discussions...people are not allowed to voice political concerns they might can't voice it in mainstream Australia because you're automatically considered a terrorist..."

Mariam Issa:
"We should teach our children to ask questions, even to the community leaders or teachers, so for instance if the younger people can't ask a question of the elders - we have that in the culture - so it's better to educate our children that they can stand up for their rights and embrace their own individuality and ask questions."

Mariam's astonishing comments raise questions about whether she is a kuffarised Muslim who has absorbed Australian values of individual rights, freedom of thought, the right to question and speak the truth, in contrast to Islam, which requires unquestioning adherence to Islamic laws and dictates.  These ideas pose a real threat to Islam.

Sheikh Isse Musse thanked the community, stating "you have been great Mujahadeens today."

This final statement was breathtaking. Does the Australian community realise the significance of  calling the Somali community Mujahadeens?  The word jihad comes from the word mujahada, signifying warfare to establish the religion! (Reliance of the Traveller :  a classic manual of Islamic sacred law:  Law o9.0 p599)

Did Insight provide any ‘insight’?  Well, there were glimmers of the truth, but in the main we were subjected to either profound ignorance of Islam’s text and history or substantial taqiyya (lying for Islam).
The reality of Islam’s text as it applies to others was not discussed, nor was the fact that Islam is a totalitarian political ideology cloaked in religion.

Many of the hijabed females in the audience with their make-up and bright ‘look-at-me’ colours wouldn’t last a second under an Islamic regime.   They can thank the West for their ‘freedom’ and their education.   They could also learn that others don’t want Islamic attire shoved in their face as the hijab, chador etc are symbols of Islamic repression and violence (like Nazi and KKK uniforms), and of the unacceptable view that women must cover their shameful body.  Many Australians have fled Islamic violence and don’t want Islam’s ‘flag’ waved here.


1) ABC News Online:  ‘Islamic connections in Australia and abroad.’ 18/11/2006. 

2)  Al-Misri, Ahmad ibn Naqib;  Reliance of the Traveller:  A classic manual of Islamic sacred law.   In Arabic with facing English Text, commentary and appendices edited and translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller  amana publications  Maryland USA 1994

3) Bone, Pamela.  ‘A is for abortion, Zis for Zealot. ‘  The Age 21/7/2001 P7.

4)  Koran quote  

5) Neighbour, Sally ‘Militant networks’   The Australian   November 18, 2006  

6) O'Brien, Natalie and Tracy Ong;   ‘Clerics teaching secret jihad'   From The Australian:   September 18, 2006 

7)  Turkish Weekly (the journal of):  ‘Islamist Militants Restrict Somali Wedding Celebrations.’  Thursday, 20 August 2009    

8)  Warne-Smith, Drew  ‘Hubs for teaching hatred after hours’  The Australian August 08, 2009
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