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Mohammad’s and Islam’s anti-Black racism: Islam’s Genocidal Slavery - Part D

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Chained SlaveIslam’s Genocidal Slavery - Part D - Mohammad’s and Islam’s anti-Black racism

Slavery is part of Islamic ‘civilisation’ and the slave trade was a great source of wealth and power to Mohammad and to later Muslim states.   Thanks to slave labour the Muslim Abbasid caliphs (750...), turned their capital Baghdad from a village into a splendid city with palaces, government buildings, and mosques, following the court behaviour etc of the Persians. (3)

Slaves filled Islam’s armies though the spoils of war were denied to slaves.

Often we are told Islam’s slavery wasn’t ‘racist’ which I suppose means that they enslaved anyone but that doesn’t mean there was no strong racist element that remains today.   Anti-black racism began with Mohammad.   This article looks at Mohammad’s and Islam’s racism against black people which provides a background to Islam’s huge and ongoing black slave trade described in general in part E (Islam’s black slave trade:   part E in  Islam’s genocidal slavery: )

Mohammad , that perfect example and his black slaves:
*** Bukhari Volume 3, Book 43, Number 648 , Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Abbas: (this long hadith relates a tale from Umar – Dinka Slavesonly relevant bits noted here)
........ So I went to the upper room where the Prophet was and requested to a black slave of his: "Will you get the permission of (Allah's Apostle) for Umar (to enter)? ....

Note this says ‘a black slave’ implying more than one.  This is repeated in *Bukhari Vol 9 Book 91 No. 368;  Vol 6 Book 60 No. 435;  Vol 7 Book 62 No. 119.

In *Bukhari Vol 8 Book 73 No. 182 we read of Mohammad’s black slave called Anjasha.

Did Mohammad pay 2 black slaves for a ‘white’ one as black slaves were worth less (fact) or was he just generous?

***Muslim, Book 10, Number 3901: Narrated Jabir ibn Abdullah:
There came a slave and pledged allegiance to Allah's Apostle (peace_be_upon_him) on migration; he (the Prophet) did not know that he was a slave. Then there came his master and demanded him back, whereupon Allah's Apostle (peace_be_upon_him) said: Sell him to me. And he bought him for two black slaves, and he did not afterwards take allegiance from anyone until he had asked him whether he was a slave (or a free man).

Mohammad’s little black slave boy goes to hell — did he nick the cloak?   There’s NO booty for slaves (see Islam’s genocidal slavery Part B for some text and laws).

***Malik's Muwatta, Book 21, Number 21.13.25:
Yahya related to me from Malik from Thawr ibn Zayd ad-Dili from Abu'l-Ghayth Salim, the mawla of ibn Muti that Abu Hurayra said, "We went out with the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, in the yearof Khaybar. We did not capture any gold or silver except for personal effects, clothes, and baggage.   Rifaa ibn Zayd presented a black slave boy to the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, whose name was Midam. The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, made for Wadi'l-Qura, and when he arrived there, Midam was unsaddling the camel of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, when a stray arrow struck and killed him. The people said, 'Good luck to him! The Garden!'
The Messenger of Allah said, 'No! By He in whose hand myself is!  The cloak which he took from the spoils on the Day of Khaybar before they were distributed will blaze with fire on him.' ..

Arab Racism Mohammad treated his slaves cruelly.  Examples of Mohammad torturing and flogging slaves, watching them being beaten, raping them after slaughtering their tribe, sharing women and children amongst his men and passing girls to friends to enjoy etc can be found in  Islam’s genocidal slavery:  religiously ordained,   Mohammad’s example Part A .

Mohammad’s cruelty to a black slave called Mahran, who was re-named Safina (`ship') (by Muhammad) is recorded in text supposedly in the slave’s own words:
He says:   "The apostle of God and his companions went on a trip. (When) their belongings became too heavy for them to carry, Muhammad told me, `Spread your garment.' They filled it with their belongings, then they put it on me. The apostle of God told me, `Carry (it), for you are a ship.' Even if I was carrying the load of six or seven donkeys while we were on a journey, anyone who felt weak would throw his clothes or his shield or his sword on me so I would carry that, a heavy load. The prophet told me, `You are a ship"' (refer to Ibn Qayyim, pp. 115-116; al-Hulya, Vol. 1, p. 369, quoted from Ahmad 5:222).

The story is reported in chapter 5 Slavery in Islam (AnsweringI slam) which also states:
“ Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya is not the only one who recorded this episode and the list of names of Muhammad's slaves. The Tabari also (in his Chronicles, Volume 2 p. 216, 217, 218) presents us with these accounts. No one among the contemporary Muslim leaders denies these matters, especially if he is faced with the Tabari's and Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya's records.”

Mohammad sets a vile precedent for the treatment of black slaves and this is enhanced by Islam’s racism, expressed by Mohammad and also credited to allah.

RACISM against black people is part of Islam’s text and practice.

1)  White Arabs like Mohammad are the superior race:

*Arabs are the best of people, and allah’s true message is only in Arabic. Eg Koran 3.110;  *Bukhari vol 4 Book 55 No. 593  and  572,  Vol 6 Book 60 No.211  and Koran 12.2,  13.37, 16.103, 20.113, 26.193-196, 39.27-28, 41.3, 41.44, 42.7, 43.3, 46.12.

Mohammad was frank about the exalted status of his race —“ I am Arab, and the kuran is in Arabic and the talk of those in Paradise is in Arabic” (Trifkovic p 95, quoting a hadith)

*Mohammad is described as ‘white’ –white Arabs are superior:
“Mohammad”  ... "This white man reclining on his arm." *Bukhari Vol 1 Book 3  No. 63;  
“And a white (person) (i.e. the Prophet) who is requested.....”   *Bukhari  Vol 2, Book 17 No. 122;  

“I saw the Prophet, ..., "He was white and his beard was black with some white hair.”.... *Bukhari  Vol 4 Book 56 No. 744

..”The Prophet passed through the lane of Khaibar quickly and my knee was touching the thigh of the Prophet . He uncovered his thigh and I saw the whiteness of the thigh of the Prophet.”...  *Bukhari Vol 1 Book 8 No. 367;

“The Prophet never raised his hands for any invocation except for that of Istisqa' and he used to raise them so much that the whiteness of his armpits became visible.”.... *Bukhari Vol 2 Book 17 No. 141

..describing the Prophet saying, "..... he had a rosy color, neither absolutely white nor deep brown,”..  *Bukhari Vol 4 Book 56 Nos 747, 748.

2)  Blackness is associated with hell and satan:

*Black faces, black people go to hell:
At judgement those heading to the Islamic paradise (brothel) have white faces while those heading to hell have black faces:

***Koran 39.60  And on the Day of Resurrection you will see those who lied against Allah –their faces WILL BE BLACK.  Is not in hell an abode for the arrogant?  

Also in *Koran sura 3.106-107, those with black faces go to hell.   
Surely this is demeaning to black people who are associated with evil and hell.  Are black Muslims dreaming of becoming white?
This isn’t ‘metaphorical’ but a real threat-eg  Black people are for hell.
***Tirmidhi hadith 38, Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) said: Allah created Adam when He had to create him and He struck his right shoulder and there emitted from it white offspring as if they were white ants.  He struck his left shoulder and there emitted from it THE BLACK OFFSPRINGS as if they were charcoal.  He then said (to those who had been emitted) from the right (shoulder): For Paradise and I do not mind. Then He said to those (who had been emitted) from his left shoulder: They are for HELL and I do not mind.   Transmitted by Ahmad. (ALIM CDROM)

This is repeated in Mishkat Al Masabih (supposedly the improved version of Masabih al-Sunnah – a collection of sunnah)  English translation with explanatory notes by Dr. James Robson [Sh. Muhammad Ahsraf Publishers, Booksellers & Exporters, Lahore-Pakistan, Reprint 1990], Volume I, Chapter IV, Book I.- Faith, pp. 31-32  (see Answering Islam)

*Mohammad equates Satan with a black person:Black Eunuch of Cairo

***From the Sira;  Sirat Rasul’allah (Mohammad’s 1st biography) p 243   re Natal  
I have heard that it was of him that the apostle said ,   "Whoever wants to see SATAN let him take a look at Nabtal b. al-Harith!" He was a sturdy BLACK man with long flowing hair, inflamed eyes, and dark ruddy cheeks. He used to come and talk to the apostle and listen to him and then carry what he had said to the hypocrites. ..

Yes Natal was possibly a nuisance and allah supposedly sent down a revelation re those who annoy the prophet and their painful punishment (Koran  9:61)  but it’s hard to remove the association of blackness with satan.

3)  Mohammad degrades black people:

*Mohammad compares his dream of a black woman to an epidemic: *Bukhari Volume 9, Book 87, Number 163

*Mohammad refers to an Ethiopian  (black person) as a  raisin head  *Bukhari Volume 9, Book 89, Number 256:

4)  The loathing of black people continued through Islam’s history to this day:

*Suggesting Mohammad was black could get you killed

Ahmad ibn Abi Sulayman, the companion of Sahnun, said, "Anyone who says that the Prophet was black SHOULD BE KILLED." (Muhammad Messenger of Allah (Ash-Shifa of Qadi 'Iyad), Qadi 'Iyad Musa al-Yahsubi, translated by Aisha Abdarrahman Bewley [Madinah Press, Inverness, Scotland, U.K. 1991; third reprint, paperback], p. 375; capital emphasis ours)   AND
Ahmad ibn Abi Sulayman, Sahnun's companion, said that whoever says that the Prophet was black IS KILLED. The Prophet was not black. (Ibid., p. 387; capital emphasis ours Answering-Islam)

*Black people stink, are mentally deficient and depraved:

A 10th c Islamic writer referring to slaves from Slavic eastern states (to end of 18th century!) and sub-Saharan states and the people of Iraq states a preference for a ‘pale brown colour’ while complaining of ‘blond, blanched, leprous colouring’...and even worse, ‘nor are they overdone in the womb until they are burned, so that the child comes out black, murky, malodorous, stinking and crinkly haired, with uneven limbs, deficient minds, and depraved passions, such as the Ethiopians and other blacks who resemble them.’(Trifovic p 175).

*Black people are like dumb animals.

Ibn Khaldun (1332 - 1406) the pre-eminent Islamic medieval historian and social thinker wrote: 
"The Negro nations are as a rule submissive to slavey because they have attributes that are quite similar to dumb animals."(2)
*Even today black people are loathed in the ‘Arab’ Islamic world and referred to as slaves by ‘Arab’ Muslims living in the west.  The terms black and slave are synonymous.

Ed HusseinOne writer has noted that in Turkey black people were referred to as  ‘abeed,(slaves(also abid) i.e. the plural of ‘abd (masculine) and ‘abdeh (feminine.)”  Abdeh=slave.  
The same term was used to refer to Afro-Americans in America.    It is worthy of note that even in America, young boys and girls, growing up in Muslim families continue to call African-Americans, ‘Abeed!’   Such terms occur because of the collective memory of people as Islam practised black slavery for a very, very long time. (New Light on Slavery in the Islamic World By Jacob Thomas. (reference)

Black people remain reviled in the Islamic middle-east today with racism rife.   Saudi Arabia’s racism with black people in slums subjected to abuse shocked western Muslim Ed Hussain, 'The racist reality of the Arab psyche would never accept black and white people as equal'....He compared this with the freedom and support given to black Muslims in non-Muslim Britain.  ("I want bomb, big bomb in London, again. I want make jihad!”, jihadwatch april 2007  or "How a British jihadi saw the light," from the Times).

Recently a Saudi writer admitted that there was racism with black people referred to as slaves –yet he astonishingly claims Islam ended slavery---aside from this blatant lie, the racism is revealed. (Tackling discrimination issues in Saudi Arabia,  Najah Alosaimi I Arab News, 16/3/09 - reference)

The same racism exists in Egypt, Emirates, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria, and non-Arab Turkey etc.  Black Muslim people have fled to Israel who provide them with the care denied to them by their Arab Muslim brothers.

The attacks in Sudan against Black Africans is nothing more than genocide by Arabs and Afro-Arabs. Millions of black Sudanese Christians have been slaughtered, millions run off their land and others enslaved as have Animists, in compliance with Islam’s racism and religious hatred but the world says NOTHING.

Arab/Islamic supremacy and Islam’s racism are behind the ongoing slavery of Africa’s black people even today and of ongoing battles between tribes ie those who converted to Islam and became slave traders, enslaving their own racial group and those who were enslaved.     Arabs and Afro-Arabs regard themselves as superior to pure Africans of any religion including Islam as Darfur clearly shows.

* Black slaves even reach the west in Islamic households:
Mande, a black Muslim Sudanese girl, was enslaved and raped (aged 12) by Arab Muslims shouting allah akhbar . in 1992.   First she was enslaved to a rich Arab family in Khartoum.  She had no pay, ate leftover scraps and slept on the floor of the garden shed.   In 2000 she was passed to a relative in London.  She was brought into England as a slave but managed to escape (  1 –you can read how those lovely Arabs forced themselves even onto tiny girls!  And killed and burned..You can read of the sadistic circumcision –just like the Arab girls according to an Arab slave-trader –p100!) !   

You can read of the slavery of a black child by a wealthy ‘Egyptian’ family who brought her to the USA and treated her appallingly (The slave next door: That little child doing 'chores' may be a captive) .  
There are plenty of stories now surfacing in the west but how many more are there throughout the world?

Remember, Mohammad was an anti black racist and his example is the example to follow forever.  Black Muslims will always be inferior, being Muslim barely helps.
The black slave trade in general will be discussed in the next article; Islam’s black slave trade:   part E in  Islam’s genocidal slavery: )

1)   Nazer, Mende;   Slave:  Virago Press   Great Britain   2004.

2)   The Scourge of Slavery  vol 4 2004 LINK )

3)  Trifkovic, Serge.   The Sword of the prophet:   Islam:  history, theology, impact on the world.  Regina Orthodox Press, Inc.  Boston   2002

USC: for the Koran and many hadith.   
ALIM CD Rom  available for purchase from the internet.  Note differences in hadith numbers etc between USC and ALIM.
Note:  Different translations of text including the Koran can have different verse numbers  (though they are usually nearby) and there are different versions of the Koran eg African version.


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