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Islam’s genocidal slavery religiously ordained, some text and laws : Islam’s genocidal slavery Part B

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Slave GirlIslam’s genocidal slavery:  religiously ordained,   some text and laws  Part B
If you have read Islam’s genocidal slavery:  religiously ordained,   Mohammad’s example Part A,   then you know that Islam’s prophet Mohammad was a slave-trader who killed the men and took the women and children of conquered tribes into slavery.   Mohammad and his men enjoyed the females taken or given as slaves.   Mohammad displayed sadism and gross inhumanity to captured people, including the females raped on some occasions in front of their families or husbands and on others, raped after their tribe had been destroyed and prior to selling them in slave markets.
No-one dares mention Mohammad’s substantial slave trading.   Instead much is made of the fact that he released Zaid (Zayd), slave of his wealthy, powerful 1st wife Khadija, whom he married well before he became allah’s prophet.  Zaid was released BEFORE Mohammad became allah’s prophet because releasing slaves was common in the pre-Islamic era (Sirat Rasul’allah P 714, note 151).   Much is also made of Mohammad’s  ‘manumission’  of  the two beautiful young females Safiya and Juwayria in place of a  mahr or dowry.  Instead of the freedom they requested, they were married to Mohammad  who had enslaved them and destroyed their tribes in the first place!   They were only released as sex-slaves/wives for him!

Tatar with bootyIslam’s jihad to force the world to follow or be subjugated under Islam encompasses the ‘institutions’ of dhimmitude and slavery.    Islamic Law carefully regulates any release of slaves so it benefits the Muslim owner.  

From the records of Muslim themselves and those affected  (many left no record) we see that Islam has taken massive numbers of slaves , dwarfing all others.  Slaves were taken as payment of the  jizya imposed on dhimmis or conquered people, they were taken in vast numbers as annual tributes from vassal states, and they were obtained by the constant raids on infidels as the horror of Islam spread across the world.   Islam continues to enslave today.

Further text:   4 Laws re manumission, from Reliance of the Traveller, a Safi’i Law book certified by al-Azar were left in classical Arabic but translations from people trained in classical Arabic, including an exMuslim, have been included –3 in part 1 and 1 in part 5.    The statement above these laws says that other references to slaves have also been left untranslated and provides propaganda excuses.  The book, Introduction vii, notes the great similarity in the 4 schools of law and the renowned specialists of  hadith who were Shafi’is eg Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Nasai, ibn Majah, Abu Dawud, Ibn Kathir, Dhahabi, and Nawawi plus koranic experts etc. Hence the laws adhere to Islam’s text.
1)  Freeing a (Muslim) slave:
This was NOT obligatory (though ancient Jewish text requires the freeing of Hebrew slaves after 6 years eg Exodus 21.2).  Muslim (and non-Muslim) slaves and their children can remain enslaved for life and be ‘inherited.’

Freeing slaves wasn’t new.  The Romans freed slaves, many became very powerful.  Christians freed thousands from the earliest times of Christianity (see Islamic Slavery part C: Christianity versus Islam).    Islamic text tells us people released slaves in the pre-Islamic time.   Remember, Mohammad freed Zaid (whom he adopted)  BEFORE Mohammad became allah’s prophet (Sirat Rasul’allah p 714, note 151)  and as allah’s prophet he abolished adoption to have sex with Zaid’s (ex)wife considered incest by the Arabs!

In Islam, slaves were freed under various conditions resulting in financial rewards on earth, protection from hellfire or to pay debts.   Remember, although there are some advantages in liberating slaves, Mohammad, his wives and companions enslaved and kept many slaves (Why didn’t they free them all??)!  

***Bukhari Vol 8, Book 80, No. 745: Narrated 'Abdullah:
The Muslims did not free slaves as Sa'iba, but the People of the Pre-lslamic Period of Ignorance used to do so.

***Bukhari Vol  3, Book 46, No. 715: Narrated Hisham: My father told me that Hakim bin Hizam manumitted one-hundred slaves in the pre-lslamic period of ignorance and slaughtered one-hundred camels (and distributed them in charity). ....

This is repeated with keeping good relations with kith and kin, manumitting slaves and giving alms in the pre-Islamic period (*Bukhari Vol 3, Book 34, No. 423: Vol 2, Book 24, No. 517:  Vol 8, Book 73, No. 21:)

a)  Freedom requires the owner’s full agreement and can earn the owner money.   Note, even if a formal agreement is made the owner can escape by selling the slave to a mate then buying him back, nullifying any agreement with the slave!

***Reliance of the Traveller:  Shafi’i Law k32.1 p 459  Law left in classical Arabic— Possible translation/explanation:   
It is only allowed from the person who has absolute authority (master).  It is acceptable to say it openly without intention or in writing with intention.  Openly by saying free, I released your neck, I do not own you, I have no authority on you or you are in control of your lead, or something similar.
It is allowed to attach it to a condition like ‘you are free if Zayd comes’.  If attached to a condition, it cannot be undone by words.  But he can change his mind if he sells him (slave), and buys him back, the condition becomes invalid. This is allowed in all or part of the slaves;  if the slave is freed partly, he is  freed completely. If it was a slave of two people and one of them frees his share then the slave is free. If that owner is rich he pays the other co-owner who should repay the money. If he was not rich he pays for his share only. If he frees the pregnant woman she becomes free with the baby, if he frees the baby only, she is NOT free.
If he says I free you for a thousand, or sell you for a thousand and he (slave) accepts then he becomes free and has to pay the thousand.    (Translated by:Mumin Salih)

Muslim slaves may be able to purchase their freedom and some zakat (Muslims only) may help but the chance to work for their freedom is given only if the owner agrees ie freedom is NOT  a right (Koran .24:33).
Over thirteen centuries of Islamic slavery
This law states you cannot free slaves in shared ownership unless the rest of the ownership is free.  One can only wonder how long ‘freed’ slaves had to work to pay for their freedom?

***Reliance of the Traveller:  Law K32.3 P459 (writing) – Law left in classical Arabic, Possible translation/explanation.  (the slave is considered part of the capital of the person, and part of the third --- see [g] below.)
It is only acceptable from one with absolute authority and with a slave who is mature and can understand and with good conduct in two or more stars (periods?). “I write that much which you pay in two stars (periods?) in each star you pay that much, if you do it you become free, agreed”. It is forbidden  to write this for a slave if he was in shared ownership unless the rest of the ownership is free. It is preferred for slaves with known income and honesty. The slave may cancel this any time he wishes, but the master is not allowed to cancel unless the slave cannot pay the money. If the slave dies the contract is cancelled but if the master dies the contract is still binding. The master should pay some of the money, even if small, or pay it to him in the last star (period?) which is better. It is suggested one fourth.  If not done and the slave paid all the money, he gives back some. The slave is still owned until he pays all the money. The slave is not allowed to marry or other things without his master’s permission, it is not allowed to sell him or (in) any of his stars (periods?).   (The child of the female slave becomes free if she becomes free.?   -- this is not so in other text, laws) ( (Translated by:Mumin Salih)

b) The ‘liberator’ gets the ‘wala’ (inheritance) of the slave.

Aisha who owned slaves, wants to buy a slave (Buraira) and ‘manumit’ her but the previous owners want the slave’s ‘wala’ (inheritance).  Mohammad assures her that it belongs to the one who frees the slave!  (endlessly repeated eg *Bukhari Vol 3, book 34 Nos 365, 377; Vol 3 book 46 Nos 735-739;  also Vol 1 book 8  No. 446 , vol 7 book 63 No. 202 and elsewhere eg *Maliks Muwatta Book 38, Number 38.10.20 (usc site) or *Maliks Muwatta 38.19 (ALIMCDRom)  :

c) When a slave was freed his/her children were ‘inherited’ by the person freeing the slave.

***Maliks Muwatta Book 38, Number 38.11.21: Malik related to me from Rabia ibn Abd ar-Rahman that az-Zubayr ibn al-Awwam bought a slave and set him free. The slave had children by a free woman. When az-Zubayr freed him, he said, "They are my mawali." The man argued, "They are the mawali of their mother. Rather, they are our mawali." They took the dispute to Uthman ibn Affan, and Uthman gave a judgement that az-Zubayr had their wala'. .......
Malik spoke about a slave-girl who was set free while she was pregnant and her husband was a slave and then her husband became free before she gave birth, or after she gave birth. He said, "The wala' of what is in her womb goes to the person who set the mother free because slavery touched the child before the mother was set free. .....
d)  Slaves are a form of currency used to pay penalties eg If a Muslim commits manslaughter of another Muslim,Blood Tax he may be asked to release a MUSLIM slave and pay compensation ----OR he could fast rather than release the believing slave! (Koran 4.92)  
e)  Likewise if you wish to be released from an oath (Koran 5.89;  58.1-4) you can release a MUSLIM slave OR fast OR feed/clothe a few people.  Reliance of the Traveller, Shafi’i Law o20.2 p 623 states you must fast for 3 days,  OR feed 0.51 litres of grain to 10 people OR give clothing of any kind to 10 people, OR free a sound Muslim slave.

f)  Freeing a slave may save you from hellfire (but you don’t need to free all your slaves!)   

***Bukhari vol. 3 book 46  No. 693  The Prophet said “whoever frees a MUSLIM slave, allah will save all the parts of his body from the hellfire, as he has freed the bodyparts of the slave.”
Remember, this only applies to MUSLIM slaves.  Mohammad enslaved Arabs but post Mohammad, enslavement of Arabs and sometimes Muslims became restricted.  Today in Sudan, black Muslims are enslaved.

g)  Some ‘masters’ promised slaves their freedom BUT a man can only dispose of 1/3 of his property;
***Maliks Muwatta Book 38, Number 38.3.3: Malik related to me from Yahya ibn Said and somebody else from al-Hasan ibn Abi al-Hasan al-Basri and from Muhammad ibn Sirin that a man in the time of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, freed six of his slaves while he was dying. The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, drew lots between them and freed a third of those slaves.

Ie Mohammad made 2/3 remain as slaves!   Remember, slaves are property to be inherited.

Shamefully Mohammad helped people who had promised to release their slaves to break their oath to their slave and sell them instead!! (Repeated in Muslim book 15 Nos 4115, 4116, 4117, 4118)

***Bukhari Volume 3, Book 46, Number 711: Narrated Jabir bin 'Abdullah: A man amongst us declared that his slave would be freed after his death. The Prophet called for that slave and sold him. The slave died the same year.

***Reliance of the Traveller:  law K32.2  p 459  Law left in classical Arabic, (management) possible explanation/translation.
 If he (master) says: If I die you are free, or I managed you or you are managed, and is considered one of the third. It is accepted from one with absolute authority or a spender but not a child. It is allowed to attach it to a condition;  if the condition is fulfilled before the master dies then the slave becomes free after the master’s death.  If he (master) manages some, or all, of his shared slaves it doesn’t apply to all of the slaves. This can be changed by action, not by words. If a woman slave was managed her baby doesn’t follow her management.    (Translated by:Mumin Salih)

2)  Slaves are inferior:  Allah made them that way.  They are likened to disbelievers and false deities, inferior to their masters.

***Koran 16.75 Allah sets forth a parable: (consider) a slave, the property of another, (who) has no power over anything, and one whom we have granted from Ourselves a goodly sustenance so he spends from it secretly and openly; are the two alike?(All) praise is due to Allah!

**Koran sura 16.71  and allah has preferred some of you to others in wealth and properties.  Then those who are preferred will by no means hand over their wealth and properties to those (slaves) whom their right hand possesses, so that they may be equal with them in respect thereof .  Do they deny the favour of allah?   
(ie all aren’t equal ; allah makes some better than others and, you don’t share your wealth with slaves so why share deities with allah—they aren’t equal)

Treatment of slaves on Barbary Coast
Treatment of European slaves by Barbary Pirates (17th Century woodblock print)

3)  Muslim men can rape and marry Muslim slaves (as a last resort) but they can only rape Jewish and Christian slaves;
Please see part A for the law giving men the right to have sex with  (rape) prepubescent slaves (Hedaya Laws Vol 4 p 106)
***Malik's Muwatta Book 28, Number 28.16.38a:
Malik said, "It is not halal to marry a Christian or Jewish slave-girl …… Malik said, "In our opinion, Allah made marriage to believing slave-girls halal, and He did not make halal marriage to Christian and Jewish slave-girls from the People of the Book."
Malik said, "The Christian and Jewish slave-girl are halal for their master by right of possession, ..

*Koran sura 4.25 says if you don’t have the means to marry free women, you can marry believing slaves!
The children of slave females are also slaves and the owner can have sex with them  (2).

4)  Slaves can be bought and sold like animals.

*Maliks Muwatta, book 31, Business Transactions, details buying and selling slaves like animals.  Hadith 31.4.4 notes that if you return a defective female slave,  "The generally agreed upon way of doing things among us is that if a man returns a slave girl in whom he has found a defect and he has already had intercourse with her, he must pay what he has reduced of her price if she was a virgin. If she was not a virgin, there is nothing against his having had intercourse with her because he had charge of her."

5)  child bearing slaves are enslaved for the life of their master:  

***Maliks Muwatta Book 38, Number 38.5.6  Malik related to me from Nafi from Abdullah ibn Umar that Umar ibn al-Khattab said:
"If a slave-girl gives birth to a child by her master, he must not sell her, give her away, or bequeath her. He enjoys her and when he dies she is free ."
Apparently dad has full access to his son’s slaves and lending and using the slave isn’t a problem.
European Slaves
European captives  being sold on a slave market in Morocco
***Reliance of the Traveller; Shafi’i law k 32.4 p 459 again, left in classical Arabic –a possible translation and explanation -
 (separation) If he gets a baby (son) from a female slave that he owns or partly owns, or from his son’s female slave, the baby SON becomes free and the slave becomes mother of his child and becomes free if the master dies.  It is not allowed to sell her or give her as a gift but her use, hiring, lending and giving her in wedlock is allowed.  Her earnings/gains goes to her master. This applies even if she gives birth to a dead baby, but if it doesn’t look to have a human form she does not become a mother of a son.
If he gets a child from another man’s female slave, by marriage or illegally, the child becomes owned by the slave’s master.   If he wasn’t sure then child becomes free, but the female slave doesn’t become a mother of a son should he own her later.  (thanks Mumin,  N, A)

6)  Some further points according to Islamic text and law makers:
*   Muslim women cannot marry slaves and suffer stoning or scourging if they dare to (2)

The Muslim master shouldn’t force his slave-girls into prostitution BUT, there’s NO punishment if you do (including no punishment listed for the forcer)!  (*Koran 24: 32, 33)

If a slave damages property or assaults someone, the owner can pay the fine (the slave has no money) or deliver the slave to be killed  (2)

*  Slaves who run away are punished. But those who are faithful to their master and allah fearing will be rewarded  (*Bukhari Vol 3 Book 46, Numbers 722, 725, 726, 727 )

*  A Slave’s possessions belong to their master  (2.)
   *Maliks Muwatta book 31 No.  31.2.2  notes that the slaves wealth belongs to the seller unless the buyer stipulates the inclusion of the slave’s property when buying the slave.
Black Eunuchs
Black eunuchs guarding a harem of theirArab Muslim master (Egypt, early 20th Century)

*  In battle, the ‘spoils of battle’ go to free, Muslim males
who have reached puberty (Reliance of the Traveller: Law o10.1 p 606).  According to renowned Muslim commentator, Ibn Kathir, “The slave does not get anything from the bounty whether the bounty is money or women.”  (2)   

 No wonder ‘slave’ armies were popular as the slaves get killed but the ‘free’ Muslims keep the booty!!

*  Koran 2.178 where the ‘law of equality’ in punishment demands a slave be killed for a slave --- so if a Muslim kills the slave of family A, they can kill a slave of family B...great!   Though, a MUSLIM slave cannot be killed for killing an infidel (as Muslims cannot be killed for killing non-Muslims ---Sharia)

*  Their owners can force slaves to marry.  Slaves cannot marry without the permission of owners.  Those who do commit a crime and are whipped.  (2)


Let’s be honest, Islam’s slavery is evil and religiously ordained.   We are told that poor Islam just inherited slavery and couldn’t abolish it -EVER.  How strange then that Mohammad could stop adoption so he could have sex with his adopted son Zaid’s (ex)wife Zainab, considered incest by the Arabs!  

Mohammad was in complete political, military and religious control, forcing others to his will and demanding tribute from widespread tribes. He could do anything he liked!  Once Mohammad’s sugar mommy Khadija died, Mohammad earned his living as a slave-trader and thief who abused, tortured and raped slaves , fully endorsing slavery by his own perfect example.  Mohammad  made no effort to stop such a lucrative and sexually exciting activity.   Allah promised slaves and ‘enjoyment’ of Muslim Raidslaves as booty!  Thanks to allah and Mohammad, Islam has an institution of religiously ordained slavery legitimated by allah’s laws.

Islam’s slavery is indeed ‘different’ because only in Islam do we find such total, unchangeable religious endorsement of such cruelty to others clearly displayed by the prophet Mohammad and endorsed by allah and sharia.    It continues today.

Islam’s slavery is a fitting punishment for non-Muslims (or Muslims deemed insufficiently Islamic!)—This is Islam’s, ‘justice’, ‘equality’ and ‘humanity!

To justify the enslavement of non-Muslims, the Sudanese writer Mahmud Muhammad Taha wrote:

“The higher wisdom [hikma]of enslavement lies in the law of reciprocity [mu’awada]. When a person was invited to be God’s slave and he refused, this refusal demonstrated his ignorance and his need for a period of training during which he would prepare himself to be a willing slave of God. During this [preparatory] period, this person would be a slave of another human being to acquire the training appropriate for a slave of God. This is a situation of reciprocity because when this person, while still free, refused to be God’s slave, he was made a slave of another slave of God when he was captured in defeat, ‘for a suitable recompense’ [jaza’an wifaqan].”  ( From The Second Message of Islam (Arabic version p.124) cited in Mohamed A. Mahmoud Quest for Divinity A critical examination of the Thought of Mahmud Muhammad Taha (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2007),  p 153)

So, being a raped, owned, brutalized, subhuman slave of a Muslim prepares you to be a mindless, brainwashed, repressed, brutalized and brutal slave of allah — lovely!  No self-respect, no independent critical thought, no individuality, no daring to be different, no freedom, equality or humanity….

In Islam, slavery is a just, fit punishment for not believing in allah.
Islam is jihad, with dhimmitude and slavery for others and the parts cannot be separated.  Its text and laws on slavery are worse than those of ancient Jewish text 2000 years pre-Islam and nolonger in practice!  Islam is a return to the barbarity of ancient times!

The Christian Jesus didn’t enslave, rape, steal, slaughter or tell followers to do so yet Christianity which is responsible for stopping slavery in the west, and has a history from the beginning of certain followers speaking against this ‘taken-for-granted’ practice and freeing slaves, bares the blame for slavery while the massive slave trade of  later, powerful, Islam, fully endorsed by allah, Mohammad and Islam’s laws is either completely ignored or sold to us as some sick sort of ‘nice,’ slavery!   While in no way diminishing the tragedy of the black slave trade into Europe and America, it is important to look at the role of  religious text and the example of Mohammad versus Jesus  to help redress the gross imbalance in the discussion of slavery.   Part C will consider Christian text and efforts to abolish slavery (Islam’s Genocidal Slavery Part C:   Christianity versus Islam.)
Following articles will examine Mohammad’s treatment of black people and Islam’s (and the west’s) black slave trade and associated racism and then Islam’s white /European/Asian slave trade.

1)  Al-Misri, Ahmad ibn Naqib;  Reliance of the Traveller:  A classic manual of Islamic sacred law.   In Arabic with facing English Text, commentary and appendices edited and translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller  amana publications  Maryland USA 1994
2)  answering-Islam; Chapter 5     Slavery in Islam:    
3)  Hedaya or guide:   A commentary on the Mussulman laws:   Translated by order of the Governor-General and Council of Bengal   by Charles Hamilton:   Vol IV.  (1791)  London.  Printed by T.  Bensley.  (this is a reprint of the original)
4)  Spencer, Robert   Slavery, Christianity, and Islam
5) Sirat Rusulallah by Ibn Ishaq  Translated by A. Guillaume. Fifteenth Impression, 2001 Published by Oxford University Press, Karachi, Pakistan. ).
6)  Trifkovic, Serge.   The Sword of the prophet:   Islam:  history, theology, impact on the world.  Serge Trifkovic  Regina Orthodox Press, Inc.  Boston   2002
7)  Trifkovic, Serge.   Islam’s wretched record on slavery. | 11/20/2002

Text (The Quran, Hadiths)

ALIMCDRom –containing translations and transliteration of the Koran.  Hadith sets , commentaries etc.  Available via the internet.  Note hadith numbers can vary with different sources.
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History - Early History

A great tragedy of the Islamic control of our universities and political correctness plus the fear of extreme violence if anyone dares question the roots and claims of Islam is ...that nobody dares question the roots and claims of Islam!!!  I want to stimulate interest and offer this summary of information on Mecca from (LINK) which discusses some problems with Muslim claims in a comparison of evidence supporting Islam/Christianity. 

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Yahweh or Hubal

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FlagThere is a very strongly entrenched view among majority of Westerners today that the three main monotheistic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam share one common God and therefore despite the obvious differences, the core foundation of these three religions is the same. 

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