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Muslim Patients

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In its HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS HANDBOOK ON MUSLIM PATIENTS(*), financed of course by the government, care providers are not only given specific instructions on dealing with Muslim patients, but are expected to know all the details of the Islamic religion.Although Muslims constitute only 2% of the population, they consume an enormous amount of the government’s funding, which of course means TAXPAYER FUNDING. Imagine if care givers had to spend a similar amount of time learning about the religion and culture of all other minorities. But no other minorities expect such privileges when they use our medical services.Now hospitals are busy places, with enormous demands placed on doctors, nurses and ancilliary staff. Surely it is enough that they provide a professional caring service. But apparently not. Let’s take a look inside the handbook and see a few short extracts:
Section One: Guidelines for Health Services

If possible, a room should be made available as a prayer room. The hospital chapel may  be used for this purpose provided no icons are present. The hospital or health institution  should know the direction of Mecca, ie. roughly west-north-west in Australia. This could  then be easily pointed out to the patient as all Muslims face Mecca for prayer.
Well, forgive me if I’m wrong, but many of our hospitals were set up by Christian organisations, whose members lovingly tended the sick. .So why should they have to remove icons in their chapel? I bet Saudi Arabia doesn’t accommodate Christian hospital patients who wish to use the Mosque. In Saudi, it is an ofence to bring a bible into  he country.

Present medical examination techniques should be modified where possible so that as  little of the patient is exposed as possible, whilst not inhibiting the medical procedures. For  example, in Ireland great emphasis is placed on modesty, where a screen separates the  woman at the waist from the examiner performing a vaginal or rectal examination. Even  the legs are draped.

Patients should be allowed to be dressed according to their requirements. Suitable  clothing should be made available or requested from family so that the patient can be  covered appropriately.

Besides insisting on same sex staff, staff are also expected to modify their procedures. Plus the hospital must provide suitable clothing, presumably at government expense.

Where possible, arrangements should be made to accommodate large numbers of visitors  in hospitals.
The sick Muslim is usually happy to receive many visitors.
It is a requirement of the family members of the sick Muslim to notify as many people as  possible of the illness.

Well, call me anti-social, but I know that when I’m in hospital, the last thing I want is hordes of visitors to the guy in the bed next to me. Those who’ve introduced this multicultural policy can usually afford private cover, so have their own room when hospitalised, but the rest of us Aussies have to put up with the consequences.


A Muslim is not allowed to expose his or her body. A female is required to be covered from head to ankles. Only her face, hands and feet may be exposed. The Qu'ran clearly defines this and also details the family members in front of whom she may appear without her head cover Islam is often misunderstood by some people who believe that it degrades and oppresses women. In fact, according to the Qur'an men and women are equal and should be treated as such.
The Muslim woman has the right to choose her own husband. Both are considered equal partners in life. As a wife, she has a right to kind and just treatment by her husband, which she should reciprocate. She has a full right to participate in any decision, domestic or political….. . They are given priority in all walks of life.

Hmm, that’s not what it says in Qur'an! And try telling a Muslim woman she has a right to choose her own husband, then watch the consequences if she chooses an Australian Christian male who will not convert!

Suicide is forbidden in Islam.

So why do Muslims here (and certainly the various Islamic Councils) generally support Hamas, Hezbollah and various other suicide bombers?
Or is there a different rule for genocidal suicide bombers who kill Infidels?

Muslim men are permitted to have up to four wives. This is not a recommendation but a  permission given by God under certain circumstances (for example, to compensate for the loss of men in wars; to minimise prostitution and adultery; where a previous wife is so disabled that she cannot care for her family; where a wife is unable to bea any children).
It is a requirement that all wives be treated equally.

But hang on, we’re in Australia. Polygamy is illegal! Which law are you following? (don’t answer this one!)

From puberty on, males and females are not allowed to mix freely unless they are family members. All manner of talking, walking, looking and dressing in public that may instigate temptation, arouse  desire, stir suspicion or indicate immodesty and indecency are prohibited.

Hey guys, in Australia most public schools are mixed-sex, and girls and boys mix freely.
It’s called equality of the sexes
Men are appointed guardians over women as they are responsible for  providing food, shelter and clothing for their wives and children.  Homosexuality and lesbianism are not permitted in Islam.
Not in Australia, where women are independent and homosexuality is permitted.
Perhaps if you really want to adjust to your host society, you should be outlining to fellow Muslims what our law and practices are. Unless of course you DON’T want to adjust!
Islam literally means “Submission to the Will of Allah (God)”. Islam is a religion of peace. A Muslim is a person who submits to the Will of Allah. Islam as outlined in the Holy Qur'an (The words of Allah) and the Sunnah (the practice of Prophet Muhammad, May the blessings of Allah be upon him and peace) consists of six articles of faith and five fundamental pillars.


Yes, we know Islam is a Religion of Peace – it’s been told to us many times.
Trouble is, if we look around at the aggressive posturings of Muslims in Australia, it just doesn’t feel like it.

Salaat consists of fixed sets of standings, bowings, prostrations and sittings in worship of Allah. There are flve obligatory daily prayers. It is necessary to be in a state of ghusl and  wudhu before one can perform the Salaat. Salaat is a purification outwardly and inwardly.

A Person in Salaat must not be disturbed The Salaat is always performed in Arabic.
The five daily prayers, besides remembering God, thanking Him and asking for forgiveness, act as an extremely good form of exercise for all parts of the body. Thus it offers discipline, punctuality, meditation, relaxation and physiotherapy all together.

Much much more detail is provided in the booklet. But my question is, why would nurses, who are rushed off their feet caring for patients, need to know all this?

T'he Holy Qur'an is recognised by Muslims to be the last revelation from God to mankind before the end of the world. It was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad through the Archangel Gabriel. The Qur'an amends, encompasses and abrogates all of the earlier revelations to the earlier Prophets, including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David and  Jesus - peace be upon them. It contains guidelines for all of mankind, ranging from social welfare issues, politics and economics through to a complete ethic for living a wholesome life.
T'he Qur'an… is preserved in its original form in the classic Arabic language.

Well, that’s a nice “Up Yours” to all the devoted caring staff at hospitals, many of whom would be Christian. So the Qur’an  abrogates Christian and Jewish beliefs and seeks to impose Islam on us all.

The Prophet Muhammad who is the completing link in the chain of Prophethood, was a living example of how Allah Almighty wants human beings to live. The Qur'an was revealed to him through the Archangel Gabriel and written down by scribes word for word and letter by letter.

Roughly translated, believe in the Literal word of the Qur’an.

What about all the passages which urge the killing of Jews? Presumably that should be done after the Jewish doctor has performed life-saving surgery on the Muslim patient.

Cleanliness is part of the Islamic faith. A Muslim cannot pray or hold a copy of the Qur'an  without having washed beforehand. There are various types of washings:

1. Ghusl
Washing the entire body in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. It is necessary to have ghusl on embracing Islam, after sexual intercourse or seminal  emission, at the end of menstruation and after childbirth and before burial .
3. Tayammum
A form of purification for prayer using dust, earth or stone, when water for ghusl or wudhu is either unavailable or would be detrimental to health. Tayammum is performed by striking the earth with the palms of the hands and lightly wiping the face and forearms.
Other relevant issues of cleanliness include the removal of pubic and axillary hair, a Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, and the washing of the relevant parts of the body after emptying the bladder and bowel.


Well, our busy nurses will certainly need to know about the various forms of washings.

Muslim doctors, solicitors, teachers, social workers, welfare workers etc. are available if  problems exist

I guess Muslim solicitors are needed to advise about taking an action in discrimination if the nurse inadvertantly omits to perform any of these obligations!

dissapears from its original place you can access it HERE .
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