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Sydney Schools Teach Islamic Peace

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Mary SenjIt's good that students learn about different religions, but educators have a duty to teach, not propagandize. We don't want the Goebbels School of History and Religion in our free and democratic country. But sadly, that's what seems to be happening in Sydney, if a conference held recently is anything to go by:
Peace, Justice and Interfaith Dialogue in Studies of Religion I & II Conference 2009
Friday 6th March brought together teachers from all around NSW to provide them with inspiration, motivation and knowledge for the Studies of Religion II topic, Religion and Peace. The focus of that  topic is the distinctive response of two religious traditions to the issue of peace. HSC students study the understanding of peace expressed in sacred texts and principal teachings of two of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam; and the contributions of these two religious traditions to peace in the context of the individual’s inner peace and the means of achieving world peace.
The organising committee included Mehmet Ozalp and Zuleyha Keskin of Affinity Intercultural Foundation:
The conference commenced with a panel of speakers from five faith traditions; Ms Mary Senj – Aboriginal, Ms Gillian Coote – Buddhist, Rev Jon Noble – Christian, Prof Raja Jayaraman – Hindu, Rabbi Zalman Kastel – Jewish, Mrs Zuleyha Keskin – Muslim, facilitated by the well known interfaith minister and author Rev Dr Stephanie Dowrick.
But thereafter it seems to have continued with Jewish, Christian and Muslims speakers:
Session 1: Sacred Text and Practice, Validation of Peace & Violence by the followers of the faith traditions.
Jewish Speaker: Rabbi Paul Jacobson,
Christian Speaker: Dr William Emilsen,
Muslim Speaker: Mr Mehmet Ozalp.
How the Abrahamic faiths guide the individual to achieving inner peace.
Jewish Speaker: Rabbi Jeffrey Cohen,
Christian Speaker: Dr Matthew Del Nevo,
Muslim Speaker: Ms Makiz Ansari
Overall, the conference had a positive buzz to it, teachers networking, sharing their knowledge and experiences and seeking new ways to teach their students such an important subject in the real world.
A common question that was asked by many was “When is the next one?” (source)
Don't worry. With lots of money to splash out on interfaith, I guarantee the next one will be very soon! And what's the  Mehmed Ozalpbetting students will mostly opt to study two of the three so-called Abrahamic religions and that jihad will be an inner         spiritual struggle. If violence is mentioned at all, it will be how Islam condemns those “tiny minority of extremists “who hijack their peaceful religion.

Of course, we are complicit in the Islam-is-Peace narrative, as Western leaders since 9/11 have insisted on describing Islam as “the religion of peace.”, with nary a mention of  that nasty j...d word, causing  imam Abu Qatada, to exclaim “I am astonished by President Bush when he claims there is nothing in the Koran that justifies jihad or violence in the name of Islam. Is he some kind of Islamic scholar? Has he ever actually read the Koran?”

Quite so! Who are we to argue with an expert?
So what are the Muslims teaching kids about Islam and peace? Do they ever mention the violent passages in the qur'an and hadith, or is it taqiya-as-usual?
The Muslim contingent was primarily Turkish, and we all know that Turkish Muslims are moderate, don't we? If you believe this, you definitely need to study what Paul Stenhouse has to say in Quadrant.
Islam's Trojan Horse? Turkish Nationalism and the Nakshibendi Sufi Order
I will just mention a few points:
The Fethullah Gülen Chair of Islamic Studies and Interfaith Dialogue, at the Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, has among its objectives: "To promote the further development of inter-religious harmony and dialogue in Australia and in the Pacific-Asia region" and to "educate future leaders in the writings of Islam, as expounded in Fethullah Gülen's writing and in the teachings of Said Nursi".

The Australia Intercultural Society (AIS) is connected to the Fethullah Gülen and Said Nursi group, and is also linked to the Turkish Muslim Affinity Intercultural Federation. The Executive Officer of Affinity, Mehmet Ozalp, and its Vice-President, Zuleyha Keskin, are regular speakers at inter-faith and intercultural/multicultural functions.

Affinity describes itself as "an organisation founded in 2001 by a group of young Australian Muslims  to promote cultural and religious awareness and understanding across the entire Australian community".
Irfan Yusuf, a Sydney-based lawyer, revealed that Affinity is in fact the "Interfaith wing" of  a Turkey-based religious congregation linked to the Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen. (source)
Zuleyha KeskinIn "Ignoring Signposts on the Road: Da'wa—Jihad with a Velvet Glove",  Stenhouse wrote:

"The shadow of da'wa hangs like a pall over much of the information about Islam disseminated in the West by fundamentalists and their gullible supporters.
"Some Western politicians, academics, clergy and media ... appear unfazed by the often reciprocal relationship between various Islamic da'wist NGOs and terrorist organisations. Many others simply pretend nothing is happening or when confronted by irrefutable proof of links between Islamic da'wist charities and suicide-bombers, terrorist cells, revolutionary agendas and the enlisting and training of mujahidun, rarely go beyond impotent gestures and wrist-slapping. In the case of some particularly ill-informed people—religious people among them—they go into denial mode and accuse critics of prejudice and worse."

The largest da'wa organization in Turkey and throughout Central Asia is the Nur (light) Movement  founded in 1926 by Said Nursi, a devotee of Mêvlana Halid, the Nakshibendi Sufi leader. This Sufi order is a Turkish variant of modern Islamic fundamentalism.

Sufism is usually regarded by non-Muslim journalists and politicians as a "mystical" form of Islam .... Historian Christopher Dawson comments:
"Nothing could be less mystical than [Muhammad's] religious teaching. It was a religion of fear rather than of love… it is a militant Puritanism of the same type as the modern Wahhabite movement. ."

Prime Minister Erdogan is on record as stating "We are Sharia-ists"; "We will turn Istanbul into Medina"; "I am the Imam of Istanbul"; "Our only goal is an Islamic State".

Nursi was considered a threat to the stability of the secular state by the Kemalist regime, and imprisoned, where his thoughts turned to a more indirect Islamisation of the state—through education.

The co-operation and dialogue between Muslims and Christians for which Nursi appeals has as its goal the dominance of Islam over Christianity—which he "hopes … will eventually be transformed into a form of Islam". Nursi looks to a Christianity subordinated to Islam that will help conquer the world for Islam.

Clearly such Jews and Christians who uncritically accept this patronising and humiliating "concession" are abandoning their identity in their quest for friendship, and accepting monologue for dialogue.

Fethullah Gülen was deeply influenced by the ideas of Said Nursi. In the 1970s, he conducted clandestine summer camps in the mountains of western Turkey where children were taught Islam,  to hate unbelievers and to become jihad fighters.

Rabbi Paul JacobsonStenhouse acknowledges the importance of dialogue, but warns:
...goodwill alone, unsupported by accurate and comprehensive knowledge of Islam, is demonstrably not enough.
A by-product of this toxic concoction of political correctness, fear and ignorance is the insistence by Western pundits and politicians that Islam is a peaceful and tolerant religion; Muslims who are unfaithful to the true meaning of the Qur'an, we are constantly being reminded, are the "problem".  

So maybe we should rethink engaging in "dialogue" with Islamic groups, even those who practice a whirling version of jihad.
Tolerance of others' beliefs should not mean accepting intolerant belief systems that seek to destroy our egalitarian values. Nor must we  lie to protect Islam. Schools should be compelled to tell the truth. To omit the facts about Islam because they are unpalatable means we are betraying our kids. Silence is complicity. If we are truly ethical, we must tell the truth about Islam's lies, intolerance and injustice.

Despite these worrying facts being freely available, a conference "From Dialogue to Collaboration: The Vision of Fethullah Gulen and Muslim-Christian Relations"  is to be held on 15-16 July 2009 , which “aims to explore, through the prism of Fethullah Gülen’s personal and theological profile, his worldwide contribution to Islamic studies, education, philanthropy, and interreligious dialogue. (reference)

Ganesh Sahathevan has written about the Gulen movement, its connections to the Islamist AKP and their links to the Al-Qaeda financier Yassin Al-Kadi. (reference)
He also investigated Al-Kadi's activities in Melbourne. (reference)

Dr William EmilsenThere is concern about the Gulen movement overseas as well:
Rotterdam is investigating whether Turkish organisations in the city have links with the controversial Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen and wants the money flows to be investigated that go to Turkish boarding schools. These Turkish institutions, of which most receive subsidies, behave as if they consider integration important, but are actually targeting an Islamic state in the Netherlands, TV programme NOVA recently reported.
A large majority in the Lower House also requested Integration Minister Ella Vogelaar to carry out a national investigation of the Gulen movement following the NOVA broadcast. According to Elsevier magazine, Christian democratic (CDA), Labour (PvdA) and conservative (VVD) politicians sit on advisory bodies of Gulen organisations, apparently without realising what the real ambitions of these groups are. (source)

That's the problem. Many politicians and religious leaders are abysmally ignorant (or choose not to inform themselves) and take everything they are told by Islam at face value. Of course, rarely averse to dipping into the honey pot for extra status and financial advantage, they are loathe to turn away from such interfaith junkets.

It's not just Sydney schools that are indoctrinating our kids.

In Melbourne, the Australian Catholic University and the Australian Intercultural Society (AIS).
(which  is paying the University $580,000 per year for 5 years to run the Fethullah Gulen Chair) are colluding on planning a “balanced” syllabus to teach about Islam and Christianity: Link1 and Link2
In  "Teachers in bid to boost religious tolerance",   The Age reported:Rabbi Jeffrey Cohen
TEACHERS from Muslim and Christian high schools are working on a shared curriculum to combat religious stereotypes and promote tolerance among students.
10 religion teachers — backed by the Catholic Education Office, Australian Catholic University and the Muslim-run Australian Intercultural Society — are producing a set of guidelines including a list of "balanced and useable" texts for teaching about the history and values of Islam and Christianity.
"We already have a level of religious intolerance in Australian society and we need to take steps to ensure that is challenged among young people" Kath Engebretson, of the Australian Catholic University, said.
The Muslim teachers involved with the project work at Isik College, while the Catholic teachers come from Mercy College, Penola Catholic College, Parade College, Samaritan Catholic College and St Monica's College, all in Melbourne's northern suburbs.
Muslim teacher Esra Boz said the teachers hoped to target the lack of understanding some of their students had shown about the different faiths.
For example, she said, some non-Muslims thought Islam "promoted" violence while there were Muslim students who did not know there were different Christian denominations. (source)

Hmm, I wonder where students could have got the idea that Islam “promoted” violence. Maybe these students are intelligent enough to read widely and observe world events. We can't have that - they must be re-educated!

My recommendations:

  • Make it compulsory for all school teachers, before they are allowed to teach religion topics, to attend a conferencewhich  educates them about the true facts and history of Islam. A booklist should be prepared which includes honest books about Islam – Spencer, Bat Ye'or, Ali Sina, M.A. Khan, Brigitte Gabrielle, Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Also included should be a blacklist cf deceptive books about Islam.During the conference, teachers should watch films like “Obsession”  and “The Third Jihad”, followed by discussion sessions. Key words like “taqiya”, “jihad”, “dhimmitude” and “abrogation” must be explained, especially in relation to     apostasy, rights of  women, homosexuals and non-Muslims. The true history of Islamic imperialism and slavery must be revealed.Makiz Ansari
NOTE: Counsellors should be on hand to help teachers indoctrinated by Islamic deception to come to terms with     the trauma of learning the horrible truth!

  • Groups like the JCMA, which currently go into schools preaching a false message about Islam, must be banned.
  • All special privileges to Muslim students must end. No special uniforms, no hijabs, no halal food, no separate prayer    space and definitely no coming late for lessons because of prayer times.
  • Government funding for interfaith to be dependent on non-Muslim participants attending a preparatory course on Islam similar to the one for school teachers (above).
  • Overseas funding from Islamic countries for mosques, schools, interfaith etc to be proscribed.

If we implement these suggestions, we can start rolling back the most racist barbaric ideology that ever existed, and restore our egalitarian and democratic values .
Schools must say NO to sharia
Last Updated on Sunday, 05 July 2009 06:11  

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