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What no Aussie dhimwit!

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The brilliant Religion of Peace website has for the last few years had a Dhimwit of the Month award.
The most recent winner was:
 Charles Johnson
Johnson's strange tale of paranoia and rage is probably best told by others…. At one time, LGF was an advocate of free speech and a reliable opponent of Islamic totalitarianism. Now Johnson literally bans opposing viewpoints and spends much of his time smearing anti-Jihadis and “creationists” with the same shady tactics once used against him.
While we sympathize with blog administrators who find it necessary to police against extremists and imposters, the LGF editor is so notorious for purging dissenting comments and permanently expelling readers who don’t toe the ideological line that being banned actually has a name - “getting CJ’d”.
As a result of this "Green Purge," the former flagship of the New Media, has all but officially devolved into a redundant monologue that exists mainly as a shifting monument to the editor’s perceived ethical superiority…Filtering out contrary opinion also seems to have deepened Johnson’s sense of moral certitude to the point that he is attacking former friends, such as Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch), Pam Geller (Atlas Shrugs) and many others, with unnecessary hair-splitting and flimsy “guilt-by-association” slurs that are unconstructive and highly divisive…
Dhim•mi (dîm-mî or zîm-mî) - An Islamic term that refers to a subjugated non-Muslim person living in a Muslim society. Second-class status is confirmed by the legal system and dhimmis do not share the rights of their Muslim rulers.
Dhim•wit (dïm-wît) - A non-Muslim member of a free society that abets the stated cause of Islamic domination with remarkable gullibility and creativity. A dhimwit is always quick to extend sympathy to the very enemy that would take away his or her own freedom (or life) if given the opportunity.  (source)

A few examples of the awardees will give you an idea of their outstanding quality.

February 2008 Dhimwit: Rowan Williams

DhimwitRowan Williams says its time to bring Sharia law to Britain. Aside from Hindus,  Christians, Jews, atheists, artists, homosexuals, drinkers, intellectuals and women,  we can’t possibly imagine anyone objecting to such a sensible suggestion.
We aren’t sure what explains the recent enthusiasm with which Anglican Church leaders have been bending over to grab their ankles when the subject turns to Islam. From John Pritchard, the Bishop of Oxford, who wants to hear the Islamic call to prayer echoing across the English countryside from loudspeakers, to Chaplain Philip Gray, who actually compared the 7/7 bombers to Jesus, Anglican clergy are clearly intent on reducing their religion to minority status.
Now, Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has momentarily outdone the others by proposing that “elements” of Sharia (Islamic law) be allowed to operate independently of British law as a means of placating the restless UK Muslim population. Presumably he is not speaking of the portions that call for the beheading of apostates, the beating of wives, the amputation of limbs, nor the stoning of homosexuals and adulterers… but where exactly did he get the idea that Sharia is a smorgasbord? (source)

June 2007 Dhimwit: Ann Holmes Redding

The so-called Episcopal priest (and we use the term loosely - even by Episcopalian standards) Reddingdecided to invent a new religion... one that garners her plenty of attention. She calls herself both a Muslim and a Christian, and the national media is lining up at the door to get a piece of this freak show.
Now, keep in mind that declaring membership in two religions isn’t like supporting the Mets and the Jets in September. The central doctrine in Christianity is the divinity of Jesus. Yet, the Qur’an scoffs at this and plainly states that “God has no partners” (and that Christians are “cursed” for thinking otherwise) Other logical contradictions between the religions abound (such as the not-so-subtle issue of whether one’s enemies should be forgiven or beheaded). So how does Ms. Redding reconcile all of this?
On the issue of the divinity of Jesus, for example, Ms. Redding claims that he is divine in the same way that “all humans are related to God.” Although having a nice esoteric ring, this pearl of wisdom actually opens up an even larger can of worms since neither Christianity nor Islam teach the divinity of God’s creation. (Perhaps she is also a Hindu...?)
But Ms. Redding sees no obligation to provide real answers to real questions…she said that her new faith “wasn’t about intellect,” but rather the “calling of the heart.” In this tradition, logical flaws are to be ignored rather than resolved.
Frankly speaking, Ann Holmes Redding is what happens when people don’t have to work for a living. Whether it is the idle rich, the idle welfare class, or the idle clergy, bad things happen when people have too much time on their hands and no incentive to be productive.
In this case, the nonsensical ramblings of a racially-biased, attention-seeking “priest” continue to be subsidized by the very Episcopalians whose religion she is undermining... (source)

June 2006 Dhimwit: Michael Berg

Don’t mess with an American’s kid (unless it’s this guy’s).
Normally we wait until the end of the month before anointing our honoree, but let’s get real. No one’s going to be catching Michael Berg. When you lament the death of the terrorist who personally beheaded your own son, then you’ve got some serious reality issues.
Michael Berg
MICHAEL BERG: Well, I was not relieved, not comforted by his (Zarqawi's) death. In fact, I was saddened by his death, as I am about any human's death. Zarqawi is not the only one that died if 1,000 pounds of bombs were exploded there. Aside from being a human being and having people that love him that will suffer the same pain that my family and I have suffered, Zarqawi is a political figure. He and George Bush have been playing a volleyball game of revenge for too long now, and this is just another spike in that volleyball game, and it will bring about only more death, more sadness, and it will perpetuate this endless cycle of revenge.
Like Cindy Sheehan, Michael Berg is an evolutionary dead-end who somehow managed to raise a real man against very steep odds. Nick Berg was quite a decent person, and most of the world cheered the end of his unrepentant killer. But if his own father had his way, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi would be alive and racking up more heads. (source)

Trawling through the list recently, I realised that there was not one Aussie among them. Looking on the bright side, this could mean that Aussies have retained their moral clarity and not succumbed to the appeasement so prevalent today. Sadly, this is far from the truth, as down-under dhimmis abound. Admittedly Rowan Williams, Michael Berg and Ann Holmes Redding are hard acts to follow, but we do have our home-grown candidates.

So here are some suggested Dhimwits.
Readers are welcome to add their own favourites.

Malcolm Fraser
Former Prime Minister (whose main claim to fame was being caught with his pants down in Memphis after visiting a lady of the night!) came up with a new project - Australians All   -  to help fill his time and his coffers.
Malcolm FraserHe gathered a group of “eminent Australians” concerned about “serious and dangerous divisions between the West and Islam”, with the aim of promoting ”an inclusive, open, diverse and multicultural society.”
The group affirms “Acceptance that the right of free speech and a free press does not include the right to incite racial violence, to demonize or to denigrate a religion or a people.”  Which kind of sends the message that the open society they espouse does not include honesty about Islam.

Members included Dr Ameer Ali, executive council member of the World Muslim League (named in relation to the financing of terrorism). Among Ali’s accomplishments is asking that the Prime Minister take Hezbollah off a list of banned terrorist organisations (LINK).
Other members are Waleed Aly, Yasser Soliman and Malcolm Thomas, all involved in the Islamic Council of Victoria, which is linked to CAIR (LINK) and supports Hamas and Hezbollah Terror Twosome: ICV supports Hamas, Mufti supports Hezbollah),
(See Cassandra: Australians All )
Rabbi Jonathan Keren Black
Among our religious leaders, the diminutive Rabbi Jonathan Keren Black stands head and shoulders above the others.
 Rabbi Jonathan Keren Black
Keren Black founded Green Faith (see Cassandra: Green Brotherhood) in order to simultaneously jump on the Islamic and environmental bandwagons, enthusing how it:
“reflects the growing awareness among faith communities of the important connections between positive intercultural relationships and positive ecological practices.”
and how
“...We pray to the same God, who created this magnificent diversity – who are we to try to make others the same as us?” (source)
Rabbi, I have news for you: if you pray to the same God, you’re a Muslim!
And I guess you have no problem with the Islamic version of not making others the same as us , with their options of conversion, dhimmitude or death.
He also founded the JCMA Secondary Schools Project, where members of the Jewish, Christian and Islamic communites go into schools to model the three faiths “interacting respectfully and harmoniously.” Naturally, the ICV is the Muslim partener.
Of the 15 participating schools, only 2 are Islamic, one of which is East Preston Islamic College, where
two students were expelled for urinating and spitting on a Bible at a school camp, before setting it alight.
You can judge the effectiveness of the JCMA initiative, as the desecration took place after the students experienced the three faiths “interacting respectfully and harmoniously.”
Now where could the kids’ hatred of infidels be coming from?
(See Cassandra: What did your Kids Learn at School Today?)
For these 2 great intiatives to spread Islam, I have no hesitation in pronouncing Keren Black a Dhimwhit.

Then there are our media types.
George Negus
George Negus is described as  “one of Australian television′s most respected journalists and popular personalities…who:
for the past 25 years has been at the forefront of Australian political journalism earning considerable recognition as an international correspondent.”
Andrew Bolt wrote in November 2005:
GEORGE Negus reacted as I expected to the arrest of 17 Muslims here on terrorism charges.
While the rest of Australia debated the threat of Islamist extremism at home, Negus devoted his SBS Dateline program on Wednesday to the real menace.
Yes, he screened “Lifting the Hood” The Prisoners of Abu Ghraib, a report on two Iraqis who said they’d been abused by rogue US guards.
Negus is entitled, I guess, to his particular views, but is he also entitled to go so far as he did in Dateline last month, when he announced he was about to show “some of the grotesque tactics by Australia’s allies” in Afghanistan?
What followed was a report by SBS journalist John Martinkus, who showed US troops burning the bodies of two Taliban fighters killed in battle, which he said took the war “to a grotesque and disturbing extreme”, because “the burning of the corpses and the fact that they’ve been laid out facing Mecca is a deliberate desecration of Muslim beliefs”.

Reality check. Martinkus was not there and the scene was actually filmed by freelancer Stephen Dupont, who told Negus the troops only burned the bodies because they stank in the heat. Indeed, his film showed at least one of the bloaGeorge Negusted bodies lying on its back, head to the south, and not facing west to Mecca.
None of this stopped Negus, though, who wondered if this story might make Afghans “go off their faces”. And do what, George?
Dupont was most unhappy with Dateline’s interpretation of his film: So were the bodies deliberately laid out to face Mecca (as Martinkus claimed)?
“No,” said Dupont, the eyewitness. “They weren’t facing anywhere. They were just lying there.”
Yet last week Negus still dared claim Dupont’s film showed:
“American paratroopers burning the bodies of dead Taliban fighters in an attempt to taunt, smoke out, if you like, their other Islamic militant colleagues”,
and he’d
no reason to believe it wasn’t so”.
This is not just false, but in these days when words can be fatal, grossly irresponsible. But will the virulently anti-American SBS demand Negus apologise?  (source)

Negus also wrote a book, widely acclaimed by Hamas and Hezbollah-supporting ICV.
Here’s a more realistic review:
In “The World from Islam”, Negus makes it clear that he’s a man with a mission to lift the scales of ignorance from the eyes of a biased and ethnocentric West… he declares “we in the West might get further by attempting at least to talk them around, not by berating and haranguing them jingoistically about how superior our Western non-Muslim values are.”
Negus leaves us in no doubt as to where the primary onus of responsibility for this tension between the Islamic world and the West should rest – firmly on the shoulders of Israel and the United States. This is a work in which the propensity to exculpate the Islamic world for its sins is only exceeded by its animosity towards Zionism and the policies of the Bush Administration.
Negus complaisantly accepts the most ridiculous theories and fallacious contentions from his Arab interlocutors without the slightest demurrer or protest.
One of his interview subjects, Saeed Manjibe, is introduced as an “extremely sophisticated Omani Muslim political animal” and a “Muslim democrat.” Yet, when the discussion moves to contemporary Middle East affairs and the war in Iraq, Manjibe begins to regurgitate perverted conspiracy theories that are endemic to the Islamic Middle East. We learn that the Arabs bear absolutely no responsibility at all for the dearth of democracy in their 22 nations. “It’s the West who puts these [autocratic Arab] leaders on their thrones,” opines Manjibe.
Manjibe believes that Arab governments quietly acquiesce to an unjust American war against terrorism because their “Tel Aviv” bosses, “use their money” to impose silence on the Middle East.
…it is disturbing that Negus allows such paranoia and unregenerate bigotry to pass without challenge. Indeed, discomfort turns to outright shock and disgust when Negus appears to concur with elements of this Judeophobic mythology.
Negus not only contends that Zionist belligerence constitutes the root cause of Arab violence, but he believes that the Israeli – Palestinian war is the root cause of most of the Middle East’s ills.
“You don’t really have to live in Gaza’s daily nastiness to recognise the roots of Palestinian Muslim enmity and hatred.” Thus, he skirts with utter nihilism by describing Palestinian suicide bombings as a phenomenon that is “irrational, but verging on the understandable.”
Negus’ suggestion that anti-Jewish bigotry is a negligible factor in modern Islamic society is sheer utopian fantasy. (source)

Anthony Lowenstein
Anthony Lowenstein must also rate a mention. A nobody whose claim to fame is that as a Jew and child of Holocaust survivors, he is uniquely qualified to sell his ancestry for a large pottage to benefit Islam. His hero is Norman Finkelstein, and he first shot to public notoriety with his error-laden book on the Israel/Palestine conflict, My Israel Question.

Wikipedia describes him as a Jewish-Australian political activist, atheist, Sydney-based freelance journalist, author and blogger, who appears regularly on radio, in public and at universities discussing current affairs and politics. (reference)

He is happy to attend conferences attacking Israel, and if the speakers call for Jews to be killed, so be it.
Lowenstein was due to be part of a panel at a conference - Justice for Palestine - at the NSW State Parliament, but itA. Lowenstein was called off after revelations the convener, Maqsood Alshams, had made derogatory remarks about Jewish people in private emails.
One email read:
“The simple answer is that you the Jews are real motherf—astards… You should keep your dirty mouth shut calling any Bangladeshi a brother, you guys are simply assholes…But simply Jews like you are the dirty scums…I wonder why God himself hate the Jews.”
But such minor setbacks don’t deter our intrepid jihadi Jew, who thinks he’s the Islamists’ best friend, and doesn’t realise those remarks refer to him as well.  

Loewenstein, writing in the Australian Financial Review:
Israel’s war against Gaza has left the blockaded strip in ruins… Richard Falk, the UN’s special rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, described the sealing of Gaza to ensure nobody could leave, including civilians, as a “distinct, new and sinister war crime”... The Jewish State defended its actions by claiming that the illegal rockets fired by Hamas into Israel justified its use of overwhelming force against the 1.5 million inhabitants of Gaza.

The vast majority of global human rights groups disagree… European courts are likely to be the key battleground for forthcoming investigations of crimes against Palestinian civilians. This is how it should be. The Jewish State, like any other nation, should be held to account for its actions. (source)

Lowenstein is untroubled that NGOs and individuals have their own agenda, and ignores Hamas, (whose Charter pledges the destruction of Israel and all Jews, including jihadi Jews like Lowenstein), and does not even attempt to draw an (illusory) moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel, putting all the blame on Israel.

Lowenstein is in good company: Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali has compared the Israeli bombing of Gaza to the Holocaust, branding Israeli leaders as “butchers” whose “Zionist racism” was creating another Holocaust.
Lowenstein said he did not believe Sheik Hilali’s comments were anti-Semitic and that it was important to make the distinction between anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli. (source)

Lowenstein seems blissfully unaware that that distinction is not being made by Hamas or Hezbollah, which
wants to kill all Jews everywhere!

Tim Blair, in his blog on November 27, 2008, notes that Lowenstein once wrote:
“The defeat of America and its allies in Iraq is vital,”
and that
“September 11 should have been the perfect opportunity for the Western media to hear the grievances of the Muslim world.”

As Blair remarks:
“On the one hand, we have anxious leftists telling us not to judge Islam by the actions of a few homicidal terrorists; on the other, we have Antony directly connecting those terrorists to the entire Muslim world."
Lowenstein also co-founded Independent Australian Jewish Voices (IAJV), which released a statement about Gaza.
MORE than 100 Australian Jews have condemned Israel’s incursion into Gaza as “inhuman, superfluous and abominable …the group called Israel’s blockade of Gaza and air strikes “illegal collective punishment”.
“However, since Palestinians have no means of self-defence against the most powerful military force in the Middle East, we particularly call on Israel to end its brutal assault on the vulnerable Palestinian people of Gaza …History has demonstrated that military punishment has never broken the spirit of a people or produced peace. It would only inflame hatred of Jews and of Israel, while doing nothing to protect the lives of Israelis. Above all, it would undermine attempts to work with peace-seeking Palestinians for a lasting, just solution.” (source)

One blogger who makes a hobby of ridiculing Lowenstein is RWDB

In a post titled How to breed hatred in children Angry Ant links to a video of 10 year-old Palestinian Mona Samouni retelling the much-covered, heart-rending story of her family’s “massacre” by the IDF. As is typical of the Ant-man he hasn’t researched this; if he had he’d know this story has gone through several evolutions.
…you can tell a lot about a person by the company he keeps. What then to make of Sheik Taj women-invite-rape Din the-Holocaust-is-a-lie al-Hilali inviting Loewy to travel with him to Gaza? A Middle East visit by these two bright sparks would lower the region’s collective IQ by at least 10 points.

Loewenstein today:
I personally refrain from comparing Israeli actions to Nazi Germany...
In a November 2008 post titled The modern descendants of Hitler:
Settler Nazis continue to cause chaos (and the global Jewish Diaspora remains silent)...
Another Oops! moment for Loewenstein. (source)

GetUp is another strong contender for Dhimwit. Champion of terrorists and assorted misfits like David Hicks, and Lowenstein, they chose as their poster girl our very own 7/7 victim, Gillian Barry, who by some convoluted logic blamed John Howard for the terrorist attacks on British soil (see Blue Heeler: Louise Barry – Media Slut)

The rat pack
And guess who's behind 

GetUp are full of moral indignation about our perceived racism:
In response to 2005’s Cronulla riots, we felt the need to do more than just look on in shock and shame:

Prime Minister Howard refused to acknowledge the reality of racism in Australia. But we all know it exists - and is one of the most important moral challenges we face as a nation.

But rather than simply point fingers, we need to channel our emotions and shame into something practical and hopeful.

The personal pledge and message to John Howard:
I recognise the reality of racism in Australia and the threat it poses to the cultural diversity and decency that has made this country great.

I pledge to take personal responsibility for racism in myself and in those around me. I will identify and confront racism everywhere and every time I see it.

I call on you, as our nation’s leader, to make a clear statement recognising the reality of racism in our country and to pledge to take personal responsibility for confronting it, as I am doing today. (source)
They lobbied long and hard with their “Bring David Hicks Home campaign”, seemingly untroubled that this racist anti-Semite was fighting with terrorists who want to destroy us. When he pleaded guilty and was given a ridiculously lenient sentence, they nonetheless railed against the control order imposed on him: 
GetUp does find control orders highly problematic, and further believes that they would be inappAn idiotropriate for David Hicks.
After languishing in detention in Guantanamo Bay for more than five years without trial and pleading guilty to one element of the single charge remaining against him, David Hicks struck a deal that will see him locked up in an Australian prison until just after this year’s federal election, serving nine months of his seven year sentence in Adelaide. The deal also gagged him from talking about his experience - experts question the legality of such an order. The evidence against David Hicks will never really be tested in a proper court, and we will never feel certain whether five years plus of punishment was given to an innocent or guilty man. Unlike other governments, ours failed to stand up for its citizen’s basic human and legal rights - and that matters more than what kind of man David Hicks is. (source)

Anti-Terrible Laws
“Today’s AFP decision is a great relief for my family and me. I owe the Australian people a lot. I want to thank all Australians for their support. The decision not to renew my control order will allow me for the first time to now move on with my life. Thank you.”
Sign the petition below calling for a full review of our anti-terror laws, including the unnecessary control orders.
Tell the Government you are ready for a new era in national security by signing this petition. (source)

These are just a few of our candidates for the award. I’m sure you’ll agree that they are worthy contenders.
We want the
rest of the world to know; we may live in a distant continent, but when it comes to Dhimwits, we’re up there with the best of you!


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