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Jesus vs Mohammed : The TOP 20

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SermonIt is hard to escape the signs of a resurgent, emboldened Islam, hell bent on obeying their Prophet’s wish to convert the whole world to Dar al-Islam. Dhimmi governments everywhere are appeasing Muslim demands, our Universities are propped up by Oil money and becoming Islamofied and more anti-Semitic every day, our history books are being “re-written” to make Islam seem more appealing, our assets are being gobbled up by Middle East financiers, our culture and our democracy are both under threat and terrorist acts are on the increase.

What stands before Islam is the world’s largest religion, Christianity, with a following estimated at around 2 billion people. Of course, at the moment, the Jews are in focus, especially in Gaza, where Hamas are determined to destroy the state of Israel and falsely claim that Israel has “stolen” their land.
Muslims always maintain that Mohammed is superior to Jesus, and for a Christian, that statement is an absurdity. However, over 1.4 billion follow the ideology of Islam, so it is an issue that can’t be taken lightly. I believe it is important to consider the comparison of Jesus of the Bible to Mohammed of the Quran, as it highlights that the God of the Bible is vastly different to Allah of Islam.
In fact, the difference between God of the Bible and Allah of Islam may be simply stated as:
The God of Jesus sent HIS Son to die for YOU.
The God of Mohammed demands that YOU send YOUR Son to die for HIM.

There have been some excellent articles written on Islam Monitor recently that analyse the character of Jesus of the Bible and Isa of the Quran.
Two articles by Circe, Jesus vs Isa – Part 1 (26/12/08) & Part 2 (10/01/09), are well worth the read.
However, as a Christian, I am always thinking of that famous Arab saying:
“First comes Saturday, and then comes Sunday”.
You don’t need to be too bright to understand that they first concentrate on killing the Jews and then get stuck into the Christians. It is becoming ever more important for everyone to understand the differences between Jesus and Mohammed.
I have summarised what are my “top 20” differences for the reader to consider.

The TOP 20 Differences between Jesus and Mohammed

01.  Jesus was born of a virgin.
        Mohammed was born in the normal way.

In the Bible the prophet Isaiah predicts the virgin birth [Isa 7:14] and Davidic lineage [Isa 11:1], the prophet Micah predicts his origins are “from ancient times” and he will be born in Bethlehem [Mic 5:2] and then Jesus’ disciple, Matthew confirms the virgin birth. [Matt 1:18-25]
That Mohammed was born in the normal way is confirmed by ibn Hisham pp 68-69.

02.  Jesus served God even as a small child
        Mohammed worshipped idols until he was 41yo.

Jesus received instruction on scripture from age 12 in the Temple. [Luke 2:39-52]
Mohammed, born circa 570AD was an idolater until he received his first revelation circa 611AD aged about 41 years. [Bukhari vol 6 p452]

03.  Jesus read the Bible, even from an early age.
        Mohammed was illiterate.

The Bible in many places tells of Jesus reading from scripture in the Temple, whereas the Quran describes Mohammed as illiterate. [Q7.157]

04.  Jesus obeyed God and preached the Gospel and lived on donations.
       Mohammed, without being commanded by Allah, began to steal and acquired booty.

Jesus both taught the Gospel at God’s command [Luke 4:16-21] and survived on the generosity of supporters. [Luke 8:1-3] Mohammed however, without any divine commandment, began to steal from others and live on stolen goods. [ibn Hisham pp 281-]

05.  Jesus taught that the MEEK will inherit the earth.
       Mohammed taught that through TERROR you will inherit the earth.

In one of the most beautiful and moving passages in the Bible, Jesus teaches “blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” and “blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God”. [Beatitudes Matt 5:2-12]

Mohammed teaches the opposite and claims “I have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy)” [Bukhari 4.220]  And from the Quran “I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them." [Q8.12]

06.  Jesus performed miracles.
       Mohammed could NOT perform miracles.

From the New Testament, Jesus performed dozens of miracles, the first being at the wedding in Cana where Jesus turned water into wine. [John 2:1-11] At the Last Supper, Jesus made a new and everlasting covenant with bread and wine which represents the body and blood of Christ. [Matt 26:26-29]
Mohammed however banned wine! Neither did Mohammed perform miracles. [Q29.50]
07.  Jesus made those who were blind to see.
       Mohammed made those who could see to be blind.

Jesus healed a blind beggar near Jericho. [Luke 18:35-43]
Mohammed put out the eyes of prisoners so they lost their sight. [Bukhari 8.794]

08.  Jesus made those who were lame to walk.
       Mohammed made those who could walk to be lame.

Jesus healed a paralysed man lying on a bed. [Matt 9:2-8]
Mohammed made those who could walk to be lame. [Bukhari 8.794]

09.  Jesus healed withered hands.
       Mohammed cut off hands.

Jesus healed a man with a withered hand in a synagogue. [Matt 12:9-13]
Mohammed cut off the hands of others [Bukhari 8.795] and now it is enshrined in Sharia Law.

10.  Jesus saved an adulterous woman from stoning.
       Mohammed stoned women for adultery.

Jesus came upon a woman accused of adultery, who was to be stoned, and he said to the crowd “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” and so banned this practise. [John 8:1-11]
About 600 years later, Mohammed practised stoning and it is legal under Sharia Law for Muslims.

11.  Jesus raised the dead back to life.
       Mohammed caused those who had life to be dead.

Jesus raised Lazarus to life from his tomb near Bethany. [John 11:17-44]
Mohammed killed the living [ibn Hisham p308] and of course took part in beheading Jews of the Banu Quraiza tribe. [Q33:25-27] Mohammed participated in about 29 battles.

12.  Jesus forgave his opponents.
       Mohammed murdered his opponents.

Jesus forgave the sinner crucified beside him on Calvary. [Luke 23:42-43]
Mohammed however had his opponents murdered. [Bukhari  vol 5, pp 248-]
13.  Jesus set the condemned free.
       Mohammed condemned the free and set them into slavery.
Jesus set the condemned free, like the woman accused of adultery. [John 8:1-11]
Mohammed condemned free men captured in battle and put them into slavery. [ibn Hisham p466]
Slavery is legal in all four schools of Islamic Sharia Law and is still practised today.

14.  Jesus taught to store up treasures in Heaven.
       Mohammed taught to store up booty on Earth.

Jesus tells a rich man who had kept the Ten Commandments that he was to sell all he owned and give to the poor to store up treasures in Heaven. [Luke 18:18-25]
Mohammed stored up booty taken in battle and divided it up among his followers, with one fifth going to Allah’s apostle.

15.  Jesus preached for a one man-one woman marriage and against polygamy.
       Mohammed allowed men to have four wives, temporary marriages as well as concubines.

Jesus taught that “a man shall leave his father and be joined to his wife and they will become ONE flesh.
[Ephesians 5:21-33]
Mohammed allowed up to 4 wives, as well as concubines, or “what your right hand possesses”.
[Q4.3] Mohammed also condoned “temporary” marriages, such as Muta ( temporary marriage for pleasure) and Misyar (traveller’s marriage) to suit people with independent lives.

16.  Jesus preached against divorce.
       Mohammed made divorce easy for men but NOT for women.

Jesus gives strict conditions on divorce, citing unchastity as grounds for divorce. [Matt 5:31-32]
Mohammed permits a man to divorce his wife merely by uttering three times “you are divorced”, and the wife doesn’t even have to be present. Text messages can do the trick in today’s electronic age.

17.  Jesus taught that in Heaven people would be “as angels” and not marry.
       Mohammed said that men in Heaven enjoy endless sex with virgins
Jesus said that in Heaven that people wont marry or be given in marriage and that they will be “as angels” [Matt 22:30], whereas Mohammed promised endless sex for men with many virgins. [Q55:54-78]
Mohammed’s vision of Heaven for men

18.  Jesus was sinless.
       Mohammed was sinful.

Throughout the New Testament, Jesus by his actions is sinless, and is confirmed here. [John 8:46]
Throughout the Quran and Hadith, Mohammed broke most of the Ten Commandments of Moses.

19.  Jesus predicted his death and resurrection many times.
       Mohammed had no idea and died unexpectedly of a suspected poisoning.

Jesus predicted his own death and resurrection three times while he was still with his disciples. First in Matthew 16:21, then in Matthew 17:22-23 and thirdly in Matthew 20:17-19.
Mohammed however, had no knowledge of his pending death and died unexpectedly, suspecting he may have been poisoned. [Bukhari vol 5, p510]

20.  Jesus rose from the dead on the third day and ascended into Heaven.
       Mohammed was buried on the third day in Medina and is still in his grave.

All 4 Gospels of the New Testament report both the crucifixion [Matt 27:33-44] and resurrection of Jesus after 3 days. [Matt 28:1-10]  The Quran denies the crucifixion [Q4.157], but also allows it. [Q19:33]
Mohammed was buried in Medina 3 days after his death. [Tabari vol 9, p208]

From the above 20 examples, it is abundantly clear that Mohammed is in no way equal to Jesus, and actually opposed the teachings of Jesus, twisting and distorting his message of LOVE and TOLERANCE into a message of HATE and INTOLERANCE.
I can only imagine the anguish in Heaven as they watch Palestinian children dressed up in army clothes and brandishing weapons, proclaiming they will DIE for Allah, as their proud parents watch on.

It is worth restating the obvious DIFFERENCE between God and Allah.

The God of Jesus sent HIS Son to die for YOU.

The God of Mohammed demands that YOU send YOUR Son to die for HIM.

The time is rapidly approaching when all of us who haven’t joined the Ummah, will have to make a choice, so I hope this little summary will be of benefit in understanding fundamental differences between Christianity and Islam.

1.  Jesus vs Isa    Part 1  (26/12/08)

2.  Jesus vs Isa   Part 2  (10/01/09)

3.  Quran on-line

4.  Hadith on-line

5.  Bible on-line
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