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Vic Police rush to Islam

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Do not provoke Muslims!!Now don’t get me wrong: I think all law-abiding citizens should be defended by our police force. After all, upholding law and order is the reason for their existence.

The problem is, the police are applying more and more selectivity, treating Muslims as a group that need special protection, whilst ignoring those groups who are genuinely under threat (often from Muslims) or sending them the message that it’s their fault that they’re being attacked.

This phenomenon was evident in a recent police media release.

Islamic Community Supports Bushfire Survivors
Release date: Fri 13 February 2009

As police and emergency services head into their seventh day of the bushfire crisis the cause of many of the blazes remains unclear.
However there is no evidence to support speculation that some of the deliberately lit fires may have been started by some members of the Islamic community.
Victoria Police is disappointed that such accusations are being made without foundation in a time when Victoria and indeed the nation have bandied together during this horrific disaster.
The Islamic community have made a concerted effort to support bushfire survivors, many of whom have donated blood to the Red Cross and only yesterday members of the Preston Mosque personally drove a collection of donated items to the tent city in Whittlesea.
Members of the Islamic community will also be involved in a telethon on SBS tomorrow to raise further funds for the Bushfire Appeal. (source)

Now why would the police rush in, boots and all, to defend Muslims, when to my knowledge there have been no repercussions against the Islamic community? For Vic Police to assert the accusations are without foundation, when it is on record that an Islamic group has suggested starting forest fires and other Muslims have rejoiced at the havoc they have wrought, is plainly incorrect. And why are the police emphasising the Islamic role in bushfire relief, when other members of our community have done so much more, often putting their lives on the line to save lives and property?

Nixon with her mates
It's good to have loyal friends in high places.

Joshua Rhett Miller reported for FoxNews:
Firefighters and homeowners aren't the only ones keenly watching Australia's massive wildfires.
Terrorism experts say the large death toll, the huge swath of destruction and the massive financial blow to the country are proving to Islamic terrorists that arson can be a highly effective — and simple — tool of holy war.
In November, an extremist Web site called on Muslims to launch a "forest jihad" in Australia, Europe, Russia and the United States.

The author of the posting indicated that Nasar — also known as Abu Musab Al-Suri — was urging terrorists to use sulfuric acid or gasoline to start the fires.
"Forest fires track well with the latest discussion trends seen in the Al Qaeda forums — easy to do, big impact, low security risk, high media coverage," said Al Qaeda expert Jarret Brachman.
"We've seen these kinds of appeals for action, be it setting fire to forests in Australia, to creating oil slicks on mountain roads in Europe, to poisoning water supplies and driving buses off bridges in the United States.
Brachman, author of "Global Jihadism: Theory and Practice," said "forest jihad" fits well in the growing interest among terrorists to establish "Al Qaeda armies of one."
Steve Emerson, executive director of The Investigative Project on Terrorism said
“If extremists did have had a hand in the wildfires, it would be very disturbing.
It would indicate a new area of jihadist attacks, that is, attacking natural resources," he said. "And given the devastation of these fires, it certainly could instill new terror ideas in other areas like the food supply chain or in the environmental realm." (source)

But hey, what do these global terrorist experts know!Iftar Dinners
Surely our own Vic Police know better - after all, they have had the benefit of Iftar dinners in the best hotels, where Islamic leaders tell them how peaceful Islam is.
Other ethnic groups don’t get the same preferential treatment. Indian students have long been victims of crime, but who cares about this mainly Hindu group? After all, they don’t threaten violence if their every whim isn’t catered for, nor do they insist on Hindu temples on campus or a ban on beef in cafeterias.

Let’s look at how Vic Police deal with them - Jewel Topsfield reports: "INDIAN students will be taught not to speak loudly in their native tongue or display signs of wealth such as iPods when travelling on trains at night, as part of a strategy to crack down on violent robberies. Robberies in Melbourne's western suburbs jumped by 27 per cent last financial year. Police estimated almost a third of victims were of Indian appearance. A special police group has been formed to combat the robberies amid fears that some are racially motivated and that Indian international students are soft targets because they carry iPods and laptops on trains late at night. Inspector Scott Mahony, of Brimbank police, said it was crucial to stop Indian students becoming victims and address their mistrust of police. "They need to make sure they walk through a well-lit route, even if it might be longer, and they are not openly displaying signs of wealth with iPods and phones, and not talking loudly in their native language." Federation of Indian Students of Australia president Raman Vaid said most students carried valuables. "It's not being told to other communities or other students, 'Don't speak loudly in your native tongue, don't carry laptops'," he said. Last month, communications and peer support teams, made up of police and Indian community representatives, were set up. Inspector Mahony said the peer support team would provide support to Indian victims of crime and explain cultural differences. "There is a perception we don't care, and we have to do a lot of work around changing that perception," he said.
Andrew Bolt (February 19th) put it succinctly - Dear victim: don’t upset the racists
It’s years since police have issued warnings to women not to deter rapists by wearing short Da Boltaskirts. But Victoria Police now issue this advice:
INDIAN students will be taught not to speak loudly in their native tongue or display signs of wealth such as iPods when travelling on trains at night, as part of a strategy to crack down on violent robberies.
Some restrictions on their attackers may actually be a better strategy, but once again we find it’s easier to police the lawful than the feral.
Mahoney is right that there is a perception the police don’t care about other minority groups. Maybe they could change this perception by actively defending these groups rather than seeking to blame the victims of racist attacks.
But it seems that our leaders believe it is only the Muslims who must be accommodated.

A State Government taskforce set up to examine the problems international students faced excluded the National Liaison Committee for International Students (NLC), the main representative body for overseas students. President Eric Pang said he would be demanding an explanation, while the president of the Federation of Indian Students (FISA), Raman Vaid, also slammed the taskforce, saying given that nearly 50% of international students to Victoria came from China and India, there should be direct representation from those groups.
The Taskforce is led by the parliamentary secretary for industry and trade, Marsha Thomson…Gautam Gupta, a member of the Federation of Indian Students, who has been working with Ms Thomson on how to improve safety for Indian students for the past two years, said the taskforce could not be taken seriously because it lacked representation from key international student groups.
"NLC has made comments that have been embarrassing for the Government and so has FISA and other representative organisations and they have been selectively kept out," he said.
Taskforce members include representatives from the Victorian Multicultural Commission, the higher education sector, the public and private vocational and training sector, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Victoria Police, the City of Melbourne and the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission. The student groups on the taskforce are the Australian Federation of International Students, a student services group established in 2002, and the Victorian branch of the National Union of Students (NUS). (source)

Eric PengI could hazard a guess why Chinese and Indian students were not considered worthy of consulting. Both these groups are hard working and productive, live peacefully and don’t make demands on the authorities.
Far better to preference the unendingly demanding and potentially violent!

Another minority that just wants to get on with life free of harassment is the Jewish community, who have increasingly come under siege from anti-Semitic attacks, mainly from the Islamic community, with the assistance of their useful idiot far-left pals. But Vic Police have shown a remarkable reluctance to leap to their protection, as evidenced by their shameful inaction during the racist rally for Gaza in Melbourne (see Tot calls for Genocide).

AFTER months of community debate about whether the police take race-hate crime seriously, Victoria Police has announced it will establish a special intelligence desk that focuses on the Jewish heart of Melbourne.

Assistant Commissioner Gary Jamieson told The AJN it is not intended as a hate crimes unit, rather an investigative group that will look at trends and patterns.

The six-person Unit is likely to examine what Assistant Commissioner Jamieson referred to as the “enormous disparity” between the records kept by the Community Security Group (CSG), the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission and the Victoria Police.

“Our position was that we have no instances of racial vilification,” Jamieson said.

This is in stark contrast to the 171 incidents of anti-Semitism reported in Victoria to Jewish organisations in 2006. These include verbal abuse, instances where eggs have been hurled at people and buildings, vandalism and physical abuse.

Anton Block, president of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV), welcomed the new desk.
However, he did express concern at the police’s failure to acknowledge there are anti-Semitic crimes occurring on Melbourne’s streets, especially considering Jewish people have been targeted for racial abuse and swastikas have been painted on a synagogue.

Helen Shardey, the Caulfield MLA who has pushed for the establishment of a police hate crimes unit, said
“I look forward to this unit making a difference to the increasing level of anti-Semitic incidents that have been plaguing the Victorian Jewish community and especially those in my electorate”.

Debate began between police and Jewish communal leadership after the visit of Gregg Rickman, the US special envoy for monitoring and combating anti-Semitism. Since that visit, there has been no consensus as to the level of anti-Semitic crime in Melbourne.

“We are not seeing any cases of pre-meditated attempts,” Victoria Police’s Jamieson said. (source)
Australian reality
Bringing up Muslim children in Australia

It remains to be seen how effective this Unit will be, given the police position was that “we have no instances of racial vilification.” When you set out with this pre-conceived point of view, it’s doubtful whether even overwhelming evidence to the contrary will dent your certainty.

So there you have it. Vic Police rush to defend a community that is racist and prone to violence, whilst ignoring law-abiding minorities.

One can only guess at their motives, but one thing is certain: such favouritism towards bullies brings the whole police force into disrepute.
Last Updated on Friday, 27 February 2009 14:18  

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